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a nominal Israel supporter until the '67 War when anti-Arab racism became so blatant that there was this Eureka moment that went something like "Damn, what a fool I've been". Ever since I've been a staunch pro-Palestinian anti-Zionist.

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  • Beyond the flag
    • and what good have national anthems done?
      have they protected anyone from drone strikes?
      have they helped bring about a just and peaceful world?
      Oh, but they lift one's spirit
      make us proud to be an American
      unleash tears
      make life worthwhile
      but at the same time
      render us oblivious to
      the body counts from these perpetual wars
      the never ending racism at home
      since once a chorus of "the land of the free and the home of the brave"
      casts its magic spell
      we're lost in blissful reverie
      a momentary high
      so utterly inappropriate
      ghastly, actually
      what is being inflicted upon us
      upon the world
      in our names
      by our government
      meanwhile, we're in this trance
      which is why quarterback Colin Kaepernick wouldn't stand up for our national anthem
      it's like at the line of scrimmage
      to wake us up
      to break the trance
      he's audibilizing a new play
      telling us that when America becomes the land that it claims to be
      with liberty, equality and justice for all
      then he'll stand up
      but until then he'll remain seated
      and so should we

  • Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart
    • The just person always side with the slave, never with the slave-owner. Re: Palestine/Israel the Palestinians are the slaves, since it's their land that's been forcefully taken from them by Jewish settlers, confiscating another people's land being an act of enslavement. It is for this reason that many of us American Jews are participating in the movement for justice in Palestine, a movement made up of people from a diversity of nationalities, religions and political persuasions. For us the fact that co-religionists claim to be colonizing Palestine on behalf of all Jews, compels us to participate in this liberation movement. The history of our people, of all people informs us that until the last chain is broken, none of us will be free.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • Demonizing Russia is an easy proposition for the war hawks, what with most Americans born from 1917 to 1994 having been bombarded with anti-Russian/anti-Communist propaganda. Sure, with the breakup of the USSR there was some easing in said demonizing, but empire's propagandists had to be besides themselves with joy when they were told to get back to portraying Russia/Putin as evil and threatening, since to accomplish this all they need do is play an updated version of the same tune re: alleged Russian treachery that they deployed during the existence of the Soviet Union. Or so they may think, but will it work this time around?

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • ethnocentrism - having or based on the idea that your own group or culture is better or more important than others (source: Merriam-Webster's Learner Dictionary) -

      syllogism: some Jews are ethnocentric bigots. Jerry is a Jew. Therefore Jerry is a bigot.

      As for Liel Liebovitz's accusation that in exchange for financial rewards Gideon Levy peddles stories about Israel's crimes, here Liebovitz must be desperate , because his characterization of Levy as someone who'd sell out his people is awful close to the antisemite's stereotypical depiction of the perfidious Jew. Shylock comes to mind. Hmm, resorting to antisemitic stereotyping, what does this tell us about Liebovitz? Self-hating Jew, perhaps?

  • Palestinian anti-racist struggle against Zionism and Black anti-racist struggle against White supremacy are crucial to building a just world
    • Many if not most people who have felt the sting of discrimination, be it based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, age or class, come to understand that until the last chain is broken none of us will be free. This explains how it is that there are Africans supporting Palestinian liberation., Palestinians supporting African liberation and Jews supporting both liberation movements as well as their own liberation, if by that one means freeing an individual from the moral dilemma that Zionism inflicts on its adherents. A dilemma that precludes the Zionist Jew from identifying with the plight of the Palestinian. - "But how can one identify with an inferior human being?" By discarding, if but for a moment, that facade of superiority and imagining instead what being a Palestinian in Gaza would be like., thereby allowing previously forbidden connections between two peoples to take shape. Once seriously undertaken, moral dilemma resolved. Simple as that!

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • The characterization of BLMers and anti-Zionists as revolutionaries may bother Stephen Low, but if revolution has to do with turning a society upside down, seems to me that the characterization fits the reality of Palestine/Israel. But as Phil notes in his post, not all revolutions are bloody. After all, isn't the goal of of BDS that of a bloodless transformation of P/I? Where I disagree with Phil in his insistence that changing the American-Jewish mind is the most important step towards bringing about this bloodless revolution. This might be the case if there were no pressure of time. But with time running out the aim of anti-Zionist revolutionaries should be to turn the general public against our government's unconditional support for Israel. In this effort American Jews can be helpful in that our presence among the revolutionaries will tend to dispel the Zionist charge that anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism, thereby rendering the public more receptive to the specifics of how it is that America's unfaltering support for Israel has led to so much violence, death and destruction in the Middle East. Open-mindedness being the prerequisite to discovering the truth, once the public realizes that the truth re: P/I is the opposite of what they've been taught, the revolution will have begun.

  • The 'New York Times' is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism
    • The NYT won't cover Jewish anti=Zionism because its editors realize that once the general public learns how many Jews reject Benjamin Netanyahu's claim that he speaks for all Jews, the fear of being being called an anti-Semite or a self-hating Jew for supporting justice for Palestine will vanish - "How can I be an anti-Semite (or self--hating Jew) when so many Jews are with me in this movement for justice?" Next those who previously held back from criticizing Israel (closet anti-Zionists) for fear of being labeled anti-Semitic will be asking what Israel's role in other Middle East conflicts has been, and how much their prior silence on these issues contributed to so much death and destruction? As this begins to take place throughout our land, Israel's (not its people's) days will be numbered. Empire too will be in serious trouble - for having provided Israel with unconditional support for more than half a century. The public will want to know how this relationship came about, who & what's to blame, and there'll be demands that those responsible be put on trial. Fear of such an outcome is what keeps the NYT from reporting on the rapidly growing Jewish pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel/anti-Zionist movement. Strange their fear, because the longer the Times' editors/publishers persevere in ignoring said movement, the worse the outcome for them. But it's not too late, if only they open up and spill the beans - about, Zionism, Israel and our nation's role in the conflagrations afflicting the Middle East, not to mention the whopper the NYT's propagates about Israel's leaders speaking for all Jews.

  • Jews need to study the Torah in order to criticize Israel, Beinart says
    • What's this about reading the torah so as to root our children so deeply in our own Jewish identity that when we support justice for Palestine we cannot be excommunicated? Sounds like Peter Beinart is trying to shrink the ranks of pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist Jews, because for many if not most Jews, nothing could be more onerous than having to discipline oneself so as to take in the gibberish of unknown authors from a bronze age culture. Get serious, Peter, cause it ain't gonna happen. Excommunication or not, Jewish supporters of the Palestinian cause will not be deterred. Nor were white anti-apartheid members of the African National Congress deterred by the enmity directed at them by other whites.

  • Jewish entitlement, and Jewish populism
    • Isn't it more accurate to say the Jewish elite's tradition of being wary of populists, rather than, as Phil puts its, the "Jewish tradition of being wary of populists", After all even during the days of Europe's shtetls, how many Jews were in positions of power, compared to those working in the fields or scraping out a living in small towns? True, until recently most Jews, non-elite as well as elite, have sided with Zionist Israel. That's still the case but the rapid growth of anti-Zionist organizations such as Jewish Voices for Peace suggests that show-down time may not be far off. What's more the Jewish elite's fear of populism is shared by the non-Jewish elite's fear of same, perhaps not on the issue if P/I but on other issues (income disparity, racism, cost of education and health care, global warming, etc etc) where the 99% (especially its youth and minorities) is challenging the 1%.

  • Israel-splaining
    • As BDS tightens the screws on Israel no surprise that the racist state responds by resorting to the old saw that the best defense is a good offense. Unfortunately for Israel the offense it chooses is that of saying we're not the racists, you BDS'ers are; racist antisemites, that is, for falsely labeling us colonizers and practitioners of apartheid, Unfortunately here, because the evidence supporting the charge that Israelis are colonizing Palestine and enforcing apartheid on its people, the Palestinians, is overwhelming. Which puts Israel in the awkward position of having to recite the specific accusations that BDS is making in order to deny them. But in doing this Israel will be making the case for its opponents. Sooner rather than later Israel will find that its strategy has stoked public interest in what's really happening re: Palestine/Israel. And once this happens, game over, farewell, goodbye, so long, apartheid state.

  • 'NY Jewish Week' speaks bluntly of 'Israel firsters' in US politics
    • As America and its allies face the blowback from the wars that Israel-firsters have promoted in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, it should be clear by now that these I-F'ers are at least partly responsible for the mass murders in Orlando, Paris, Brussels and Ankara. For had they put the interests of America, not to mention the rest of the world, before the interests of the settler-state Israel, there'd have been no Afghanistan war, no Iraq war, no Libya war, no Syria war. And without said wars, no blowback! Just think of it, history shaped by a tiny nation of six million people (80% Jews), along with its mostly Jewish I-F'er U.S. supporters. Antisemitism? Only if nothing is done about this.

  • Shift: Two NY Jewish leaders describe checkpoints, innocent Palestinians killed, and 'good Jews' who denounce Israel
    • "We raise good Jews " - young Jews who care about people who suffer.

      They may aim to raise young Jews to be progressive on everything except Palestine (PEP), but what's happening is that their children are learning that regardless of the nationality, ethnicity or religion of the colonizer, colonization = racism. Knowledge that can transform them into being progressive on everything including Palestine (PIP). And once this awakening occurs, considering the weight of hypocrisy that's being exposed, there's no turning back.

  • Israel is at war over nature of a Jewish state, and NYT spins it as 'changing of the guard'
    • Netanyahu is but the latest Israeli PM to advance the myth about one nation between the river and the sea. Indeed, it should be evident by now that what's holding Israel back from completing its ethnic cleansing of Palestine isn't the particular makeup of its government, but concern for the effect that such a crime would have upon its special relationship with America. In other words the players may change, but the name of the game, colonialism, stays the same. And so it has been since Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Until, that is, the natives rise up and liberate themselves from their colonizers.

  • Why Miko Peled's story resonates for Palestinians
    • Given the well known corrupting influence of power, rather than chastising American Blacks for some of its leaders perhaps having failed the test of virtue (ie power), seems to me that the fundamental progressive challenge remains how to deliver power to the people such that it's so fairly distributed that no one's virtue is tested.

    • If one truly ascribes to the principle of always siding with the oppressed, never with the oppressor, ultimately PEP becomes untenable.

  • Zionism threatens to bring anti-semitism full-circle
    • 2 important points in this article

      1) Since Israel is a major cause of hatred towards Jews around the world, they should be wary of considering it to be their 'insurance policy' (ie safe haven) when the going gets tough.

      2) If all Jews become identified by an inevitable connection to Israel then Israel becomes their greatest peril."

      Specifically, said peril is that of Israel tightly packed with 16 million Jews, most of whom will have fled there consequent to Israel's having incited virulent worldwide antisemitism with its Palestinian genocide, a crime against humanity that Israel will say was done in the name of all Jews. Won't matter whether this claim is true or not, since Jews who opposed Israel's crimes as well as those who supported them will be forced - so intense will be the hatred - to run for their lives.

      But in a world bent on revenge, how safe will the so-called safe haven be?

  • 'Either Assad or we'll burn the country' - An excerpt from 'Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War'
    • could it be any more obvious obvious?

      for sure
      no denying it
      the tens, hundreds of thousands
      even millions
      killed, maimed, displaced
      in exchange for ridding Iraqis of demon
      saddam hussein
      syria of demon bashar assad
      "yes, it was worth it"
      says u.s diplomat madeleine albright
      speaking not for the Iraqi or the syrian people
      but for empire usa

  • Once, most Jews viewed Israel as the anti-semite's best friend
    • Once most Jews Viewed Israel as the antisemite's best friend?

      Soundly based, too, considering the fact that the Jewish-settler colonization of Palestine accounts for most of today's antsemitism

      This is so not only because history has discredited settler colonialism, but because Palestine today is a living example of the horrors that settler conquest bestows upon native peoples.

      Perhaps Israel is no worse in this regard than the many settler colonizations that took place over the past 5 centuries. Israel's "misfortune" is that its crimes are played out before billions of people, compliments of modern communication technology. Who knows what the world would look like today had the Conquistadores been faced with such instant revelations?

      Yet Israel & its supporters, rather than asking themselves "what are we doing wrong that the world's turned against us", cling to the illusion that "they hate us because we're Jewish." Yeh, and the worldwide opposition to settler colonialism in South Africa was attributable to hatred of Whites and not to the recognition by most people that colonialism = racism, and therefore must go?

      What is there about settler colonialism that riles people up? Well, it being a form of enslavement, its existence forces us to decide, on which side, the slave (ie. the Palestinian) or the slave-owner (ie. the Jewish settler). Most of us, of course, side with the slave. Why? Perhaps has something to do with the "there but for go I", or, perhaps the realization (conscious or otherwise) that none of us will be free until the last chain is broken.

      And this, not antisemitism, is why the world's against the settler state Israel. Simple and as basic as that. Nothing to do with antisemitism, which, unfortunately is something that Israel and its supporters won't dare consider. They take that up and the walls come tumbling down.

      That's not to say that there aren't at least a few anti-Semites who'll try to jump aboard justice for Palestine movements such as BDS. Except that a few rotten apples do not a mass movement spoil, especially when its members know that opposing one form of racism (settler racism) with another (antisemitism) is a recipe for disaster.

      Indeed, with the dissolution of the state of Israel (not its people), the amount of antisemitism in the world would be reduced to a size that could easily be flushed down a toilet.

  • US Jews adopted 'deferential' relationship to Israel, and tabooed dissent so as to preserve US gov't support
    • Nothing will do more to lessen whatever antisemitism still exists in America than a widening of the deep and growing fissure within the Jewish community on Israel-Palestine. By shattering the belief that there's unity among Jews on this issue, the general public will feel less inclined to keep silent out of concern that criticizing Israel might be looked upon as an act of antisemitism - "How can I be an anti-Semite when so many Jews are saying the same thing?" Indeed, the "liberating" effect of anti-Zionist Jews (and newly formed anti--Zionist organizations such as Jewish Voices for Peace)) on the public's willingness to speak out on I-P may be the most important aspect of the split within the Jewish community. And the reason this development will reduce antisemitism is that the awakening of the public on the I-P issue has the potential of ending America's unconditional support for the colonial settler state Israel, and without said support, Israel will have to get serious about justice for Palestine. Now once Palestine is free, antisemitism will be reduced to a size that can be flushed down a toilet, and then no more energy need be wasted on such nonsense as establishing a safe haven for Jews - because the earth will have become that safe haven, not only for Jews but for all people everywhere.

  • BDS or emigration: pick one
    • Once significant numbers of settlers decide to emigrate, will the outward flow turn into a stampede? That's what happened 40 years ago in Mozambique, after Africans there won their independence from Portugal, as within 2 years only a few thousand whites remained out of a pre-independence population of 450,000 mostly Portuguese settlers (Wikipedia). To date this hasn't happened in South Africa, although since 1995 when the African National Congress took power, approximately 800, 000 out of 5,200,000 whites have emigrated. It should be noted that in Mozambique the settlers were more or less kicked out, whereas in South Africa they have been encouraged to stay; suggesting, perhaps, that how fast Jewish settlers take off for other parts may depend upon how welcomed they'll be in liberated Palestine.

  • Beinart's Jewish double-bind: Support oppression or you're out of the family
    • Don't put personal morality above loyalty to family is what police association officials preach to the cop who decides to publicly disclose a fellow officer's criminal transgressions, thereby deviating from the so-called blue code of silence. And this is the mentality that Peter Beinart hopes to foster in the Jewish community? Never mind the mass murdering of Palestinians being perpetrated by Jewish settlers in Palestine, cause it's tribal loyalty that counts? And what is Beinart's perversion of personal responsibility to be called, the "Jew code of silence?"

  • Norman Finkelstein on Sanders, the first intifada, BDS, and ten years of unemployment
    • As for Israel's using BDS so as to enhance its mantra of victimhood, despite this deceit, judging by the growth in the number of individuals and organizations committing to its goals, BDS continues to expand, not to mention the increasing public awareness that the underlying cause of the Israel-Palestine conflict is Jewish settler colonialism. Slowly, yet inexorably, we shall overcome.

    • "Palestinians are a defeated people." - Norman Finkelstein

      Except Haitians too seemed to be a defeated people in 1967 when I visited them, but by the mid-eighties they had awakened to the drumbeat of a liberation movement led by Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who not long thereafter in a landslide election became their president.

      Similarly Algerians appeared to be a defeated people after "The Battle of Algiers" but a few years later they rose up and tossed out the French occupiers.

      Same goes for Palestinians. Sure, a "snapshot" taken of them right now might reveal what looks like a defeated people,
      but continuous filming could just as well reveal a revolution in the making. Suggesting that seems to be, appears to be and looks like are not equivalents of actually are.

      What does the "snapshot" miss? Only the ongoing history of people engaged in continuous liberation struggles, Haitians for over two centuries, Algerians for eight years and Palestinians for about a century.

      Come on Norman, you may feel defeated and are giving up on the struggle, but the Palestinians, although undoubtedly discouraged, rest assured that when the right moment arrives, they'll be ready.

  • Chabon calls occupation 'the most grievous injustice I have ever seen in my life' and says he is 'culpable'
    • ah, the epiphany

      where suddenly
      with such clarity
      stupid me
      why didn't I see this before

  • When 'Broad City' Went On Birthright, and taught us all a lesson about American Jews and Israel
    • birthright

      food and sustenance
      a roof over one's head
      health care
      the company of family and friends
      not being a displaced person

  • Donna Edwards's campaign unsettles the Israel lobby inside the Democratic Party
  • Another interview on Israeli TV
    • Why is the narrator astonished at the connection made in the U.S. between blacks/other minorities and Palestinians?

      Especially since the victim of racist prejudice almost reflexively tends to identify/connect with other victims of racism

      Has he personally never felt the sting of racist insults?

      Yet many people who have never been on the receiving end of racism are able to connect with victims of racism by saying to themselves, "there but for go I."

      Could it be that he has experienced racism but his capacity to identify/connect with others afflicted by this type of hatred was blunted by life in an apartheid society? After all, even in apartheid South Africa, there were a few Africans who sided with their "masters."

      Then, of course, there's always the possibility that personal gain overwhelms one's better instincts.

  • Tidbits from Reader Survey: Please Add Your Ideas To The Mix
    • 'The World The Settlers Made'

      couldn't be clearer

      "Palestinians are nothing" - Jewish settler

      therefore it's ok to wipe them out

      besides, "they're bad, we're good" - another Jewish settler

      so what's the fuss all about?

  • Sanders's leftwing base made him take on Netanyahu
    • @Kay24
      for purposes of clarification -

      mobilization on the left = unity among the various liberation movements in pursuit of liberty, justice & equality

      mobilization on the right = the joining together of hate-peddling organizations and followers who seek a fascist world

      as for the election itself, it is relevant only to the extent that it contributes towards advancing the core values and goals of the left

      which means that despite whatever progressive positions she holds on domestic issues, on account of her position on P-I as well as her track record as a war-maker, Hillary Clinton is
      neither on the left nor progressive.

      Bernie Sanders, however, should be accepted as a man of the left, not only for his positions om domestic issues, but for his recent shift to the left on I-P and other matters of war & peace. Yes, he needs to move further in this direction, but here the left can be of assistance.

      So long as Sanders stays on course us leftists have an opportunity to advance our causes, not only by supporting him in the collective struggle, but by alerting him to whatever influences blur his vision.

      But if for whatever reason Sanders decides to separate himself from the movement, the left shouldn't hesitate to say something like "so long it's been good to know you" and be ready to carry on without him - towards that just and peaceful world that we all seek.

    • The significance of this election is that it's mobilizing both right and the left, with rightists responding to appeals to their racist, xenophobic and violent tendencies, whereas leftists are drawn to visions of a just and peaceful world. Should the right prevail in November's election and the mobilization of the left collapse, goodbye life on earth (what with perpetual war + global warming = doomsday). But regardless of the outcome in November, the left must remain mobilized, being that it is the only force that can save planet earth.

  • 'Anti-Zionism = anti-semitism' is a formal logical fallacy
    • To be true to oneself the moral person must always side with the slave, never with the slave owner, even (better, especially) when the slave owner not only happens to be of the same religious persuasion as oneself, but insists, as is the case in Israel today, that s/he speaks for everyone of said persuasion. Except Israel has been built by way of the colonization by Jewish settlers of an indigenous people's (the Palestinians') homeland, with the subsequent "cleansing" of Palestinians so as to establish settler hegemony over the now stolen land. Settler colonization being a form of enslavement, no matter one's closeness to the settlers (familial, ethnic, religious or otherwise), once again, to be true to oneself as a moral person one can only side with the slave.

  • Sanders' unprecedented call for 'justice and peace' marks decline of lobby's power
    • although not receiving as much attention from the media, on the issue of the ongoing war(s) in Syria, the differences between Linton and Saunders were just as stark as their differences on Palestine/Israel, especially when Clinton said she supports a no fly zone in Syria and Sanders was against it. Additionally, both her war hawk nature and her duplicity came through in her comments on her role in the U.S./NATO war on that country. Whereas in prior debates she didn't hesitate to take credit for bringing on that war, at the Thurs. debate she ended up backing off a bit by saying it was President Obama who made the call. Perhaps her pollsters told her that the public is now disillusioned with the war in Syria war, and to put at least some of the blame on Obama.

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • @echinococcus
      I agree, up to Thurs. night's debate he was in the Zionist camp, but his words suggest to me that on P/I he's separating himself from the rest of the candidates. What's so surprising about someone who early in his life demonstrated a fervent commitment to the struggle against racism here in America suddenly waking up to the reality of racist Israel? Will he persevere in this is another question, but if he does he just might awaken the electorate to the fact that on this issue they've been had.

    • If Sander's is a man of his words, certainly his track record as a politician suggests that he is, then his call for our government to be even-handed on Palestine/Israel should not be dismissed as a desperate gambit to keep his presidential campaign alive. Israel-firsters, of course. will say that his take on P-I shows that he's out of touch with Jewish-Americans, if not the general public, and that his statement last night is gonna cost him the election (not that they ever believed he had a chance). Perhaps, but assuming he continues to play the same tune re: P/I, don't be surprised if his message begins to resonate with the public. Yes, I know,
      for decades now the media has poured out so much pro-Israel propaganda that no way will his message get through, but then there's this intrinsic sense of fairness that can be demonstrated in children as young as one year. Difficult to grasp this, considering how as we age so many of us lose interest in matters that pertain to fair play and equality, with some of us even expressing bias against certain other(s). But then along comes something like a civil rights movement, somehow rekindling that childhood sense of fairness. Here questions arise as to whether the movement for justice in Palestine can capture the imagination of the American people, whether a presidential election is the appropriate vehicle for carrying this movement forward, and whether Bernie Sanders is the right person to be in the driver's seat. Give it a try, Bernie, there's a presidency to be gained, a world to be saved - by changing it!

  • Israeli journalist Derfner succinctly analyzes the anti-Semitism vs. anti-Zionism debate
    • Besides, what generates anti-Semitism today is Israel's occupation of Palestine, along with the U.S. multiple wars on Islamic nations that won't kow-tow to U.S. dictates. If only the above violations of international law were abandoned, anti-Semitism would be reduced to a size that could be flushed down a toilet. And what need (er, excuse) then for a safe haven for "endangered" world Jewry?

  • Israel demands correction from Sanders: it killed only 532 Palestinian children in summer 2014
    • Since "only" 532 Palestinian children were killed in the "haircut" that the IDF gave to Gaza almost three years ago, Sanders should apologize. After all during the past year or so didn't Israel lose a child or two somewhere to Palestinian "terrorists?" 532 to 1 or 2, isn't this an acceptable kill ratio, considering the Zionist settler's exceptional value and worthiness compared to those good for nothing Palestinians?

  • Shocker: 'NYT' forum on anti-Zionism tilts toward equating Zionism with racism
    • Zionism = racism against Palestinians
      anti-Zionism = anti-racism against Palestinians

      & since Judaism does not = Zionism
      anti-Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism

  • Zionism is finally in the news, as officials seek to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
    • cause and effect -

      Zionism and Nazism
      same hatred
      different targets
      as believers run amok

      Gaza and the Warsaw Ghetto
      same place
      different times
      while the world stands by

  • Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump's bigotry?
    • Faced with a growing BDS movement AIPAC & other Israel-first organizations may see fascism as the surest way to save Israel from the challlenge posed by anti-Zionism. So what if a charasmatic American leader has emerged, who, like certain fascist leaders of yesteryear, revs up his followers by asking them to pledge allegiance to him with their right arm extended. Also never mind that he further imitates those same leaders by designating certain groups (Muslims & Mexican undocumented 'border-crossers') as enemies of state, something that should scare the hell out of a predominately Jewish organization, given the last century's Holocaust. Toss-in a promise to 'make America great again', to be merciless in pursuit of a world in which those who resist a hegemonic USA are destroyed, while at the same time sparing Social Security and Medicare the ravages of austerity and, voila, you have an updated version of the mix of racist, xenophobic & war hawking rhetoric (along with a bone or two of populist social policies to chew on) that brought Hitler and Mussolini to power. Remember, too, that their rise to power coincided with an emergent Left, and with that period's .01% being under attack. And now we are witnessing the same phenomena in Turkey (among other places), with racism, xenophobia and warmongering wiping out an emergent Left, at the same time attacking what had been a promising, albeit fragile democracy.

      Undoubtedly AIPAC leaders know the dangers from flirting with fascism, but for them, since Israel comes first, it's a risk worth taking.

  • What brought you to be critical of Israel?
    • What brought me to be critical of Israel?

      the same thing that brought 8 yr old me to be critical of racism in Nazi Germany

      the same thing that brought teenager me to be critical of racism in America

      the same thing that led me to be critical of racism anywhere & everywhere

      the same thing that has led me to always side with the slave/oppressed/occupied, but never to side with the slave-owner/oppressor/occupier

      no matter (better, especially) when the owner/oppressor/occupier happens to be a co-national/co-religionist/co-whatever

      isn't this the mandate of everyone of the humanist persuasion?

      knowing as we do that none of us will be free until the last chain is broken

      and that only the slave can free us all

  • Netanyahu slams Abbas in wake of killing of American tourist
    • Jewish Israelis

      grab your 2nd passport
      and pack your bags
      leave your fears at the airport
      between the mediterranean
      and the the jordan
      palestine for palestinians
      from now on

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country
    • Where will Palestinians be expelled to? Surely not to neighboring Arab nations,already the unhappy recipients of ethnic cleansings dating back to 1947, and definitely not to the West, considering the enmity building there towards all things Arab &/or Islamic. Which leaves internal displacement with the establishment of concentration camps (the Israeli equivalent of America's Indian reservations) as the most likely outcome for the indigenous people of occupied Palestine. Will Israel get away with it? Well, at most western leaders will utter a few tut-tuts and assorted naughty- naughties, while the UNSC passes a few resolutions prohibiting the expulsion, all of which are vetoed by Israel's grand protector, the USA. So what it'll come down to is whether or not the people of the Arab/Islamic world will allow their governments to stand by and do nothing?

  • Bernie Sanders's God is a lot like John Brown's
    • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you sure seems like a sound basis for one's religious belief. What concerns me is that when it comes to Palestine/Israel Bernie Sanders reveals that he's not a true believer, because if he were, he'd be opposing not only Israel's occupation of Palestine, but its barbaric treatment of the indigenous people of that land, the Palestinians. Doesn't Sanders realize that unless he applies his credo universally, it becomes as meaningless as a person who claims he's a vegetarian except for when he eats beef. Come on Bernie, apply your belief universally or get out of the race. And since authenticity seems to be the single character trait in this presidential election that voters are fixing upon, not only is your supporting justice for the Palestinian people the right thing to do, it'll win you the election.

  • 2017 is a crucial year for the Palestine Question
    • A few remembrances from a visit to occupied Palestine near the beginning of the First Intifada -

      taking a taxi from outside the Damascus Gate to Ramallah. The old taxi reminded me of the vintage cars I'd seen a decade earlier in Havana during a visit there. One of my fellow passengers kept his head behind a newspaper for most of the ride, except for periodically peering out to glance at me. I wondered whether I was under surveillance.

      Upon arriving at Ramallah, initially receiving a cold reception from a street vender; until, that is, I asked him if he knew a certain physician whose name I'd been given as someone to visit. Instantly he turned friendlier, at least trusting enough to direct me to said physician's house.

      At a Ramallah hospital, going to meet a physician who a friend of the hotel manager where I was staying had suggested I visit. Upon informing him of this his response - something like "Why the hell did so & so do that. I've just been released from three months in prison, and now he sends me a known activist? Just what I need to get myself back in prison." Still, albeit not too happily, he answered my questions as to the medical problems his hospital was facing consequent to the Intifada.

      Another day & another vintage taxi ride, this time to Jerusalem. Noticing, upon entering the city, from his perch on the 2nd story of a building opposite the entrance, a rifle toting IDF soldier with his mounted weapon pointing in our direction. Walking down the streets radiating outwards from the Church of the Nativity one couldn't help notice the Israeli settlements built on hills overlooking the Palestinian city.

      Ordered by an Israeli policeman on a street near the Damascus Gate to get out of their car,the sight of three young Palestinian men lined up against a wall as she checked there identification papers. "Just like Africaaners asking an African for his papers," I thought. "How humiliating that has to be."

      The three co-passengers in the Israeli taxi (a relatively new Bentley this time)) that took us from Bethlehem back to the Damascus Gate. They got in the taxi a few minutes after me and, ? coincidentally. just happened to work with the Palestinian physician whose home I had been in the day before.

      Upon returning home from Gaza one afternoon I was confronted by the serious risks accepted by participants in the Intifada. Arriving again by vintage taxi outside the Damascus Gate, I noticed there seemed to have been some sort of commotion. I asked a bystander what had happened. Turned out that a Palestinian protester had been shot dead by Israeli cops.

      Changing the scene to the Dome of the Rock which I entered one Friday afternoon after performing the rituals of washing my feet and putting on fresh slippers. Palestinian entrance being restricted during Islam's holy day of the week, at that moment my guide & I were the only persons inside the Dome.It being a hot summer day, I was suffering somewhat from heat exhaustion (dizzy and weak). My guide took my hand and led me to what appeared to a section inside the building that was covered by a canvas. "Put your hands through this." Following his instructions I reached through an opening in the canvas to where my hand felt like it was in some sort of indentation in a very hard rock. "You have your hand in the footstep of Mohammed" said the guide* Immediately it felt like an electric current had passed through my hand, whereupon my head cleared and I became, if anything, hyper alert. I attributed this turnabout to the emotional shock that the words "hands in the footstep of Mohammed" had delivered me. A couple years later I told this story to a Sufi. Asked him what he thought the above experience was about, "a signal from Mohammed, perhaps?" "No, from god, he replied," claiming that the same thing had happened to him. Being an atheist and rarely delving into mysticism, I still believe that my sudden recovery from heat exhaustion was some sort of neuropsychological reaction.

      Lastly, another unusual occurrence upon departing from Palestine. Just before leaving the hotel its mgr. gave me if a dinner plate for me to deliver to a relative of his back home. While waiting in the airport lobby for boarding, a young Israeli approached and asked me if I had been asked to carry any dinner plates back home. I said yes and gave it to him. He said wait here. Shortly thereafter he returned, thanked me and gave me back the plate. What's this about, I wandered. Later, I read that such plates were sometimes used to conceal explosives.

      Enough to turn anyone paranoid, don;t you think?

      *later he recanted and said that scholars doubted this was historically correct

  • Romney echoes neocons: Trump will lead U.S. 'into the abyss'
    • So the neocons won't support Trump because he's pro-torture and doesn't support an interventionist policy guided by principles of democracy and human rights. Yeah, like they're really upset by Israel's crimes against humanity, its apartheid system of government in occupied Palestine, or the U.S.-backed Saudi war on the people of Yemen. Yet the neocons hardly mention Israel? What, are they getting cold feet about openly supporting the Zionist criminal enterprise? Sorry, neocons, no use pretending you're only interested in what's good for America. Much too late for that. After all you're widely known as hard core Israel-firsters. As Israel goes down, so will you - glub, glub, glub, glub!

  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • The proper name for an endeavor by which one people occupy a native people's homeland, rename it & cleanse it of its natives is settler colonialism, not self-determination. Self-determination is what Palestinians have been struggling for - that along with freedom and independence - ever since their homeland was taken over by European Jews. It's nice that the author visualizes Jewish self-determination co-existing in partnership with Palestinian self-determination, but he should realize by now that such an arrangement has to be up to the native (ie Palestinian) people. Anything less will amount to handing colonialism a lifeline.

  • As Trump takes on the neocons, Kristol likens him to Hitler
  • Why does the U.S. continue to betray a courageous, dynamic Muslim leader in the Maldives?
    • Something's missing from this article. What is there about the islands that makes them of special interest to the U.S? Does our government plan to exploit the presence of the Maldives' militant Islamic groups so as to cajole reluctant S. Pacific and Asian nations into granting it additional U.S. military bases?

  • Jeffrey Goldberg compares Iranian Jews to 'petting zoo' animals
    • Isn't it about time that the Atlantic let go of Jeffrey Goldberg, the ex-IDF (or is he still in the IDF reserves) soldier whose every article is predicated on his belief that both the U.S. and Israel are as Beacons on the Hill, with Israel, of course, by far the shiniest of the two. As for the people in these two countries, their lives, their well-being, so long as they don't oppose U.S./Israel hegemony, he couldn't care less what happens to them.

  • Palestine and the anxiety of existence
    • So far the Zionists have been committing what's been referred to as slow genocide. Lately, though, they seem to have become somewhat bolder and are accelerating the pace. Could there been a secret "Final Solution" conference, such as the Nazis had at Wannsee on January 20,1942? If so, weighing international opinion, as they always do, perhaps Israel's criminal leaders figure that, given the rampant Islamophobia now enveloping the West, they could get away with full throttle genocide. If they opt for a final solution, will history show them to have been right?

    • the stone as an act of rejection

      and since stones are most everywhere

      no wonder zionists forever drive themselves mad

  • Most US Jewish students don't see Israel as 'civilized' or a 'democracy,' Luntz tells secret anti-BDS conference
    • doomsday averted

      a way way back when Jewish Zionists took over Palestine
      &, based on bronze age myths & on the Holocaust
      claimed it for themselves;
      no reason why not, they insisted
      since for a people without a land
      nothing could be more right than a land without a people (& never mind that Palestinians have comprised the majority of Palestine's population for most of the past 2 millennia)
      besides we speak not just for ourselves but for Jews everywhere
      so you owe us, lantsmen
      your money
      your influence
      your unquestioning support
      which the Zionists {Jewish nationalists} got,
      at least initially and for several decades thereafter,
      except, that is, for a few holdouts who refused to forsake the time
      honored Jewish tradition of always being on the side of the oppressed, never on the side of the oppressor,
      and as the oppression of Palestinians by Zionists intensified,
      more and more people, Jews included, took note of the crimes against Palestinians that were being committed in the name of world Jewry.
      but refusing to be complicit in these crimes, increasing numbers of Jews took to voicing the words "Not in Our Name."
      soon this message represented the sentiment of a majority of Jews, especially, but not limited to its youth,
      after which, Israel's days were numbered, as this turnabout coincided with a mass uprising (the ultimate Intifada) of the Palestinian people.
      and that's how the long sought justice for Palestine was attained. Once this happened it didn't take long for justice and peace to envelop the world

  • Videos: Proof of Sanders's lifelong anti-racist activism breaks on eve of Nevada Caucus
    • Publicly engaging in an anti-racist rally when he was 20 years old? That's mighty significant! Did any of the other candidates (either party) ever stand up in public against racial discrimination?

  • 'New Yorker' glosses my reality (when it renders 'Death to Arabs' chant as 'I hate all Arabs')
    • Expect Israel to set up one of its Palestinian ghettos as a model integrated community, much like Theresienstadt, the Nazi concentration camp that the Nazis presented to outsiders (and on film) as a model Jewish settlement. Undoubtedly David Remnick would publish an article about it in the New Yorker under the title "Israel, a model integrated Society."

  • Resisting anti-Semitism does not contradict resisting the Israeli state
    • since Jewish Zionists crimes against the Palestinian people is what incites antisemitism worldwide, it follows that Jewish Zionists (and their non-Jewish supporters) are the real antisemites. Indeed, were there justice for Palestine, antisemitism would be reduced to a size that could be flushed down a toilet.

  • 'Other ways of being Jewish are available' -- a poetic response to expressions of hatred on Facebook
    • back to the basics

      as the reality of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict becomes ever more clear

      the split between racist and humanist Jews can only widen

      racist Jew on the side of the Jewish settlers

      humanist Jew on the side of the Palestinians

      which side is to prevail depending upon whether the love that underlies humanism

      can overcome the hatred so intrinsic to racism

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