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It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else

Philip Weiss on

At the 92d Street Y, David Makovsky says SJP has its roots in Hamas and JVP doesn’t work with SJP, and other falsehoods about the Palestinian solidarity movement; and the pity is that his opponents are never invited to rebut him. The Jewish community used to be smart. Now Zionism dumbs down everything it touches.

Jared Kushner fired me over Israel ten years ago

Philip Weiss on

Donald Trump has now named his son-in-law Jared Kushner as a senior adviser, notably on Middle East and Israel issues. Ten years ago, Kushner fired Philip Weiss from the New York Observer after Weiss started reporting on the Israeli occupation. Weiss reflects on his experience with Kushner and what it could mean for his upcoming White House role.

Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown

Adam Horowitz on

Journalist Eli Lake has been unhinged by the UN resolution against Israeli settlements that Obama allowed to go through, and has been accusing Obama of cowardice and hatred, invoking biblical claims to Jerusalem and attacking writers who disagree with him as terrorists

Making David Friedman ambassador to Israel is a boon for ISIS

Allan C. Brownfeld on

Donald Trump is giving ISIS a recruiting tool by nominating an extremist supporter of settlers as ambassador to Israel in David Friedman. Hatred of the U.S. will increase if the Arab world comes to believe that the U.S. is abandoning the Palestinians.

Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they’re beggars

Philip Weiss on

Kingmakers Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban are suddenly reduced to begging for crumbs from their respective political parties. This is the message of John Bolton’s failed candidacy for the State Department, Keith Ellison’s survival as frontrunner for the Democratic Party chair, and Trump’s elevation of extremist David Friedman as his ambassador to Israel. These are all signs of the new nationalism we are going to be seeing in the Trump administration: Jews can have Israel and Palestine, but America is for Americans.

Trump has a ‘magic moment’ in June 2017 to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, Israel lobbyist tells NY synagogue

Philip Weiss on

Speaking to an audience at Central Synagogue in New York City, David Makovsky of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says BDS is a threat because there are a rising number of minority students on US campuses who think Israel stole the land from Palestinians, and if anti-Semitism worsens, American Jews will expect Benjamin Netanyahu as “the leader of all Jews” to speak out against it in the U.S.

David Brooks’s drumbeat: an ‘expansive foreign policy’

Philip Weiss on

David Brooks is angry about the non-interventionists who have taken over the Republican Party. These populists “hate journalists,” he says. He ought to reflect on his support for the Iraq war, which paved the way for the political revolution on the right.

Tulsi Gabbard’s screw-the-neocons meeting with Trump sparks anger, derision, encouragement

Philip Weiss on

During his round of interviewing potential job applicants, Donald Trump had one meeting with a Democratic politician: Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a leading antiwar figure, an Iraq war veteran and Bernie Sanders ally and former rising star in the party. The Monday meeting is important because of what Gabbard said about foreign policy: screw the neoconservatives and […]

I’m not worried about anti-Semitism

Philip Weiss on

Phil Weiss says that Jewish status is changing with the Trump election, but comparisons to the Holocaust are overblown and self-involved: “I can’t diminish that reaction, but no one with any influence is talking about a registry for Jewish names, as they are for Muslims. Or restrictions on Jewish emigration, as they do for Muslims. Or talking about the problems in the Jewish religion– as the new national security adviser and top strategist Bannon do. We misread history if we think that is coming to the US. Other dangers are much closer.”

Invite to Netanyahu brought a big donor to Dem thinktank– and ‘we’ll never be called anti-Semitic again’

Philip Weiss on

The latest emails from the Clinton campaign released by Wikileaks are radioactive. Two emails last year to campaign chairman John Podesta from Neera Tanden, head of the Clintonite thinktank Center for American Progress, lay bare the influence of Zionist money on the political process as nothing else has. “Netanyahu was worth it,” Neera Tanden, head of a Clintonite thinktank, effused after a wealthy Zionist donor, Jonathan Lavine, joined her group’s board, a month after Tanden had staged a fawning “interview” with the rightwing Prime Minister who tried to destroy the Iran deal.

Saban urged Clinton campaign to do negative research on Jeremy Ben-Ami re Israel

Philip Weiss on

Megadonor Haim Saban called Bernie Sanders “bad bad bad” on Israel and urged the Clinton campaign to research James Zogby and Jeremy Ben-Ami’s “awful” statements about Israel to get ‘ammunition’ against Bernie Sanders last winter, according to the latest email released by Wikileaks.