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Najwa Doughman and Sasha Al-Sarabi’s story of getting their email searched in Ben Gurion airport was just one of several Mondoweiss stories that has been picked up by the mainstream media is recent months. (Image: Ethan Heitner)

Twice a year we ask for your support, and we usually talk about breaking the mainstream media’s blockade on the Israel/Palestine issue. Not this time. Maybe you’ve noticed—but the issue is finally breaking the surface. From Palestine’s politicization in the Republican presidential primaries to bold reporting at 60 Minutes to the Daily Beast‘s Open Zion blog to Andrew Sullivan and Robert Wright’s outspokenness to the replacement of the New York Times’ Israel-ra-ra correspondent by a reporter with genuine interest in Palestinian conditions– the mainstream media is changing before our eyes. Almost every day, big newspapers run op-eds that reflect sympathy for the Palestinian cause.

We would never claim that this is our doing. Many people have pushed the door open. But we have been a key part of a journalistic movement that is playing a critical role in widening the debate. There is still a ways to go. The mainstream discourse is timid. Its assumptions are at best the liberal Zionist idea that a 45-year-long occupation can be undone tomorrow by waving a wand called the two state solution.

Mondoweiss’s accomplishment has been to create a platform from which we can all question this orthodoxy. New York magazine recently called the site the hub of “the anti-Zionist wing of the American Jewish intellectual world,” and we’re proud we’re able to feature writers from around the world who shatter the stereotypes and perceived wisdom of the Middle East and US foreign policy. Our work is getting noticed and it seeds reporting in many other countries – whether on the scandalous treatment of Arab Americans at Ben Gurion airport or a congressman’s humorously inept understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We need to keep pushing — with reporting, moral insistence, and entertaining writing and comment. Please help us by making a tax-deductible donation to Mondoweiss today.

Over the past year, your support has helped us expand our staff and our reach. The site’s traffic continues to grow — we’ve had over 2.2 million unique visitors so far this year. Our numbers are directly tied to our having the resources to present first-hand reporting and analysis on a daily basis.

We feel incredible gratitude to readers for your bedrock support of our work. We have two exciting books to offer from our partners at Haymarket Books — Moshe Machover’s Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution and Deepa Kumar’s Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. Both books engage the themes we deal with on Mondoweiss everyday – Zionism, the Israeli-Palestinians conflict and the connections to US foreign and domestic politics. As a thank you we’ll be happy to send you one of the books for a tax-deductible donation of $60 and both of them for $100. In addition, all donations of $100 or higher are being matched by a generous anonymous donor. This will be a big lift as we seek to reach our goal of $40,000.

As always, thank you for being part of the Mondoweiss community and for helping make this site possible.

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Donation made. Hope it helps. :-)

While taking this request to other websites

Thanks for all of your remarkable work for justice Mondoweiss team. Knocking down the wall of silence


Keep up the good work, people Meanwhile Israel’s continued descent into bureaucratic barbarism continues . This story says it all. Israel’s experiment to see how much poverty and cruelty a captive population can take moves to a new level with the news that Gaza is now a breeding ground for medical disorders previously unknown. This is the Jewish state in action . This is tikkun olam 2012 Israeli scientists find new strain of MRSA… Read more »

I’m not sure Mondoweiss has affected exquisite culture caches, such as the New Yorker magazine–how to tell? This piece beyond Kafka?