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Nobody cares that Bernie Sanders is Jewish

Philip Weiss on
Rally for Bernie Sanders in NY, Jan. 30

Nobody in the media pointed out that Bernie Sanders was the first Jew to win a primary because a, they’re used to Jews being all over the power structure and b, Bernie’s assimilated.

Biggest loser in Iowa was foreign policy

Philip Weiss on
Bernie Sanders

Anyone with a brain knows that we have to distance ourselves from the Middle East and occupier Israel; but these lessons were nowhere evident in the no-holds-barred political brawls in Iowa. That’s got to change, and Bernie Sanders is the best hope to do so.

Cultural Zionism good, political Zionism bad

Roland Nikles on
Bernard Avishai, from his twitter feed

Bernard Avishai is right to extol the rebirth of Hebrew culture in Israel, but that does not justify political Zionism’s unending practices of ethnic cleansing and discrimination

In his war on Sanders supporters, Krugman forgets about Iraq

Donald on
Paul Krugman

Drumming support for Hillary Clinton, NYT columnist Paul Krugman name-calls Sanders supporters as “Bernie Bros” and forgets that Clinton supported the Iraq war, which really ought to have resulted in war crimes trials for our political class

Kerry and Shapiro bring the one-state news the NYT failed to deliver

Philip Weiss on
Ambassador Daniel Shapiro, delivering his speech to an Israeli thinktank on January 18

The New York Times Jerusalem bureau chiefs Ethan Bronner and Jodi Rudoren failed to convey a true grim picture of one-state Israel/Palestine out of Zionist attachment. Similar adherences have kept the US mainstream press from telling a truth that John Kerry and US ambassador Daniel Shapiro have conveyed in recent weeks.

‘Little Jewboy’ moment highlights coming divorce between US Jews and Israel

Philip Weiss on
Daniel B. Shapiro, US ambassador to Israel, called a "little Jewboy" by a former aide to Netanyahu

Ambassador Daniel Shapiro’s sharp criticism of Israeli policies earned him the insult “little Jewboy” from a former Netanyahu aide. The flap demonstrates an important sociological trend: American Jews, even mainstream ones indoctrinated to love Israel, are breaking more and more publicly with the Jewish state. The Netanyahu government is proving to be embarrassing to American Jews; they do not want to be associated with rightwing apartheid policies.

Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?

Patrick Connors on
Screenshot of a revised New York Times headline.

US media outlets, including the powerful New York Times, refuse to report basic elements of Palestinians’ experiences, including the perspectives of Palestinians living in Israel. Reporter Diaa Hadid’s January 3 article in The New York Times on Palestinian citizens of Israel living in Haifa provides a recent case in point.