Quick– somebody lock the doors and call the ICC!

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Presidents conference in Jerusalem

This picture of Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair, and Shimon Peres appeared in Haaretz’s coverage of the President’s Conference in Israel last week.

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I have this compulsive urge to scribble out TB.

it would be interesting to know when Tony Blair sold his soul to the zionists – before he ever got close to being prime minister or sometime after – and how did they seal the deal?

if only the photo-op had taken place in a country where a court had declared these three scoundrels to be war criminals. oh that there were such a nation!

Maybe, if he had any integrity, Blair would demand a response to the latest report by UK lawyers about the depraved way Israel treats Palestinian children: Meticulously documented abuses of children by Israel. Note that they have to demand of Israel that: Children should never be blindfolded or hooded. Children should not be shackled at any time. An end to night-time arrests of children Any confession in a language other than the child’s own… Read more »

RE: “Quick– somebody lock the doors and call the ICC!” “YO BLAIR”: UK soldiers beat innocent Iraqi men in ‘black ops’ jails ~ by David Rose, The Daily Mail, 6/24/12 [EXCERPTS] ‘The Mail on Sunday’ can today reveal devastating new claims of abuse by British soldiers carried out at a secret network of illegal prisons in the Iraqi desert. One innocent civilian victim is said to have died after being assaulted aboard an RAF helicopter,… Read more »