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Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye

Philip Weiss on
Obama and Friedman, from the NYT

In an interview with Tom Friedman of the New York Times, President Obama shows that he has won on foreign policy, speaking warmly of Iran and repeatedly referring to differences with Netanyahu in a kind of goodbye to the Israel lobby

Conservative revolutionaries and the echo of German fascism

Todd E. Pierce on
Leo Strauss

The US and Israel share a common outlook, calling for continuous military interventionism outside each country’s borders with increased exercise of authority by the military and other security services within their borders. This is no accident. It can be traced back to joint right-wing extremist efforts in both countries with American neoconservatives playing key roles.

‘NYT’ addresses pro-Israel donors’ influence over Congress

Philip Weiss on
Eric Lipton of the Times

The New York Times has finally done it: an honest piece about the Israel lobby’s financial influence over Congress, the Republican side of the aisle, anyway. Netanyahu’s influence among Republicans reflects the power of “a small group of wealthy donors.”

Now Obama needs to ‘compensate’ Netanyahu — NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)

Annie Robbins on
Dore Gold

New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren suggests Obama owes some sort of compensation to Israel for not kowtowing to Netanyahu on Iran. The Times did not get the message that Netanyahu got knocked down, left behind and hung out to dry in Lausanne, Switzerland two days ago. He’s been demoted, not the other way around.

When occupation becomes apartheid

Gil Maguire on
Dean Rusk

Israel created an apartheid system and became an apartheid state at the end of the 1967 war, 48 years ago. It’s high time that we, as Americans, face up to the fact that our military, economic, and diplomatic support of that country is support for apartheid, abetting nearly half a century of oppression of 4.5 million Palestinians.

Bibi talk: ‘New York Review of Books’ trivializes Israeli fascism

Philip Weiss on

In a NY Review of Books piece that describes “proto-fascist” currents in the last Israeli election, David Shulman never uses the nickname “Bibi” for Netanyahu. But the editors of the journal do so twice in headlines, surely out of some lingering affection for the Jewish strongman

Leaked Clinton fundraising memo reveals presidential campaign strategy

Philip Weiss on
Hillary Clinton is running for President. (Photo: AJC)

Hillary Clinton has decided to run for president, according to a secret “eyes on the prize” memo obtained by Mondoweiss. The email to Clinton today from her longtime adviser Ann Lewis says the Clinton team will have a “wildly successful” campaign if it can stick to “the recipe from tried and true campaign plans” to meet a $1 billion fundraising goal. That “recipe” may surprise you, or not.

Approaching Easter and Passover

Marc H. Ellis on
Elizabeth Warren makes a speech at the AFL-CIO Wages Summit, in Washington, DC.

How many more Passover and Easter seasons will Jews and Christians of Conscience observe until our dissent rings hollow even to ourselves? Marc Ellis asks

Clinton and Cruz both betrayed Obama’s foreign policy yesterday

James North and Philip Weiss on
Hoenlein and Netanyahu in February

Hillary Clinton throws Obama’s foreign policy under the bus, making a call to a leading rightwing Israel supporter Sunday to say that she wants to put the relations between the countries back on a constructive track. Not a word in the Times about her fundraising concerns.

Tipping point?

Philip Weiss on
Donna Edwards

Are we approaching a tipping point in US public opinion on Israel? The VA bar association cancels a trip to the country because of objections to its “discriminatory” practices, while support for Israel is likely to be a major issue in a race between MD congresspeople Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards for Senate.