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When do we tell the children? (Goldberg concedes that anti-Zionists are winning)

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I keep saying that Jeffrey Goldberg is confused. Well here’s more evidence. He knows that the settlement project is destroying Israel but he insists that Zionism can be saved. He refuses to accept his own complicity in the settlement enterprise, and all the other Israel lobbyists who supported the settlements no matter what throughout election cycles from the 90s on when they were under some political pressure here. Goldberg:

settlements should be fought as if there was no such thing as anti-Zionism, and anti-Zionism should be fought as if there were no such thing as the settlements. This, I think, reflects the centrist position.

Now comes a belief that is a delusion, as much as the contention in the 1950s that communism had liberated the Soviet proletariat was a delusion:

A centrist on the question of Israel believes that the settlements represent a corruption of Jewish ideals, but that Israel remains the physical manifestation of a righteous cause.

And now the realist collapse:

Now The right, of course, believes that settlements are an expression, not a corruption, of that cause. The left, on the other hand, believes that settlements are a manifestation of Zionism’s true nature. I disagree with that argument strenuously. But I will say this, though: The left position on this question has the wind at its back.

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