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U.S. seeks to counter Palestinian UN resolution with alternative offer, says French diplomat

Allison Deger on

The United States is creating momentum for the French to forestall, or all together abandon, presenting a resolution to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on behalf of the Palestinians. France has been informed of an American alternative offer to the Palestinian pursuit of a draft resolution to negotiate an end Israel’s occupation of territories gained in June 1967, a French diplomatic source tells Mondoweiss.

The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism

Alex Kane on

Despite the Toulouse killings, many agree ‘European Jewry is experiencing a renaissance.’ Just this past Sunday thousands marched against anti-Semitism in Paris. Then why do you suppose Israeli officials are busy invoking the possibility of a return to anti-Jewish pogroms in Europe?

‘Safe European home’?

Paul Mutter on

Toulouse killings demonstrate that Identity politics is a blind alley, for radical Islamists, and the far right in Europe

The railroad not taken, in the Middle East

Philip Weiss on

In 1914, a traveler could board a train in Istanbul and – with a few detours around some unfinished tunnels – cross the Anatolian plateau past the Taurus Mountains into Syria. From Damascus, the new Hejaz Railway continued on through modern-day Jordan to Medina in Arabia, with branch railways connecting to Beirut and Haifa on […]