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Netanyahu’s speech and the American Jewish condition

Philip Weiss on
U.S. President Barack Obama (L) arrives to speak with Israeli-American media tycoon Haim Saban about negotiations with Iran in Washington December 7, 2013. (Photo: James Lawler Duggan/Reuters)

The scandal over the Netanyahu speech to Congress is in the end a story about the Jewish condition in the United States. Netanyahu’s speech has exposed the power of the Israel lobby, and it will never be the same. The American establishment is too diverse, and we are all tired of the lobby’s 40-year-run in power.

Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football

Philip Weiss on
Robert Kagan, from the Hertog Program

Israel is politicized in the U.S.! Bill Kristol’s neocon group runs an ad painting Obama as a madman and Netanyahu as a statesman, while the New York Times runs a cartoon saying that Netanyahu wants to build a settlement on Pennsylvania Avenue

AIPAC and Bill Kristol turn up the pressure

Philip Weiss on
Bill Kristol, at Rightweb

Bill Kristol of the Emergency Committee for Israel urges AIPAC attendees to boycott speeches from the Obama administration officials as AIPAC urges congressmen to attend Netanyahu’s speech next week

Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.

Philip Weiss on
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  listens as US Secretary of State John Kerry makes a statement to the press before a meeting at the Prime Minister's Office on January 2, 2014 in Jerusalem. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

Secretary of State John Kerry took the US-ISrael disagreement to a new level yesterday, saying that Netanyahu had pushed the disastrous Iraq war. “A very tough shot” at the war party, Chris Matthews said, while the New York Times, covering for neocons, dismissed the line as a needling.

White House suggests Israel is lying about Iran talks– as Obama officials shun Netanyahu

Philip Weiss on
Josh Earnest, Getty images

The divide between the U.S. and Israel just gets wider and wider. The White House and the State Department yesterday said openly that the Obama administration is restricting the information it gives to Israel about the Iran talks because Israel is misrepresenting the talks in its efforts to derail them. There is “no question that some of the things that the Israelis have said in characterizing our negotiating position have not been accurate,” the White House press secretary says.

Warriors for ‘the ultimate truth’ gather in New York

Peter F. Leisane on
Trump at the Algemeiner gala, photo by Sarah Rogers

Algemeiner is not exactly a household name, but it has managed to carve out a niche for itself publishing online articles filled with a particularly rabid brand of hasbara. Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein and the late Joan Rivers were given “warriors for truth” awards at its recent gala in New York

US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran

Philip Weiss on
Obama in 2012

The stakes are rising over the Netanyahu speech to Congress to push a hardline on Iraq. The White House has reportedly cut off some communications with Israel following leaks by Netanyahu. Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani calls Obama a “moron” for talking to Iran.

Netanyahu’s disaster: speech cost ‘omnipotent’ lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions

Philip Weiss on
Hillary Clinton

The Netanyahu speech controversy is a neverending disaster on Capitol Hill and it just keeps piling up headlines. Eighteen congresspeople say they’ll skip it. ‘The Hill’ calls it likely the most controversial speech ever by a foreign leader to a joint session of Congress. Bill Kristol, the head of the neoconservative Emergency Committee for Israel, put out a tongue-in-cheek letter to Hillary Clinton offering her to drive her to the speech.

Muslims are Nazis, ‘USA Today’ jokes

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On February 2, USA Today published an editorial cartoon by Cameron Cardow of the Ottawa Citizen that was not terribly hard to parse: Islam is the modern equivalent of Nazism, and threatens a new Holocaust.

Israel gets trashed at the 92d Street Y

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Nick Kroll and John Mulaney of Oh, Hello! came to 92d Street Y and Kroll savaged Judaism and Israel for “not budging on that nightmare” of unending settlements. Oh and Alan Dershowitz is a nudist

Since when is the Southern Poverty Law Center a pro-Israel organization?

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Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and People for the American Way all blast a Republican trip to Israel and occupied Palestine because of the US Christian sponsor, not Palestinian conditions. SPLC praises Israel as a refuge for Jews from anti-Semitism.