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A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists

Jonathan Ofir on

A Palestinian state is anathema to Zionism – and must therefore be kept in the realms of fiction. The Palestinian state does not arrive, because Israel doesn’t intend, and never has intended, for the Palestinian dream to come true. After Palestinians accepted a partition of the land and initiated the peace process, Israel came up with a charade to convince the world it meant business– what Yitzhak Shamir called the “teaspoon” process.

Clinton propagates false understanding of Camp David

Dorgham Abusalim on

During a performance of Israeli right wing talking points in Thursday night’s debate in New York, Hillary Clinton’s response on Camp David summit simply fell short of being true.

‘Haaretz’ conference trumpets tired word ‘Peace’ (when the only solution is ‘equality’)

Matthew Taylor on

The answer — the only answer — to Israel/Palestine is equality. But Haaretz, stuck in the old, now-meaningless paradigm of so-called ‘peace,’ is promoting an Israel Conference on Peace in Jerusalem on July 8. The biases are striking. Nowhere in the conference program is there a clear focus on equality, human rights, international law, or the rights of […]

In historic interviews, US officials blame end of talks on Israeli land theft

Matthew Taylor on

U.S. officials blamed Israel’s “expropriating land on a large scale” to build colonies “on the territory meant for that [Palestinian] state” as the “primary” reason for the recent negotiations’ failure, in a must-read Ynet interview with historic implications. This rare moment of honesty from anonymous officials of the dishonest broker stands in sharp contrast to the […]

Talks continue in Jordan as Israeli building binge rolls on in the occupied territories

Alex Kane on

Jordan’s King Abdullah and Mahmoud Abbas (Photo: Mohamad Torokman/Reuters) The headlines on Israel/Palestine today predictably focus on the Jordanian-brokered talks to nowhere between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority (PA). Meanwhile, Peace Now has declared that the year 2011 saw Israel break “all its settlement-building records.” The talks in Amman don’t mean a thing. […]

Netanyahu’s party platform ‘flatly rejects’ establishment of Palestinian state

Porter Speakman, Jr on

The recent Palestinian UN bid and this weeks Palestinian acceptance to UNESCO has once again put the “Peace Process” front and center. Listening to Netanyahu and the U.S. Administration, getting the Israelis and Palestinians “back to the negotiating table” is the utmost priority for a lasting peace deal. (Adam Horowitz mocked the Netanyahu policy in […]

Gideon Levy (unintentionally) lays bare the contradictions of liberal Zionism

Matthew Taylor on

Usually Gideon Levy’s razor-sharp commentaries in Haaretz get to the heart of the matter, but I think he blew a gasket with his latest, comparing the P.A.’s bid for statehood to early Zionist politics. Sure, there are a few tenuous comparisons to be made and it’s an intriguing thought experiment… The Palestinians are the new […]

The three sacred words of US-Israeli rejectionism

timhaughton on

I have a confession. I love the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. I can, and often do, read it for hours. It is a treasure trove, home to some of the best propaganda on the planet. The MFA website is also home to the three sacred words. Words, which when uttered correctly, underpin decades […]

Obama’s failure has served to expose Israeli intransigence here and abroad

Philip Weiss on

As the United States sends envoy George Mitchell to grasp at straws in hopes of restarting negotiations to create a Palestinian state after the Israeli government refused to curb settlement construction, Obama’s inability to entice Netanyahu’s coalition to comply with international law has frustrated many who wish for peace between Israel and Palestine. However, upon […]

Ex-CIA official: Obama’s only peace process is to ‘hope for a miracle’

Adam Horowitz on

Robert Grenier, CIA’s chief of station in Islamabad, Pakistan, from 1999 to 2002 and director of the CIA’s counter-terrorism center, writes in disbelief at the current Obama administration strategy with the peace process (which he considers long dead). He comments on the Al Jazeera English website about the rumored bundle of incentives the White House […]

Halper predicts collapse of P.A. in 2011, and ‘violence, chaos,’ and hope

Philip Weiss on

In “Palestine 2011,” Jeff Halper says the peace process has failed: “There will be no negotiated settlement, period.” And he imagines two outcomes in the next year, one being that the Palestinians declaring a state unilaterally, the other being more catastrophic/lytic. (Thanks to Hazel Kahan.) I’m optimistic that 2011 will witness a game-changing “break” that […]

Haaretz gets Partition wrong

Philip Weiss on

Eldad Yaniv in Haaretz is trying to save Partition, save the two-state solution. None of that desperation has yet come to the U.S., where we don’t have a clue about the crisis. It will come soon. Peevish post: Note that Yaniv gets the #s wrong on Partition. It gave more than half the land to […]

The Knesset has killed the two state solution

Dimi Reider on

I just finished watching a live transmission of the Knesset vote on the referendum law. The law, which passed at a majority of 65 to 33, conditions any Israeli withdrawal from any of its territory – into which Israel, alone in the world,  includes the Golan Heights  East Jerusalem – on passing a nation-wide referendum. To overrule […]

Thrill is gone, ‘JPost’ editor concedes, twixt US and Israel

Philip Weiss on

Here’s an interesting if gag-producing piece by David Horovitz, the editor of the Jerusalem Post, on how the relationship between Israel and the U.S. has chilled. The piece seeks “bitterly, to underline” how the romance between the countries has ended. And how the U.S. and Israel are now somewhat adversarial.

$3 billion in fighter jets to Israel: reward or bribe?

Léa Park on

The New York Times published two articles over the weekend with almost identical headlines.  The first, by Mark Landler, quotes an “official” (with no clue as to which government, Israeli or US, that official represents) characterizing $3 billion worth of military aid to Israel as contingent on a signed peace agreement. The second article, posted later […]

‘NYT’ says Netanyahu is trespassing in our politics

Philip Weiss on

To its credit, the Times faults Netanyahu in its editorial on the peace process today. I was shocked by the news in this editorial that Hillary Clinton spent 7 hours with Netanyahu on Thursday. What’s that about? Isn’t it time to freeze Netanyahu? This is reminiscent of the fact revealed in Clayton Swisher’s Camp David […]

‘Let us out of the box’

Philip Weiss on

On Thursday, Palestinian chief negotiatior Saeb Erakat sat down for an hour and half “conversation” with former peace processor Aaron David Miller at the Woodrow Wilson Center in DC. They spoke in a cozy theater on the sixth floor, a setting perfect for peace process theater. Erakat is a decent and intelligent man, who said […]

Bill Clinton slightly tweaks Netanyahu, goes on to say very little

Philip Weiss on

Rabin was assassinated 15 years ago today. Bill Clinton is on the NYT op-ed page with a piece called, “Finish Rabin’s Work,” saying it is time to cut the two-state deal we all know everyone agreed on. A reader writes, “The only really interesting part is the indirect pop at Netanyahu (and Peres) when he says […]

Bibi buries Barack’s Pax Americana

Ira Glunts on

Tony Karon, one of the few journalists in the mainstream media who writes sensibly and intelligently about Palestine/Israel, has an interesting article on the “peace process” over at Time. According to Karon, Abbas believes that one of Netanyahu’s demands will be that the “… ‘framework agreement’ reached in the current process … [be] … implemented […]

What Obama hasn’t changed about the peace process

Maggie Sager on

Forgive my cynicism, but you will not see me holding my breath in anticipation of a comprehensive and just conclusion to the Arab-Israeli conflict, not this time around, not even with Mr. Change himself at the helm of negotiations. To illustrate my point, and for the benefit of all of you following along at home, […]

The Jewish boat and the ‘peace process’

Pamela Olson on

As yet another boat—a Jewish one this time—is forcefully boarded by the Israeli navy while attempting to run the blockade of Gaza, a natural question for many Americans is: Why are boats still trying to run the blockade when Abbas and Netanyahu are in the middle of a peace process? Let’s leave aside for the […]