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Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology

Jonathan Ofir on

Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy has opined that Israeli Justice Minister Shaked’s words about Zionism being in opposition to individual rights, are true. His colleague Rogel Alpher opines she is a fascist comparable to Mussolini. The combined logic of these two assertions is, Zionism is a fascist ideology.

In historic interviews, US officials blame end of talks on Israeli land theft

Matthew Taylor on

U.S. officials blamed Israel’s land theft to build colonies on the territory meant for a Palestinian state as the reason for the talks’ failure. And one told Ynet, “I guess we need another intifada,” to change the power dynamics that allow Israel to get away with expropriating land

Beinart’s Blindspot: Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state

Matthew Taylor on

Beinart’s new book to be brave, important, and blinkered all at once. The biggest problem is Beinart’s false, idealized image of pre-1967 Israel as a “flawed, but genuine democracy.” This doesn’t work because even within the green line Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state.

Gideon Levy (unintentionally) lays bare the contradictions of liberal Zionism

Matthew Taylor on

Usually Gideon Levy’s razor-sharp commentaries in Haaretz get to the heart of the matter, but I think he blew a gasket with his latest, comparing the P.A.’s bid for statehood to early Zionist politics. Sure, there are a few tenuous comparisons to be made and it’s an intriguing thought experiment… The Palestinians are the new […]

Boycott law is crossroads for U.S.’s liberal Zionists

Matthew Taylor on

Thanks to Bradley Burston for calling the fascist spade a spade. It’s better when Israeli Jewish journalists say this stuff about Israeli society, and we American Jews can quote them, thus making it harder to call us self-haters. Burston: The Boycott Law is the litmus test for Israeli democracy, the threshold test for Israeli fascism… […]

‘The Palestine Cables’: U.S. diplomats get front row seat to Israeli racism

Alex Kane on

WikiLeaks has partnered up with the Israeli newspapers Haaretz and Yedioth Ahronoth and the Lebanese outlet Al Akhbar to release over 6,000 State Department cables on Israel. A series of posts on the new cables will be published in Mondoweiss in the coming days as part of the “Palestine Cables” feature. Read the whole series […]

Palestine Papers: Admiral Mullen says Palestinian state is a U.S. ‘cardinal interest’ after raising troop deaths

Alex Kane on

General David Petraeus backed away from uttering similar words, but it’s clearly a view that holds wide currency in the U.S. military establishment:  ending the Israel/Palestine conflict is a core U.S. interest that affects the safety of U.S. soldiers.  Haaretz picks up (though they bury it) that U.S. Admiral Michael Mullen echoes the “linkage” argument […]

The Middle East’s only pretend democracy

Matthew Taylor on

Haaretz notes a recent survey, revealing the hollowness of Israel’s claim to be a democracy: A comprehensive survey compiled by the Israel Democracy Institute and reported in yesterday’s Haaretz paints a gloomy, worrisome picture… …Only 17% of the public believes the state’s self-definition as a democracy should take precedence over its self-definition as Jewish; an […]

In Haaretz: Young Jews tell Bibi, “Israel is delegitimizing itself”

Matthew Taylor on

My oped in Haaretz dropped today on the Netanyahu speech disruption. Check it out: Netanyahu had sharp words for the protesters. “Attempts by our enemies and their misguided fellow travelers to delegitimize the Jewish state must be countered,” he said to thunderous applause. I’m one of the five who was dragged out, clutching a sign […]

Israel’s government by chaos

Matthew Taylor on

Check out Carlo Strenger’s hilarious ditty today in Haaretz on Israel’s “glorious government by chaos”: It is my great honor to explain [Israel’s contradictory foreign policy positions] in the tradition of my master teacher, and one of the greatest specialists in explaining the complex dynamics of special countries and revolutionary policies: Borat Sagdiyeff….

The withering of liberal Zionism

Matthew Taylor on

Much has been said about the withering of liberal Zionism, as the mainstream becomes ever more dominated by the military extremist and ultra-religious strains. Yossi Sarid says it poetically: In the beginning, he was a gazelle whose neck the hunters were seeking. With time, he tried to become a seagull in the hope that if […]