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Jewish boat to Gaza

Rosengarten reflects on the ‘insanity’ of the response to the Jewish boat to Gaza

Philip Weiss on

We have run a few accounts from Lillian Rosengarten, an American, of her experience aboard the Jewish boat to Gaza in September. As time elapses her feelings have changed and solidified. Her latest: I want to give you a small sense of the political climate that hovered over us when we attempted to sail to […]

‘We wouldn’t eat their sandwiches!’ –an interview with Lillian Rosengarten

Philip Weiss on

Lillian Rosengarten, the only American on the Jewish boat to Gaza, lives near me in the Hudson Valley, and the other day I visited her to interview her about her experience on the British-flagged catamaran that the Israelis had intercepted on the high seas on September 28. I hoped the activist/therapist/poet could answer a big […]

Deported: Israel no longer my Israel

Philip Weiss on

I have been deported, no longer a good Jew. I have dissented. How? I along with five Israelis and three other Jewish passengers tried to reach Gaza  to show  solidarity with the occupied population of Palestinians held hostage by the Israeli “moral army”. By what hubris can any army be called “moral?” Armies kill and […]

Israeli takeover of Jewish boat was violent

Philip Weiss on

Glyn Secker, captain of the Jewish boat to Gaza that was intercepted ten days ago, disputes the official Israeli version of the incident, in a letter to Netanyahu. Dear Prime minister, We urge you not to rely on the IDF account of the boarding of The Jewish Boat To Gaza. The IDF state that there […]

The Jewish boat and the ‘peace process’

Pamela Olson on

As yet another boat—a Jewish one this time—is forcefully boarded by the Israeli navy while attempting to run the blockade of Gaza, a natural question for many Americans is: Why are boats still trying to run the blockade when Abbas and Netanyahu are in the middle of a peace process? Let’s leave aside for the […]

Rosengarten, sole American on boat: It is Jew against Jew

Philip Weiss on

We have received two accounts of the treatment of passengers and crew on the Jewish boat to Gaza. The first is from the American passenger on the boat, Lillian Rosengarten of New York (pictured at left among boat’s passengers in Cyprus earlier this week), a former refugee from Nazi Germany. The second is from Nurit […]