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Sabra hummus

DePaul University suspends sales of Sabra hummus; other campuses to follow?

Adam Horowitz on

Sami Kishawi reports on his blog Sixteen Minutes to Palestine: Today marks another win for the global boycott, divestment, sanctions (BDS) movement against corporations that profit from severe human rights violations. Chicago’s very own DePaul University just announced that their dining services will be discontinuing the sale of hummus manufactured by Sabra, an Israeli brand […]

Sabra hummus owner drops support for IDF from its English-language website

Adam Horowitz on

The Strauss Group, the Israeli company that co-owns the popular Sabra Hummus brand, has removed all references to its support of the Israeli military from the English-language portion its website. This comes a month after activists in Philadelphia descended on a grocery story to produce a creative video criticizing the company’s support for Israel human […]