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Video disproves settler hasbara and demonstrates how the settlements expand through intimidation

Adam Horowitz on

Ma’an news is reporting on the video above which disproves a widespread report quoting Israeli settlers that Palestinian farmers and Israeli leftists have been destroying Palestinians olive trees in an attempt to frame the settlers. Ma’an reports: Ynet news and Arutz Sheva, two Israeli media outlets, reported Sunday that “leftists” and “foreign anarchists” were caught […]

Sisyphus in the South Hebron hills

David Shulman on

November 6, 2010, Samu’a, West Bank Another good day, as good days go in south Hebron. This means two relatively hopeful reports in a row; my readers may begin to lose interest, or to suspect my judgment has somehow become impaired. Certainly, the objective situation, including much violence and terror on the ground in south […]

The Israeli right’s secret strategy to promote ‘Greater Israel’

Shalom Boguslavsky on

“I think I will always want to stay behind the scenes. I think that’s where I have the greatest influence. When everyone else is busily thinking about what to say on stage, I’m busily building the stage, [deciding] who actually listens to you. After they start listening, then we can talk about what we’ll say.” […]