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Dear Mondoweiss Supporters and Contributors,

As you know, the Israel-Palestinian question grows more and more urgent with the slow meltdown of the two-state solution and never ending colonization of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Although there doesn’t seem to be much political will in Washington to turn the tide, this site is a reflection of the growing awareness that the status quo cannot continue.

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 information about the Middle East

Far from it being difficult to find material, we are now swamped in new material every week. We have increased our coverage – monitoring the Israeli, Arab and American press – and introduced dozens of new contributors. We plan close coverage of the upcoming flotilla and the September UN vote on Palestinian statehood, including some exclusives, and we’re planning another reporting trip to Israel/Palestine : the kind of stories the mainstream simply won’t publish.

We need your help to allow us to continue this breadth of coverage and continue to grow the site. At a time when many online news organizations are experimenting with new models of underwriting news, we’ve decided to start voluntary subscriptions to

Donate to now
to keep open the free flow of
 information about the Middle East

We plan to hire a part-time editorial assistant with the money raised during this fundraising drive to help us keep up as the site continues to grow in size and influence. We’re here to stay, and we need your support to ensure that Mondoweiss will be around for the long haul.

We would like to suggest a monthly subscription of $5/month for those of you who can afford it

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Of course, larger one time donations are also very much appreciated. ;)

As a way to mark our exciting new partnership with the Center for Economic Research and Social Change, and Haymarket Books, all subscribers will get a copy of Omar Barghouti’s new book on BDS from Haymarket.

boycott divestment sanctions the global struggle for palestinian rights
boycott divestment sanctions
the global struggle for palestinian rights

And those who are able to donate $100 or more will receive a copy of Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappe’s new book on Gaza, Gaza in Crisis, also published by Haymarket.

Gaza in Crisis Chomsky Pappe
Gaza in Crisis Chomsky Pappe

In addition, everyone who subscribes will get a sustainer star beside his or her handle on comments. We will continue to enhance site features to make the site more user friendly and robust as the conversation, and debate, continue to grow.

Thank all of you again for your contributions to this site as both readers and writers. It’s been wonderful working and growing with you. Never to relent, never to falter in our pursuit of understanding and justice.


Philip Weiss & Adam Horowitz

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

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