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‘Mathilde Redmatn’ and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza

timhaughton on

As someone who spends a lot of time performing critical analysis of the press as well as studying propaganda in general, there are occasionally stories which prick my interest. A couple of days ago, a story appeared on the IDF Spokesperson’s Website which did just that. The story essentially reports on an interview with one “Mathilde […]

At scene of gasing, journalist Goldman discredited IDF, Ynet and NYT (which wasn’t there)

Philip Weiss on

The Israeli army, the New York Times and Ynet all said or suggested yesterday that the Israeli army was teargassing demonstrators, including Jawaher Abu Rahmah, 36, who was killed, because of demonstrator violence; and the outlets were all quickly discredited by people on the scene on twitter–and in this wrapup by Alex Kane. What follows […]

The Israeli military left it to settlers to monitor Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest

Stephanie Westbrook on

Avigdor Lieberman’s home settlement of Nokdim. Jeb al Theeb, a small West Bank village south of Bethlehem, is under constant threat by the illegal Israeli settlements surrounding it. The small house we called home for a month had a view of the so-called Lieberman Road, which connects Jerusalem with the settlement of Nokdim, where Israeli […]

But what if the Palestinians are the victims?

Philip Weiss on

Roger Cohen praises Fayyad, and pushes the Obama-Clinton efforts. The settlement deal with Netanyahu is “positive but a detail.” (I’m not sure what he means by that.) His take on the Palestinian change of attitude reminds me a little of patronizing comments on lamentable Jewish attitudes of yesteryear. Of course then we got the IDF! […]

My nephew is about to serve

Philip Weiss on

My nephew will be called up some time in the next few weeks to begin his three-year stint in the Israeli army. He is not my first nephew to reach draft age. My brother’s four oldest sons have all passed that age, but they are part of the ultra Orthodox community and do not consider […]

Doron Spielman Doron Spielman

Philip Weiss on

A number of friends have pointed out a slightly-unsettling-in-a-way-you-can’t-put-your-finger-on-it aspect of the 60 Minutes piece last Sunday night on occupied East Jerusalem: the affable spokesman for the religious occupiers, with an American accent, is one Doron Spielman. And Doron Spielman is also featured in the documentary Budrus, as a spokesman for the Israeli government as […]

At NYU, Israel is held up as the model for US counter-terrorism effort

Philip Weiss on

Is Israel a good counter-terrorism role model for the US? This question has been on my mind ever since the morning of September 12, 2001, when professors in two consecutive lecture classes told us first-year law students that we needn’t worry, that they had been talking to friends in Israel, friends who knew just what […]

Nonviolence and the struggle for Palestinian-Israeli equality

Matthew Taylor on

My post about nonviolence vs. violence and the Gaza Flotilla unleashed a heated debate. Max Ajl, David Bromwich, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Ken O’Keefe elsewhere, Max Ajl again, and Norman Finkelstein outside this forum have spilled many impassioned electrons on this topic, not to mention the dozens of thoughtful comments below each post. Good. This is a debate we need […]