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US Policy in the Middle East

Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism

Philip Weiss on

In the Trump era, liberal Zionists and anti-Zionists must form a new coalition for progress. And liberal Zionists will have to give up their illusion of a Jewish, democratic state.

Liberal supporters of Israel slam Trump’s ‘terrifying’ comments– some saying Jews need to keep a majority

Philip Weiss on

In the hours since President Trump said he was agnostic about whether Israel and Palestine should be two states or one, many supporters of Israel have taken to the airwaves to cite the danger that a one-state outcome would pose to Israel’s Jewish majority. Some liberal supporters of Israel spoke frankly, and illiberally, about demographic concerns in a one state outcome: that Palestinians will outnumber Jews, thereby endangering the “Jewish democracy.”

Trump and Netanyahu’s ‘deal’ for separate peace between Israel and Arab countries is a fantasy

Philip Weiss on

At their press conference today at the White House Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu laid out a vision for a peace deal between Arab countries and Israel that supersedes the Israel-Palestine conflict. John Kerry dismissed this as a fantasy: “There will be no advance and separate peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and Palestinian peace. Everybody needs to understand that. That is a hard reality.”

Donald Trump and the ‘ultimate deal’

Ted Snider on

Almost immediately upon getting elected, Donald Trump declared his desire “to do…the deal that can’t be made.” The new administration’s foreign policy is still unsettled, but Trump’s early statements, absence of statements, and Middle East appointments seem to be at odds with his expressed desire to be the president who finally closes “the ultimate deal.”

Michigan Arabs react to Trump’s executive order — ‘worse than 9/11’

Julia Kassem on

The response to Donald Trump’s travel ban within the Arab community of east Dearborn, Michigan, has been one of urgent fear and confusion, as evidenced by the overwhelming turnout of town halls and community panels. Abed Ayoub, legal policy director at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the largest grassroots Arab American advocacy organization, reported receiving over 1500 calls to the organization in 48 hours. “The impact it had on the community’s psyche was worse than 9/11,” the attorney said.

Trump’s first counter-insurgency strike leaves 15 civilians dead and a town in Yemen destroyed

Allison Deger on

An eight-year old American girl in Yemen’s Bayda province was killed along with 14 other civilians on Sunday during the Trump administration’s first counter-insurgency operation. An American soldier was also killed during the fighting, which was ordered by the president without being fully briefed, according to critics from within the armed forces who–in an unusual move–leaked to the press.

White House insists executive order isn’t a ‘Muslim ban’, but Jews and Christians seem welcomed

Allison Deger on

The White House has dismissed the use of the term “Muslim ban” to describe the executive order signed by President Trump Friday that temporarily suspended the entry of travelers and refugees with origins from seven Muslim majority nations. But then why is the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv telling non-Muslims from those same countries they can still travel to the U.S.?

‘NYT’ should stop hiding the truth: settlements are illegal under international law

(((James North))) on

Once again the NYT covers up the illegal nature of Israeli settlements, suggesting the world has it out for Israel. ‘World leaders have denounced the settlements in the West Bank.” The Times should say that the settlements are considered a flagrant violation of international law– or tell us why that’s not the case.