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Democratic Party leadership lines up against BDS — and the ‘nuts’ who support it

Philip Weiss on
Rep. Steve Israel, from his twitter feed

Andrew Cuomo’s stand against BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) Sunday was an intentional political move by Democratic Party leadership, as Jeremy Ben-Ami of J Street and Rep. Steve Israel both call on the party to oppose BDS in the party platform. The Sanders base is surely pro-BDS; but will they take a stand in Philadelphia over this issue?

Ayelet Waldman is going to change the American Jewish relationship to Israel

Yakov Hirsch on
Palestinian laborers at Tarqumiya crossing, photo by Emil Salman in Haaretz accompanying article on Ayelet Waldman

“Heartbroken and furious, I would never return there again,” Ayelet Waldman said of Israel after visiting separate-and-unequal Hebron with Breaking the Silence in 2014. She and her husband Michael Chabon are working on a collection about the occupation that has gotten a lot of attention in the Israeli press and is sure to shock American Jews.

‘Everyone’s a veteran’ in Israel, says Junger. Well, not really

Philip Weiss on
Tribe, Sebastian Junger's new book

Sebastian Junger says that in Israel, “no one says, thank you for service, because it’s like saying thank you for paying your taxes. I mean everybody does it.” But one fifth of the population does not do it, for ethnic-religious reasons that Americans would find objectionable.

In long obit for Hedy Epstein, ‘NYT’ buries Palestinian solidarity

James North and Philip Weiss on
Hedy Epstein:  "In the background you see the courtroom in which the doctors were tried & see some of the defendants sitting in the dock.  Above that is a photo of the freezing experiment.  A person is lying in a large vat of freezing cold ice water.  Two doctors, one of them Dr. Rascher, are observing. Many people died as a result of this experiment."  --Nuremberg Palace of Justice (Photo: Newsweek)

The fact that Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, who died on May 26, was outspoken for Palestinian rights doesn’t come till the end of a long obit for the activist in the New York Times, once again demonstrating bias at the newspaper aimed at preserving Israel’s positive image.

Max Boot has perfect propaganda on murdering medic– but Jeffrey Goldberg is silent

Yakov Hirsch on
Max Boot

Israel’s political crisis puts a burden on its propagandists: How to make Americans feel that Israel is fine, despite the warnings of fascism. So where is the country’s most important journalist on Israel issues? Jeffrey Goldberg has been silent. In a fluid situation, he doesn’t know what to say to stay at the center of the discussion.

By putting the word occupation in scare quotes the New York Times demonstrated everything that is wrong with its coverage of Israel/Palestine

Wilson Dizard on
New York Times headquarters.

The New York Times on Thursday described Israel’s military occupation in dismissive quotations (i.e “occupation”) in a story concerning Israelis and Palestinians and the Democratic National Convention. In another breathtaking example of digital illiteracy and editorial discombobulation, the Times removed the insensitive quotation marks a few hours afterwards with no editorial explanation. Maybe it was all some kind of innocent misunderstanding. But there’s plenty of reason not to believe that.

Israel is at war over nature of a Jewish state, and NYT spins it as ‘changing of the guard’

Yakov Hirsch on
James Bennet, editorial page editor of the New York Times

Israeli leadership is in crisis over the nature of the Jewish state, with leaders saying the political culture is reminiscent of Nazi Germany; and a NY Times editorial that treats the events as a political reshuffling is an embarrassing and obfuscating contribution to the discourse. What will it take for the Times to stop making the most preposterously generous interpretations of Israeli actions?

‘New York Times’ finally tells its readers: Netanyahu is ‘dangerous’

Philip Weiss and Yakov Hirsch on
Ronen Bergman

A NYT article by Ronen Bergman says Israel’s top military leaders regard Benjamin Netanyahu as a religious, ideological ambitious man who seeks “belligerent” solutions to problems. Then why is Hillary Clinton saying she wants to invite this “dangerous” man to the White House in her first month as president?

Israeli leader’s ‘extremism’ charge makes headlines around the world — but 10th paragraph in New York Times!

James North and Philip Weiss on
Moshe Ya'alon, former Israeli Defense Minister, has condemned threats against an Israeli commander for testifying in manslaughter trial of medic who killed prone Palestinian

“Extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel and also the Likud Party and have shaken the house and are threatening to hurt the inhabitants,” Defense Minister Ya’alon says in resigning. The shocking statement makes headlines around the world, but the New York Times treats the story like the CT governor’s race, and buries the “extremism” quote.