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Michigan Arabs react to Trump’s executive order — ‘worse than 9/11’

Julia Kassem on

The response to Donald Trump’s travel ban within the Arab community of east Dearborn, Michigan, has been one of urgent fear and confusion, as evidenced by the overwhelming turnout of town halls and community panels. Abed Ayoub, legal policy director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the largest grassroots Arab American advocacy organization, reported receiving over 1500 calls to the organization in 48 hours. “The impact it had on the community’s psyche was worse than 9/11,” the attorney said.

Israel has had a ‘Muslim ban’ from the start

Jonathan Ofir on

Here in Israel we’re experts in Muslim bans. We’ve banned Palestinians, who we said didn’t even exist, from returning to their homes, for 7 decades. We just had to. Jewish State, you know. We’ve banned Palestinians from reunifying families. We’ve banned them from being full citizens. And liberal Zionists hold the bag for us.

Trump’s first counter-insurgency strike leaves 15 civilians dead and a town in Yemen destroyed

Allison Deger on

An eight-year old American girl in Yemen’s Bayda province was killed along with 14 other civilians on Sunday during the Trump administration’s first counter-insurgency operation. An American soldier was also killed during the fighting, which was ordered by the president without being fully briefed, according to critics from within the armed forces who–in an unusual move–leaked to the press.

Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.

Marc H. Ellis on

Who would have thought the Holocaust would become a central issue in the first weeks of the Trump administration? This year the White House statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day changed radically; Jews mysteriously disappeared from the Holocaust. And yet, in the White House It appears that a Jewless Holocaust is being coupled with an Israel First foreign policy. The early days of the Trump Administration are full of surprises.

The legislation that will be used to intimidate and imprison members of the Muslim community has been introduced

Michael Merryman-Lotze on

A bill to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization has now been introduced in Congress. This action against the Muslim Brotherhood is about political repression in this country, not just abroad. In the US this law will be used to sweep up and act against groups in the Muslim Community. Groups like CAIR, the Muslim Student Association, and American Muslims for Palestine will be some of the first groups attacked, even if there are no provable links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Concerned about a Muslim Registry? This is the registry.

Catholic mass for Muslims draws more than 600 people blocks from the White House

Sabith Khan on

Just a few feet from the White House, a “White House Mass for Muslim refugees” was organized recently to stand in solidarity with the Muslim community. This Mass organized by the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, a local advocacy group in Washington D.C. brought together a cross-section of DC’s residents. There were signs that read “Christians supporting Muslims” or “No ban, No Wall” “We are ALL Immigrants” “Our huddled mass welcomes your huddled mass” and “Refugees welcome”. This crowd of people brought together public-spirited Catholics, Muslims and others, with a passion for social justice.

White House insists executive order isn’t a ‘Muslim ban’, but Jews and Christians seem welcomed

Allison Deger on

The White House has dismissed the use of the term “Muslim ban” to describe the executive order signed by President Trump Friday that temporarily suspended the entry of travelers and refugees with origins from seven Muslim majority nations. But then why is the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv telling non-Muslims from those same countries they can still travel to the U.S.?

‘NYT’ should stop hiding the truth: settlements are illegal under international law

(((James North))) on

Once again the NYT covers up the illegal nature of Israeli settlements, suggesting the world has it out for Israel. ‘World leaders have denounced the settlements in the West Bank.” The Times should say that the settlements are considered a flagrant violation of international law– or tell us why that’s not the case.

‘No ban, no wall!’ Rally for Muslim and immigrant rights draws 3000 in New York

Jesse Rubin on

Just a day after newly-sworn President Donald Trump vowed to make good on his campaign promises to build a US-Mexico border wall and ban Muslim immigrants, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of New York organized an “emergency rally for Muslim and Immigrant Rights.” Chanting ‘No ban, no wall!’ more than 3,000 people gathered in Washington Square Park in New York last night in a show of solidarity with Muslim and immigrant American communities.

Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban

Roqayah Chamseddine on

Along with initiating the process to further militarize the US-Mexico border, Donald Trump will reportedly be signing an executive order to restrict immigration from Muslim-majority countries that are considered to be a ‘national security threat’—these include Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Hisham, a permanent US resident originally from Iraq, has been watching the news almost non-stop for any updates on Trump’s immigration policy. He says as his voice shakes, “I don’t know what I’m going to do. My fiance and her mother are going to be stuck [in Najaf] and I can’t explain to them why. How can I tell them that [Trump] is targeting Iraq because of “national security”? What has Iraq done? I’m confused and hurt. Refugees running from hell shouldn’t have to worry about another hell trying to get to a place of safety.”