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Sawyer blunder indicative of noxious bias against Palestinians in American journalism

Deanna Othman on

If you were one of the approximately 7 million people who watched ABC World News with Diane Sawyer Wednesday evening, you likely saw the story covering the current situation in Gaza. Israel launched what it has dubbed “Operation Protective Edge” in the densely populated strip of land that is enclosed by borders controlled by Egypt on one

Deaths of five teenagers in the West Bank expose mainstream indifference to Palestinian life

Anne Irfan and Shahnaz Ahsan on

The past fortnight has seen the killings of at least five teenagers in the West Bank. The names and faces of three–Gilad Shaar, Naftali Fraenkel and Eyal Yifrach – are now familiar across the world, having dominated much of the international media in recent weeks. The killing of the fourth, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, was picked

Hewlett-Packard’s complicity in occupation makes headlines

Annie Robbins on

The lead article in Sunday’s business section of the San Francisco Chronicle warns HP’s role in Israel could lead to political pressure. Although never mentioning the Boycott Divestment and Sanction (BDS) movement directly, the Chronicle informs its readers Hewlett-Packard, a local Bay Area company, is the target of “an international campaign” that has “emerged to pressure Israel

Settler leader Dani Dayan given yet another platform in the NY Times

David Samel on

Yesterday, the New York Times gave Dani Dayan, one of the leaders of the settlement movement, an opportunity to publicize his prescription for Israeli/Palestinian co-existence in an op-ed. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, Dayan’s ideology is thoroughly repulsive.  His prescription for the future, which he labels “peaceful non-reconciliation,” is a

Human rights groups accuse NBC of deceit about ‘DIG’ filming locations in occupied East Jerusalem

US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation on

Press Release: Washington, DC- As Palestinians mark 47 years of Israel’s military occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, human rights groups are accusing NBC of complicity in Israel’s violations of international law and human rights by filming its new series DIG in occupied East Jerusalem, after clearly stating that

Some important details: Ben Ehrenreich on the Nakba Day shootings

Ben Ehrenreich on

Last week I published a piece in the Los Angeles Review of Books about the killings of Nadim Nuwara and Mohammad Abu Thaher in Beitunia on May 15. In the aftermath of the boys’ deaths, Israeli officials—from low-ranking military spokespeople to the Minister of Defense and the Ambassador to the United States—have claimed that no live ammunition

In Bloomberg internal news memos, ‘there is no such country’ as Palestine

Philip Weiss on

Last week Michael Bloomberg, the former NY mayor who owns a media empire, visited Israel to accept a prize, and met with an old friend, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu later described Bloomberg’s devotion to Israel, funding medical facilities in memory of his parents, though he also hinted that the two men had privately

‘Ebony’ article explores ‘Why Black People Must Stand With Palestine’

Annie Robbins on

Ebony has published an excellent article by Kristian Davis Bailey, Why Black People Must Stand With Palestine. Bailey, a journalist an editor for Stanford’s The Daily, has written numerous articles about Palestine in the past. But this article encapsulates much of his past coverage and is a must read.  Be sure to open Bailey links, especially the video he

Palestinian journalists accused of incitement against their Israeli colleagues

Julie Couzinet on

“It was a case of life and death, and I was within moments of falling victim to the kind of lynch that saw two Israeli soldiers who strayed into Ramallah in 2000 beaten to death by a baying mob,” wrote Avi Issacharoff a Middle East analyst for the Times of Israel. Issacharoff was covering a demonstration in

NBC’s ‘Dig’ gets $6.5 million from Israel to film in E. Jerusalem while Palestinian residents lack drinking water

Allison Deger on

The television network NBC will receive a $6.5 million (22 million NIS) grant from the Israeli government to film the new archeological thriller Dig, in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan. Meanwhile Palestinians residing in Silwan are plagued by poor infrastructure even though East Jerusalemites pay 47% of the city’s municipal taxes, but receive a

Defending Apartheid – From 1968 to the present

Peter Brannan on

The Daily newspaper at the University of Washington recently ran an editorial titled “Why Israel?: The problems with ASUW Resolution 20-39.” In this article, Nathan Taft makes two arguments against a resolution brought before the Associated Students of the University of Washington which urges UW to divest from companies profiting from the Israeli government’s human

Rap News presents ‘Israel vs Palestine’

Adam Horowitz on

Not really sure how to introduce this, just watch it. There are cameos galore and covers a lot of territory in 8 minutes. Juice Rap News is based in Melbourne, Australia and creates satirical shows based on the news. You can read more about the video here. &nbs

Bait-and-switch anti-Semitism: NYU SJP accused of targeting Jews, or not

Phan Nguyen on

Yesterday morning, students in two dormitories at New York University (NYU) woke up to find mock eviction notices slid under their doors. The notices were part of an action conducted by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) at NYU to raise awareness of home demolitions in Palestine. Such actions had taken place at other universities

‘NYT’ photo feature on women in Gaza ignores Israel and Palestine

Patrick Connors on

In what might be justified by the New York Times as an attempt to “depoliticize” and “humanize” Palestinian women in Gaza the paper ran a photo essay this past Sunday titled “Female in Gaza.” However the article obfuscates, covering up Israeli oppression and obscuring Gaza’s connection to the West Bank and to Palestinians in general. The

How many ‘Palestinian Arabs’ want to kill ‘all Jews?’

James North on

Pamela Paul, the editor of The New York Times Book Review, needs some help, and the Mondoweiss community can come to her assistance. A few weeks ago, I sharply criticized a letter that ran in the Book Review, which included the sentence, “Palestinian Arabs have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews.” And Ira Glunts also