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Do you deny Israel’s right to exist in a lowcut red dress?

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File under: “I thought I’d seen it all.” Dimi Reider introduces us to one of the most outlandish (“excruciatingly bad“) attempts at hasbara I’ve ever seen.

+972 was able to confirm through a source the video was commissioned by the GOI.


Is this for real? Your guess is as good as mine. This is so embarrassingly counterproductive one feels it simply has to be satire. But then again, so is our foreign policy.

Reider’s assessment of the video is right on, I recommend the link.

(Hat tip ddi)

Update: Benjamin Doherty has an update at Electronic Intifada giving some background on the video:

[Dimi Reider] identified the actress as Aimee Neistat. Max Blumenthal looked further and found that “Neistat is a Haaretz employee who translates Hebrew content into English.” She also wrote articles for The Jerusalem Post between 2007 and 2010.

The Electronic Intifada has learned that Zed Films produced the short video. Gil Roeh, the founder of Zed Films, wrote the script. The actor in the film is named Björn Nordholm. These facts were on the Zed Films web site as “recent news” on 22 June 2011 but have since been scrubbed. The Google cache of the page states:

“Rorschach test” video

We finished filming to “Rorschach test” video Staring Aimee Neistat and Bjorn Nordholm, Script: Gil Roeh.. Editing now. The video we’ll [sic] be out soon..

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