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‘Today I saw a lynch with my own eyes, in Zion Square, in the center of Jerusalem’

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Jerusalem 2012. The account first appeared on Facebook in Hebrew. Translated by Haaretz:

Dozens of Jewish youths attacked three young Palestinians in Jerusalem’s Zion Square early on Friday morning, in what one witness described as “a lynch” on Facebook.


The three were allegedly attacked by youths shouting “Death to the Arabs” at them, as well as other racial slurs. One of them fell on the floor, and his attackers continued to beat him until he lost consciousness. They subsequently fled from the scene.

Within a short period of time rescue volunteers and Magen David Adom rescue services arrived on the scene, and found the victim with no pulse and not breathing. After a lengthy resuscitation attempt, he was transferred to hospital.

Writing on her Facebook page, one eye witness decribed the attack as a lynch: “Its late at night, and I can’t sleep. My eyes are full of tears for a good few hours now and my stomach is turning inside out with the question of the loss of humanity, the image of God in mankind, a loss that I am not willing to accept.”

“But today I saw a lynch with my own eyes, in Zion Square, the center of the city of Jerusalem ….. and shouts of ‘A Jew is a soul and Arab is a son of a –,’ were shouted loudly and dozens (!!) of youths ran and gathered and started to really beat to death three Arab youths who were walking quietly in the Ben Yehuda street,” the witness wrote.

“When one of the Palestinian youths fell to the floor, the youths continued to hit him in the head, he lost consciousness, his eyes rolled, his angled head twitched, and then those who were kicking him fled and the rest gathered in a circle around, with some still shouting with hate in their eyes.”

“When two volunteers [from local charities] went into the circle, they tried to perform CPR the mass of youths standing around started to say resentfully that we are resuscitating an Arab, and when they passed near us and saw that the rest of the volunteers were shocked, they asked why we were so in shock, he is an Arab.

Mairav Zonszein has an account here. (Hat tip MW commenter Taxi)

Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is a mom, a human rights activist, and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area and likes to garden. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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28 Responses

  1. radii on August 17, 2012, 12:50 pm

    teaching children supremacy and hate never bodes well for the viability of the ideology that does so

    • on August 17, 2012, 8:43 pm

      It never did. From time immemorial.

    • Merk on August 18, 2012, 1:19 pm

      are you acting like the hate isn’t taught on both sides of this conflict? how about the hate which is taught between Sunni and Shia Muslims? The hate which is taught between Catholic and Protestants?

      I agree with you, hate is taught to Israeli youth, but to say that it is isolated is really dishonest of you.

      • annie on August 18, 2012, 1:38 pm

        are you acting like the hate isn’t taught on both sides of this conflict?

        if you have a point why not just make it, rather than making an accusation out of it.

        to say that it is isolated is really dishonest of you.

        asserting someone said something they didn’t reference is what is dishonest.

      • MLE on August 20, 2012, 4:26 am

        It’s disturbing because it’s ingrained deeply into Israeli society and then they attempt to explain it away as if it’s something it’s not.

        Like trying to turn the Confederate Flag into a symbol of States rights and a representation of “the South’s Rich Heritage”. Or minstrel shows were just good old fashioned entertainment, or somehow there isn’t something sick about kids playing Cowboys and Indians…

        Because Obama mentioned in some speech about how the poor Israeli children have to grow up knowing there are people being taught to hate them, like the young Israelis haven’t been taught to hate or find their Arab neighbors inferior since the first European Jews started arriving in Palestine.

  2. Blake on August 17, 2012, 1:24 pm

    DesertPeace covered this story as well. Phil Weiss wrote about being rational in an irrational scenario in another article. The morphing of human beings into animals. If this had happened in any western society and the victims were Jews it would be all over the news. Palestinians have been putting up with 64 years of these atrocities.

  3. Walid on August 17, 2012, 2:27 pm

    Today is the last Friday of Ramadan and the day to commemorate al-Quds International Day that was started by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinians and to oppose the Zionists control of Jerusalem. The Muslim and Christian Arab population of Jerusalem’s total is down to 38% and 84% of which is living in poverty because of what the Zionists are doing to them. It’s regrettable that this annual commemoration is observed only by the world’s Shia.

    • OlegR on August 17, 2012, 5:25 pm

      /oppose the Zionists control of Jerusalem/

      And to call the Zionist entity names like cancer that must be removed
      etc, etc…

      • American on August 17, 2012, 5:57 pm

        OlegR says:
        August 17, 2012 at 5:25 pm

        /oppose the Zionists control of Jerusalem/
        And to call the Zionist entity names like cancer that must be removed
        etc, etc…

        What do you want to call Zionism?….’misguided, a small social adjustment problem, a treatable infection, what’?
        I believe it’s gone past all that.

      • OlegR on August 17, 2012, 6:31 pm

        Well you see American there is a difference between you and Iranian government.

        You, are an anonymous shmok without any kind of responsibility
        and you can run your mouth exercising your right to free speech and call Israel names to your hearts content .

        Iranian government lead a powerful state with regional domination aspirations that runs a program aimed at acquiring WMD’s.
        When they run their mouth in such a manner they make me
        a simple Israeli citizen nervous and more importantly they make my government nervous and that is not good…

      • on August 17, 2012, 10:07 pm

        “And to call the Zionist entity names like cancer that must be removed
        etc, etc…”

        First of all, it is so refreshing to hear a war criminal Zionist like you call it the Zionist entity. Good.

        Then, you admit being part of this cancer to be removed. What are your protestations worth?

      • Merk on August 18, 2012, 1:20 pm

        OlegR is a war criminal? that is a pretty big accusation.

      • on August 24, 2012, 5:02 pm

        He wears the aggressor’s uniform on aggressed ground. That’s more than enough for the technically worse accusation of accessory in aggression. Now tell me that you can be an at least army-reserve “White” in the Zionist entity without having also participated in war crimes. Try.

        Once more: being under orders only make it worse, and anyway this one is a stalwart propagandist for the crimes. So even if his boasting of being a uniformed criminal were invented, he still is an accessory.

    • Blake on August 18, 2012, 11:56 am
      • Walid on August 19, 2012, 2:54 am

        Blake, other than for the few non-Muslims that commemorate it, like those in your video of the London demo, most of those that do are Shia Muslims. The Sunni collectivity, which makes up about 80% of all Muslims has just about abandoned the Palestinian cause eventhough most Palestinians are Sunni. It explains Israel’s obsession with Shia Iran. With Iran out of the way, it would be clear sailing for Israel to finish off the Palestinian problem.

      • Blake on August 19, 2012, 6:17 am

        There were commemorations around the world though and just because people don’t attend does not mean they don’t care. Many Sunnis I know would give their right hand to see a Free Palestine.

  4. gazacalling on August 17, 2012, 2:45 pm


  5. Fredblogs on August 17, 2012, 5:51 pm

    The good news is that the guy they took to the hospital is still alive. Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught.

    • ColinWright on August 17, 2012, 10:25 pm

      “Hopefully the perpetrators will be caught.”

      …and given a fair trial and acquittal, as the expression used to be — sort of.

  6. W.Jones on August 17, 2012, 6:21 pm

    The question in the table of contents was how much worse do things need to get before Americans wake up. Americans would have to feel it directly imposed on them themselves in their daily lives and have it explained to them that it’s wrong too. That’s the way it is with lots of stuff in the world.

    Maybe something like it being clear that they were being made to occupy Iran and other countries for a decade on behalf of and because of a system’s discrimination.

  7. ColinWright on August 17, 2012, 7:40 pm

    It’s hard not to notice that the more quiescent the Palestinians get, the more violent Israeli Jews become.

    I’d say that someone needs to show the Palestinians how to talk to Zionists. ‘Non-violence’ is just going to lead to only Jews being violent.

  8. DICKERSON3870 on August 17, 2012, 8:54 pm

    RE: “Dozens of Jewish youths attacked three young Palestinians
    in Jerusalem’s Zion Square early on Friday morning, in what one witness described as ‘a lynch’ on Facebook.” ~ on Facebook as translated by Haaretz

    ALSO SEE: : “The First Word: A day in Jerusalem”, By Yehudah Mirsky, Jerusalem Post, 05/07/09 

    [EXCERPTS] Nobody who has lived in Jerusalem in recent years needs any educating about the sword from without. A week ago Thursday I discovered the terror within. It coils through Jerusalem’s streets, and us. . .
    . . . As I came out of the plaza, right across the street from city hall, I saw four men jump, stomp and kick the daylights out of several others (Lord knows why) and run off.

    I called for the police and waited for them to arrive as people ran out of the surrounding pubs to help the crushed victims, whose blood ran down the sidewalk. 
    First ambulances came – some of the EMTs were haredim, and some were women. Then came the police, and I reported to them what I’d seen. After the police left, some young haredim came up to me, hungry for details: Did you see fists? Did you see a knife? 
    I told them how earlier in the day their comrades had nearly done the same to me.
    “There was action at the demo? We missed it?”. . .
    . . .When I finally got home, at about 2:30 in the morning, my wife was, luckily for me, awake. I told her something that I had been thinking and scared to say for a long while: that the Jerusalem of my dreams, the Jerusalem where heaven and earth kiss, the Jerusalem of my father’s childhood, is finally dead. . .


  9. Merk on August 17, 2012, 9:08 pm

    yeah, this is frickin disgusting. a fight is one thing, kicking a guy when he is on the ground until he is unconscious is another. The only way to stop these thug Jewish hatemongers is to make an example of those were caught. If the state of Israel is incapable of doing this, then it will lose a lot of support from the world Jewish community.

    • Walid on August 19, 2012, 3:01 am

      Merk, Israel is making a piss-poor example since it actually encourages its people to think of Palestinians as non-human. Last week it sentenced the soldier that shot and killed the 2 Gaza women carrying a white flag during Cast Lead to 45 days in jail for “illegal use of a firearm”. What did you have in mind that would serve as a good example?

  10. Kathleen on August 18, 2012, 1:28 am

    normalized hatred/racism

  11. ColinWright on August 19, 2012, 9:56 pm

    Things get worse: “… After initially treating the event as a brawl, police on Sunday for the first time referred to the attack on Palestinian youths by dozens of Jewish teens in Jerusalem early last Friday as a “lynching.”

    A police representative told the Magistrate’s Court that hundreds of people watched the event without helping the victims. Witnesses say the attack lasted a short while before police arrived and the attackers fled.

    Four minors between the ages of 13-15, including one girl, were arrested on Sunday in connection with the attack at Zion Square, in which one victim was seriously injured and three others were slightly hurt.

    Earlier, the court extended by four days the detention of the 19-year-old man arrested Friday. Police believe there will be further arrests.

    Sergeant First Class Shmuel Shenhav defined the attack as a lynch, and said: “The victim lost his consciousness and was thought to be dead until a Magen David Adom [emergency paramedic] crew arrived and resuscitated him. For several days he was anesthetized and artificially ventilated in the hospital. This was an extremely severe crime. Only a miracle saved him from death.” …”

    — Haaretz

    Hundreds watched, and none intervened? This in a nation where a call of ‘terrorist’ brings a dozen men to their feet pulling pistols from their suitcases? The melodramatically inclined might say that the nation of Israel just passed sentence on itself.

    I wonder if the New York Times et al will keep hushing it up? Maybe they’ll figure out a way to spin it.

  12. Denis on August 19, 2012, 11:30 pm

    Here is the real tragedy in this case, and it is so disturbing I hesitate to darken your day by relating the horrible story. Did you read about what those dastardly Israeli cops actually did to one of those poor Zionist suspects? You’re not gonna’ believe this, but . . .

    . . . the cops went to arrest him, woke him up at noon (at noon!), and took him to a police car. His poor momma had to witness all of this, as per Haaretz, who dutifully reported on this outrage:

    A 13-year-old suspect brought into court yesterday did not deny he was present at the scene, but said he wasn’t involved in the beating. His mother, L., told Haaretz: “They came at noon while he was sleeping. The investigators woke him up and took him to the police car. How can they do such a thing to a young kid?”

    We should all be appalled at this level of police brutality and the horror this poor woman had to witness at her son being awoken at noon. (At noon!) And we should ask ourselves: From whom does a racist, apartheid 13 year-old get his values and where does the line form to slap the s**t out of him? Must be the same kid on the horse.

    • MLE on August 20, 2012, 4:28 am

      It’s like shedding tears for George Zimmerman.

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