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Unlawful and brutal attack on Turkish boat improves with age in the New York Times

Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson on
The Mavi Marmara

Israeli Jewish views from right to far right are given, in a NY Times account of the Israeli-Turkish deal ending the impasse over Israel’s killing of 10 men on the Turkish aid boat the “Mavi Marmara” in 2010. The article justifies the Israeli blockade on Gaza and parrots an Israeli version of the attack, leaving out human rights’ groups’ reports that it was brutal and included summary executions.

Clinton to Palestine: Drop dead

Philip Weiss on
Saban and Clinton, on an earlier occasion

Brace yourself for the news from the Democratic Platform Committee. The platform this year will be even worse than previous platforms on Palestine. That’s how things look, despite the insurgent anti-Benjamin-Netanyahu campaign of Bernie Sanders: there is no occupation, and no settlements either. Jerusalem forever, and death to BDS. The party belongs to Hillary Clinton.

‘Washington Post’ publishes article by Jewish leader urging boycott of Israel

Philip Weiss on
Rebecca Vilkomerson of Jewish Voice for Peace

NY Gov Andrew Cuomo’s glaring overreach in his executive order against Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) continues to pay off, with the Washington Post publishing an article by Rebecca Vilkomerson of Jewish Voice for Peace, explaining how she supports BDS as a Jew because only outside pressure will get Israel to change.

‘It’s a real problem if the thing we get upset about is stones’ –Ehrenreich deflects talking points on public radio

Philip Weiss on
Ben Ehrenreich

We’re closely following the reception of Ben Ehrenreich’s big new book, The Way to the Spring, because he is offering American media a fresh opportunity to discover the simple truths of occupation: that overwhelming military enforcement of apartheid and dispossession in occupied territories will spark resistance, including (horrors!) the throwing of stones by young men. […]

Democratic establishment wants to make Palestinians go poof in platform

Philip Weiss on
Former Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., waits to start a hearing in D.C. in 2008. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Clintonite Henry Waxman warns against including “contentious” language on Israel in the Democratic platform, as J Street suggests words about “settlements” entrenching the “occupation” will make both Clinton and Sanders forces happy. Nothing about Jerusalem, and nothing about BDS.

Democrats who care about Palestine — prepare to be censored by the media

Philip Weiss on
Cover image of Foreign Affairs special issue that downplays fascistic currents in Israel, makes it seem like a normal country in transition

Media marginalize critics of US Israel policy. Chris Matthews says the Democratic Party platform is riven by “red hot” Cornel West and James Zogby, but censors their concern about Israel. And Foreign Affairs publishes a navel-gazing issue all about Israel that leaves out the depths of extremism in Israel, let alone Palestinian conditions.

Barak says Trump should name Rice or Gates v.p. to improve his chances from 30 percent

Philip Weiss on
Ehud Barak speaking at the 2012 World Economic Forum. (Photo: World Economic Forum/Flickr)

Netanyahu is experiencing “Stockholm syndrome” after he was taken “hostage” by rightwing extremists, says former Israeli PM Ehud Barak. Netanyahu’s commitment to a Palestinian state is “hot air,” his government is “deaf” and “paralyzed,” and it’s time for American Jews to stop speaking in “unison” in support of Israel.

Democratic Party leadership lines up against BDS — and the ‘nuts’ who support it

Philip Weiss on
Rep. Steve Israel, from his twitter feed

Andrew Cuomo’s stand against BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) Sunday was an intentional political move by Democratic Party leadership, as Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street and Rep. Steve Israel both call on the party to oppose BDS in the party platform. The Sanders base is surely pro-BDS; but will they take a stand in Philadelphia over this issue?

Ayelet Waldman is going to change the American Jewish relationship to Israel

Yakov Hirsch on
Palestinian laborers at Tarqumiya crossing, photo by Emil Salman in Haaretz accompanying article on Ayelet Waldman

“Heartbroken and furious, I would never return there again,” Ayelet Waldman said of Israel after visiting separate-and-unequal Hebron with Breaking the Silence in 2014. She and her husband Michael Chabon are working on a collection about the occupation that has gotten a lot of attention in the Israeli press and is sure to shock American Jews.

Clinton’s foreign policy speech downplays Israel (and leaves out Palestine)

Dorgham Abusalim on
Clinton's foreign policy speech in San Diego, June 2, 2016

Over the past 48 hours, we’ve been inundated by the news that Hillary Clinton would give a “major” foreign policy speech in California where, according to the latest polls, the Democratic primary race is running neck-and-neck. The truth is, despite a strong and well-carried-out performance, you could only look at her speech in two ways: It was an exemplary exercise of circumlocution, delivering vague and not-so-major remarks; or it was a major speech because of the things downplayed. Palestine was nonexistent in the address, but Israel’s place in the speech was pretty narrow, in a possible acknowledgement that the Israel brand isn’t one anyone wants to be associated with these days.