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Rigged Netanyahu ‘conversation’ at Center for American Progress shows it’s twilight of the Israel lobby

James North and Philip Weiss on
Neera Tanden and Netanyahu at Center for American Progress

Every moment of Neera Tanden’s conversation with Benjamin Netanyahu at the Democratic Party thinktank, the Center for American Progress, was scripted; the audience looked like it was drugged and Tanden was a supplicant to the PM. The need for a show-conversation demonstrates that the Israel lobby is losing power, as progressive Americans get the story.

‘New York Times’ to Palestinians: Drop dead

Philip Weiss on
New York Times headquarters. (Photo: Wikimedia)

NYT wants Obama and Netanyahu to patch up differences. By reducing Israel’s crimes to settlement building the NYT makes Israeli misdeeds seem nonviolent and abstract, while the only violence ever condemned is Palestinian. NYT puts liberal Zionism lip service away from neoconservatism.

‘NPR’ and ‘NYT’ present Netanyahu as a– moderate

Philip Weiss on
Steve Inskeep

Media whitewash: In the NYT, Isabel Kershner says Israelis who want to annex the West Bank and give Palestinians some “autonomy” in the leftover fragment are “moderate”, while NPR presents Dennis Ross saying Netanyahu is for a Palestinian state.

Anniversary of Rabin assassination is marked by incitement

Philip Weiss on
Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, assassinated in 1995

Soccer fans in Jerusalem chanted the name of Yitzhak Rabin’s killer, Yigal Amir, approvingly last week as 20th anniversary of assassination approached; and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said at a rally that hope in Israel is now “in the crosshairs.” Netanyahu did not appear at the rally.

Karmah Elmusa rocks Elle Magazine

Annie Robbins on
Karmah Elmusa (photo: @instantkarmah Twitter)

Elle Magazine published an autobiographical article by Karmah Elmusa, a young Palestinian-American journalist — and all heck broke loose in the comment section.

Ghada Karmi comes to New York and DC

Philip Weiss on
Ghada Karmi

Ghada Karmi’s new memoir, Return, about her return to Palestine from England, engages exalted themes involving the west and the Arab world. She is coming to NYU on November 2 and Washington November 5.

You can’t save Israel from itself by appropriating BDS

Omar Barghouti on
The argument for boycott of Israel to save it overlooks the original ethnic cleansing that created the state. Here a Palestinian man overlooks the Jaramana Refugee Camp in Damascus, Syria in 1948. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The argument by two lifelong Zionists for the boycott of Israel to save the state is courageous, Omar Barghouti says, but suffers from the same two ills that afflict all Zionist arguments: selective amnesia and deep-seated racism.