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An inside look at the UCC vote to divest from the Israeli occupation

Mike Daly on
Members vote during the United Church of Christ General Synod 2015 in Cleveland. (Photo: United Church of Christ via Flickr)

Mike Daly interviews The Rev. Allie Perry about her experience as a delegate at the United Church of Christ General Synod, recently held in Cleveland, Ohio. Perry supported the resolution calling on the church to divest from the Israeli occupation which passed by an overwhelming margin of 508 to 124 with 38 abstentions. Perry says, “I hope people can see this as its own case study of how one, within one’s community, can organize to work on building the movement, until we get to a tipping point. I hope and pray and believe that that is happening.”

‘NYT’ discovers elephant in living room: ‘Pro-Israel billionaires’

James North and Philip Weiss on
New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez

Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson both want to bomb Iran and both support Sen. Robert Menendez’s defense fund. And even the New York Times states in a headline that “Pro-Israel billionaires” are backing Menendez. The elephant in the room is getting some attention

Et tu, Michael Oren?

Michael Lesher on
Michael Oren

There’s a certain poetic justice about the indiscriminate treachery of Michael Oren’s new book, ironically titled Ally. Like Shakespeare’s Richard III, whose systematic betrayals punish his comrades for the parallel sins of their pasts, Oren – once Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. – is now smearing many of his Jewish-American former friends with a dose of their own medicine. In fact, it’s hard not to notice that every one of the folks offended by Oren’s new book has been just as mendacious as Oren himself when it comes to flacking for Israel.

Clinton can’t separate herself from foreign-policy buffoons Saban and Adelson

Roland Nikles on
Saban and Clinton

How would Hillary Clinton balance her unceasing commitment to neoconservatives with America’s policy interests in the region as president? In Syria as with Iraq, it’s clear Hillary’s instincts have been considerably more hawkish than Obama’s. Hawkish instincts proved a disaster in the wake of September 9, 2001.

Why the Charleston massacre isn’t terrorism, and Palestinian resistance always will be

Heike Schotten on
To Exist is to Resist

While any number of analysts and agencies are busy investigating “Islamic terror,” next to none pay any attention to the kind of attacks like those perpetrated by Dylann Roof in Charleston. That’s because the FBI isn’t interested in terrorism unless it is linked to Islam. This discourse has a history in the US, and Israel’s interests figure in that history.

Resume requirement for counter-terrorism job appears to include: Jewish

Philip Weiss on
Adam Szubin

Adam Szubin, Obama’s nominee for counter terrorism czar in Treasury, would be the third Jew to hold that job. That’s because the position is an Israel lobby position; Obama has to demonstrate to the lobby that he’s tough on Iran in order to try and cut a deal with the country.

Joining up (Tzedek Chicago, and a Judaism beyond nationalism)

Marc H. Ellis on
Brant Rosen, center, with Steering Committee co-chairs Mark Miller (left) and Susan Klonsky (right) at the Tzedek Chicago launch event, June 28, 2015 (photo: Lisa Kosowski)

A new religious venture, Tzedek Chicago, is headed by the rebellious, anti-Zionist and Psalmist, Rabbi Brant Rosen. “We reject the view that any one people, ethnic group or nation is entitled to any part of our world more than any other.”

Oren’s demands make Israel’s liberal apologists squirm

Philip Weiss on
Yossi Klein Halevy

Michael Oren’s book Ally is driving a wedge into the Israel lobby by demanding that liberal American Jews choose between loyalty to the Jewish people (and support for an intransigent Netanyahu’s racist Israeli policies) and their own belief in social justice