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Clinton propagates false understanding of Camp David

Dorgham Abusalim on
Rob Malley, senior adviser at the White House on Middle East and counter-ISIL campaign

During a performance of Israeli right wing talking points in Thursday night’s debate in New York, Hillary Clinton’s response on Camp David summit simply fell short of being true.

Video: Israelis feel the love for Donald Trump

Dan Cohen on
Screenshot from 'Israelis are not feeling the Bern in Jerusalem'

Most Israelis I spoke to in Jerusalem’s Zion Square about the upcoming US presidential election disparaged Bernie Sanders, but spoke fondly of Donald Trump. Trump’s Muslim ban and Ted Cruz’s proposal to have police patrol “Muslim neighborhoods” were popular.

Trump supporters in New York take on ISIS

Wilson Dizard on
Supporters listen to Donald Trump in Bethpage, NY. (Photo: Wilson Dizard)

At a Trump rally in Bethpage, Long Island last week, about 10,000 people from across the tri-state came to hear the Donald speak on a windy, grey Wednesday evening. Wilson Dizard asked attendees if they would support reinstituting the draft to take on ISIS. Diane Ammar, 62, from Long Island, offered an alternative, “I’d bomb the whole place. Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran and ISIS”.

‘NY Times’ has double standard for Arab and Jewish reporters

Philip Weiss on
New York Times headquarters.

Jodi Rudoren and Ethan Bronner, former NYT Jerusalem bureau chiefs, fall over one another trying to explain away the term “Zionist” when they’re asked whether they’d describe themselves that way. Meantime NYT’s Diaa Hadid gets the third degree over her phase of Palestinian activism.

Bernie Sanders and the Brooklyn dream

Wilson Dizard on
A Bernie Sanders rally in Brooklyn (Photo: Wilson Dizard)

Wilson Dizard reports on Bernie Sanders barnstorming through New York City and says Brooklyn is the Jerusalem that works. Unlike any other campaign this year, Sanders’ bid for the presidency has brought together and proved a powerful political common cause for American Muslims and Jews, who now volunteer side-by-side for his campaign. One young hasidic Sanders supporters tells Dizard, “Trump is a bigot. He says he wants to ban all Muslims, but I believe he wants to execute all Muslims. That’s not what Brooklyn is about.”

Why Clinton’s Iraq decision matters

Donald on
Hillary Clinton speaks at the AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C., March 21, 2016. Photo:  Saul Loeb/Getty Images

The United States needed strong antiwar voices when George W. Bush pushed to go into Iraq. Then Senator Hillary Clinton was not such a leader; and it is a sign of the Democratic Party’s corruption that so many are willing to forgive her this mistake

Bernie Sanders’ record on Palestine

Nicolas Sawaya on
Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is clearly more progressive on the Palestinian issue than any other major candidate for the Presidency including Hillary Clinton. Still, Nicolas Sawaya says a review of his record on key issues in support of the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice falls well short.

‘Haaretz’ exposes ‘The New York Times’

Jerome Slater on
Isabel Kershner

NY Times coverage of Israel is a travesty. At a time when Haaretz is publishing critiques of repression of Israeli dissidents and cut-offs of power to Palestinians under occupation, New York Times publishes story on the army asking veterans to return old military equipment, which they have kept because of “collective nostalgia.”

Sanders walks free of the shadows of anti-Communism, Zionism and materialism

Jessica Benjamin on
Pete Seeger being questioned by the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in August 1955

The fact that Bernie Sanders marched through the era of conformity, anti-Communism, and materialism to maintain an identity as a democratic socialist without the fear of anti-Communist stigmatization or need to belong to a more respectable form of Jewish identity is one of the extraordinary features of his character.