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Netanyahu hat-tips settler who called for extermination camps

Yossi Gurvitz on

Speaking of Palestinian genocide is acceptable in Israeli discourse. Israeli PM Netanyahu lately published support for Avihai Boaron, an extreme settler who has blamed moderate rabbis for shirking their duty to create death camps for “Amalekites” — enemies of the Jewish people.

The lying King

Jonathan Ofir on

Adding to his already rabidly racist remarks, Iowa Congressman Steve King uses a comparison to Israel to make his demographic obsession seem more acceptable.

Open Letter to Progressive Jews: The ADL and AJC are not our allies

Mondoweiss Editors on

In an open letter to progressive Jews, Jewish activists says this moment calls for a strong, broad, united front against the Trump administration’s agenda but there are groups within the Jewish community that progressives should not stand beside: “Specifically, we refer to the February 12 rallies in support of refugees in which Jewish social justice groups cosponsored the action with, among others, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC), two organizations that have toxic anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian policies.”

Ha’aretz journalist lauds wine from Jewish terrorist/vintner Menachem Livni

Ira Glunts on

Ha’aretz diplomatic correspondent and gourmand, Barak Ravid, recently tweeted a picture of “a likeable wine from the Livni vineyard in Kiryat Arba.” “Surprisingly good,” he concludes. The reason that the quality of the wine, produced in the darkest heart of the Israeli-occupied territory, is surprising, I would guess, is that Ravid believes that an admitted, convicted and unrepentant terrorist is unlikely to also become a successful vintner. But in Israel all is possible, at least for Jews.

The liberal Zionist lament: Joe Klein and Jodi Rudoren try to explain away Israeli racism

Peter Feld on

“We’re not going to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem this morning,” WNYC public radio host Brian Lehrer told listeners Monday at the close of his all-Jewish discussion with NY Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren and Time columnist Joe Klein about the Netanyahu victory aftermath. They might have come a little closer if his guests had included a Palestinian instead of two Zionists. Klein called Netanyahu’s race-baiting Election Day speech “beyond tragic. It is shameful and embarrassing.” Unknowingly, he nails it. For liberal Zionists, it’s not the tragedy of generations of Palestinians exiled, slaughtered or marginalized because powerful outsiders claim their land—­it’s the shame and embarrassment of those who have to reconcile their support for all of that with their liberal self-image.

‘Safe European home’?

Paul Mutter on

Toulouse killings demonstrate that Identity politics is a blind alley, for radical Islamists, and the far right in Europe

My shiksa friend sees the crisis

Philip Weiss on

Haaretz: Dozens of top Israeli rabbis sign ruling to forbid rental of homes to Arabs An academic friend, who will only identity as “your shiksa friend”: If Jewish and American rabbis don’t come out strongly against this what are us goyim to conclude?

Some things just didn’t make sense

Philip Weiss on

I grew up in the womb of the Jewish Community of Washington, D.C, studied at our Hebrew Academy (a school that my grandfather helped found), and worshiped at the Beth Shalom Orthodox Jewish synagogue. After marrying, I travelled to visit family in Israel. On one trip, I had the pleasure of seeing one of the […]

I am Zionism’s mandatory object. So don’t I get to define it?

Ahmed Moor on

There’s an excellent discussion of the ‘Zionism is racism’ question over at Jeremiah Haber’s site, The Magnes Zionist. Haber makes some very good points which are especially compelling since he – a multiculturalist who self-identifies as a Zionist – is making them. Indeed, anyone who reads his site knows that people like him will be […]

Zionism, discrimination, and racist intent

David Samel on

Jerry Slater constructs an artful but unconvincing defense against the charge that the Jewish State is inherently racist. He reasons that the preferences and privileges accorded to Jews over non-Jews in Israel/Palestine is founded upon genuine Jewish insecurity rather than racist Jewish superiority. He concedes that many Israeli Jews, an increasing number in fact, are […]

Some animals are more equal than others

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

In one of his posts from the Holy Land, Phil referred to an obnoxious teenager on a bus as an “ars” (Israeli slang for unsavoury young man, inevitably Mizrahi – from the Arabic word for pimp), and Avigdor “Yvette” Lieberman the “Russian” bouncer seems to be a mainstay of liberal discourse about Israel and Israeli […]

Slater says Jewish state is warranted by likelihood of recurrence of anti-Semitism

Philip Weiss on

Jerome Slater has a provocative post saying that Israel’s demand that the Palestinians recognize it as a Jewish state is not a deal-breaker. Weiss has pulled out a portion of his analysis, in which he seeks to answer the charge that a Jewish state discriminates racially and he argues for the need for a Jewish […]

‘New Yorker’ connects Elvis Costello’s use of the word ‘nigger’ 30 years ago to his recent participation in boycott of Israel

Philip Weiss on

From Abe Foxman’s lips to the New Yorker’s ear. Nick Paumgarten profiles Elvis Costello in the new New Yorker magazine, and links the entertainer’s use of the n-word in an episode 30 years ago to his participation this year in boycott of Israel, another “mess” that Costello made for himself. Ali Gharib, who brought this […]

Sotomayor overcame poverty, and then elitist disdain, with stubbornness and cheer

Philip Weiss on

Yesterday I did a post that praised Sonia Sotomayor and sharply criticized Laurence Tribe’s elitism. The issue here is the decadence of the meritocracy; and I realized I had never published this post I wrote in September, after seeing Sotomayor’s August speech to the University of Denver Law School on CSpan that crystallizes the progressive […]

Jewish identi-kit(h)

Shmuel Sermoneta-Gertel on

A question often raised on this blog is “What is Jewish identity?” Religious commitment, especially of the Orthodox variety, is easy to understand, but what is a Jewish atheist? Some commenters here have argued that there is really little more to it than a few comfort foods and a nominal holiday or two – and […]

Contrary to reports, Peretz will address Harvard social studies gathering

Adam Horowitz on

It has been widely reported that Marty Peretz was dropped as a speaker from this weekend’s 50th Anniversary of Social Studies gathering at Harvard University. This appears to be incorrect. The Harvard Crimson reports on the official statement of the the Standing Committee on Degrees in Social Studies: The statement reaffirmed that Peretz will be “recognized […]