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As occupation enters its 50th year, draft Democratic platform won’t say the word

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz on
Hillary Clinton and Netanyahu

The report is that Bernie Sanders just won a string of concessions from the Hillary Clinton camp on the 2016 party platform. Wall Street reform, banking reform, regulations on hedge funds, criminal justice reform, greater opposition to the death penalty, and let’s fight for a $15 minimum wage. Sanders is “winning some big victories,” says Greg Sargent in the Washington Post, but guess what’s not in the concessions? Where are Clinton’s redlines? You guessed it. Vox says the sticking points are Trans Pacific Partnership, stronger measures to slow global warming, and Israel Palestine.

‘NY Jewish Week’ speaks bluntly of ‘Israel firsters’ in US politics

Philip Weiss on
Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week

It’s about time American Jews talked about the problem of dual loyalty inherent in Zionism; and a pro-Israel publication, the Jewish Week, encouraged that discussion by running a column on how “Israel Firsters,” those who vote on the basis of what is best for Israel, are approaching this election.

New Jersey becomes 11th state to pass anti-BDS measure

Alex Kane on
Governor Chris Christie shares a laugh with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while Sarah Christie, 16, Patrick Christie, 11 and Bridget Christie, 8, looks on in the Office of the Prime Minister  on Monday, April 2, 2012. (Photo: Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

New Jersey became the 11th state to pass legislation against the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. The law to prohibit pension fund investment in pro-boycott companies now goes to Governor Chris Christie, who is expected to sign the bill. The move by the State Assembly is a defeat for for opponents of the bill who say the measure is an attack on the First Amendment right to boycott Israel.

‘It’s a real problem if the thing we get upset about is stones’ –Ehrenreich deflects talking points on public radio

Philip Weiss on
Ben Ehrenreich

We’re closely following the reception of Ben Ehrenreich’s big new book, The Way to the Spring, because he is offering American media a fresh opportunity to discover the simple truths of occupation: that overwhelming military enforcement of apartheid and dispossession in occupied territories will spark resistance, including (horrors!) the throwing of stones by young men. […]

Letters to Hillary

Susie Day on
Hillary Clinton reading her email.

Susie Day imagines a series of satirical letters from Hillary Clinton’s most ardent admirer: “As Senator, you masterfully voted for the war in Iraq, and have for years expertly supported just about every U.S. military intervention – without losing an ounce of your femininity. As Secretary of State, you deftly orchestrated the bombing of Libya. And when Muammar Gaddafi died, sodomized with a bayonet blade, you wittily quipped on TV news: “We came, we saw, he died.” You even got the State Department to approve $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments gave big bucks to the Clinton Foundation. Take THAT, sexism!”

Post Orlando, a Muslim’s comment on homophobia within the Muslim community

Katie Miranda on
Calligraphy says Al Rahman, The Most Compationate. (Image: Katie Miranda)

Following the massacre carried out by Omar Mateen in Orlando’s Pulse nightclub, the subject of homosexuality in the lives of American Muslims has been brought front and center. Katie Miranda discusses her own conversion to Islam and her challenges with homophobia in the Muslim community: “People are free to believe what they want to believe about homosexuality. The problem is the homophobic rhetoric in the Muslim community which is as vile as the Islamophobic rhetoric coming from Pam, Donald and the mainstream media. Let’s not keep our heads in the sand about this anymore.”

Front-page article in ‘NYT’ exposes the lie that wall is a security barrier

James North and Philip Weiss on
Photo of Palestinians at a checkpoint beside the wall. H/t KR twitter feed, and Scott Roth

A frontpage article in the New York Times says that 30-60,000 Palestinians a year go illegally across the “security barrier” to work in Israel, along with 55,000 legal workers; thus making clear that the wall hasn’t stopped attacks on Israelis, Palestinians have chosen not to use violence by and large.

PEN American Center is unwilling to fulfill its mission when it comes to defending Palestinian writers –Updated

Patrick Connors on
Dareen Tatour

PEN American Center released a statement last Friday expressing concern over Israel’s arrest of Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour, a Palestinian citizen of Israel who was arrested in October 2015 over a poem and two Facebook posts. The PEN American Center statement is welcome because it uses the organization’s credibility to draw attention to the injustice of Tatour’s detention, yet it denies Tatour’s very self-identification as a Palestinian, denies the existence of Israeli military occupation, and fails to call for Tatour’s release.