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Trump’s Jerusalem

Philip Weiss on

Phil Weiss shares a photo essay from when Donald Trump visited Jerusalem and the Old City. Israeli security wrapped sites he was visiting with white sheets ala Christo, to keep anyone from seeing him, or disrupting events. There were armed checkpoints for Jewish Israelis, and a surveillance balloon in the sky.

The war for ‘The New York Times’

Philip Weiss and (((James North))) on

The coverage of the Palestinian issue in the New York Times is getting better, as reflected by the Marwan Barghouti op-ed calling Israel a “moral failure,” and new Jerusalem bureau chief Ian Fisher’s straightforward reports. Yes the Times hired neocon crank Bret Stephens; but the paper of record is in play.

Love of Israel + Defense of Trump = Meshuggeneh

Philip Weiss on

Obama “assented” to a “holocaust war” in Syria, says Marty Peretz; while Shmuley Boteach says “Trump is in danger of becoming a great man.” And Mort Klein says “Everyone knows that blacks are on average better dancers than other people.” Ever wonder why Zionism has become a dirty word?

Bret Stephens’s greatest hits

Philip Weiss on

The New York Times has hired Bret Stephens as a columnist, elevating an Islamophobic neoconservative who regularly pronounces on the “disease of the Arab mind” and the “communal psychosis” of Palestinians, while Israel is blameless.

The Jewish revolution

Philip Weiss on

In the last week there have been four momentous events in the Jewish political world, two of them soul-crushing, two of them uplifting. The events signal a major change in Jewish political culture that is likely to leave many of us speechless in months and years to come, and signal that a revolution in Jewish community definition is coming. The radicalization of liberals by Trump is accelerated inside the Jewish community by Israel’s failures, supported by the Jewish establishment.

J Street attends rightwing anti-BDS summit– and gets called ‘anti-Semitic’

Philip Weiss on

There is no middle ground; you’re either with Israel or against it these days, as J Street, the liberal Zionist group, found out yesterday. Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street says it was shocking when the Jewish establishment allowed a speaker to call his group “anti-Semitic” at a UN summit against BDS. But the same event smeared Bassem Tamimi, the leader of nonviolent resistance in Nabi Saleh in occupied Palestine, without protest from J Street.

Victim’s daughter responds to anti-Arab attack in Oregon: ‘I don’t want this to be considered a hate crime’

Layla Abdel-Jawad on

Last week a man in Salem, Oregon was charged with assault, intimidation and unlawful use of a weapon after he yelled at an employee working in a Middle Eastern restaurant, “go back to your country, terrorist” and then attacked him with a plastic pipe. The victim’s daughter, Layla Abdel-Jawad writes the man, Jason Kendall, suffers from a mental illness and should not be charged with a hate crime.

The lying King

Jonathan Ofir on

Adding to his already rabidly racist remarks, Iowa Congressman Steve King uses a comparison to Israel to make his demographic obsession seem more acceptable.

Steve Bannon’s Judeo-Christian ‘Camp of the Saints’

Jonathan Ofir on

The new white-supremacists have found a model that happened to be created by a certain stream of Jews – the ‘strong Jews’ of Zionism. And the advantage that this alliance creates is far more substantial in realpolitik terms for those power-seeking white-supremacists, than the redundant old anti-Semitism.