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Report from Yemen: The innocent victims of the Obama drone wars

Pam Bailey on

Ahmed Abdullah Awadh with a picture of his injured son, Majed. (Photo: Pam Bailey) During our visit to Yemen, three of us from the Codepink delegation flew to the southern coast, where many of the 138-231 U.S. drone and other covert attacks have hit since 2002. The families we wanted to interview live in the […]

Pakistan: A land of competing narratives

Pam Bailey on

After an interminable 48 hours of traveling, I am at home, and looking back at my trip to Pakistan with a bit more distance and perspective. If there is a unifying theme as my thoughts crystallize it is this: There is always more than one narrative, and it is incumbent upon us to seek them […]

Drone attacks will lead to inevitable blowback in Pakistan

Pam Bailey on

 “I will never forget what the American soldiers did to my country, my tribe and my family. They violated our national sovereignty and our Islamic laws. They killed my son and my younger brother. They destroyed my home. If I see the soldiers who are responsible for this – if I have the opportunity — […]

Pakistan is caught between two evils – US drones and the Taliban they help prop up

Pam Bailey on

Women protest the Taliban in support of of Malala Yousafzai. (Photo: Pam Bailey) Throughout my stay in Pakistan, I have been noting similarities in the challenges faced by the people in the frontier regions here and in Gaza.  Both populations are under daily threat by foreign drones (U.S. vs. Israel), the movement of both groups is […]

The US legacy of Bagram prison

Pam Bailey on

The father of Hamidullah Khan, who was 14 when he was abducted and handed over to the U.S., relates his story Abdul was just 20 years old when he drove his father to the medical clinic one day for an exam. He dropped his father off, then left to run a few errands, saying nonchalantly […]

Palestine to Pakistan…connecting the dots

Pam Bailey on

My friends and family have gradually gotten used to the fact that the fight for Palestinian rights is my passion; they may not understand it totally, but they accept and even embrace it. A few have even occasionally asked me why I don’t just move to the Gaza Strip, where I have increasingly returned since […]

Chas Freeman on Muslim death toll and its emotional/political consequences

Philip Weiss on

Chas Freeman gave a speech at Tufts yesterday. Paul Woodward picked it up. Consider, for example, the two sides of the Israel-Palestine struggle. So far in this century – since September 29, 2000, when Ariel Sharon marched into the Al Aqsa mosque and ignited the Intifada of that name, about 850 Israeli Jews have died […]