Thanks, my enemy. I love Palestine

Palestine flag-face, artist unknown

Every time I happen to think of Palestine, pretty fast beats my heart. It takes me back in memory to my grandpa’s orange field, my grandma’s embroideries, and my pa’s textile doll. All I have – all new Palestinian generations have – is what our ancestors tell about Palestine. I behold every grain of sand Palestine has in their eyes; I smell the smell of the old land in their palms. I have my own Palestine; they have theirs!

I have read the history of the Canaanites, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Wanderers, Alexander’s the Great –with his ups and downs-, the French, the English, the World War I, the World War II , the Ottomans, and the Arabs, but I never found Palestine. You murdered Palestine; you eliminated us. Even your books cannot recognise us!

We have never been invaders. We are landowners. But you cannot admit it; the first time you do, you condemn yourselves. You expose yourselves. Our lands have always been occupied; our blood has always been shed. You always tear our soft bodies apart. You smash our bones. You burn our flesh. For GOD’s sake, WE ARE HUMANS! Just let go. Leave us. Do not kill us. Do not destroy us. It is you… YES! You! You always start it all. Do you not live without killing? Can you not ignore me? Just ignore me. Think I am invisible. I want peace: for me, for you, for every living thing. Please, help me live in peace.

You call me names? You call me ‘terrorist’?!! You step on me; you fuck me; you steal my land; you abduct my child; you rape my wife; you lock up my brother; you kill my father, and you call me a ‘terrorist’?? Is it because every time you strip me naked I scream?? Is it because every time you smash my bones I cry?? Is it because I shed tears for my younger brothers every time they hear your bombs?? Am I a ‘terrorist’??

It is my pleasure then, call me a ‘terrorist’!

I cannot prosecute you. You are the judge and the victimizer. You are the legislator and the killer. I cannot prosecute you. Simply! But you know what I can do? I can tell my children about you. I can teach them how to love Palestine. I can make Palestine their father, mother, brother, everything–I can make Palestine everything for them. I can make it their only motive to live. And you know what?? I can teach them how to live and die with honor!

Yes, son… live for Palestine and die for Palestine.

I will teach my son how to co-exist, how to respect, how to– I will never make him a monster. A monster just like you! My son is human. Is yours? Do you stuff your son’s mind and soul with hatred, grudge, and evilness? Do you pass your rotten hate to him and make him thirst for our death? Is he prostituting for killing? But you know what… thanks, my enemy. You taught me how to love Palestine. Thanks, Israelis. You taught me how to love Palestine!