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Jon Stewart plays ‘Let’s break a deal’ with AIPAC

Jon Stewart knocks it totally out of the ballpark in this recent episode of the Daily Show. He skewers AIPAC, congress and Israel over AIPAC’s proposed Iran sanctions legislation, and then some.

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Eric Alterman continues to justify lack of Palestinian voices at ‘The Nation’

Liberals can sound pretty pathetic when their back is to the wall, and liberal Zionists even more so. A case in point is Eric Alterman.

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Sharon’s death is ‘perfect time’ for settler siren’s new Miley Cyrus parody, ode to Gaza settlers

Israeli-American Orit Arfa has followed up her Miley Cyrus pro-settler parody “Jews Can’t Stop” with “Gaza Wrecking Ball.”

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Bronner whitewashes Sharon’s atrocities

Sharon’s effective death in 2006 notwithstanding, his long vegetative state delayed his obituaries for years, and I was most anxious to see how his death would be covered in mainstream outlets like the New York Times. As it turns out, Ethan Bronner’s Times obit was worse than I could have imagined.

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The NY Times Non-Story of 2013: Israeli abuse of child prisoners

The New York Times has remained silent on the fact that Palestinian children in Israeli military custody are routinely mistreated, traumatized and denied their rights.

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Debunking Israel’s imagined ‘Christian awakening’

Last week, the Wall Street Journal published a piece entitled “Israel’s Christians Awakening,” by Adi Schwartz, arguing that Palestinian Christians in Israel are undergoing a change, separating their identity from the Palestinian minority and enlisting in the Israeli army as a sign of close cooperation with the Israeli Jewish society. It may be true that there is some ‘Christian awakening’ in Nazareth, but it is an awakening regarding the Israeli government’s attempts to recruit Palestinian Christians to serve in the Israeli military as part of their divide and rule policy.

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Stanley Fish and the violence of neutrality

By examining the language and assumptions of the backlash against the American Studies Association boycott vote we acquire greater understanding of how Zionism functions in the institutional spaces that both inform and comprise state power. Stanley Fish in particular exemplifies the problems of liberal authority vis-à-vis boycott of Israel.

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‘NYT’ fails to follow the money in reporting attacks on the academic boycott of Israel

Are the American college presidents who speak out against the Israel boycott afraid of losing big donors if they keep quiet?

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Katie Miranda introduces us to a new word – dronesplain. It’s a verb for condescendingly excusing or justifying drone strikes, most commonly seen with politicians and media commentators. Above, Time magazine’s Joe Klein dronesplains to New York Times columnist Tom Friedman.

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‘Goliath’ is indispensable to understanding the real Israel in 2013

If you are an American mainstream reporter in Israel, you have a real challenge, just about every day. You have to wilfully ignore much of the news that is happening right around you. Max Blumenthal went everywhere in Israel/Palestine to dig out the truth about Israel in 2013 — a nation that is becoming more racist, more militarized, and more undemocratic.

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‘The Nation’ and the privileging of Jewish voices on Israel/Palestine

An important argument has broken out between the Electronic Intifada and The Nation over the issue of the left privileging Jewish voices on the conflict and not being hospitable to Palestinians.

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‘An Arab & A Jew’ debate BDS and the future of Israel/Palestine

Ahmed Shihab-Eldin and Mike Sacks hosted an episode of their weekly Huffpost Live program “An Arab & A Jew”. Their guests were also an Arab and a Jew, Yousef Munayyer, Executive Director of the Jerusalem Fund and the Palestine Center, and Chemi Shalev, U.S. editor of Haaretz.

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NYT discovers Mohammed Assaf: ‘the most remarkable concert I’ve ever seen’

Less than a month after Mondoweiss reported Mohammed Assaf had invaded the US the New York Times reported he’s “trying to conquer North America”!

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Film Review — ‘Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine’

Al Helm: Martin Luther King in Palestine is an illuminating and moving documentary by award-winning producer Connie Fields (Have You Heard from Johannesburg, The Life and Times of Rosie the Riveter). The film follows an African-American choir on their journey in the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territories as they sing in a play that brings Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights struggle to a Palestinian audience.

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Obama and Kerry drop talk of Palestinian state for ‘state institutions’ and ‘transition’

“Palestinians have to also recognize that there is going to be a transition period where the Israeli people cannot expect a replica of Gaza in the West Bank,” President Obama said at the Saban Forum in Washington this weekend (with Haim Saban, above). While Secretary of State John Kerry indicated that he envisions Palestinian “state institutions,” but not statehood. So once again, Israeli security concerns trump Palestinian sovereignty

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Israel apologists attempted to discredit Mandela with false Israel apartheid quote

Did Nelson Mandela label Israel an ‘apartheid’ regime? Israel’s apologists claimed he did in 1990, apparently misquoting Mandela for their own political objectives.

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In 1990 ‘Nightline’ town hall, Jewish leaders call Mandela ‘hypocritical’ and ‘amoral’ over support for PLO, Koppel warns it isn’t politically wise to upset lobby

In a 1990 New York town hall meeting broadcast on Nightline, Ted Koppel presses Nelson Mandela on his support for the Palestinians and the political fallout this may cause in the U.S.

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At New America Foundation, Max Blumenthal warns Israeli policy is to ‘finish 48′

Despite attempts to shut down Max Blumenthal’s book tour stop at the liberal think tank the New America Foundation, his lecture on Israeli policies to “finish 48″ was well received.

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The Almond Tree: A peace proposal

A spirited debate has followed Susan Abulhawa’s critical review of Michelle Corasanti’s book, The Almond Tree, originally posted on Aljazeera and reposted on Mondoweiss together with the author’s rebuttal. Hatim Kanaaneh tries to bring the discussion to some kind of amicable end:

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Corasanti unknowingly affirms criticism of ‘The Almond Tree’

Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s response to Susan Abulhawa’s critique of The Almond Tree proves Abulhawa’s point about the book coming off as informed by white privilege and the white savior complex.

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Introducing Ms. Marvel (aka Kamala Khan): A superhero to counter Islamophobia?

Marvel has announced that the leading character in their new comic book series will be a Muslim girl.

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Avigdor Lieberman bombs everywhere but in The New York Times

Gobsmacked in Gotham: A lot of people have been passing a New York Times piece on the return of Avigdor Lieberman to the post of Israeli Foreign Minister. Times Jerusalem Bureau Chief Jodi Rudoren gushes about how much kinder and gentler he is since his suspension, but media from around the world continues to rake him over the coals for his provocative and racist statements against Arabs. Most recently Lieberman defended the Prawer Plan by saying Israel is “fighting for the lands of the Jewish people and there are those [ie Palestinians and Bedouin] who intentionally try to rob and seize them.”

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Eric Alterman’s ‘I Hate Max Blumenthal’ Handbook

Max Blumenthal’s reply to Eric Alterman’s latest piece attacking him and his book Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. The Nation declined to publish Blumenthal’s response.

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Corasanti responds to Abulhawa: My purpose in writing ‘The Almond Tree’ was to shine a light on Palestinian suffering and help bring about peace

Michelle Cohen Corasanti responds to Susan Abulhawa’s review The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle.

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The Almond Tree: When novels distort legacies of struggle

Edward Said showed us how fiction has sometimes been used to perpetuate oppression. This is particularly apparent when white privilege narrates marginalised lives without navigating ethical considerations inherent to the task of representing historic wounds and enduring struggles of another people. Some want to “expose injustice” through fiction. While such impulse is admirable, when coupled with racist assumptions or lack of emotional comprehension of a people’s culture, the result is often muting of already marginalised voices, theft of their narrative, stripping of their agency, and caricaturising of their humanity.

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