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US Policy in the Middle East

‘US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,’ Pelosi admits at AIPAC

Philip Weiss on

US politicians swearing fealty to Israel at AIPAC know there are cracks in US support. “When people sometimes say to me, the United States is so overwhelmingly partial to Israel in this discussion, I say Yes of course. We have been friends for a long time,” Nancy Pelosi admits.

‘Scariest part’ of Trump’s draft peace plan promises he will be ‘personally involved’

Philip Weiss on

Donald Trump’s draft of a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians sets the peace process back 20 years by talking about a “provisional entity,” not a Palestinian state and by allowing settlement construction in Jerusalem, Khalil Jahshan of the Arab Center reports. It also assures the parties that Trump will be “personally involved in the process,” and that’s the “scariest part of the plan.”

Broad coalition attends teach-in on Israel lobby ahead of AIPAC conference

Philip Weiss on

“Senator Hatfield said– and I will never forget these words as long as I live– ‘In this great distinguished institution of the United States Senate, when the Israel lobby says jump, 90 plus of my colleagues say how high. They never ask why.'” Khalil Jahshan at the annual Israel lobby conference in Washington, D.C.

Robert Silvers was a lion on Vietnam and Iraq, and a pussycat on Israel

Philip Weiss on

Robert Silvers, the late editor of the New York Review of Books, ran Tony Judt’s great piece imagining a one-state democracy in Israel and Palestine in 2003, and then he ran away from it. Silvers could take on the establishment over Vietnam, Iraq, and Freud; but he couldn’t really go after Israel.

AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too

Philip Weiss on

If a definition of Deep State is being impervious to elections, then what about the influence that AIPAC has exercised in both parties: fostering Trump’s Islamophobia and trampling a Democratic Party thinktank’s efforts to expose that Islamophobia. Eli Clifton shows that AIPAC supported Frank Gaffney, the Islam-basher, to the tune of $60,000.

‘Unfortunately there are many more decent than brave people’ — Michael Sfard

Robert Herbst on

“One has to be brave to participate in non-violent dissent, and unfortunately there are many more decent than brave people,” says Israeli human rights lawyer Michael Sfard. “Israeli politicians are afraid,” and there have been a “tsunami of bills to close the democratic space available to us.”

Steve Bannon’s Judeo-Christian ‘Camp of the Saints’

Jonathan Ofir on

The new white-supremacists have found a model that happened to be created by a certain stream of Jews – the ‘strong Jews’ of Zionism. And the advantage that this alliance creates is far more substantial in realpolitik terms for those power-seeking white-supremacists, than the redundant old anti-Semitism.