Gaza marks 1,000 days of siege

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(Photo: Max Ajl)

Max Ajl, from the blog Jewbonics, is in Gaza and wrote this brief report:

[There was] an event on Thursday to commemorate 1000 days of siege, a siege longer than Leningrad’s. The director of the popular committee against the siege spoke and lit the brazier. There were 1000 candles on the ground. There was also a short series of speeches, by Palestinian leaders and several members of the ISM, and a dancing and singing ceremony by some Palestinian children. Mostly, it was somber. It is not clear how to resist such a hermetic, technologically-based siege beyond simple survival, and it’s survival under terms that Israel continues to control. Sometimes, it’s not survival–I have learned that treatable cancers are a major source of death here. Necessarily, English-speaking attendees–and there were very few of us, the NGO-people and the journalists don’t come to these events–were in demand for interviews. There is a clear need to play to an international, and especially English-speaking audience.

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