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Operation Cast Lead

This is the face of war

Pam Bailey on

The pain of Cast Lead is still festering, just beneath the surface in Gaza. It is evident in the estimated 6,500 amputees you see almost everywhere — some begging, others going about their everyday lives. One of the lasting stories of Cast Lead that haunts me the most is the fate of 11-year-old Amal al-Samouni.

Likud MK Danon: Destroy Gaza neighborhoods for every rocket fired

Alex Kane on

likud mk danny danon’s facebook page, november 10, 2011 (screenshot via  +972 mag’s ami kaufman) Ami Kaufman of +972 Magazine highlights this disgusting message from Danny Danon, a Likud Party member of the Israeli Knesset: I am currently in Ashkelon to witness the security problem facing the city specifically in neighborhoods with new Olim and […]

Is another ‘Cast Lead’ in the offing?

Alex Kane on

Are we witnessing the stirrings of a new, large-scale Israeli military operation? Haaretz today reports that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday that the Israel Defense Forces would continue to use ‘firm determination and assaults’ on Gaza…[Netanyahu said:] ‘It could take the form of exchanges of fire, it could continue for a particular length of […]

The Egyptian intifada and what it may mean for Israel/Palestine

Alex Kane on

The Egyptian uprising against the Mubarak regime is historic and important in its own right. But it may also lead to significant changes in the region that could be positive for the Palestinian cause. Israel is worried about a reliable ally being toppled next door. The Mubarak dictatorship is a core pillar of the U.S./Israeli […]

‘The Palestine Cables’: WikiLeaks exposes Egypt, PA cooperation with Israel during Gaza assault

Alex Kane on

The left-wing publication Counterpunch has obtained eleven U.S.-authored cables “accessed” from WikiLeaks that deal solely with “Operation Cast Lead,” the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza.  Kathleen Christison, a former CIA analyst and co-author of Palestine in Pieces, has the scoop: Though the cables often simply rehash Israeli press reporting, providing little new insight into Israel’s […]

WikiLeaks docs expose Egyptian complicity with Israeli war crimes (again)

Alex Kane on

One of the most striking things that I took away from my time in Egypt last winter was the extent to which the U.S.-backed Mubarak dictatorship goes to squash public dissent on their government’s Gaza policy. Swarms of riot police encircled countless peaceful protests calling on the Egyptian government to let activists part of the […]

Michael Bloomberg and New York’s Muslims: a lesson in how Israel courses through Jewish-Muslim relations

Alex Kane on

(Protesters throw shoes at a portrait of Mayor Michael Bloomberg after the mayor’s trip to Israel while Operation Cast Lead raged on. PHOTO: Zahra Hankir) Ever since Lawrence Swaim of the California-based Interfaith Freedom Foundation articulated his valuable insight to me that the question of Israel courses through Jewish-Muslim relations, I’ve been coming across stories […]

Nonviolence and the struggle for Palestinian-Israeli equality

Matthew Taylor on

My post about nonviolence vs. violence and the Gaza Flotilla unleashed a heated debate. Max Ajl, David Bromwich, Robin Yassin-Kassab, Ken O’Keefe elsewhere, Max Ajl again, and Norman Finkelstein outside this forum have spilled many impassioned electrons on this topic, not to mention the dozens of thoughtful comments below each post. Good. This is a debate we need […]

Human Rights Groups Say Israel and Hamas Fail in Investigations

Alex Kane on

A chorus of statements from human rights organizations has determined that both Israel and Palestinian authorities have failed to conduct independent, impartial investigations into alleged war crimes committed during last year’s Israeli assault on Gaza. The United Nations’ Goldstone report called on both sides to conduct independent investigations in accordance with international standards over the […]