Israeli military shoots 14-year-old protester in face with rubber bullet

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izz tamimi
Izz Tamimi in Nabi Saleh, Friday March 23, 2012. (Photo: JC/ActiveStills)

Today during the weekly Friday demonstrations in Nabi Saleh, family members of political prisoner Bassam Tamimi were wounded with rubber bullets by the Israeli military. 14-year-old Izz al-Abdul Hazfith Tamimi was shot in the face and Usama Bilal Tamimi was shot in the leg. Today’s protest against the wall was also in dedication to Bassam Tamimi, who was arrested one year ago, and hunger striker Hana Shalabi.

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According to the linked-to Maan News Agency article, Izz al-Abdul Hazfith Tamimi is 15 years old, which makes him just that much more dangerous to the Jewish state, which, in turn, makes the Occupation Forces of the Jewish state just that much braver for having shot him in the face.

14 years old. Scarred for life.

So what’s the protocol for rubber bullets? It’s only rubber, so they shoot it at a Palestinian’s face?

I guess, if Israeli soldiers shoot tear gas canisters at a Palestinian’s face – this is them being the ‘most moral army in the world’.

Ah, the light among the nations…

Unfortunately, since the term “demonstration” covers everything from marching and chanting without any sort of attack to rocks, Molotov cocktails, and attempts by large mobs to attack small groups soldiers and overwhelm them by force of numbers, we have no way of knowing whether this was in self defense or not.

This makes me wince just looking at it (but I’m glad you posted it anyway because it needs to be seen).

Violence as the norm is truly a cancer on those perpetrating it.