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The omnipresent hawks-in-waiting of the Clinton administration

James North and Philip Weiss on
Retired admiral James Stavridis is now a dean of international school at Tufts and a neoconservative darling

Stephen Cohen and Juan Cole say that Russia and Iran are trying to defeat ISIS with attacks in eastern Syria. A. Trevor Thrall says US attacks on Assad would lead to another endless war. But the media are ignoring leftwing, realist and libertarian voices in favor of the hawks-in-waiting of the Clinton administration.

The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism

Yakov Hirsch on
Bret Stephens (Photo: Jason Smith)

How can Bret Stephens, who is so sensitive to any slight he perceives against Jews, use the phrase “disease of the Arab mind” when writing about an Egyptian Olympian, and hundreds of millions of other people, in the Wall Street Journal no less? The answer is that a group of ethnocentric spokesmen for the Jewish people, including Jeffrey Goldberg and Benjamin Netanyahu, exercise an Orwellian influence over what can and cannot be said out loud.

‘The Forward’ fails to find source of anti-semitism hoax that its reporter concocted (Updated)

Phan Nguyen on
"Pro-Palestinian Student Group Accused of Compiling List of Jewish Student Dorm Addresses"

The Jewish Daily Forward’s Laura E. Adkins reported Israeli Knesset Member Anat Berko as saying that Students for Justice in Palestine is “collecting information on where Jews live at New York University among others.” What Adkins fails to mention is that Berko’s claim likely originated from a hoax conceived by Adkins herself when she was a student at NYU.

‘NYT’ and Sen. Murphy have a double standard on Yemen and Gaza slaughters

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on
New York Times headquarters

A New York Times editorial calls for cutting off military aid to Saudi Arabia because of indiscriminate civilian killings in Yemen that have the U.S.’s “imprint”. Israel did the same thing in Gaza with the U.S.’s imprint, without a peep from the Times. This is a glaring double standard, which is evident to average Americans. That is why we see such burgeoning grassroots support for the idea of boycotting Israel and ending military aid to the country.

The ‘NYT’ fails to recognize that anti-Palestinian statements can express bigotry

Donald Johnson on
Linda K. Wertheimer, author of Faith Ed who wrote a recent piece on the Middle East conflict for the New York Times

The New York Times thinks it’s being balanced in a big article on the Middle East conflict on campus, but its chief concern is whether activists are anti-Semitic or not. The possibility that students who support Israeli brutalization of Palestinians might also be guilty of bias never crosses reporter Linda K. Wertheimer’s mind.

The ‘New York Times’ is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism

Philip Weiss on
Hasia Diner

The New York Times has pointedly refused to cover an important and explosive news story, the rise of Jewish anti-Zionism. Its news columns characterize Palestinian solidarity activists as anti-Semites and it ignores leading voices, from Hasia Diner to Gideon Levy to Max Blumenthal, who are putting Zionism behind them.

‘Does he believe in a God’? — DNC leaders wanted to undermine Sanders

Philip Weiss on
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Further evidence of role of Israel lobby in Democratic Party: DNC chair Wasserman Schultz found Bernie Sanders’s criticisms of Israel “disturbing,” while Hillary Clinton campaign sought to use his stance to “marginalize” him, according to DNC emails published by Wikileaks.

Freewheeling Trump has backed down on only one issue. Guess which one

James North and Philip Weiss on
Trump with Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, photo from Andy Aboud in Vegas, undated

Donald Trump has taken heretical positions on countless issues, from a border wall to John McCain’s heroism to barring Muslim immigrants, and not backed down. Except for Israel. He said he’d be neutral on the conflict in February, but dropped that stance entirely. Such is the power of the Israel lobby.

‘NY Times’ offers Israeli lessons about dealing with ‘enemies’ to France

Phil Weiss and Donald Johnson on
Image circulating on social media blaming French victims for attack, from Dan Cohen's twitter feed @dancohen3000

Israelis have “seen it all” when it comes to terror, the New York Times says, in publishing a lecture from Jerusalem for the French on how to secure the country from “enemies.” There is no mention of occupation or dispossession or conditions that have produced violent Palestinian resistance.

‘Ex-Neocon’ — Scott McConnell looks back on 20 years of ideological tumult

Philip Weiss on
Scott McConnell

Reflecting on life after neoconservatism, Scott McConnell says he demonstrated against the Iraq war with Code Pink but that the alliance between national interest types and leftwingers may be coming apart because fears of another US war have ebbed and the two groups split over immigration and identity politics.

Democrats and GOP are in a race to the bottom on Israel

Philip Weiss on
Retired admiral James Stavridis is now a dean of international school at Tufts and a neoconservative darling

The Israel lobby is alive and well. As the Republicans beg Sheldon Adelson to help pay for the convention, Hillary Clinton is said to be vetting retired admiral James Stavridis as a possible veep. Now a dean at Tufts, he opposed the Iran deal.

Eric Alterman wastes ten days in Israel

James North and Philip Weiss on
Eric Alterman

After 10 days in his beloved Israel, Eric Alterman diminishes the crisis: he leaves out ‘fascism’ charges made by leading politicians and only notices Palestinian attacks on Israelis, not the other way round.

The iron law of institutions versus Bernie Sanders

Donald Johnson on
Bernie Sanders (Photo: AP/Andrew Harnik)

The New York Times demonstrates the iron law of institutions in its support for Clinton. Its opinion columns have been almost uniformly nasty toward Bernie Sanders. Ultimately his policy based critiques of Clinton terrifies the editors and they don’t want him or the movement he represents to have any credibility even if he endorses Clinton, because he hasn’t retracted his critique.

Jewish entitlement, and Jewish populism

Philip Weiss on
Leon Wieseltier

Last week’s Aspen Ideas Festival often seemed like a rightwing Jewish event and it reeked of entitlement. Leon Wieseltier of the Atlantic joked that eventually “there won’t be any goyim” on the Supreme Court. The Jewish and pro-Israel character of the establishment was on display, even if no one wants to talk about it.

Mainstream obits for Wiesel offer barely an asterisk for his intolerant views of Palestinians

Philip Weiss on
Elie Wiesel

Haaretz and Foreign Policy run pieces saying that Elie Wiesel was an ethnocentric religious nationalist who turned his back on Palestinians. But those are the exceptions. The New York Times says his only detractors were literary, and WNYC says Wiesel cared about Palestinian “suffering,” but urged Palestinians not to give way to the victimization narrative.