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  • 10,000 Israeli teens follow mother-hen of extremist settler movement in anti-Kerry protest
    • Amusing, " in anti-Kerry protest"
      Are you referring to the issue, that MW residence are Pro-Kerry.......
      What a joke, if this is the case, I join MW.

  • 'Jews For Palestinian Right of Return' endorse American Studies Association boycott of Israeli academic institutions
    • tokyobk
      "Jews only petitions are about the fact that Israel claims to speak in the name of the Jews. Some Jews want to oppose this in Jewish terms."
      You are a typical duplicated type, so keep on explaining...
      Do those Jews LIVE in Israel, this is a political and internal affair of the state, that has application on it's future.
      if this was a philosophical or a religious statement, well then you can raise your voice and say, as the reforms, you don't represent me I think different.
      But in this case, you sit and live in your country, you are a total stranger to Israel and tell me what to do, just because you are from the same religion.

      It has only to do with the issue, that you think, that the world will read your letters in a different way because you , when it fits you, say I belong to the tribe I am Jewish, so everything concerning Israel, has a bigger impact because I am Jewish.

      You are not Israelis, you are strangers for me you are like any other Swedish, or Spanish, or Argentinian and you words means nothing more then any other person.

    • Sometimes Mondowiess amuses me, but got very boring lately and...... surprise, as this article is just Hilarious.
      Four Israelis and about 30 Jews.
      Well .... for those four Israelis in the list, as they are the "Majority in Israel", and as they represent 0.00000000000000000000000000000005% of the Israeli Society, I guess they think they got the Mojo.
      As for the rest of the Jews, as they are not Israeli Citizens and never lived here, they can continue suggesting good and bad things for Israel, but as they are not Israelis and think that because they are Jewish their appeal, makes any deference.
      They are can go on and play with their Tribalism (Suddenly They are all supporters of Jewish Tribe ) when it fits their Agenda.

  • Derfner: The boycott isn't economic warfare, it's psychological
    • seafoid
      "Israel has nothing"
      You are right, we are poor we have no land, no infrastructure, no technology, no gas resources, no culture, no music, no universities.
      Please help us Seafoid, we count on Jews like you.

  • Canadian groups press Neil Young not to play Israel
    • Just the ignorant, is not aware that this is not the first time Neil young will play in Israel.
      And then those pathetic residence will start with thier routine ritual.
      He is old, not talented, out of date, not intelligent as USUAL.

  • Influential Jewish group pushes New York bill aimed at Israel boycott
    • I guess in a while most of the articles are going to be on this subject.
      As most of the Jewish organizations world wide are going to react , like it's a surprise for the boycott bullies.

  • The killing of Odeh Hamad
    • Annie Robbins
      what evidence do you have odeh was a ‘militant’? or is that what every young gazan male represents to you?

      When someone gets close to a fence of an ENEMY border and cut's the fence, he is certainly not coming on a peace mission.
      He was raised up knowing that Israel is his worse enemy and he chooses to go and cut the fence...... ????

    • AlGhorear

      Since when is the US in a war conflict with Canada and Mexico.

  • Student who exposed 'leftist' teacher is honored at Knesset, while teacher gets violent threats
    • Shmuel
      The white angel of humanity.
      What’s the world coming to when teachers slaughter freedom of speech and teenagers try to save them?

      Would you declare your divine sentence if it was the other way around and the teacher had right wing political views and was trying to shut up a left wing student.
      You are the same hypocrite as usual.

    • MW as always is so out of context.
      as usual the AntiZio trolls, had the opportunity to compare Israel to their beloved Nazi Germany, as they are used to get their daily fuel from the articles.

      The debate in Israel regarding this issue is completely not political, but more regarding the freedom of speech.
      While Adam Verete is considered as the Hero by some political streams (he could be from the right wing or the left wing, but this is completely not relevant ), he was not fired and there was never any intention to fire him by the ministry of education,
      but on the contrary, The main hero in this case is really Sapphire Sabah . Her complaint focused not only that "the IDF is unethical ." or " country " , but had focused on thesis of shutting up people .
      Sapphire 's complaint was and is reserved to the issue that a class should be aloud to Listen to ALL spectrum of opinions from extreme right to extreme left. In fact, according to her testimony , Adam Verete kept her mouth shut in an abusive way. at list Adam Verete had the dignity to apologized for his behavior .
      meaning he behaved in an anti - Democrat way and became a hero of freedom of expression ?!?! . It's not exceptional in some quarters on those who push for freedom of speech, use it as a shelter when they are the once that are shutting up people.
      Sapir Sabah had a lot more courage to get out against her teacher , she was not fighting for her political views , but the right to attend school without teacher who try to wash her ​​brain no matter what political side they hold.
      I am proud of my Israeli society, that raises up issues like that, that shows how open , democratic, pluralist and rational our society is.
      ira glunt, to cut and paste articles from news papers is not journalism, its a parrot intelligence (I hope Parrots will excuse if I abused them).

  • SodaStream stock sinks, and Bloomberg cites 'sanctions over Jewish settlements'
  • Oppression by consensus in Israeli 'democracy'
    • Avigail
      As a starter could you advice and Analyse how come a rebel soul like Danna, as she declares a Humanist, is supporting and a butcher like Assad who killed thousands of his own nation and pushed his deadly Agenda.
      Is it part of her growing up in Israel too ?

    • Avigail
      Sorry that I can not give you credit as a psychotherapist, as how can you upset me, if I never read your predicted article.
      You see your routine duplicated argument are boring, sorry that you get my critics personally as insults, but they are not, you sound like those few outsider Israelis, that decided to leave Israel which is completely ok with me.
      The Israeli press is praised also by the biggest Israel hater Gilad Atzmon, everyone from all spectrum's writes what they wants, you pick up as most duplicated persons like you, the articles that you find that fits your Agenda and just ride on the occasion and use it to push your Agenda and come up with the shallow argument that it was published 2 weeks ago.
      "f you can demonstrate how Israel has changed"
      I want make your life easy, you will have to work hard to find out, as you are not here.
      Have fun as MW garbage dealer.

    • Dear Avigail
      Sure I am OK, criticizing Israel is not the issue, as I criticize Israel more then you, as I want MY Israel to be better and it's getting better everyday.
      As I live here and you don't and you never will, so it's not criticizing what you do, it's a garbage can exploration to those who want to read your spew.
      If you wanted to criticize to have a better society to live in, you should stay and criticize as much as you want, as I don't think there are many free places as Israel, that gives you the opportunity to question and criticize as much as you want.
      But you prefer to sell your garbage in places like MW.
      Funny that 99.99999999% of the people who grew up in the same country, find your Life conclusions disturbed.

    • Uhhh another psychotherapist advice for the Anti Israeli Israelis.
      You should open a clinic, you will have some 10-20 patients that suffer from the same syndrome.

    • Sumud

      You are really foolish, she has been growing in Israel 30 or 40 years ago,
      The article she wrote that I criticize was not about her horrible growing up year, but on Israel at present.
      Israel is changing so fast and as she writes an Article after coming for a week to visit after so long and expect it to be an Academic observer analysis.
      That's your level maybe, as that's what you want to read.
      There is nothing new, she is predicted and could have written her shallow analysis from her home in Scotland.
      As I mentioned it's good enough for MW and it's residence.

    • Shmuel

      "Isaac Abravanel, as One of the Jewish leaders, won victories and defeats , and experienced the expulsion from Spain – After the expulsion He comes to the conclusion that the Jews don’t have the power to establish their new home among strangers. Only hope left for them to realize the dream of redemption. and he tried to prove not only the feasibility but also the inevitability of this realization.
      He is one of the first Zionist, that did not have the ability to translate his vision into reality."

      Please explain to the Audience, why "Isaac Abravanel" came to what you call "historical nonsense", and came to the conclusion 500 years ago, that the only hope the Jews have, is to establish their own home" and not among strangers.
      Enlighten us with your history ?

    • Shmuel

      escaping from your own question as usual.
      "Isaac Abravanel, as One of the Jewish leaders, won victories and defeats , and experienced the expulsion from Spain – After the expulsion He comes to the conclusion that the Jews don’t have the power to establish their new home among strangers. Only hope left for them to realize the dream of redemption. and he tried to prove not only the feasibility but also the inevitability of this realization.
      He is one of the first Zionist, that did not have the ability to translate his vision into reality."
      This is his writings that you call it historical nonsense.
      If it's nonsense , send over your own Isaac Abravanel writings ?

      As your History is in your imagination, same as your experience as what you claim of living in Israel.

      Israel in 66 years gained much more then any era in Jewish History or any other Jewish location in poetry, philosophy, theology, mysticism, law, hermeneutics, grammar, statecraft and science and cultural and intellectual paradigm ….. you are a joke.

    • Shmuel

      "To the best of my knowledge, none of the famous Abravanels/Abarbanels were political Zionists."
      Isaac Abravanel, as One of the Jewish leaders, won victories and defeats , and experienced the expulsion from Spain - After the expulsion He comes to the conclusion that the Jews don't have the power to establish their new home among strangers. Only hope left for them to realize the dream of redemption. and he tried to prove not only the feasibility but also the inevitability of this realization.
      He is one of the first Zionist, that did not have the ability to translate his vision into reality.
      I am sure that if the the expulsion from Spain was in the 19th century, Israel would have been created a long time ago, there was no political awareness, telecommunication and traveling ability at that time.

      You just picked the wrong person as usual.

      "The “Golden Age” would never have happened in a “home country like Israel”."
      As I mentioned a few times, you have never lived in Israel, compare the Music,literature,science, innovation, creativity, art, dance, done in Israel today to any era in Jewish in History or any other Jewish location ..... you are a joke.

    • Sumud
      "I also don’t see any correlation between truthful observation and geographical location,"
      At list don't show how foolish you are.
      Would I read your observation regarding the Australian Aborigines "today" , if you are not part of the location.
      It would sound like most of MW observations regarding the Israeli society.
      A Joke !

    • Shmuel

      Don Isaac Abravanel was born in Lisbon , Portugal, and was elected to the Finance Minister by Afonso V of Portugal .
      Don Isaac helped to maturity 250 Jewish prisoners who were in Arzila ) Morocco conquered by the Portuguese in 1471 (what tribalism, taking care of his tribe) . In 1483 falsely accused him that he would betray his country (wow sounds familiar) , Portugal .
      Therefore sought refuge in Toledo Spain , called by Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile first appointed him as Minister of Finance of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon . In this role server for eight years.
      In 1492, Isaac Abravanel act to prevent the expulsion from Spain but ultimately failed (Well he has done his job, not get out), and Discover along with his people to Italy , and settled in Naples . There too he was appointed Minister of Finance. In 1495, he was forced to flee to Sicily and all his property confiscated. Later on Corfu island without any property . In 1496 moved to a town near Bari monopoly . In 1503 was called to Venice , where he died at age 71 . He was buried in the old cemetery in Padua . The gravestone was destroyed in 1509 .

      Wow what a story, would it happen if he had a home country like Israel ?.

    • Why I wouldn't even consider to read or comment on Avigail Abarbanel writings.
      Avigail Abarbanel is a duplicated prototype of the neglected extreme Israeli left, that instead of going with thier truth and try to change what they think that has to be changed in the Israeli Society decided to leave and when I mean leave is to disconnect themselves from the Israeli society that keeps changing everyday, I find it pathetic that Avigail Abarbanel after years that haven't been to Israel comes to visit here family that decided to stay in this horrible place she left and Analyses the society in a week.
      I know those cycles of extreme lefties as I have been there in my youth fascinated by their "revolution" glory that came out to be very quick a bunch of disturbed not connected to reality persons, that are duplicating one another and until today if you read the writing's of one you read them all.
      Most left Israel and joined all kind of left cults and get some attention in blogs like MW and all of those who want to read "an Israeli born" witness.
      As that's the merchandise they sell, so they are all Israelis and for residence of MW or Deliberation or David duke, it's a great platform and they just love their writings.
      So Avigail Abarbanel stay where you are, as long as those bubbles want to read your Intellectual one week Analysis or your horrible memories, great for them and great for you.

  • Scarlett Johansson's new image (grossout alert)
    • talknic
      "“In both cases, there are no laws against living in both places
      You’re just overflowing with bullsh*t."

      Are you referring to your comrade Shmuel "Furthermore, even Palestinian citizens of Israel may be allowed to live in Ma’aleh Adumim"

    • Talkback
      "if a Gentile converts Judaism, because of marrying a Jew"
      Israel Shamir (also known by the name Jöran Jermas ) , Roy Tov, Vanunu.........
      Non converted because of Marriage but because of will.
      right ?

    • Shmuel

      I learned your nonsense info vocabulary fast.
      If for you 4-5 cases in a population of eight millions are "many examples " and that's for you a solid fact to base your thinking, good for you.
      So for me 4-5 cases are "many examples ".
      Again Your info regarding Israel is taken from your imagination.

    • Shmuel
      What Nonsense, well give me the list of “Many Examples”.
      No wonder you raised up Uri Davis who converted to Islam, as many extreme left Israelis, that converted.
      Your info regarding Israel is taken from your imagination.

  • Netanyahu and ministers lash out at 'insufferable' Kerry for mentioning 'boycotts'
    • Shingo

      If "Israeli products are notorious for their poor quality" why are you spending all your life to boycott them, as if they were so terrible no one would want to buy those products.

      You don't even know how many Israeli products you use in your everyday life.

    • I didn't say a word about you investigating the Israeli products, I just mentioned you block patronizing way of thinking that you think that the Palestinians are stupid and don't have the ability to choose if a product is good or not, same as their political preferences.

    • "followed by foreign products"
      Hostage, you don't have a clue regarding the quality of Israeli products and you never will.
      As one that traveled in most countries I prefer Israeli products, only because of the quality, I know that in your total patronizing way of thinking, you think that the Palestinians are stupid, but they know better then you regarding quality of products, at list in this issue give them credit.

    • Boycott ? Palestinian imports from Israel totaled $ 3.5 billion
      According to the Palestinian Authority , import Israeli products into the PA last year is about 70 % of total imports .
      03:02:14 , 14:53

       It turns out that the Palestinian consumer prefers the Israeli products . According to data released by the Palestinian Authority found that last year the import of Israeli products into the PA value of $ 3.5 billion . This represents about 70 % of the total Palestinian imports during the year .

      Israeli products are the first preference of the Palestinian consumer , followed by foreign products , and only then locally produced products . Local merchants in the West Bank claim that the preference for products is due to the perception among Palestinian consumer that Israeli products are of higher quality compared to products produced locally.

  • 'FT' blast on settlements will strike fear at Hasbara Central (if not among liberal Zionists and 'glitzy blondes')
    • Seafoid

      Your Ignorance in Music is even bigger then your ignorance regarding Israel.
      Your Idol Comrade Roger took Cyndi Lauper to sing his Wall songs......
      So if she is something for your master roger, who are you not to follow the herd.

    • Amigo

      Looks like comrade Roger's will have a lot of non Answered letters to write those days, as this summer is just full of International concerts.
      Neil Young has been here a few times.....
      I think you should push him quick to write to the Pixies, that were BDS claimed success a few years ago and are coming this summer, so to prevent a total defeat, urge him to start writing.
      Looks like Justin Timberlake is not popular enough for the OLD rocker, that he missed him, or he just get's in his head , that it's a lost case.

      BTW his wall singer Cyndi Lauper had a great concert in Tel Aviv.............

  • Pete Seeger interview: 'The greatest people will come forward, after I kick the bucket'
  • Scarlett Johansson not only abandons Oxfam but throws it under the bus
    • "Not only does this place the blame on Oxfam for the ensuing scandal and absolves Johansson of fault, it falsely portrays Oxfam as a supporter of the BDS movement."

      Touché Scarlett.
      showed the real faces of Oxfam that were unwilling to cut their ties with her, until the public pressure and exposing their eager willingness to sell their “principles” in favor of profits and showed their hypocrite ugly face.
      And showed the world again, who the BDS movement is, a bunch of known bullies.
      Go Scarlett Go.

  • 'NYT' publishes Holocaust trivia on front page
  • On the 3rd anniversary of the democratic uprising, is there hope for Egypt?
  • Canadian pols' pandering to Israel is even more clownish than US pols, but at least they do it on camera
  • 'Embracing Democracy' event at DC Jewish community center broaches the Nakba
    • pabelmont
      Most of the residence of this blog are supporting Assad that is killing his own nation and the Palestinians on the reason, that the man Assad, as the leader of Syria has to defend his country, and by defending it means, he should do everything needed, meaning kill civilians, kill Palestinians if it serves his position to defend his country, the moral issue is put aside, as the man has to do his job.
      Do u defend this rational.

  • New York bill to punish ASA over Israel boycott picks up 48 supporters
  • 'We demand that Yarmouk and other civilian areas are open to humanitarian access'
    • Gaza, Gaza, ALRAY (Palestinian Media Agency) - 57 Palestinian refugees ,in Yarmouk refugee camp, died of starvation, hunger-related illnesses and lack of medical aids due to the siege imposed on the camp by "Syrian regime army and other forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad regime for 191 consecutive days", right group reported.
      Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said that the 57 died in the period between 11/2013 to 19th , Jan, 2014.

    • Gaza, ALRAY (Palestinian Media Agency) 10:04 - 26 January 2014
      Three more Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp died of starvation on Saturday due to the ongoing imposed siege on the camp by Syrian regime forces for the 196 days in a raw.
      Action Group for Palestinians of Syria reported that Haniyeh Abu al-Ruz , Moses Mari and Omar Abu Siam died of illnesses exacerbated by hunger , noting that the number of people died of hunger in Yarmouk camp is up to 66.
      It also reported that Syrian aircrafts pummeled Dera'a camp causing several injuries .
      It explained that those who are still in the camp are suffering from a severe shortage of food, medicine and heating materials.

      Shhhhhh ....... Don't tell Taxi

    • W.Jones

      Read The Electronic Intifada

      Syrian army slows Yarmouk food aid to a trickle

      On 21 January, staff from UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestine refugees, attempted once again to deliver food parcels to Yarmouk camp on the outskirts of Damascus, where thousands of Palestinian refugees and Syrian citizens are trapped.

      UNRWA appreciates the steps taken so far to facilitate the delivery of food parcels to Yarmouk. However, humanitarian access is not yet sufficient to meet the desperate needs of civilians trapped in the camp. UNRWA is strongly urging that more should be done to provide access to many more civilians and to achieve safe, substantial and regular humanitarian access to Yarmouk.

      Syrian army delays

      The UNRWA statement is typically diplomatic, but hints at the fact that greater humanitarian access to the civilians trapped in Yarmouk camp remains in the hands of the Syrian army.

      An eyewitness told The Electronic Intifada that distribution of relief supplies in recent days has been extremely slow as a result of a time-consuming process of identification and list-checking by government forces at the distribution point.

      On 18 and 20 January, for instance, numerous civilians were turned away and only a fraction of the available relief was distributed each day.

      On 21 January, according to the eyewitness, UNRWA staff arrived at the northern Batikha entrance of Yarmouk before 11 AM. At 11:30, the team was permitted by government forces to enter the camp under the same government clearances that had allowed access for UNRWA staff on 18 and 20 January.

      UNRWA brought several dozen food parcels and other supplies to the to the Sama Street distribution point, approximately one kilometer south of the Batikha entrance and about 100 meters north of the front line.

      However, the distribution of the supplies was delayed for several hours by Syrian government forces as nine civilians were being evacuated.

      Finally the distrubution began at 2:45PM, but was again interrupted when an injured Palestinian man unsuccessfully tried to seek clearance to leave Yarmouk.

      Distribution then resumed, but at 4:45PM government forces shut the process down. By the end of the day, only about two dozen food parcels had been distributed in total and the UNRWA team left.

      The reason the distribution was so slow is that that military personnel would only allow food parcels to be given to people whose name is on a list of 5,000 Yarmouk residents supplied to it by a Palestinian charity.

      Any other civilians approaching the distribution area seeking food were turned away."

    • No flotilla for the Palestinians in Syria, as if Israel is not involved and can be blamed, no one gives a S**t about the Palestinians, proves again that there is no Pro-Palestinians, there is only Anti Israeli Jewish state.
      No one in MW will do anything, as they support butcher Assad, the man defends his country and if the Palestinians a starved to death, its OK in Mondowiess.

  • How we can oppose the Assad regime and Western intervention at the same time
    • Dana

      What you don't get, is that you the one who want's to call himself a humanist, supports the butcher Assad.
      Giving all the excuses from your sick ideology, that defends butchering and killings in the name of your Agenda.
      Based on your sick rational,killing people to defend your Agenda is OK.

    • Dana
      "Funny how not one of the ones we know as ziobots or congenital fence sitters or whatever other role has been assigned to them (sometimes self-generated subroutine), had anything bad to say about the composition, behavior and criminality of the “rebels’. or the not-so greatness of the saudi wahabists who fund, arm and incite the Jihadist zombie armies."

      Your Propaganda just get's to the highest limit.
      I am against, condemn., disgusted, find every word in the dictionary to Sully,smirch the behavior and criminality of the “rebels’. or the not-so greatness of the saudi wahabists who fund, arm and incite the Jihadist zombie armies."


    • Dana
      Show me where I ever said I am with the ‘rebels’ .
      Your Assumption are based on what ?.
      I am Against butcher Assad and completely Against "the rebels".
      They are both Butchers, competing who butchers more.
      I just mention that your "pseudo humanitarian" attitude is at it's best.

      You support the butcher Assad.
      That's the issue.

  • Oxfam expresses 'concerns' over Scarlett Johansson's support for settlement product
    • President Shimon Peres was honored at a special plenary session of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Friday. Peres received the Spirit of Davos award from WEF founder and Chairman Klaus Schwab in recognition of his contribution to the cause of peace, to economics and technology and to the spirit of Davos.
      Peres was lauded by Schwab for his "vision, soul, values, heart, and his compassion, which he has shown again and again." Schwab added, "You are the oldest participant on paper but in your mind one of youngest participants."

  • Hail hail hasbara!
    • Taxi
      I learned it from Assad.
      He Butchers his own nation and the Palestinians and gets your support.

    • Shmuel

      Well show us your koçan, bring evidence to your claim ?
      pushing empty words into the air makes you pathetic.

    • Mndwss
      "I would love to see him standing before the Knesset and sing:
      Give Peace a Chance !"
      I am sure Clown Tibi would walk out, as peace is the last thing he want's .

    • "Doin’ demographics at Haifu U"
      30% of the students in Haifa U are Israeli Palestinians, while there number in the population is 20%
      but Less than half of black males graduate from high school, and they represent only 4 percent of college students—dire statistics.
      what does Dave Lippman sing about that.
      Only 13.5 percent of the Native Americans obtained a bachelor's degree or higher. In comparison, 86.4 percent of the overall population had a high school diploma and 29.1 percent had a bachelor's degree or higher.
      what does Dave Lippman sing about that.
      Aboriginal students choosing higher studies only make up 1.3% of all students
      in Australia .
      what does Dave Lippman sing about that.

    • Shmuel
      I bet you have the koçan under you pillow, that you think you know what rooms and classes are beyond the original purchased land.

    • Who is this Dave Lippman compared to the prime minister of one of the greatest countries in the world Canada.
      And Who is the prime Minister who sings for one of the Arab Countries, not even Rouhani.

    • So....Hey Jude is sung by sung by Paul Mccartney, who performed in Israel despite all BDS sttempts to stop him.
      It has to do with Stupidnics Stupidism.

  • The blind alley of J Street and liberal American Zionism
  • A double standard on 'terrorism'
  • 'Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you' -- Premier's biblical promise in Jerusalem
    • Shmuel

      The white angel of humanity.
      Missed your comments regarding Syria.......

    • Tibi the clown, a day after in a Radio interview, he just showed his hypocrisy.
      Razi Barkai just made a joke out of him.
      Tibi was speechless and could not even push his regular narrative spew.
      The Israeli Palestinians deserve a better persona to represent them.

  • Rejecting collective punishment from Gaza to Syria
    • "what israel would or would not have done is beside the point, because there’s simply no comparison. "
      I am more and more Amused by those lowest hypocrites.
      The issue is clear, killings outside of Israel are accepted and you find in those long amusing comments, all the pseudo sick minded activist, that are trying with all kind of bull to justify Assads butchering his own nation and the Palestinians.
      I just wonder how sick can a mind be, to justify this butchery.
      But in Israel, that's "beside the point", going back to basic, in MW a dead Palestinian only counts if it done by an Israeli.

    • Just

      I don't have to ask, all you Hypocrites gave the answer.
      The Man has to do, what he has to do in order to guard his nation.
      So from your Hypocrite point of View, you back up Assad with this repulsive Excuse to butcher his own people and the Palestinians.
      So your claims regarding Israel are pathetic, you all fell into your own trap.
      you are a joke.

    • "A Syrian military police photographer has supplied “clear evidence” showing the systematic torture and killing of about 11,000 detainees in circumstances that evoked Nazi death camps"

      So what???? but Assad was good to the Palestinians.

  • Former 'NYT' reporter says Times should assign non-Jews to cover Israel/Palestine
  • 'Scarlett letter' -- Social media pillory Johansson for representing settlement business SodaStream
    • Djinn

      As an Australian, it shows how ignorant you are regarding Europe.
      When a Government changes it's policy's regarding another state, everything changes.
      Culture, trade, tourism, media all the attitude in the public changes.
      Get some knowledge and then jump in regarding your twitter groopies.

    • That's coming from Norway, the most pro Palestinian country in Europe.
      Looks like it took time, but Now they understood the picture.

      Unlike calls echoed in recent years in Norway - among others from local artists - to boycott Israel, Norwegian Minister of Culture T'orenhild says :
      "We Don't see the boycott Effective to promote positive change. The Norwegian government wants closer cultural relations between Norway and Israel. I am convinced that a deeper mutual understanding is a prerequisite for achieving progress on political issues. "

  • Fact-checking Jeffrey Goldberg: the American Jewish unanimity on Israel
    • " many of whom are anti-Zionist, who were not represented on that JCC panel."
      If Many of whom are Anti Zio's, then you have done your job.
      Good for you as if most are Anti Zio's, you are all set.
      You win !!!!!!!!

  • More on Mark Kleiman's appeal to Jews to come out against Iran sanctions
    • yonah fredman
      irishmoses was not in the lecture when he can use the term "extreme liberal Zionists", or "Anti Zionist" or Jews.

      AntiZio's should synchronize better if they want to have progress.

  • While you were neutral about Yarmouk
    • "I’d like a middle east where Israel was a normal country that did 40-60% of its trade with the neighbours and never went to war again."

      Aywa إن شاء الله‎ first time I read something positive from you (what happened) , Israel is a normal country and hopefully 40-60% of its trade will be with the neighbors for the benefit of all the region and will never ever have to go to war Again .

    • Hostage is the typical Naive western lefty.
      He shot into the air his "pseudo human" Mantra and has done his short job for today.
      Where are the long comments, what is your position...... shhhhhhh
      hiding behind the grey lines, I am Against all evils on this earth.
      very special, very pragmatic, very realistic.
      I don't even wonder how come there is NO word from Shmuel.
      The White Angel is speechless.

      You nailed it Obsidian.

    • seafoid

      "Real WTF stuff in Egypt"
      What do you want, it's the outcome of the great "Arab Spring"

    • Austin
      "It is difficult for me to understand how this intellectual/moral inconsistency".

      This article and the comments are just the example to what you mentioned.
      You can read here many articles about a person held in the Israeli airport and been questioned, there are tons of articles like that and the comments, just stream with joy....
      issues like that' are what Mondowiess like.
      When it comes to heavy issues like the article discussed.
      Most commenters just disappear, Even Hostage just writes 3 lines.......

      As they don't care about the situation, they don't do anything active about it and suddenly they don't have an opinion, no morals and for sure no consistency.

      Mondowiess is specializing in dealing with Israel backyard garbage can, that's what they are capable , while Palestinians keep getting butchered in Syria.
      But that's not the point.
      They have to be killed by the Israelis, as in MW that's the only thing that counts.
      A dead Palestinian by the Syrians, is of no interest.
      Once he is killed by an Israeli, that's the only thing Mondowiess cares about.
      and that's why you see almost Zero articles regarding Syria in the last couple of month (once Israel and the Jewish Lobby cannot be blamed for pushing....)

  • Hany Abu-Assad's 'Omar' bags Oscar nomination for Palestine
  • The (Jewish) N-Word
    • Talkback

      Smart guy, there are many here that were banned from other sites because of that reason. ask them.

    • Talkback

      Nah, that’s just you projecting, there are not plenty of blatant antisemites tolerated on this site .

  • Scarlett Johansson watch: SodaStream stock plunges
    • I wonder when Soda stream had their best year last year, If it was because of the BDS too.
      Would you then publish their results and write an article.
      Wow look it's because of the BDS.
      Find better connections to the the BDS.

  • The self-hating goy
    • I think the actual joke here is that certain humans still believe today that someone killed their god.

    • Don't you see Dan Crowther, Phil Wiess has to take it out on the Jews.
      as his tribe is also guilty.
      They blame his friend max of been Antisemite, I will show them.
      That's the level.

  • BDS: The best hope for a true peace
    • James North

      You are wrong, I don't fight BDS as there is nothing to fight against, only to read the Lies over and over again about their supposed "success".

      If they would succeed so much, you & MW wouldn't have to spend the majority of your time declaring how great they do.
      As success speaks for itself.

    • Justpassingby

      Sorry, looked in Google, NO artist canceled their performances in 2013.
      there were more international artist performances in Israel in 2013 then ever.
      Not Just that, do you remember the Pixies, BDS big success.
      Well go target them quick, as they perform in Israel in July 2014.

      Sorry . just hate to read your Lies.

    • Justpassingby
      many artists, companies boycotted this regime.

      Artist like ....... name them ?
      and name those who stood against the BDS and performed in Israel.

  • Poor showing among heads of state for the lonely funeral of Ariel Sharon
    • Krauss

      When you have nothing to say, but you have this obsession to take out your routine canard, that's the outcome silly and pathetic.
      enough to allow taxi & co. to take out their daily spew out.
      most of the articles here are from the same kitchen.

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