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# of New Yorkers opposing ‘special relationship’ with you-know-who jumps from 1/3 to 1/2 after just 90 minutes of exposure to facts

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I missed the debate at NYU last night over a Resolution to end the special relationship with Israel. Rashid Khalidi and Roger Cohen for, Stu Eizenstat and Israeli Itamar Rabinovich agin. Praise the lord, Tablet was there, and has a typically Israel-lobbyish report, which includes a great anecdote in which Cohen said that a Florida congressman was holding out his vote on health care till Obama took his foot off the gas on Israel/Palestine. I figured. And the piece buries the lead:

In the final vote, the yeas had it: 49% for, 47% against, 4% undecided (before the debate, it was 33% for, 42% against).

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