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What next after the latest frustrated flotilla?

Pam Bailey on

 The latest flotilla to try reach the coast of Gaza has been turned back — ships impounded and passengers deported — just like every other one since December 2008 (right before the launch of Israel’s massive attack). And although the effort was covered by some of the so-called “mainstream” media (ranging from CNN to The […]

Let them eat cake

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

Ali Abunimah’s Pizza analogy for Israel’s facts-on-the-ground negotiating style has taken the world by storm. I have it on good authority that the clip has been watched and enjoyed on the most extreme Israeli settlements. One settler was even heard to say “that guy’s really cool for a Palestinian, but he makes me hungry.” I […]

‘US Boat to Gaza’ to join efforts from Switzerland, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Italy, Sweden, Malaysia & the Netherlands to form the Freedom Flotilla II in March 2011

Adam Horowitz on

The following update was just sent out by US to Gaza:   We are writing with an exciting update report on the plan to send a U.S.-flagged ship as part of the next Freedom Flotilla sailing to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.  Representatives from the US BOAT TO GAZA have just returned from Geneva […]

Could Israel survive without Harvard?

Philip Weiss on

A friend sent along this report from a strictly off the record event at Harvard that promptly was reported openly in the Israeli media.  The email which got directed to my Spam was titled: “CONGRATULATIONS.” The reference was to my winning a spot in a special study group with Tzipi Livni, which I attended yesterday […]

UN report: Israeli interception of the Gaza flotilla was illegal

Adam Horowitz on

More from the UN report into the Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Notice that the report also makes clear that the entire Israeli blockade of Gaza is illegal as a form of collective punishment. The following appears on pages 14 and 15 of the UN report: Under the laws of armed conflict, a […]

All Palestine is divided into four parts

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

The Free Gaza Movement and the Freedom Flotilla have succeeded in drawing attention to Israel’s siege on Gaza, which has turned the Strip into a giant prison. There is another aspect to the Gaza prison however, highlighted by Amira Hass in her column today, and that is the systematic separation of Gaza from the West […]