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Vice News spins Israeli army propaganda as ‘leaked report’

Dan Cohen on
(Screenshot: Vice News)

A Vice News report claiming to expose a “leaked” Israeli military investigation into last month’s execution of a Palestinian man in Hebron is actually a regurgitation of the official Israeli government line disseminated shortly after the killing, and part of an effort to portray the killer as a bad apple, rather than a soldier following orders.

‘NYT’ touts an Israel apologist’s book

Barbara Erickson on
Matti Friedman

Why is the New York Times touting Matti Friedman, who has said critics of Israel are anti-Semitic, as “temperate and careful” while ignoring authors such as Max Blumenthal, Ilan Pappe, and Anna Baltzer?

How Chris Van Hollen learned to love Israel

Philip Weiss on
Chris Van Hollen, declaring victory Tuesday

MD Rep. Chris Van Hollen got into office opposing the Iraq war and in 2006 said Israel’s disproportionate response in Lebanon was hurting the United States. Then AIPAC got him over its knee! And today Van Hollen is the Democratic Senate nominee for Maryland, with the Israel lobby’s support.

The New York Times fails to fact-check Clinton’s propaganda on Gaza

Donald on
Hillary Clinton during a Democratic party debate before the New York primary.

During Thursday’s Democratic debate Bernie Sanders criticized the Israeli war in Gaza as disproportionate. Hillary Clinton responded with the standard excuse employed by Israel that the problem was that Hamas hides among civilians. Her claims about Gaza flatly contradict what human rights organizations have found, but so far the New York Times hasn’t reported on this.

‘NY Times’ has double standard for Arab and Jewish reporters

Philip Weiss on
New York Times headquarters.

Jodi Rudoren and Ethan Bronner, former NYT Jerusalem bureau chiefs, fall over one another trying to explain away the term “Zionist” when they’re asked whether they’d describe themselves that way. Meantime NYT’s Diaa Hadid gets the third degree over her phase of Palestinian activism.

Why Clinton’s Iraq decision matters

Donald on
Hillary Clinton speaks at the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C., March 21, 2016. Photo:  Saul Loeb/Getty Images

The United States needed strong antiwar voices when George W. Bush pushed to go into Iraq. Then Senator Hillary Clinton was not such a leader; and it is a sign of the Democratic Party’s corruption that so many are willing to forgive her this mistake

‘Haaretz’ exposes ‘The New York Times’

Jerome Slater on
Isabel Kershner

NY Times coverage of Israel is a travesty. At a time when Haaretz is publishing critiques of repression of Israeli dissidents and cut-offs of power to Palestinians under occupation, New York Times publishes story on the army asking veterans to return old military equipment, which they have kept because of “collective nostalgia.”