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Tribute to a Palestinian ‘Gandhi’ — Mahmoud Abu Rahma of Al Mezan

Pam Bailey on

Mahmoud Abu Rahma, who was attacked last week The unrecognized heroes of Palestine are the human rights investigators.  Their job is to investigate and expose the atrocities committed against their people, no matter who the perpetrator — Israeli or Palestinian. Nine times out of 10, they are stymied, stonewalled at every step. Or — worse. […]

Israel gets off scot-free, again

Maggie Sager on

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli foreign ministry has successfully thwarted an attempted meeting between the signatories of the Geneva Convention which would have convened in Switzerland. According to the article, foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman was motivated to block the meeting because it “could have resulted in a public statement that Israel has violated the […]

South African human rights group responds to Zionist Federation criticism of Ahava boycott

Gilad Isaacs on

This is an open letter sent to the South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) from Open Shuhada Street (OSS). OSS recently launched a boycott campaign against Ahava products and received a pernicious response from both Ahava and the SAZF; this is their reply. Open Letter to the SA Zionist Federation Why are you supporting occupation, settlement […]

Human Rights Groups Say Israel and Hamas Fail in Investigations

Alex Kane on

A chorus of statements from human rights organizations has determined that both Israel and Palestinian authorities have failed to conduct independent, impartial investigations into alleged war crimes committed during last year’s Israeli assault on Gaza. The United Nations’ Goldstone report called on both sides to conduct independent investigations in accordance with international standards over the […]