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Liel Leibovitz wants to excommunicate most American Jews, beginning with Beinart

Roland Nikles on
Liel Leibovitz

Most American Jews believe their faith is cultural, including dedication to social justice. But the fundamentalist Liel Leibovitz in a sneering, nasty article says these Jews ignore “the historical and doctrinal truth” that they became Jews by accepting the “burden of becoming God’s chosen children.”

Many Clinton Foundation donors oppose BDS– and so does Clinton

Philip Weiss on
Saban and Clinton, on an earlier occasion

Hillary Clinton has become a zealot against BDS in the last year, evidently in part because many large donors to the Clinton Foundation oppose BDS. These supporters suggest the new lineaments of the Israel lobby under Clinton, in which liberal Zionists and rightwing Zionists are merged.

ADL took US cops to Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and settler winery during counter-terror seminar

Alex Kane on
Police in Orlando

The Anti-Defamation League brought a delegation of American police officers to an Israeli prison, occupied Hebron and a settler winery in the Golan Heights as part of their 2016 counter-terrorism seminar in Israel, according to an itinerary of the trip obtained by Mondoweiss. Trips like these have come under withering controversy from Palestine solidarity activists and Black Lives Matter protesters. In an age of police militarization and a growing movement to combat police brutality, critics see these trips as potentially fueling harmful police tactics.

Pro-Israel groups close in on anti-BDS victory in California legislature

Alex Kane on
Activists call for boycotting Israel. (Photo via

For months, pro-Israel and Palestine solidarity groups have been locked in a fierce debate over legislation in California against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Now, to the chagrin of Palestine solidarity activists, the California State Senate is set to consider the bill that would require state contractors to certify that a boycott of Israel they were engaged in does not violate laws against discrimination. Jewish Voice for Peace activist Estee Chandler says it’s likely it will pass, which would make California the 13th state to pass anti-BDS legislation.

Let’s talk about Russian influence

Philip Weiss on
Neera Tanden and Netanyahu at Center for American Progress

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager says the “hand of the Kremlin” has been working in US elections, but no one talks about the hand of Israel, which is on everything from pushing the Iraq war to censoring any reference to the “occupation” in the Democratic Party platform. The system is rigged by the Israel lobby, and everyone knows it, even if they can’t talk about it.

The omnipresent hawks-in-waiting of the Clinton administration

James North and Philip Weiss on
Retired admiral James Stavridis is now a dean of international school at Tufts and a neoconservative darling

Stephen Cohen and Juan Cole say that Russia and Iran are trying to defeat ISIS with attacks in eastern Syria. A. Trevor Thrall says US attacks on Assad would lead to another endless war. But the media are ignoring leftwing, realist and libertarian voices in favor of the hawks-in-waiting of the Clinton administration.

The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism

Yakov Hirsch on
Bret Stephens (Photo: Jason Smith)

How can Bret Stephens, who is so sensitive to any slight he perceives against Jews, use the phrase “disease of the Arab mind” when writing about an Egyptian Olympian, and hundreds of millions of other people, in the Wall Street Journal no less? The answer is that a group of ethnocentric spokesmen for the Jewish people, including Jeffrey Goldberg and Benjamin Netanyahu, exercise an Orwellian influence over what can and cannot be said out loud.

Beinart calls anti-Zionists ‘revolutionaries’

Philip Weiss on
Journalist and author Peter Beinart. (Photo: Center for American Progress/Flickr)

Peter Beinart wrote a column for Haaretz last week in which he characterized anti-Zionists, along with the Black Lives Matter movement, as revolutionaries, warning that anti-Zionists want to upend the Israeli system. This is an important assertion, and needs to be addressed. Equal rights, and not Zionism, is the only sane political future in the 21st century. Changing the American Jewish mind is the most important step toward accomplishing this revolution bloodlessly.

Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won’t ‘protect’ Israel

Philip Weiss on
Tim Canova

This is a bizarre political story that highlights the fact that older American Jews don’t want to hear One Bad Word about Israel: A progressive Democrat who has gotten Bernie Sanders’s endorsement in a challenge to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz in an August 30 primary in Miami, is running to her right on Israel! Law […]

The ‘NYT’ fails to recognize that anti-Palestinian statements can express bigotry

Donald Johnson on
Linda K. Wertheimer, author of Faith Ed who wrote a recent piece on the Middle East conflict for the New York Times

The New York Times thinks it’s being balanced in a big article on the Middle East conflict on campus, but its chief concern is whether activists are anti-Semitic or not. The possibility that students who support Israeli brutalization of Palestinians might also be guilty of bias never crosses reporter Linda K. Wertheimer’s mind.

Former AIPAC official says Israel should get no US aid without ending ‘oppressive’ settlements

Philip Weiss on
New construction in the Ofra settlement (Photo: Philip Weiss)

The 50th anniversary of the occupation is freeing criticism. Greg Slabodkin, a former AIPAC official, comes for conditioning US aid to Israel on that country agreeing to freeze its illegal settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem. He forthrightly says that Israel’s “oppressive and discriminatory settlement policies in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem continue unabated.”

The ‘New York Times’ is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism

Philip Weiss on
Hasia Diner

The New York Times has pointedly refused to cover an important and explosive news story, the rise of Jewish anti-Zionism. Its news columns characterize Palestinian solidarity activists as anti-Semites and it ignores leading voices, from Hasia Diner to Gideon Levy to Max Blumenthal, who are putting Zionism behind them.

Democratic platform is more militant against Iran than it was before Iran deal

Philip Weiss on
Ilya Sheyman

In contrast to a 2012 party platform that emphasized diplomacy with Iran, the new Democratic Party platform threatens military action and sanctions against Iran, and channels Netanyahu in saying Iran denies the Holocaust, supports Hamas, vows to eliminate Israel, and “has its fingerprints on almost every conflict in the Middle East.”