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After a hard week in the news, Israeli gets valentines all weekend from NPR

Philip Weiss on
Etgar Keret

NPR ignores the Israeli military report whitewashing the country of war crimes against Gaza last summer, including the slaughter of four boys playing soccer on a beach, and features an Israeli writer talking about his son’s fear of rockets. Is this balanced coverage of an international conflict?

Dershowitz spills the beans: Supreme Court’s Jerusalem case impact on Iran deal

Annie Robbins on
Alan M. Dershowitz

Alan Dershowitz says the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the Jerusalem passport case is “dangerous” because it gives Obama power to “make a bad deal” with Iran, beyond the scrutiny of the Supreme Court. For some, obviously, that’s what this case was always about, and never about a little boy’s passport

A Jewish reporter in Gaza responds to Jane Eisner

Dan Cohen on
"Selfie with the greatest threat to Israel" -- Dan Cohen with kids in Gaza. (Photo: Dan Cohen via Twitter)

Dan Cohen responds to Jewish Daily Forward editor in chief Jane Eisner who wrote a piece called “Why the Forward Sent a Brave Reporter to Gaza,” about the decision to send their Middle East correspondent to Gaza for a three day reporting trip. Cohen writes, “As a journalist who happens to be Jewish and having spent almost four months on the ground in Gaza including the last weeks of the war last summer, it is clear to me that Eisner knows nothing of reality on the ground in Gaza. More than anything else, Eisner’s hysteria over sending Zeveloff to a place where journalists – Jewish and gentile — make regular visits, exposes her anti-Palestinian racism.”

Once again, ‘NYT’ fails to tell its readers that many Jews support BDS

James North and Philip Weiss on

Who says the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign isn’t having an effect? Page 7 of the New York Times today is the Boycott Israel page. Though one article irresponsibly portrays BDS as a threat to Jews, leaving out the sizable support among Jews for the campaign

Israeli propaganda dominates front page of ‘New York Times’ today

James North on
NYT front page May30, 2015

Israel discriminates sorely against Palestinians in their water supply and 90 percent of the water in Gaza is undrinkable but you’d learn none of this in an article that takes up the top of the front page of the New York Times on the Israeli water miracle

The totalitarian reign of Sheldon Adelson

Philip Weiss on
Peter Beinart

Peter Beinart says that Jewish public opinion in the U.S. doesn’t matter on Israel yet because Sheldon Adelson has too much money. But the community leadership plays an important role. A look at the totalitarian nature of the Israel lobby inside Jewish life, and how it may be breaking up.

The grotesque injustice of Obama’s speech at the Washington synagogue

Donald on
Adas Israel

President Obama’s speech to Adas Israel Congregation in Washington yesterday had an air of entitlement. Pandering to alleged liberals at this synagogue, he gets laughter for saying that Palestinians are “not the easiest of partners” and applause for completely ignoring the Nakba and every act of Israeli violence from 1948 to the present.