1200 rabbis threaten an end to interfaith harmony if Methodists support divestment

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Next week at their conference in Tampa, the Methodists will consider divesting from Israel companies profiting off the occupation , and people are gearing up for the big struggle. Here is an amazing stroke that demonstrates the overwhelming support for Zionism inside the Jewish community, a letter reported in JTA from 1200 rabbis to Christian churches, appealing to them not to divest from Israel.

“We understand and respect your calling to invest in a morally responsible manner,” said the letter, which was launched two weeks ago. “A policy of divestment to pressure Israel runs counter to these goals. Such a one-sided approach damages the relationship between Jews and Christians that has been nurtured for decades. It promotes a lopsided assessment of the causes of and solutions to the conflict, disregarding the complex history and geopolitics. Furthermore, it shamefully paints Israel as a pariah nation, solely responsible for frustrating peace.”..

The rabbis are from all 50 states and represent the gamut of Jewish belief, including Orthodox, Chabad, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and Jewish Spirituality movements. The signatories also represent a range of political views, including signatories affiliated with the liberal New Israel Fund.

The Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for public policy groups, helped to organize the letter.

Note the incredible diversity of the rabbis. Tragic. Notice the consolidation of neocons (JCPA) and liberal Zionists (NIF).

And a lopsided assessment? One side is throwing rocks if they are doing anything, the other has nukes and M16s and a huge occupying army. That is the lopsided reality. I wonder how many of these rabbis have been to the occupation. I wonder how many have independently sought to assess the human rights violations for millions of people who lack the power of consent to the government that controls their lives.

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A quick clarification, Phil: the Methodists aren’t considering divesting “from Israel” as a whole (not that I would be against that, but that’s a different story); I think you unwittingly play into the resolution’s enemies’ hands here. In fact, the resolution is much, much simpler and more direct: it is to divest from three specific companies–HP, Motorola, and Caterpillar–because their products are directly used in service of the West Bank occupation and in violation of… Read more »

You’re back on the horse Phil. You’re posts of late have been tremendous. Must be riding high, with the Orioles playing so well…… :)

You mean you didn’t break the community wide open and cause a huge Jewish conversation? Incredible.

The JCPA is not neo-conservative. Not even remotely. Where do you get this crap from?

Yes, Phil, most Jews are Zionists, and most of those are liberal Zionists who want a two-state solution. That does not make them neo-cons.

Rabbis lives and families can also be ruined by being labelled Antisemitic, self hating, terrorist supporters. The Greater Israel project has had over a century of practice