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I'm a young person from Massachusetts from a Jewish background who wants to join Phil and Adam's cause. I fully support what the founders and contributors to this blog believe in and want to share my stories and experiences of growing up as a young Jew on Long Island and Mass. I look forward to contributing to this blog in any way possible and look forward to discussing ways to promote an anti-Zionist message/movement.

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  • Attack in Tel Aviv: 'Jewish girls do not go out with Blacks!'
    • I agree that "race is a social construct," however, people are fixated on ethnic identifies. You and I know what those are.

    • Yes, but also with that location being in between three continents with various skin tones, Jews are anxious where they fight on the racial scale.

    • Jewish people are obsessed with race I think due to Israel/Palestine's location next to black Africa, the Arab Middle East, Caucasian Europe, and how this interacts with the history of human evolution from our being evolved from chimpanzees. Did the Jews have it easier than other tribes due to its geographic location at critical points in human evolutionary history? Resentment by hunter-gathers at sedentary farmers?

  • 'Palestine' is an ancient name, for a land of many cultures
    • @ American

      Exactly. Those super pale skinned Jews (i.e. yeshiva scholars) weren't building those pyramids in ancient Egypt. Not to sound too environmental determinist, but it's quite unlikely Israelites (say from the northern kingdom of Israel with a more moderating Mediterranean climate,i.e. temperatures not getting into the 90s F regularly like in Nahariya) could have performed well in the Egyptian desert heat without getting burnt badly. Just a thought.

  • 'Birthright' ecstasy in Jerusalem -- Ziojuana, no occupation, lotta Jewish babies
    • I still can't believe I went exactly one year ago. I felt no connection to this militaristic creepy society. It's downright disturbing how matter of factly they talk about "Judaizing" places. Jews in America are much much sane and friendly. They don't talk matter of factly about ethnic cleansing nor do they carry guns into coffee shops in order to protect them from those scary Gentiles.

  • Facebook group posts image of Zoabi as dangerous crocodile
    • Hmm, I wonder where we've seen similar depictions of a certain ethnoreligious group dehumanized? Can someone help me? Which 1930s society was it again?

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  • The nonexistent 'Jewish lobby' sets out to destroy Chuck Hagel
    • American says,
      "Listen, NO One is going to attack or holocaust the Jews because some 100,000 Jews belong to AIPAC or because large parts of the Jewish community 'generally' support Israel or the 'idea' of Israel"
      What makes you so sure of that? Americans, when they figure out what the Israel Lobby has done to America's national security in the last 60 years and how the Lobby has been responsible for siphoning billions of their tax dollars to fund Israeli war crimes, are going to be fuming. When people get angry they don't think rationally. They will see that AIPAC is a powerful Jewish organization and that they've been taken for a ride for all these years. Then they will start believing conspiracy theories like all Jews support Zio-supremacism, Greater Israel, etc. They are going to say, wait a minute, you mean these Zionist Jews have been lying about their intentions for peace with the Palestinians all these years and thus are going to be IRATE. I hope it will end peacefully like others have said in that all that is going to happening is that Jews are going to loose their elite status. Using history as a guide, I think people when angry and lied to resort to violence.

    • "If you have a problem with the Jewish Lobby not speaking for all Jews then its probably best to take it up with them, as they are usually the worst offenders as far as stereotyping all Jews, or at least all "good" Jews, as agreeing with their positions."
      That's one of the reasons that they need to be confronted, in addition to needing to be held accountable to what they've done to the Palestinians. These Jewish billionaires and Jewish pundits on Fox News definitely create the impression among the 98% that most Jews support fascist ethnocentric policies that harm American interests. The Israel Lobby must be stopped by American Jews so the 98% don't unleash unspeakable acts of violence against innocent American Jews who they equate with siphoning billions of their taxpayer dollars to a 21st century apartheid state. Yes, I care about human rights and what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is morally indefensible and needs to be stopped on that reason alone. But, yes, in all honesty I am also looking out for my self-interest because these billionaire Zionist Jews are going to cause a major backlash against Jews that had nothing to do with their tax dollars going to that rogue state.

  • So you’re thinking of Birthright: A primer by students who went on birthright for those still considering the trip
    • I'll say this. There's nothing inherently wrong with celebrating one's Jewish identity, even an assertion of a secular Jewish identity that is connected to Israel, or Eastern Europe or where-ever. The problem with birthright is that it glorifies the brutal IDF and doesn't engage in an honest debate about the root causes of the conflict. I've done the trip. I didn't know that Shelly funded it when I went. You meet a bunch of soldiers and Jewish-supremacist types on the trip. I had to sit in on a lecture that was like a meeting of the KKK in 19th century Mississippi in which the owner of an olive oil factory in the Occupied Golan Heights said he agreed with Newt Gingrich that Palestinians are "an invented people." How nice. This is the type of hateful rhethoric one hears on birthright and one of the reasons(besides the fact that Palestinians aren't afforded their birthright despite living on the land continuously for thousands of years) why these trips should end. It glorifies another people's dispossession.

  • Israeli prediction of third intifada follows days of provocation in Hebron
    • Of course when this third intifada starts my FB news feed will be filled with my Jewish "friends"(well some are actually real friends that I'm close to which makes it all the more painful) defending the indefensible, in full support of the IDF operation that kills scores of innocent civilians. My birthrighters will be armed with their "facts", Israeli birthrighers in particular, with videos of NeoCon Dennis Prager, telling us American Jews to tell the world that Israel doesn't kill kids. It's their life's mission to convince people that Israel doesn't target civilians. And when I post a well written and researched story like Annie's, people will call me a "cowgirl" or to "lay off the Noam Chomsky." The problem we all have is convincing people, especially Jews, that Jews actually do that,as seafoid has stated before. People just can't wrap their minds around the fact that an historical victim has become the oppressor. That's the main reason this conflict has dragged on for as long as it has in my opinion. It's the constant assertion that "Jews don't do that!" Jewish Americans by and large don't want to believe their fellow tribesmen would deliberately provoke a 3rd intifada. Thats something only a Christian or a Muslim would do they would say. Goyim Nache if you will. There's so high on their chosenness, so attached to their belief that they are smarter because they are doctors and scientists afterall and thus a Jewish country would never engage in activites reminicent of 1930s fascist states. I don't know how we'll ever convince them. These Jewish Israeli supporters are so smug and arrogant.

  • In 'Dissent' debate, Walzer hints that leftists who focus on Israel are anti-Semitic
    • The problem with the whole argument about whether Ashkenazi Jews are really Semites or just European gets tricky depending on the individual Ashkenazi Jew you ask and how they get coded by others. In reality, mostly European but definitely a Middle Eastern element in some Jews. You can't dictate to people where they can live based on the amount of blood they have from a given region or you might as well invalidate all countries. The reason for many of the problems as far as Israel/Palestine is concerned is because Ashkenzi Jews are culturally European from being in Europe for centuries. They went back to the Middle East by speaking their original tongue (Hebrew) but kept the ugly white colonial mentality towards the Arabs. What a mess in untangling all these contraditions. If only Jews, especially Ashkenazi Jews, would speak with one voice on the ethnic issue we'd be in better shape. We're mixed, white but not quite. No, Jews are NOT A RIDGEDLY DEFINED RACE, but an ethnoreligious group, thats the key word, that shares similar genetic markers and physical features.

    • It's easier said than done. I don't know what to do. I'm still in shock over MRW's description of Jews going to the Jewish deli partying and high-fiving each other as the IDF drops bombs on civililans. I can't believe it's that bad. How has our community become so brainwashed as to support mass-killing of civilians? Large parts of the community is on auto-pilot and believes 19th century blood-soil nationalist arguments. I can't think of anything more upsetting. Zionism has no limits of what it causes Jews to do to the Palestinians. It only gets worse, as we're now seeing genocidal rheteroic.

    • What we should all be doing, in my opinion, is to create the conditions in American society where it would be shameful to be seen publicly with a Zionist. Just like how it causes one to be socially isolated in 2012 to associate with white-supremacists, we need to do the same with the Zio-supremacists in America. Don't give them any attention and a audience for their hateful anti-Arab views. It doesn't matter if they are otherwise nice people, they are at the core Jewish-supremacists who hold increasingly genocidal views (as was seen in Phil's interviews) towards the Palestinians. Zionists need to know the social costs of their intolerant beliefs. Americans don't subscribe to 19th century blood soil nationalism and these people need to shoved aside in social gatherings and labeled as fascists that no one wants anything with.

    • @ Mooser,
      Great Comment!

  • It's time for the media to talk about Zionism
    • @ Denis,
      Yes, I was lumped in with the Jewish ethnic-nationalists when a kid mumbled under his breath about Jews in front of me in class. He knew I was Jewish by looking at me. Granted it only happened once. But, yes, Israel's polices have the effect of creating the impression that all Jews support it since American Jews largely support Israel through their words (i.e Facebook postings), even if it's only the multi-millionaire and billionaire ones who are the main lobbyists. It's only going to get worse I'm afraid.

    • @ Woody Tanaka
      Agreed, it's mostly Jews in my experience who make that argument

    • @seanmcbride,
      Great comment!

  • Exile and the Prophetic: The recycled air of the Jewish establishment
    • It really is unbelievably sad that the Israeli state is heading down the road to fascism. Jews in my family don't believe me. Just saying that Israel is trending fascist makes them think I'm crazy. I tell people that it is not a fascist dictatorship, because there are still elections. But January might be Israel's last. With the merging of the right wing parties, soon there will be one party, that of the state I'm afraid. No one believes me. Seriously, I think the video posted in Tel Aviv protesting the Gaza slaughter convinced me that Israel is definitely trending in the fascist direction, with the nationalists calling leftists traitors. That combined with the dehumanization of the Arabs in Israeli newspapers, certainly parallels that certain European country of the 1930s. And despite all this evidence people will continue to be in denial and say as seafoid accurately states "But Jews don't do that!" We can only be the victim in peoples minds, never the oppressor. People can't deal with the cognitive dissonance. That's what is stopping people from calling a spade a spade. I pray for the Palestinian people in the coming years.

  • 'America and Israel are in it together,' Clinton declares-- and nary a word about settlements
    • "the most important high tech center in the world, after the United States." This is why Israel is a fundamentally creepy country unlike any other on Earth. It has 2012 technology with the latest innovations in medicine superimposed over the 1950s, or even 19th century, political and cultural landscape of Alabama with the violent racism and lynching, like the one in Zion Square, and gov't ministers saying Israel is for "the white man." . Vistors can be easily tricked into thinking Israel is a normal civilized country when they see all the latest technology. That's why I think Israel gets away with their crap. They can say, "Hey look we're advanced and normal because we have great solar-paner technology" and that makes people overlook anything else. Name another country with that amount of internal contradictions. When you enter the country, even as an American Jew, you can immediately sense something is not quite right, but you can't quite put your finger on it because you're mesmerized by the modern technology that you think a country can't be both modern and completely backwards at the same time.

  • The meritocracy is rigged
    • I know Johns Hopkins isnt an Ivy, but still elite reputation. Also, there were at least 5-10 kids on our birthright bus who all went to Cornell. This in a group of about 50 ish. One in particular I roomed with did not seem so bright. Hmmm. I love it when Phil talks about "the elite issue." good stuff

    • I'm not going to lie, this kind of article makes me feel better about not having that +10 Ashkenazi IQ thing. Something tells me that Mr. Johns Hopkins from my birthright trip who repeats re-cycled hasbara and who told me to " Lay off the Noam Chomsky cowgirl" for me calling out the IDF for what they just did in Gaza, might fall into the category of not-deserving of his elite-status.

  • Thanksgiving fodder: 'You should fight about Israel'
    • This really is a problem. How do I/we explain to people, particularly Jewish family members, about the power of the Israel Lobby, especially when they bring up the power of the NRA or the Oil Lobby? This was a problem for me last weekend when I attended a Reconstructionist Bat Mitzvah for one of my cousins. One of my close cousins was like, there are many lobbys out there, why is the Israel lobby the only one you focus on? So I brought up the fact and provided sources showing the amount of aid we're given to Israel in the last 60 years, the largest cummulative recipicent of U.S. aid, and they are still not completely convinced. I even provided the text of congressional legislation straight from showing how much aid we allocate as recently as 2010 to Israel. I don't think most Jews will ever get it or acknowledge it. They will go "But look what Chinas doing in Tibet, look at Assad killing his own people!" always pointing to other conflicts in order to shield Israel from criticism. I guess the problem, as seafoid has put it, is that people will always insist "But Jews don't do that!" since we've historically been the victim.

  • Day Seven of Israeli Attack on Gaza: Death toll rises to 141, over 900 injured; No ceasefire yet; Palestinian journalists killed
    • This is what one fellow birthrighter from my group 357 wrote to me in response to a article I posted that Phil wrote titled "Israeli hasbara cartoon features white man fighting jungle animals." This from a graduate of a prestegious university in Washington D.C. : "Your points reflect an intellectual deficiency undeserving of a my time and of the group's time. Kindly remove yourself from the conversation and the group. Also, perhaps you could consider ceasing to express your opinions altogether so long as they're going to be as embarrassing to Jews as they have been to this point.

      Thanks in advance,

      Group 357"
      Possibly a grand total of one person in my birthright group has come around to my position and believes me, although she won't state the truth outright and dances around the obvious. She has a high profile position in J-Street.
      Like MRW stated these are all highly educated people of the top income bracket who have been completely brainwashed or know that truth but are just disgusting racists and don't give a damn that innocent civilians are being butchered. Yup, their all high on their chosenness. It's all double-speak at this point; they won't even engage in a fact-based reality. Phil, I'm not sure what you can accomplish at this point. Even when you expose the Israeli-psyche, like you have in a brilliant manner in your interviews, it doesn't change anything for the innocent Palestinians that are being massacred which are being supported by American tax-payers. I don't think anyone can stop a country descending into fascism if you look at history as a guide.

    • "Holocaust, you've taste the great fear. How could you just occupy another child's tear?"
      -Serj Tankian.
      I should be blasting this song in front of the Israeli consulate at the Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston right now.

    • "Holocaust, you've taste the great fear. How can you just occupy another child's tear?" -Serj Tankian

  • Israeli hasbara cartoon features white man fighting jungle animals
    • If you want to compare Israel to another country and pinpoint the region with respect to this incredibly racist photo, you can say Israel is the American South of the 19th century. Israel can say "Look theres Arabs in the Knesset, we're a real democracy" and then its military (the KKK) goes and slaughters innocent civilians in Gaza, while other people in Tel Aviv sit back and enjoy the perks of the 21st century by sitting back and enjoying watching their military kill those civilians on a plasma flat screen TV. A Truly sickening country.

    • Speechless

  • On the Jewish Israeli street, there's no solution to Palestinian issue but more violence
    • Seriously seanmcbride, it does feel like there is a strong whiff. I completely lost it the other day when Phil posted the article from the Israeli propagandist comparing Palestinians, Arabs, Persians to animals. I wonder where we have seen that type of rhethoic before in the 2o th century? That combined with the Jerusalem Post editorial advocating nuking Gaza got me so incredibly upset that I literally lost it.

    • Israel, as I've said before, is truly other-wordly. It's like the United States in 2012 with chain coffee shops like Aromah (their Dunkin Donuts), flat-screen TV's, 21st century shopping malls superimposed over a 1930s soon to be full fledged fascist state + America under Jim Crow with Lieberman possibly having a larger role in the gov't by January. In the Occupied Golan Heights, I sat in on a talk by the owner of this olive oil factory place which was basically the equivalent of a meeting of the White Citizens' Council or the KKK. He told us he agreed with Newt Gingrich that the Palestinians are "an invented people." Complete racism, straight out of the American South of the 1950s. Imagine what it feels like to step into a country with that amount of internal contradiction. There's nothing like it. At the Neve Ilan Hotel on the outshirts of Jerusalam I saw how stressed the workers at the hotel were that it was straight out of the 1930s German economy. It was like how many phones could they answer at the reception desk in the fastest amount of time possible. They were so stressed because under fascist economic policies the working class get screwed. Of course one didn't see basically any Ashkenazis working these low paying service jobs, just the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews. When my bed sheets were missing from my pull out bed, I went down to the service desk to let them know I've waited for over 30 minutes and the sheets still hadn't arrived. When it did arrive the worker angerly barged in and made the bed at lightning fast speed. He looked so angry and stressed doing it. You can see why there were social protests in Israel. Seriously, it was so bizarre because Israeli Jews are in auto-pilot and the the country's political and economic systems are totally disfuctional. The pace of society is eery and dis-comforting. It lacks a stable identity as it lives in multiple centuries.

    • I posted on my FB to the birthright group the MW article about how even the IDF's own numbers don't add up. At least the birthrighters haven't deleted my comments or complained about anti-Semitism to Mark Zuckerberg....Yet. I just responded to a soldier who posted a YouTube of right-wing fanatic Dennis Prager speaking about the origins of the conflict. Even so-called liberal, progressive Israelis believe right winger crap. They cooked the books and their own goverment agencies don't even agree with the amount of rockets fired. Yup, it's all double-speak with Michael Oren and all those hasbarists on CNN. Yes, I'm afraid it might end like that "certain country."

  • JVP: It is unseemly for Operation 'Pillar of Defense' to invoke biblical passage from Exodus when Israel is dominant military power in the region
    • I really didn't want to get involved in this discussion. But CitizenC, I think Anna Baltzer has it right when she states basically that she supports the "Jewish homeland" concept, which means that Israel is always open to Jews, but NOT EXCLUSIVE to them. That's not racist, by the way. I don't know if this concept she talks about in her book is just a watered down version of Zionism, but if you ask me this concept of "Jewish homeland" she talks about is not racism or whatever loaded terms you want to use to describe JVP's position.

  • Video: Romney (in '07) on how the second coming will save the Jews
    • I should have said instead of mumbling under breath, saying these things out in the open.However, a kid at my first semester in college mumbled under his breath during a bio 101 lab class a few seats away from me because I "looked Jewish" about "Einsteins[the bagel company but not really] in the Oven." Just saying.

    • If Romney wins tonight that means we go to war with Iran. It's really going to be close. I'm freaking out. Dick and Jane are not going to make the distinction between regular Jews and the one's at the top that are beating the drum to send the 98% to go die for the Israeli pariah state. A lot of mumbling under peoples breaths about Jews, the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve, and Israel lately. Just the other day I noticed a group of working class men in the 60s while I was getting coffee at a local chain going on and on about some Jewish guy and his support for Israel. I couldn't make out all the details, but he didn't seem like the type to make the dictinction between different types of Jews. People on Facebook talk about "liking" the awkward moment when Hitler received his gas bill, referring to NYC as a "Jew-Haven." It's going to get ugly. I'm deeply worried and I know MRW agrees with me on this as he/she has talked about this concern in previous posts.

  • Tel Aviv and the failure of the Zionist dream
    • and sh**ty coffee on Rothchild Blvd outside Independence Hall where they indoctrinate you with Zio-Supremacism.

  • Did you see the location for the presidential debate on foreign policy? Help!
  • Atoning in Sheldon Adelson's Venetian
  • Video: Israeli kids in the army museum ('I picture a dead Arab and that makes me happy')
  • Brecht Forum event with Antony Loewenstein of 'After Zionism'
    • Antony,
      For what its worth, I agree that there may, I repeat, may be a glimmer of hope from some in the J-Street crowd. Someone I went with on birthright with who is a member of the group posted a story about how digusted she was about the lynching in Jerusalem in Zion Square. She definitely means well and I had a lenghty discussion with her on the busride from Jerusalem to Sderot about how sad and unfortunate and intractable the conflict is. I do think she can be convinced by me that the lynching that took place is in fact Zionism in a nutshell and I can prod her to adopt anti-Zionism. I have faith in her and she has a pretty high profile role at her university's J-Street. Small glimmers of hope.

  • Change of plan
    • Don't you ever give up Phil! I'm confident that my generation can expose Zionism for the racism and ethnocentrism it is. Yes, I'm the minority, but we're waking up to the danger and more and more young Jews feel compelled to speak out against this danger to Jews, expecially the Palestinians, and the American economy via the Lobby and its funneling of $$ to Israel at the expense of the average American.

  • Romney dirge for two-state solution causes widespread panic among those fearing for Israel
  • Stoking fear of 'genocide,' an academic pushes Israel to war
    • I didn't want to get involved in responding to Stanton's nonsense but, distinguished professor, please tell me how Iran would exterminate the Jews with nuclear weapons without killing millions of Muslims who live in close proximity to the Jews? Please tell me. I want to know. Sir, you are ignoring the power differential between Israel and Iran. In practice, Israel is the only country in the region that has the operational capacity with 200+ nuclear weapons to actually commit a genocide with blanket immunity from U.S. Empire via the UN Security Council. Iran may have terror cells, but so do many countries. Simply put, the Jews are at the seat of Empire now in the U.S. and aren't even remotely in the same position they were in in Eastern Europe without any protection. Despite what the leaders may or may not have said, they are blowing off steam cause they're fricken tired of Jewish hypocricy of Israel's war crimes and the Holocaust used as justification for IDF war crimes against Palestinians indefinitley. Take away the Nakba, and the ethnic cleansing and apartheid that insued and the Pres of Iran wouldn't be making these statements. The Islamic leaders are tired of the hypocricy so they say these things to get a reaction.

  • In new leaked tapes, Romney rejects two-state solution - 'The idea of pushing on the Israelis to give something up to get the Palestinians to act is the worst idea in the world'
  • David Sheen: Alternate cover for Newsweek that will never see the light of day
    • @MRW and Annie,
      The only thing I'll say is that if you pay close attention to what people mumble under their breath you get a good guage in how people lump Jews together. I've haven't been to rural areas in the heartland so I can't say I agree or disagree. That's such Jewish behavior on my part as a city dweller. [snark].

  • Career protection and the Israel lobby
    • I know Iran's president is a figurehead and a lame duck figurehead at that.

    • UPDATE:
      So last week the possible Israeli/U.S. attack on Iran came up in current events and I mentioned how although the president of Iran is a digusting man who has questioned the Holocaust, he said that Zionism as an ideology will be destroyed, not the Jewish people. Plus, the radiation from a nuclear blast in the Holy Land will kill Muslims and Jews so Iran would never do that. I don't think my professor is Zionist-oriented per se. She's a smart cookie I can tell who I think sees through the Israeli hasbara. No problems so far. No one said anything in response to my statements. Of course it will get more interesting once I mention how American Jews are now the WASP upper crust and uber-rich Zionist Jewish financiers are the reason we went into Iraq and Afghanistan. You have to warm people up to these ideas and can't throw it at them at once. I know the clock is ticking and the presidential election is coming up, don't worry I'll give them the full story before election day so they can make their decision and live with the consequence. Too bad Stein has no change of winning. The habitability of the world is dependent on Mittens not being elected.

    • Sry one more thing. If they bring up the pres. of Iran's statement about supposedly saying he's going to wipe Israel off the map, I can mention Dan Meridor saying he never said what he said. Plus, the Jews in Israel/Palestine aren't in the same condition as they were in the 30s-40s cause there's a 24/7 news cycle and Israel is the only one who currently has the operational capacity to unleash a genocide through its nukes, not Iran. The radiation would kill millions of Muslims too if Iran were to do that. There's no network of railroad tracks from Persia to Israel where they could do that to Jews again. No hasbara gets past me.

    • One more things guys. So I was thinking about it some more today and I think the best way to go about it in my opinion is how Citizen wrote about it in his response to David Brooks. Just like it isn't Anti-Protestant to say that Anglo-Saxon Protestant English controlled much of the world via the British Empire in the 19th to mid 20th centuries, it is not Anti-Semitic to say that Jewish Americans via Zionism are at the seat of Empire through the Zionist Israel lobby and their war profiteering in the Middle East through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It's the same thing. I'll have to assert that I've been to Israel, I was a Zionist by default of being Jewish and going to Hebrew School for about 10 years, but I've came to my senses. Zionism is the same as the volkisch (sp, I can't do those accents)and Zionists believe that Jews are the superior race,etc. It's going to get interesting this week.

    • Yeah Colin, I might talk to her privately.

    • Thanks everyone for the encouragement. I've always been here. Schools been busy. A couple of things. So yeah it's really a low level class, so who knows how much influence I can have, but I guess the hope is for it to be grassroots. My professor is a genuinely nice lady I can tell who I'm hoping will trust me. She has to deal with a bigtime Zionist in the other section of the class right before mine who talks about how Israel is just soooooo unfairly treated by the media. I got locked out of that section when registering for it late, so sadly I won't get to confront her in realtime. Anyway, I will keep everyone posted. I won't hold back anything. My school, in my opinion, is pretty tolerant of dissent. Not a big time Ivy- league, but still quality. There's a Jewish professor, non-European background, who gave a talk about the Occupation a year or so ago where I showed up. Not too many showed up due to being apathetic, but no one complained to adminstration or cried anti-Semitism either. Also, a Palestinian professor whose class I took said to the effect "I don't know why the Arab Israeli conflict has been so intractable. Some people say it's the Israel Lobby, but if you have different information please, please share." I think he was nervous about possible Jewish students complaining in class. Nice guy, used to take students to Egypt during school break for study abroad until Arab Spring caused tourism to drop off, according to him. And thanks everyone for the sources I can use. Much appreciated.

    • So just today, well actually yesterday now, in my "free elective" world politics class, the last credit I need to graduate, we were talking about the attack in Libya the other day, the military-industrial complex, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the billions sent from American taxpayers to fund these wars. And as my professor shows a movie clip that blames neo-cons like Rumsfeld for the lies concerning WMDs, I'm thinking to myself, I'm the only person in the entire room who knows the real reason for all our involvement in the Middle East. My heart starts to race because everyone including my professor are blind to the fact that the Zionist lobby is the reason for all of this. I don't know how I break it to all these people that the reason for all these calamities in the Middle East and the decline of the U.S. is because of The Israel Lobby. Its downright frightening when you have information that know one else in the room has and sharing that information can get you in trouble with those higher up. And yes, based on a few comments from my professor (its only been a week or two of school) I can tell she's positive or neutral on whether she supports Israel and she just doesn't know the entire story of the Zionist financiers. What a situation we're in.

  • Netanyahu's warmongering spells high noon for the Israel lobby
    • Citizen,
      Freedman is a an anti-Semitic nutjob. He lumps all Jews in with the Zionist Jewish financiers. It's clearly evident from the speech. He uses the words "The Jews" which is lumping them all together and justifies Jewish persecution. I can't believe you went there when you must know that this violates the forum rules. Cut it out! And that's using nice words when I shouldn't.

    • @ seafoid
      Agreed. Sociopaths don't give up power even when exposed. Just like the fascist States of old, they left a trail of destruction that killed millions before being hung at Nuremberg. Zionism is the same thing. Of course, I pray I'm wrong, but history says otherwise.

  • Baltzer, Finkelstein and Chomsky to speak on state of American Jews re Jewish state
    • CitizenC, I know I'm late to this particular discussion, but Baltzer explicitly states that shes opposes Zionism in her book. True, she doesn't say the words "I am Anti-Zionist" in the book, but trust me, she does say she opposes it. To me, that means Anti-Zionist. If you oppose something, that means you're Anti. I don't have the book with me right now but this weekend I can get the quote if you are dying to know.

    • @ American

    • Dan, it really is pretty simple in my opinion. I don't think its manufactured, there was a whole East European Jewish culture for over 100 years that sprung up in the shetls and part of it migrated to the U.S. Had it not been for the Holocaust and the tragedy of Zionism the Ashkenazi Jews could have continued to have a secular East European Jewish culture in the Pale of Settlement. To be frank for you, klezmar music, Yiddish theater, Jewish dishes like matzah brei, brisket, etc weren't a strong part of my culture as an American growing up in the 1900s-2000s, but I am still aware of the tradition and what could have been. And yes I've had those meals during the holidays. It's perfectly fine for you not to want to have anything to do with it, but to completely dimiss it as lacking ethnic/religious value is wrong. Many Italian Americans still have a strong ethnic identity and they came around the same time as the East Euro Jews did to America. Why can't Jews continue to celebrate their traditions? And no Christ complex.

    • We had a ginormous discussion on this issue a few months back on Jewish identity. It didn't end well.

  • Confronting anti-semitic discourses head on: How to avoid self-silencing
    • Well, a codified constitution with a Civil Rights Act like in the U.S., although its doesn't solve de facto discrimination certainly helps. Ideally a constitution would have various safeguards and there could be proportional representation in a legislative body based on a groups' share of the population. Since the USA is in decline and can't afford Zionist wars forever without going bankrupt, the automatic veto in the UN Security Council that shields the Zionistas from its crimes could be a thing of the past if China decides to not play Zionist games. It's still going to take 10 + years for that to happen, but going along with Seafoid's line of thinking the Hydra might just destroy itself/China decides not to let the billionaire sociopaths from setting up shop in their land. Then the weight of the ICC can rain down on the Zionist criminals to stop Zionist Jews from being the dominant group in such a state. I'm no Messiah, I'm just throwing out ideas.

    • * Zionist Israel is illegitimate. I country with a codified constitution in a single state with equal rights for Jew, Arab, Bedouin, Druze alike called, I don't know, Israstine, Israstein, whatever would be legitimate. When people talk about how they "hate Israel" and everything about it, without saying specifically Zionist Israel, yeah it does the movement tremendous harm, as we've seen with some of the main commentators who hog the stage here who otherwise have brilliant remarks. Then again, does the term Israel have a strictly biblical religious connotation, or is it meant to be secular? It's further adds confusion I guess.

  • 'New Yorker' hides the Israel agenda
    • Did anyone notice how the "Ideas" section of the "Boston Globe" last Sunday was dancing around the elite issue by talking about who was missing from being represented in Washington? No mention of the Zionist Hydra and its stranglehold on our politics. Surprise suprise.

  • 'Forward' editor Eisner challenges US Jews to acknowledge 'extraordinary wealth, status and political power'
    • *David Goodman I meant

    • Yes, bilal a, good observation. Just like the movie "Ted" which is funny until you realize the producers are injecting imagined anti-Semitism by pitting Jews against Italians and Irish of Boston. I checked if Andrew Goodman was involved in the movie, but he's not to my knowledge. But who knows if Seth MacFarlene consulted Goodman even though it's not in the credits. He had to get the anti-Gentile jokes from someone.

    • Krauss, I'll say this. My family is all over the place in the type of jobs we do and vary in class background. Granted, no one in my family is mowing lawns for a living or is in construction (not that there's anything wrong with these jobs), but not uber-rich either. Me, I'll admit that I have an average IQ and go to a state university with not very many Jews. It goes to show you that you don't have to be very bright to understand the dangers of Zionism and speak out against it. Some of my relatives are lawyers and/or doctor sure, but others are EMTs training to be paramedics and nurses. I'm not saying ones better than the others, I'm just explaining. And nearly all of them are Jewish on both sides. Idk, I'm not buying the IQ + 15 advantage thing. There's got to be legacy for some of these kids that go to Ivies; they're not all prodegies. A roommate of mine during birthright went to Cornell. He didn't come across as very bright. He was like in the Int'l Relations field and I knew more about Israel/Palestine than he did, but maybe he's an outlier.idk

    • Colin, what I do about it is by ignoring these people[Zionists] like they're the criminals they are. I'm working on public shaming tactics when the opportunity presents itself. Zionists don't know who they dealing with. I'm in it to the end. They won't keep me quiet.

    • Mooser, I should've been more specific. It's mostly the Zionist nationalistic Jews who do the whole "They [the Palestinians]want what we have" bit that they assert of Jews belonging to a superior culture. It's also Zionists who distribute the obnoxious statistics of how many start-ups there are in Israel, the drugs invented, etc as if only "the Jewish brain" can produce greatness. It's pretentious and obnoxious and causes resentment in the 98%.

    • Just part time(retail) while I'm in college Mooser. The neighborhood where I grew up is upper-middle. I know I can do better than my current job. You're making it too complicated really, but I know you're comments are usually just for kicks.

    • Yes Kathleen. When Jews do this it's incredibly obnoxious and usually involves anti-Genitile racism. It's what eventually will cause a backlash against them if unmitigated. Maybe it will be social ostristrazation (sp) which I prefer. I hope its non-violent.

    • Colin, well said.
      Although I run the risk of sounding arrogant/pretenious, I've give this example of American tolerance that demonstrates how people are more tolerant here than other countries. At the store I work at between Boston and Worcester, MA one can find Muslim women in full burgas coming into the store at roughly the same time as Conservative kippa wearing Jews. Where else can you find this? Queens? I don't think inside Israel you would find this even in the mixed Arab and Jewish towns without moltov cocktails being flung at the Muslim women or rocks being thrown at the Muslims. Maybe I'm wrong. There might be one town/city in Israel/Palestine. And again, not to sound arrogant, but me thinks that I'm the only one at the store that is keeping these people comfortable and able to shop there cause I don't stare rudely at them like everyone else does. Me I don't think I'm being courageous. I, like Phil and other Jews, simply are Humanists. The situation for Muslims in this country is heartbreaking in the sense that they have to deal with the stares and at worse mosque burnings. Also, whoever said that it can turn on a dime once Americans wake up to the power of the Zionist lobby and conflate all Jews with the Zionist billionaires is also correct and I will give you this example which I just know will be censored, but please let me put the comment in context. Of course Jews aren't being lynched in America or having their temples burned to the ground; however, there are angry working class white people in this country who are definitely suspicious about the Jews. Like my co-worker from Framingham, MA who mumbled under his breath about "a genocide" because I did my job poorly for one day but made up for it and now we get along. Or my working class co-worker when I worked at CVS in my town 10 minutes from Boston who complained that "the Rashi school" is changing this character of Dedham,MA. Or course my class privilege upper middle class trumps religious/ethnicity and these co-workers have a much harder life than I do, but listen especially yourstruly I'm talking to you, it's not going to take much for there to be "a peasant revolt" so to speak against Jews in general once Dick and Jane or as I say "the Jones's" (I've never even heard that phrase "Dick and Jane" I guess that's a different generation) wake up to the mess that Zionism has brought on America and Palestine.

  • US envoy has 'good relationship' with pro-'annihilation' Israeli rabbi
    • Speaking of Harretz (<--italics), they censored and took down an entire article they posted on FB after I wrote as a comment to it that basically said that 'Zionism destroyed the concept of the nice Jewish guy and the female equivlent and replaced them with an uzi-toting fascist'. I guess Gideon Levy is able to call Israel fascist but I can't. Once we loose Haaretz, which might have already happened as others at MW have noticed, Israel will be just left with grainly black and white Nazi-reel hasbara and the remaining few Jews of Conscience left in Israel will have a news blackout. Sad

  • My grandfather sparked my interest in debate over Zionism
    • @ yourstruly,
      I had no clue that you were from a Jewish background. I didn't expect that. But then again you're not tribal so there would be no need to mention this :)

  • Romney visits the Western Wall, July 29
    • Stay strong Phil. You gave it your best shot. It looks like you got as close as possible to him. He probably didn't know who you are, so he rudely considered you as lacking importance/credibility. It was a reflection of his character or lack thereof that he wouldn't answer a rapidly evolving foreign policy question that he will have to deal with if God forbid he's elected.

  • NY state senator David Storobin's office: 'Visitors [to the Israeli/Syrian border] are required to don a uniform and carry a gun'
    • Yeah of course you need to carry a weapon to a stupid coffee shop with nasty Israeli coffee on top of a mountain/hill...Zionists lie while the native people continue to die.

  • Exile and the Prophetic: BGS/BDS -- It’s never easy on the Jewish front
    • I don't want to put words in his mouth and I think his writing at least in this entry is straightforward, but I think he's rightfully concerned that Dick and Jane are not going to engage in the mental effort involved in separating regular Jews with noble occupations like teachers, doctors from the Jewish Zionist billionaires. There's no MSM media converage of how the Zionist billioniares have a stranglehold on the U.S., so when TSHTF how are they, Dick and Jane, going to make the destinction between the bots and, say, a noble Jewish doctor who could care less about Israel and sees himself first and foremost as an American. Jews of Conscience can't be everywhere helping people make these distinctions.

  • Bloomberg says Israel lobby is 'blackmail'-ing US gov't to support Iran strike, but Times is clueless
    • When Bloomberg addresses Temple Emanuel and mentions specifically Adelson, Moscowitz, Saban,etc then he's done something bold. Until then, he or his news agency for that matter should get no praise.

  • Democracy Now, interviews with Phyllis Bennis, Trita Parsi on Israel's threat to attack Iran
    • Correct American. Each and every one of the 6 million American Jews are entirely responsible for Israel attacking Iran. Yup every single one of them. Including babbling newborns.

  • Why Israel is 'singled out'
  • Iran hysteria watch
  • Ancient olive trees, stolen from Palestinian lands, now decorate Israeli settlement
    • Phil, I'm really glad you made this video with Jeff Halper. It accurately depicts the Orwellian contradictions he referred to and what I couldn't wrap my head around when I was in Israel until I got back to the states. The Zionist state doesn't know what century it lives in. It's a modern highly developed country that enjoys the perks of a 21 century lifestyle ( chain coffee shops like Aromah), but whose political system and national mentality with the colonial racism is stuck in the 19 th century. That's why the pace of life is off beat because it doesn't have a defined normal identity. Another example: When I stayed at the Neve Ilan hotel on the outskirts of Jerusalem on birthright the hotel had to bend over backwards for the Orthodox guests who came in droves on Shabbat night. So picture a bunch of Secular/Reform American Jews who have had little interaction with Orthodox Jews in their life witnessing the Orthodox coming in droves getting the hotel to turn off the coffee makers, put barricades in front of the automatic doors so no one can use them, use kosher elevators with no electricity, specific hotel rooms/separate floors that don't use the automatic key cards. Sorry if that sounds offensive; I have distant relatives that are Orthodox by the way so no I don't hate Orthodox Jews. It's just that the place is bizarro-world. And Israeli Jews seem, by and large, to think this is normal and how the world should operate.

  • Settler says Israelis will man phone banks aimed at Florida and Ohio Jews 'to push Israel button' in November
    • Zell is like lets scare Bubby and tap into her fears about anti-Semitism so she will vote Romney. So predictable and unbelievably pathetic.

  • Settler Marc Zell talks Jewish identity at the King David Hotel
    • Krauss, there you are. You're making sense again. Now don't blow it and say Israel is simply integrating into the backwards Arab region. Like who would say that.

    • Mooser, sorry to break it to you, but I think you meant Krauss. You did it again. Slooooow down and take a breather my friend.

    • American, I too watched that on Book TV (we're so similar) and yeah I was/am thinking the exact same thing. Zionist Israel, quite honestly, is Nazi Germany on the eve of its invasion of Poland I'm afraid.

    • Based on the discussion of the Yankees a while back I was expecting him to sound like a former jock/meathead. Glad he isn't.

    • I've finally heard the man, the legend Philip Weiss speak. For some reason, I wasn't picturing that to be what he would sound like. It's not a bad thing at all, it just is. Great interview by the way. Good effort in trying to get Mittins to answer your questions at the Wailing Wall.

  • Updated: Support for Iraq war is crucial resume-builder for columnists
    • C'mon Krauss. uggggh 6/10= 60% Jewish. That's really disproportionate and doesn't look good. Stop taking your eyes off the elephant in the room.

  • Sodawater without settlements: alternatives to Sodastream
    • Thanks again. When Sodastream is put on the spot, I'll have a lot of ammo to work with.

    • What is your source?

    • Great. Thanks HarryLaw. Much appreciated and timely. Does the U.S. have similar laws that you're familar with?

    • God I love it when I'm writing something important and it just magically disappears when I hit post comment. I guess we're starting those games again...

      Henry, Thanks for providing this information. I work at Staples (sales associate) and I sent an anonymous letter that was forwarded to HR after I told a manager and supervisor about Sodastream's human rights violations in the Occupied West Bank. They listened to my concerns and seemed to take it seriously. The letter was supposedly forwarded 3-4 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back. I'm probably only going to be working to the the end of the summer, but I'll let you know if I hear any updates floating around the store. Also, fyi, the situation is probably tricky by the fact that my co-workers aren't big fans of Jews based on comments I've heard. Just saying.

    • Henry, Thank you for providing this helpful information . I work at Staples and I wrote an anonymous letter about Sodastream's human rights violations in Palestine that I told a supervisor/manager to forward to HR. I haven't heard anything in about the 3-4 weeks or so since I told them about it. The situation is probably complicated by the fact that a certain percentage of my co-workers aren't big fans of Jews based on comments I've heard. Just saying. Anyway, I'm probably going to quit once the summer ends but I'll keep you guys posted if I hear that anything has been done about the Sodastream display that I am just so tempted to chuck into the trash at this point.

  • Time magazine's romanticized Jerusalem battleground leaves out Palestinians
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Have you been conquered by the bible?
    • Let me just say, I'm not religious but he does provide a good narrative for the "Jews of Conscience." Maybe he overstates it with some loaded words, but he only means well, and it doesn't do any good to chastise him.

  • Sheldon's wish list
    • "The lies rely on brown bodies to fight for white puppet masters
      I cannot fathom how the caged bird drinks
      Until he thinks he is free
      A critical mass between the heavenly future, and a hell of a past..."
      -Blue Scholars

  • Born to fight
    • "In my view, you should be more upset with the people who pile onto the trolls, posting 10 replies to 1 comment. Its amazing how clean threads stay when people just let Dimster and Easy-E's say their peace and crawl back under their respective rocks." (Crowther)
      Yes. I completely agree.

  • The world according to Sheldon Adelson
  • Exile and the Prophetic: Plan B
  • Israeli govt to provide grants to build hotels in West Bank settlements
    • "Israel arrests Palestinian with special needs in Hebron" and then tortured and beat him up.

      Just like the NAZIS.

      The fredblogs and proudzionists of the world keep going on and on with "But Israel doesn't do that!"

      -No actually they do! They just did!

  • Once upon a time, my mother was alive
    • Waleed, thank you for sharing your friend Mohammed and his mother's story. Words can not describe how I felt reading this from my affluent bubble with a sizable Jewish population. I wish I could get more Jewish people to read these stories. I offer all my condolences to Mohammed as well.

  • Romney bombs at the King David
    • American, I also happened to be flipping through the channels last night and saw Ehud Barak being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer on CNN. That thug Barak is just salivating for war with Persia. And Phil, I think Dick and Jane are more likely to be watching CNN than MSNBC as its on every flatscreen in chain stores today.

  • Canadian band attacked by Israel lobby group after playing song titled 'Apartheid'
    • In related news, I wonder when the Ziobots will start going after Serj Tankian for "Occupied Tears." I just know that Serj has the courage to stand up to bots. He has a huge following in the U.S.

  • Adelson-backed ad campaign features Jewish Dem claiming Netanyahu represents 'all' Jews
    • Question: I remember someone saying a while back that they have this feeling that Chomsky knows about the Zionist lobby, but fears talking about it due to a backlash against Jews in general. I kind of believe this too. He seems too knowledgable not to know. Maybe Phil can go knock on the prof's door during his office hours and say "Professor we have a mission for you. You need to speak directly to the American people about the danger of Zionism,etc." Think about it. The professor is getting up there in age and he might want to cement his legacy and stay relevant in the 21st century and this task can give him the opportunity to do so. What do you think?

    • yourstruly, I hope you're right. But who is going to Mondoweiss as far as the demographics are concerned? Maybe Phil knows. Hasn't Phil admitted that the conversation here is "isolated?" I feel like the type of person who would go after Jews without making a distiction between the Zionist billionaires and regular Jews wouldn't take the time to go to a site like Mondoweiss. I mean the average American has a hunch that Fox News is bias towards the Republican party, but they'll then check into a hotel and watch the damn thing on full volume during the holidays and forget about the bias because they're being entertained. I am just pessimistic that we have enough time. Who reads Salon by the way? I mean Salon is progress no question, but a Sunday morning talk show would be PROGRESS.

    • Goldstein is absolutely unbelieveable. One has to wonder if he even believes what he says, or is simply doing it for the $$.

  • Sacha Baron Cohen settles with Palestinian he slandered as 'terrorist'
    • Yes, Cohen is a major Jewish embarrassment who needs to just stop talking and pulling stunts everywhere. Please go away sir and salvage whatever shed of dignitiy you may have left.

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