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Second Intifadah

Does Anthony Weiner believe that Muhammad al-Durrah’s killing was a ‘hoax’?

Philip Weiss on

From the Zionist Organization of America dinner, in which neocon Bill Kristol rubs shoulders with liberal Democrat Congressman Anthony Weiner, no problemo. Brackets [] are ZOA’s: French Senator Jean-Pierre Plancade was honored with the Cherna & Irving Moskowitz Award for outstanding pro-Israel activism in recognition of his extraordinary work by calling for the truth of […]

Scientific paper shows that Israeli attacks merely perpetuate violence

Philip Weiss on

An important new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences uses statistical data on violent attacks during the Second Intifadah to show that violence breeds violence in Israel and Palestine. It reminds me of Ari Fleischer’s boast to a Cincinnati synagogue, during the 2004 campaign, that he had never used the words […]

The Jewish boat and the ‘peace process’

Pamela Olson on

As yet another boat—a Jewish one this time—is forcefully boarded by the Israeli navy while attempting to run the blockade of Gaza, a natural question for many Americans is: Why are boats still trying to run the blockade when Abbas and Netanyahu are in the middle of a peace process? Let’s leave aside for the […]