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BDS’ big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down

Alex Kane on

Debate on divestment and Israel exploded on college campuses last night. For the second time in two weeks, Loyola University’s student government voted to call on their school to divest from corporations involved in the Israeli occupation. But in the vote that captured the most attention, the University of Michigan’s student government voted down a call for divestment. Still, students in support of the resolution said it was a victory to spark a campus-wide debate on the occupation and Palestine.

U. Mich student government move to table divestment resolution sparks uproar

Alex Kane on

The University of Michigan student government’s move to indefinitely postpone a vote on a resolution to divest from occupation profiteers has sparked an uproar on campus. The tabling of the resolution caused immediate outrage, with hundreds of students holding an impromptu rally outside to call for their school to divest from corporations like Caterpillar. And last night, over 100 students declared an “indefinite” sit-in at the student government building, calling for a vote on the divestment bill.

Loyola University Chicago student union passes resolution to divest from Israeli occupation

Adam Horowitz on

On Tuesday night, Loyola University Chicago became the first Jesuit University in the United States to pass a student government resolution to divest from companies complicit in aiding the Israeli occupation. The Senate voted 26-0, with 2 abstentions, to call on the school to remove its holdings from eight corporations that play an active role in the human rights abuses committed by the Israeli government.

As TIAA-CREF gathers for annual meeting in North Carolina, trustees should heed lessons of the civil rights movement

Dave Reed on

Here in North Carolina, we know that student leadership on issues of human and civil rights can change the world. Every day I pass by the Woolworth’s on Elm Street in Greensboro where the sit-in movement began on February 1, 1960. What started with students demanding they be served a cup of coffee helped lead to the passage of the Civil Rights Act, desegregating public spaces across the country. And yet today, TIAA-CREF supports that same kind of racism through its investment in Veolia Environment, a company directly connected with the operation of segregated buses in the Occupied West Bank.

Put it down and walk away?! (an exchange over BDS, and Israel, between 2 Jewish lawyers)

David Samel on

Two weeks back we reported on a debate on Jewish Perspectives on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions at a Brooklyn church (videos here). Adam Horowitz moderated, and Kathleen Peratis, a lawyer and member of the J Street board, argued against boycott. David Samel, who is also a lawyer, attended the event. He later sent Peratis a […]

Massachusetts State Treasurer candidate has anti-Iran agenda

Jeff Klein on

Steve Grossman, one of the candidates in next Tuesday’s Democratic primary for Massachusetts State Treasurer, is a past national president of AIPAC (The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee). Grossman, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, has been very coy about publicly admitting his involvement with pro-Israel lobbying. Although AIPAC has been an important part of his […]