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Ben White begins North American speaking tour in the face of opposition

Porter Speakman, Jr on

British author Ben White begins his U.S./Canada speaking tour “Israel: Apartheid Not Democracy” this week in the United States. White will be visiting 13 different locations between November 11 – 25. In a recent interview White told me that: “I hope that through this tour, students will be able to grasp aspects of Israel’s apartheid regime […]

Who’s afraid of the Qassams?

Max Ajl on

One of the more remarkable yet less remarked upon moments of the recent Israeli massacre in Gaza came when the Qassam Brigades gave a press conference on 17 November. They had a message for the Israeli public: “It was your leadership,” they said, “that dragged you into this and into the shelters to score cheap […]

A day in the sun for Gaza, or more of the same?

Pam Bailey on

With the news that the UN General Assembly has voted 138-9 to accept Palestine as a “non-member observer state,” fireworks erupted and horns honked in Gaza. Finally, Palestinians were feeling as if they were having their day in the sun. First, Israel ended its latest attack – which some believe should be re-named “Operation Pillar […]

4 myths about the Israeli attack on Gaza

Pam Bailey on

 As Israel continues to pound the Gaza Strip, and factions within the beleaguered territory retaliate as best they can, there are many myths and stereotypes dominating mainstream media coverage, and many conversations. Here are a few of the most common misunderstandings: Myth: Hamas started the round of fighting that led to Israel’s “Operation Pillar of […]

Obama obeisance: ‘expanded role’ in NATO for a religiously-defined state in Middle East

Sheldonrichman on

While Israel — cheered on by its American boosters led by AIPAC and Mitt Romney — beats the drums for a war against Iran, President Obama in late July signed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act — hardly a signal that Obama wants to defuse the explosive situation. The Rose Garden signing, attended by […]

Let there be light: Life in Gaza without electricity

Pam Bailey on

Cross-posted from Pam Bailey’s blog, Pam In Progress (view for photos) There are so many basic things most of us take for granted….like, electricity. But in Gaza — especially these days — it’s a precious commodity. Power (of the electrical kind) has been rationed to some extent ever since I started visiting Gaza in 2009. As […]

Borders of the mental and physical kind

Pam Bailey on

This post first appeared on Pam Bailey’s blog, Pam in Progress: When you think about dreams unfulfilled, so often it is borders that stop us in our tracks, or force detours or delays. Borders can be mental, existing only in our heads, but as powerful as if they were enforced by barbed wire and guns. […]

Security expert formerly in Bush I administration says Holocaust rationalizes Israel’s nuking Iran

Matthew Taylor on

Ramberg Bennett Ramberg, formerly of GHW Bush’s State Department, now a purported expert on international relations, offers this unsettling prediction/threat in the New York Times’s Jan. 25th print edition: If Jerusalem really believes that a nuclear-armed Tehran poses an existential threat –– and cannot be contained by a conventional military attack, sanctions, deterrence or regime change […]

Pizzarotti should follow in Deutsche Bahn’s footsteps

Stephanie Westbrook on

Italian construction firm Pizzarotti is stupefied, bewildered, stunned. In an article on today’s Corriere della Sera, Italy’s top newspaper, covering Deutsche Bahn’s withdrawal from the Israeli project for a high-speed train line that cuts through the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Michele Pizzarotti said “We are astonished to find ourselves involved in these protests.” Pizzarotti, through a […]

The three sacred words of US-Israeli rejectionism

timhaughton on

I have a confession. I love the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. I can, and often do, read it for hours. It is a treasure trove, home to some of the best propaganda on the planet. The MFA website is also home to the three sacred words. Words, which when uttered correctly, underpin decades […]

Tony Blair’s lips are moving. But he’s saying…nothing.

Matthew Taylor on

Irrelevant Quartet diplomat Tony Blair says: Israel needs to ‘accelerate and deepen’ measures to build Palestinian confidence that a state is in the offing… …While all the while, Israel continues to accelerate and deepen measures to steal Palestinian land and build illegal colonies. Tony, can you do us all a favor? If you don’t have […]

Brooklyn-Jenin: Why didn’t the judges prevent the demolition in Lod?

Udi Aloni on

As fifty children lose their homes under the auspices of the Supreme Court the question should be asked: Does the Supreme Court act in the service of a racist ideology in the spirit of Rabbi Eliyahu and his cohorts? One morning, when the storm started shaking the treetops and the dogs howled in terror because […]

The forest through the trees: What the Carmel fire reminds us about Israel’s history

Max Blumenthal on

Max Blumenthal has an important new piece for the Electronic Intifada on the Carmel fire and what it reveals about Israel’s history and current politics. From The Carmel wildfire is burning all illusions in Israel: Among the towns that have been evacuated is Ein Hod, a bohemian artists’ colony nestled in the hills to the […]

What are Israel’s priorities in time of natural disaster?

Joseph Dana on

Despite Israel’s international call for aid to help fight the raging wildfires in the north of the country, the Israeli army had plenty of extra soldiers to suppress the weekly unarmed demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, Ni’ilin and Bil’in. Instead of diverting all available resources to suppressing the fire, the government continued to devote resources to […]

Meet Moshe Soprano

Philip Weiss on

I try to give the people what they want (I’ve been a news guy most of my life), and a lot of people are talking about the cable on Wikileaks from Tel Aviv a year ago about all the organized crime in Israel, and the fears of that o.c. spreading to the U.S. (because after […]

Today in Bil’in

Hamde Abu Rahme on

(All photos: Hamde Abu Rahme) This Friday’s demonstration took place as a protest against the Wall, the settlements, and the Israeli practices of occupation, deportation and exclusion. A large group marched after Friday prayers from the center of the village toward the target areas of the Wall and settlements. The group consisted of dozens of […]