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  • Colonialism and violence
    • I think Hophmi makes an excellent point here. The Jews of Europe used Zionism as a political tool to get what the wanted. They thought collectively as a people and decided they were sick of being oppressed. They moved to, bought, bartered, and fought for land which their beloved their ancestors lived in and were 'promised'. not just by God, but also by the British :) Any other oppressed minority would have jumped on such a situation, the political climate following the Holocaust wrote the check.
      Europe had just witnessed one of the biggest bloodbaths of history and not a small percentage of those killed were Jews. They felt a certain obligation to relocate them, why not let them move to their claimed ancient homeland?

      The Palestinians got the short end of the stick, no doubt. I hope these newly democratic Arab countries will put more pressure on the two groups to help solve the issue without bloodshed.

      It worries me to say, but if there were to be any sort of revolution in Israel, where the Arabs/Islamic States decide to united against the state of Israel, the bloodshed would make the current death toll following the Arab's revolutions pale in comparison.

      Would it be worth such a death toll just to get the Jews out of the ME?

  • Neocon fantasy: Palestine has nothing to do with Arab uprisings
    • Beloved country to muse upon
      from ancient days of old.
      And those who gave their lives to thee,
      brave and ever bold.

      We possess this ancient land.
      Its breath we hold so dear.
      We are the very soul of it.
      It is what we revere.

      And when we wander far from it,
      we see it in our dreams.
      And mark the place where scholars stood,
      holy and serene.

      That holy place, that G-dly face.
      It is both yours and mine.
      Where the honor of our people stand
      for now and the rest of time.

  • BART riders can’t escape the Palestine issue
  • Liberals
    • when it doubt, question the source. God it must be good to be anti-Israel, there is an excuse for everything.

      What is the excuse for the Grads fired @ Beersheba today Annie?

  • Heated Israeli Suez rhetoric burden on U.S.?
  • 'Once you start looking at the truth you can't stop' (soldier pisses on 13-year-old boy, boy is imprisoned for 8 months)
  • Animals Lara Logan Arabs brutal animals Lara Logan rape culture Lara Logan
    • Yeah phil calling for the death of my family and the bombing of america is offensive

    • annie, try googling human trafficking alone once, compare what you find to israel. you'd be surprised. although you lead an israel-centric life, the reality is much worse in western countries and also Egypt.

    • there is when the hide amongst civilian population centers frogger. it's also kinda crappy their leader is in another damn country while he is allowing his populous to be used as bait.

    • LOL 1:1, 1:5 at least, some say 1:10.

      The Arabs have gotten there asses handed to them so many times by Israel, Lebanon 2 was a victory, you guys have a warped concept of success.

      The war ended because Israel was castigated for bombing targets civilian targets which Hezbollah used for cover/military bases of operation.

  • Q: Which countries in the Middle East routinely attack funeral processions? A: Libya and Israel
  • Why the U.S. will not 'do something' about Palestine
    • Hate week already, ahhh my favorite time of year. Lets us see what Jews are really dealing with.

    • So basically the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust JB? There are some sick puppies on this site.

      Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust.

    • Blah Blah Blah Roha, they have one now, so..... neener neener neener.....

      The thing is, sure it might not have been fair, but it is 60 years later, all you guys seem to do on here is whine about it. Like my Zayde used to say..... shoulda, woulda, coulda.

      The Palestinians shoulda accepted the partition, they woulda had a state, and they coulda been a thriving nation like Israel is right now.

      no amount of monday morning or arm-chair war-mongering from a 1/2 world away is going to change that either.

    • China is already selling their 'cut-price' hardware and weapons globally. The Russians are always a huge player in the weapons trade. Nothing compares to the products made buy our defense companies though, especially air planes and advanced electronics.

    • Taxi,

      are you married? do you have kids? how many cats do you have?

    • Usually when technology is reverse engineered it isn't as good. Also how is Egypt going to pay for these reversed engineered spare parts? China isn't giving the Egyptian military billions/year.

    • The over-throw of the Bahrain government by the Iranian backed 'revolutionaries' will be the only thing raising gas prices over 10/gal. Or will that be Israel's fault also?

  • Obama's Dred Scott decision
    • Kill a man's brother and he is probably not going to forget either. (Yoni Netanyahu) Also many Israelis have lost father's/brother's/etc. in this conflict, they also won't forget Annie.

  • Tahrir demonstrators say they aim to liberate Jerusalem
    • Israel and Egypt are both Tier 2 countries in terms of trafficking:

      link to

      And another article about the organ trade in Egypt:

      Egypt is one of a half dozen countries identified by the World Health Organization as organ-trafficking hot spots. Under international pressure, other trouble spots like China, Pakistan and the Philippines have outlawed organ sales and barred foreigners from undergoing transplants to stop "transplant tourism."

      link to

    • I took 4 years of Modern Hebrew Chaos, I am not sure where you copied and pasted your shit from but, like always, it is far off.

      Modern Hebrew(Hebrew used in Israel) is based on Sephardic pronunciation. Because of it's sephardic origin of course it uses some Arabic words.

      If you would have added that Modern Hebrew is based on the Khazarian language your diatribe of nonsense would be complete.

    • How are we supposed to interpret "by any means necessary" Taxi? You are the biggest war-monger on this blog, don't guy whine to Phil and Adam about it when someone calls you out.


      Israel has been given so many chances to abide by the law in the past 60 years. I look forward to the liberation of the Palestinian People and their territories by every means possible . Enough is enough!

      link to


      I’ll second your “by every means possible”.

      link to

      How do you rid an ideology "by any means necessary" if you don't rid the believers of that ideology?

    • Chaos, there is a Jewish state, a fledgling state btw.

    • Funny the same thing happened with the "palestine papers"

    • Great deflection Shingo, i'd expect nothing more from a person with zero ability to create an original thought.

    • Taxi, get over it seriously, it was 60 years ago. You call for the ridding of Jews from Palestine by any means necessary, fine. Put your money where your mouth is, send some money to al-qaeda or to Hamas or Hezbollah. Quit your war-mongering shit, or do something about it.

    • Cairo is actually a hot bed for sexual harassment.

      link to

      Lora Logan should have gave the following website a look before she decided where to report from:
      link to

    • Kathleen, not sure if you realize what you are saying, but you are condoning genocide. This is sickening, when was it ok to advocate genocide on MW?

      Taxi, have fun watching the bloodbath from LA, people like you make my sick you are more than willing to see millions die on Al-Jazeera.

    • But I am sure you can tell the difference between Arabic and Hebrew can't you Taxi?

    • Since the Tunisian and subsequent Egyptian revolutions, the war-monger by the anti-Israel group as multiplied. This is scary because most of these people cheer leading for war live 1/2 world away.

      How is cheer-leading for war any better than the guy who sends out the suicide bomber while he sits in the comfort of his own home?

    • Chaos, many would consider the guy who feels the need to bring up the Holocaust in all of his posts is also trolling.

    • Your logic is so warped Chaos. Mr. A questions the Holocaust and fuster mentions this. And that makes Fuster a Nakba-denier?

      Your man David Duke actually was at the Holocaust denial conference Chaos, friends like these huh?

      link to

    • you're sickening Chaos, you honestly can't post anymore with out some irrelevant nazi analogy. I mean seriously, you have some major issues w/ that.

    • The only thing Israeli soldiers hit reliably are children and medics.

      tell that to the Egyptian air force Chaos.

    • more bringing in peoples families, you are a class act chaos.

    • No reason citizens of Egypt couldn't go to Jerusalem I guess. Not sure Al Aqsa can accommodate 1 million worshipers at the same time.

    • Egypt for one Taxi, the country you are anxiously awaiting to 'liberate jerusalem' with millions of deaths i might add.

    • i love this crew, you guys have an irrelevant answer for everything on here.

      yep Annie, just like SA.

    • not sure i understand your point. i think he was more concerned over the part of "liberating Jerusalem." any liberation of Jerusalem would include many deaths.

    • which makes a war between the two pretty unlikely. and in the unlikeliness their is a war, Israel will be the one the US backs, not the Egyptians.

    • Taxi,

      nice try, but the answer is never. Israel has never invaded a country they were at peace with. you're dishonesty knows no bounds.

    • sure taxi, when did Israel last invade a country they have a peace treating with?

    • what world do you people live on!?!?!?!!?!? the post is about the Egyptians talking about 1 million martyrs and an invasion of Israel.

    • Page: 29
    • israel and it's people aren't the ones talking about an invasion with millions dead.

      this is so silly anways, there is no way the military will allow anything close to it.

  • A massacre committed by another "close friend and ally" of the United States
    • Walid,

      When you put it that way, sure sounds like there is some foreign influences at play fomenting revolution against the allies of the US.

      My money is on the Iran/Syrian/Lebanese intelligence.

    • fuster, this is the spin zone. it is all about deflecting blame from those who are really responsible.

      i am honestly surprised israel wasn't worked into the headline.

  • Obama gives big thumbs up to settlements at UN (and kills the two-state solution --Haber)
    • How does the Arab conquest of the ME in 630 AD by the first caliph abu bakr work into this theory taxi?

      and if all jews are arabs, why don't they get a claim to the ME also?

    • Chaos, so they aren't members of the government? you are probably right, puppets should count as members of government.

    • yes, i agree. it is time to put real pressure on israel.

    • totally irrelevant actually the war ships and the means to destroy them is much more sophisticated now. i know i know you hear ship and missile it is a requirement to bring up the liberty, but it has little relevance a discussion of modern navies and the means of destroying them.

    • legally east jerusalem belongs to the jordanians and west jerusalem to israel. (both taking their share following the failure of UN 181) unless we are talking before that, it was the british's, then the ottomans and and for a short time the egyptians.

    • and the thing about her sweat lodge on the reservation, for the record.

      but yes, she could do much better, i tell myself this every morning that she wakes up next to me.

    • annie, why do you believe iran is so much different than the many islamic countries in the ME?

      Their 'members of government' are running around talking about hanging the oppositions leaders for god's sake. anyways the basij and revolutionary guard are masters at suppressing any anti-government protests.

    • 400 bucks is a lot for insurance though, dang.

    • what? single payer? what bizzaro world do you two live in? did you see what obama went through to get this? and you guys are talking about a single payer system? the government isn't interested in what is fair and just.

    • This is how WWWIII will start Chaos and it won't be israel's fault.

      Why do you guys want this war so bad? is a million more deaths worth whatever the end game is? I mean this sounds like the annihilation of jews in Israel, if they are willing to sacrifice a million more souls for this stupid conflict

      it's funny how you two are sitting on the west coast celebrating the possibility for 1 million muslims 'martyrs', when there are going to be thousands of families who will inevitably lose their loved ones in the future conflict.

      anyways, the egyptian military isn't going to allow an 'invasion' of israel just yet. egypt will have a couple decades of figuring their own shit out before they decide to march upon jerusalem

    • the lavon affair and norway are so last century. anyways what you guys are so flabbergasted by is called espionage. to say israel is the only one who does it or is 'unparalelled(sp)' in the trade is extremely naive.

      a few assassinations and a ridiculous false flag operation is child's play compared to over throwing governments, inciting coups, and fomenting revolutions.

    • you are the come back king chaos

    • any naval vessel is vulnerable shingo, i am sure israel has enough anti-ship missiles. anyways we are talking about a nato member joining a brand new government and declaring war on a western ally.

      dream your war-monger dreams, but the reality is, it ain't gonna happen in our life time

    • kinda goes without saying chaos(you almost look more stupid trying to 'call me out on it'). look up the history of turkey(take a class on the middle east in school), it isn't your normal 'islamist country.' attaturk did a lot to 'westernize' turkey. it's membership in nato made the military such a powerful force, it over-threw the government multiple times. turkey would be a very good model for egypt, a strong, western dependent military with a fledgling democracy.

    • Is that what you want? an all out war in the ME? I don't get why you guys are all about war, its not going to turn out well.

    • Hopefully Egypt turns into something similar to what Turkey has, a strong military but a democratically represented government.

    • I am very upset that the U.S. vetoed this resolution. The settlement enterprise needs to stop.

      Once the Arab/Persian world settles down and gains their freedoms, I hope more pressure can be put on Israel to end the settlements.

    • Didn't you date the fiddler Taxi?

  • '92d St Y' cancels appearance by Palestinian doctor whose 3 daughters were killed after Jewish co-panelist drops out
    • annie, SF is a lot more forgiving than the rest of the country, (even the east bay) not sure who is dreaming.....

    • I think fuster is right. the ad, in demonizing israel, also calls america out for financing the gruesome nature of the occupation. the average joe in america still considers israel our partner in 'the war on terror' 9/11 is still fresh any many patriot's minds.

      outside of your movement very few people in america think that israel is an enemy and responsible for the wars in iraq and afghanistan. they are blaming the same group we are fighting, and our friends and family are dying for, and it sure ain't the israelis...

      when you think of it like that, like bibi said, 9/11 was good for israel; maybe he is right, 9/11 set your movement back at least a 1/2 of century.

      Beyond the seattle bus ads, if democracy in the arab and/or islamic countries leads to more hatred, threats, and over all unwillingness to accept israel, the average joe in america (and probably through most of western europe) won't be backing the new democracies.

  • Israeli army targets and arrests children in order to repress Palestinian dissent in the West Bank
    • This conversion idea to get ahead is BS, I converted because it was the religion of my father and his family, whom I respect greatly. In the Reform tradition I was already considered "Jewish."

      I am done explaining this to you.

      BTW Mooser, me and my girlfriend just moved in together and she went down the the JCC and 'enlisted' us in derech Torah classes. This is what people do when they love each other, they like to learn more about each other and what is dear to them.

      Thank you Annie, I am sorry I brought you up like that, but I can take a lot of crap, but when someone sinks to the levels that Chaos and Mooser did, it hurts.

    • Annie,

      Remember when you said you'd come to the defense of someone mocking my decision to become Jewish? my decision to following the religion of my ancestors?

    • Mooser you and Chaos are obsessed with making shit up. Is this a pre-requisite to be anti-Israel, you need to lie constantly? Is your movement so weak that you need to make shit up so often? How has that worked for the Palestinians? How does lying about my faith and constant attacks on people help them Mooser please answer me that.

    • you are an anti-semite Chaos. You can call everyone racist for saying the word Arab which is BS but I have some news for you, this shit that you just spouted is as anti-semitic as it gets. Your obsession w/ the Holocaust and with Naziism is sick. I know the echo chamber won't think so and this probably will be censored, but I am calling it like it is.

    • C'mon EEE we all know that is a valid form of non-violent resistance.

    • Crushing the skulls of children was prominent feature of Hezbollah's resistance against the people of Northern Israel.

  • BDS leadership: 'Palestine Papers' show the peace process failed because it ignored Palestinian human rights
    • BDS in the WB may have tangible affects against the Israelis, but the international BDS movement is basically a joke. Lots of flash mobs, but little real progress.

  • Knesset member says boycott has already cost Israel tens of millions of dollars
    • Rachel, I love how you come in here and just own these guys, it is great. BTW, did you see the post here a few weeks ago where they pretty much stole your idea from your website and everyone here thought it was the freshest funniest thing they've ever seen.

    • Chaos,

      you should really educate yourself on how the 3 billion works. Saying it goes straight to Israel is false. around 75% is spent on US armaments, which is in fact stimulating our economy and giving Americans jobs. I know you hate America so it doesn't matter, but before you spout off, get a clue :)

  • Hampshire students shut down IDF hasbara event
  • 'Forward' broaches idea that Nakba was 'genocide' (and idea that Jewish identity was abducted by Israel)
    • If that is the case then the Palestinians are also committing genocide against the Israelis. Killing Olympic athletes in Munich, sending postal bombs throughout the world, bashing in the skulls of Israeli children, blowing themselves up @ Pesach Seders, etc. etc.

      Lets compare the World Jewish population to that of the Palestinians pre/post Holocaust/Nakba:

      There were roughly 18 million Jews world wide in 1939 and 12 million following. The current population is now around 15 millions.

      Now Palestinians, there were roughly 800K Palestinians refugees following the Nakba, now there are around 4.7 million claiming to be refugees.

      Do you know how ridiculous you sound now? repeating this Holocaust denial BS repeatedly?

  • Is this my ancient homeland or are you just happy to see me?
    • I saw that on his 'blog'

      The rumor is that kid is looking into suing Blumenthal for libel. Putting a picture of horn on a Jew doesn't fly anymore.

  • I think Nir Rosen is jealous of Logan and Cooper's success
  • Welcome to Palestine…now let’s reset the relationship
    • Chaos, you used that lie already, no idea where you got that from, but by all means quit making shit up.

      Great deflection though, you almost fooled someone.

    • You're missing the entire essence of how a PM is selected in a party-list proportional representative government Chaos. Google it, you'll figure out how a PM is appointed. What you didn't learn this in your drawing classes?

    • Dude, the starving Gazan BS was 2010, didn't you get the updated handbook Sherbsri? Now it is the lack of exports.

    • The Knesset doesn't pick the prime minister you moron. I love how dumb you make yourself look on here.

      BTW I was cracking up while you were trying to accuse fuster of being me, it was so juvenile ;)

    • A "ruling party of the Knesset"? Do you know how a parliamentary system of government works Chaos?

    • Israel has the ONLY bone marrow registry for Arabs Chaos:

      link to

  • Cairo's first dividend
  • Ahmed Moor: The people are utterly undaunted, they have held Tahrir, anything less than Mubarak's ouster means nighttime arrests by secret police
    • who would you recommend replace him? aren't the same things happening in Gaza right now? There won't a new authority in the WB or Gaza until there is unification. With Egypt in peril, this won't happen all that soon.

  • Exclusive: more of Biden's keen takes on world leaders left on cutting room floor
  • Obama's greenlight to Mubarak brings bloodshed to Egypt
    • yonira, bib wants to bomb iran. there’s a tremendous amount of energy and money and hasbara fixated on bombing and demonizing iran.

      Then he is a complete idiot, bombing Iran would be more detrimental to Israel than all of it's wars combined.

    • Please see the link below (just in case my reply with it to Chaos gets censored)

      link to

    • Your beloved wiki-leaks proved the revolutionary guards meddling in in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are quite naive if you believe they aren't responsible for any of the violence there.

    • Annie,

      That is the exact same thing you guys do with Israel on here. If you can't see the parallels your ideology has truly blinded you.

    • Iran is responsible for the death of thousands of US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan seafoid.

    • You are a settler CK? which settlement?

      It is funny, this guys trying to argue that Obama isn't to blame for the bloodshed and by making that argument he is a zionist settler.

      Jesus man!!!?!?!?!?!?

    • We are a democracy with elections. Some sort of revolution like Egypt would be detrimental to the United States. the 99% non-violent thing seems to be out the window in Egypt. Just imagine the same sort of revolution the US.

    • Other than the lack of deaths by gunfire, how is this different than the crackdown in Iran that you all supported? When an autocratic regime encounters an attempt to over throw it's government they respond with secret police and gestapo like tactics.

      The only real chance for this work is for the protesters to back down and give Mubarak his six months or hopefully the Army takes control of the situation and ousts Mubarak sooner.

      It doesn't seem like his senile ass is going to leave peacefully like Ben-Ali. That is why he sent his family away, he knows he is done, but he won't go down without a fight.

    • Taxi, there is a difference between freedom of speech and talking about over throwing MY government.

      When some anarchist starts to threaten my way of life, I take it personally and act accordingly.

    • Sumud, what on earth are you talking about? I was responding to VR. He was talking about overthrowing my government. This is a threat to my stability and to the stability of my fellow countrymen.

      His calling for the de-fanging of MY government has zero to do with Egypt.

    • It's a fantasy mentality, much like the mentality that got BHO elected in the first place.

    • LOL, VR is talking about a violent over throw of our government and my loyalties are being questioned.

      You guys are too much.

    • I still don't see the connection behind the war in Afghanistan and Israel. I mean I know that everything bad that happens in the world is the fault of the Israelis, but I don't see the specific connection there.

      What will you guys do when your favorite scapegoat is gone?

    • Integrity Avi? You are using Egypt's revolution and now the deaths of countless people to further your anti-Israel agenda. Don't lecture me about integrity.

    • reported to homeland security

    • quit the disinformation Avi.

      The blame Israel game is getting old. Didn't you blame Israel for Iranian protests too?

  • By switching on the internet and rocks, Mubarak seeks to make violence the face of the revolution
    • In August 2006, after the ceasefire along the Lebanon-Israel border, the Israeli military landed in the Beka’a Valley in the village of Bouday in Lebanon, unloaded a few military vehicles with the markings used on Lebanese army vehicles — hence disguising themselves as the Lebanese Army, complete with fatigues. They proceeded to drive down the streets of one village to a location they kidnapped a couple of Lebanese civilians and whisked them away back to Israel.

      Which flight was it Avi, the non-stop from the BG to Bekaa International?

    • Israel’s heavy hand is in these so-called clashes, the violence. The desperation is all too obvious.

      Sure and Iran has infiltrated the anti-Mubarak protestors also.

    • That is BS Avi, quit lying at a time like this. You have zero proof and any deductive reasoning you may have had is tainted by your hatred of Israel.

  • Alas, Palestinian popular revolts didn't get Friend'd on Facebook
  • Tunisia’s spark and Egypt’s flame: The Middle East is rising
    • A lot of people would say the same about the Arabs and 9/11 Taxi, but that isn't really fair.

    • The military has the power right now. I think it is a lot like Turkey was for years up to the Islamic 'revolution' inside their government.

    • Pamela, Israel isn't giving Egypt any money either, not sure what your point is. I am not arguing Mubarak takes (or took) orders from the US, but Annie said Israel was calling the shots, which is inaccurate.

    • Seafoid, who says the Copts can't go to Jerusalem? This is a very dishonest comment. Coptic Pope Shenouda III's made a decree banning them from going to Jerusalem, the Israeli government has nothing to do with it.

      Coptic Bishop of Giza Theodosius violated Coptic Pope Shenouda III's decree banning Coptic Christians from making pilgrimage to Jerusalem when he left Cairo for the holy city on Wednesday using an Israeli visa.

      link to

      The depths you people will sink on here to demonize Israel is appalling.

    • Hamas did the same in Gaza, are they also screwed?

      link to

    • Annie, if abbas takes his orders from Israel, who does Nasrallah and Meshal take their orders from?

  • The Egyptian revolution is coming– to the U.S.A.
    • I was wrong Annie and that is what I was saying above.

      The regime hasn't fallen yet but I do pray there isn't a crackdown down like in Iran. Hopefully Mubarak will admit his defeat and step down.

    • I think Masada is more than just a tourist site.

      Modern day Israel is a little armed than the Zealots @ Masada.

    • I get it now Annie, you'll be the first to question anything which doesn't demonize Israel, but will believe everything w/out question that does demonize Israel.

      it's anti-semitic. (well not really, but calling me a racist for using the term Pallywood months ago is about as ridiculous)

    • Seafoid,

      I apologize, here is what I said:

      If Iran’s regime didn’t fall last spring, Egypt’s won’t fall now.

      link to

    • I've never been to Saudi Arabia seafoid, have you?

    • I could care less about Arab nationalism, I think the Egyptians should have a say though, don't you?

      I didn't read the part where Nasser was elected, did i miss something?

    • I am happy about all three MRW.

    • What would the Iranian or Lebanese reaction be to this Pan-Arabism? How about Jordan or Saudi Arabia? Where would Israel fit in?

      Would the Egyptian even want Pan-Arabism? I've read where many Egyptians consider themselves first and foremost Egyptians and secondly Arabs.

    • Sadat was Nasser's vice president while Mubarak was Sadat's. It amazes me how the father of this lineage of dictatorship is so much more loved than the following two.

    • no i didn't Chaos, we both know that. this is my third attempt to clear that up, hope it makes it through :)

    • but the nature of resistance is much different since the vast majority of resistance has consistently been non violent.

      Annie, that is quite true post 2003 (when you starting paying attention to I/P) but trust me, the Palestinian resistance was quite violent from around '68, starting in earnest following the first intifada of '87, and culminating with in the late 90's early 2000's with Hamas' suicide bombing campaign.

      The suicide bombers aren't the ones who need/needed reforming Annie, it is/was the cowards who sent them (Mashal in Syria is one of them)

    • About as much as I am supposed to believe the BS you put up here MRW.

    • Big deal MRW, that is the same article the blogs were referring to.

      Here is an article about the writer of the article (the one source you have)

      link to

      He is an obvious fraud w/ an agenda, you should read some of his other 'conspiracies' about the US invasion of Eriteria or the Somali pirates are a cover-up. Sounds like a stand-up journalist to me.

    • All of it MRW, I found two blogs which stated that the Save Darfur Coalition were funneling money for Israeli settlements (one on the proven racist site "Rehmat's world). The other thing about Israel trying to get water from Sudan? Why not just try to get water from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes?

    • So someone says Pallywood and that automatically means that said person thinks all Arabs are liars, great logic.

    • Some would say the same about the Palestinians following their suicide bombing rampage of the 90s and 2000s Seafoid, or the Saudi and Egyptian Muslims following 9/11.

      If we are going to play games where we lump a group of people together and blame them for everything, based on the actions of a few, then be prepared to look in the mirror.

    • Some would say the exact same thing about Islam being hijacked by radical terrorists. Luckily your interpretation of Judaism and it's hijacking is isolated to a fringe group of anti-Israel/Jewish/American progressives.

    • I had trouble corroborating the story, but our old friend Rehmat sure found it worthwhile to report on. Must be legit.

      It amazes me the extent people will go to blame EVERYTHING on Israel. Exchange the word Israel or Zionist for Jew and we are back to to centuries of hate again.

    • Look at their website, looks pretty new to me MRW.

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