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This is what occupation looks like: Israeli military raids Bil’in at 3 a.m. with batons and grenades

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(Photos by Hamde Aburahma)

    Two weeks ago I did a post about the Israeli military raiding the village of Bil'in in the middle of the night. In addition to sharing the horrifying news, it was also an example of what life under occupation looks like. Residents of Bil'in are reporting another similar raid this morning. Bil'in does receive extra attention from the Israelis because it has been at the forefront of resisting the occupation, but this treatment is not reserved for them. This is life under occupation. Imagine yourself living under these conditions. Imagine how you would respond. From the Friends of Freedom and Justice in Bil'in:

Explosions Pierce the Quiet of Bi'lin

    On July 7th at 3:30, soldiers disrupted the tranquility of Bi'lin by forcing their way into several houses.  Israeli soldiers came with a list of 10 names for arrest. When Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists arrived at the scene they were subjected to violence and intimidation by the Israeli occupation forces.  One activist with the International Solidarity Movement had non-violently  blocked the entrance to one of the doors when he was attacked by soldiers, forced to the ground, and subjected to pain compliance.  He was then arrested and carried by a group of soldiers into a military jeep.  When activists and community members responded, they were beaten back with batons and forced to dodge a large number of percussion grenades.

Img_0505     Meanwhile, activists tried blocking the jeeps from leaving by erecting makeshift barricades in the street.  The Israeli occupation forces responded with a number of percussion grenades and then rammed their jeeps through.  They forced their way up the street and to several other houses.  While there, they arrested a young man and issued nine summons to families of youths who were not present.  This was done without explanation or warning.  In the process of storming other houses, the soldiers were again confronted by activists and community members who refused to be dispersed even after repeated percussion and flash bang grenade attacks by soldiers.  The jeeps had to make an escape through a second set of erected barricades and they exited into the night with their victims inside.

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