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8 former board members of Free Gaza Movement deplore anti-Semitic messaging

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Ali Abunimah has posted the following statement from former board members of the Free Gaza Movement.

As former board members of the Free Gaza movement (our terms ended in August, as outlined in a 22 September statement released by Free Gaza, though this was not immediately reflected in parts of the Free Gaza website), we are disappointed and frustrated by the message and video posted on the Free Gaza Twitter account entitled: “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps” and by the subsequent messaging posted by Greta Berlin on behalf of the new board of Free Gaza II. Although the tweet was deleted and Free Gaza II clarified that the posting was a mistake and pertinent context overlooked, we believe that the responses posted by Greta on behalf of Free Gaza II have been inadequate. Consultations and efforts made by some of the former members of the board with the current board members were either rejected or set aside, which has added to our disappointment. We had hoped that Greta would provide evidence of the context in which she says she posted the video, but her failure to do so has led us to now publicly voice our deep concern.

We unequivocally reject and distance ourselves from the tweeted video. Such anti-Semitism was never tolerated by Free Gaza or any of the people or groups with which we have worked.  We condemn all forms of racism and prejudice, including anti-Semitism.

We continue to support initiatives to end Israel’s illegal blockade on the Gaza Strip and its occupation and colonial apartheid practices in Palestine as a whole. It is imperative to be vigilant against racism in all its forms. It is also vital to work for the freedom of all people, and in our efforts to support Palestinians, it is the universal struggle for freedom that has motivated, sustained and guided the efforts of Free Gaza.

  • Huwaida Arraf
  • Caoimhe Butterly
  • Eliza Enshire
  • Alex Harrison
  • Fathi Jaouadi
  • Ewa Jasiewicz
  • Niamh Moloughney
  • Adam Shapiro
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69 Responses

  1. American on October 8, 2012, 9:04 pm

    O.K….too much piling on going on with this….who started it?..the Jewish Agency that was monitoring her tweets?..or her facebook?

  2. NorthOfFortyNine on October 8, 2012, 9:14 pm

    The link to Berlin’s “messaging” does not work.

  3. Blake on October 8, 2012, 10:15 pm

    Sounds like this Ali chap was having a time of the month episode. There was nothing anti semitic in her tweet. In fact jewsnotzionists and jewsagainstzionism websites say exactly the same.

  4. clenchner on October 8, 2012, 10:35 pm

    I love it. Opinions so far on this post showing the audience of MW running far afield of the founders of the ISM. This exemplifies the sad and self defeating margins of what could be a movement for justice in the Middle East – knee jerk support of anyone, anything, as long as in some way it is anti-Israel, anti-Zionist, and often enough anti-Jewish.
    What a disgrace.
    Good for these former board members and Ali Abunimah for standing up on this.

    • Cliff on October 9, 2012, 11:16 am

      Newclench, you are the same agent provacateur hasbarat who tried to argue that the Palestinian cause should be off the J14 agenda. You are a Zionist rat and know nothing about he ‘audience’ here, mmkay?

      Failures like you are always looking for a way to slag MW since you can’t handle anything the aforementioned ‘audience’ has to say in a fair and sincere manner. That kind of discourse is unknown to you and your cult.

      • clenchner on October 10, 2012, 6:53 pm

        Pretty sure you are inventing stuff. I’ve never argued that the Palestinian cause should be “off the J14 agenda.” My understanding is that the J14 movement included a wide diversity of views of agenda, including that of some Palestinian citizens of Israel and well known activist groups that do solidarity work with Palestinians.

        That said, again, I’m not a Zionist. Do you know what that word means? Do you think Ali Abunimah is a Zionist too?

    • tree on October 9, 2012, 11:24 am

      I love it.

      Yup, somehow I knew that would be your feeling. That “big tent” you cry for is only there to embrace bigots on Zionist side who may have some slight qualms about Israel’s behavior. But G-d help you if you dare to link to a Nazi propaganda film, even if only to further a discussion, and even if you avow your strong disapproval of the film’s message. Then you must be cast out of the “big tent” into the wilderness, right? What a hypocrite you are.

      • ColinWright on October 9, 2012, 6:28 pm

        tree says: “…Yup, somehow I knew that would be your feeling. That “big tent” you cry for is only there to embrace bigots on Zionist side who may have some slight qualms about Israel’s behavior. But G-d help you if you dare to link to a Nazi propaganda film, even if only to further a discussion, and even if you avow your strong disapproval of the film’s message. Then you must be cast out of the “big tent” into the wilderness, right? What a hypocrite you are.”

        Same old, same old. Polite requests for reassurance that Israel ‘really wants peace’ are tolerated — don’t make any demands that settlement construction actually stop or anything, though.

        Go past that, and you’re an ‘anti-semite.’ The Zionists always pull this card out. Witness Jimmy Carter.

    • iamuglow on October 9, 2012, 12:15 pm

      “This exemplifies the sad and self defeating margins of what could be a movement for justice in the Middle East”

      Oh get off it. You could give fork all for “justice in the Middle East”. Your only concern is policing and diluting criticism of Israel. Its either some half baked article about how Israel/Palestine shouldn’t be discussed by OWS or pearl clutching ‘I detect’ anti-Semitism comments.

  5. talknic on October 8, 2012, 11:41 pm

    Same old same old.

    The Zionist colonization establishment will leap on any inadvertent remark, take it out of context, blow it up out of proportion and add it to its endless barrage of lies. Never retracting, always denying, threatening and coercing anyone who says otherwise. It’s a very very sick little puppy and alas quite contagious

    • Cliff on October 9, 2012, 11:29 am

      And make Wiki articles about or drag an entire Wiki biography of a Palestinian solidarity personality down with a ‘section’ on supposed antisemitism.

      As if antisemitism is a genetic characteristic that we human beings must be organized by.

      Think of the sub-section possibilities for all the various Wiki articles hypothetically entitled, ‘allegations if Islamophobia’.

      It’s all a joke. The ZioBots have nothing better to do than (to keyboard-defend their pariah State while they live in the States) to swarm Wiki articles.

      I recall reading he CAMERA-Wiki debacle several years back and one of the Zios involved were adamant about flooding the site with useless articles about the conflict. The catch was that the articles would be all negatively framed and about the Palestinians. Thus, it was a way to FILIBUSTER and negatively associate ‘Palestinian’ with said various negative topics.

      So if some random Internet user happened upon the article and kept hyperlinking from one article to the next, he or she may find themselves viewing tons of inane but effective propagandistic pro-Israel and genuinely anti-Palestinian bullshit.

      It’s a spinoff hasbarat effort from the Hasbara Handbook which advises ZioBots to troll forums where users are only ‘partially engaged’.

      All of these ideas would seem conspiratorial IF THEY WEREN’T TRUE.

      In fact, even when they are true you have dishonest Jewish nationalists haranguing anti-Zionists and just people with plain old common sense for pointing it out.

      I don’t agree with Phil about the necessity of reacting to Berlin this way. I think the tweet was stupid and inexcusable. If it was meant for discussion it wasn’t very obvious.

      That being said, there is all this noise because of Jewish identity politics and privilege and its sad to see so many Palestinian solidarity activists prostrate themselves. I guess these are their true colors.

  6. ColinWright on October 8, 2012, 11:43 pm

    “…Such anti-Semitism was never tolerated by Free Gaza or any of the people or groups with which we have worked. We condemn all forms of racism and prejudice, including anti-Semitism…”

    I’m sorry. As I noted in my comment on the previous chapter of this story, where was the anti-semitism?

    The remarks were stridently and rather inanely anti-Zionist — nothing anti-semitic about them that I saw.

  7. Danaa on October 9, 2012, 12:24 am

    Behold the process of a movement teetering on the abyss, because of a tweet, mired in a boat from which the impure are thrown overboard.

    And while the righteous debate the merits of tweets and repeats, the people of Gaza continue to be strangled to death. death is important, of course, but, you know, there were those damning tweets.

    As the world – the same world that watches the plight of men, women and children of Gaza with indifference and perfect equanimity – gets riled up by a few words, disembodied of context. Because, as we all know, even a few words – possibly misdirected, not even endorsed, words that have to do with who was killed 7 decades ago and how can explode movements built over a single decade, the silences about those being killed and maimed right now, is the truly explosive story. That’s the one hardly anyone reads.

    This week alone, Hamas which rules over a crowded, strangulated prison camp is flayed over – god forbid – abuse towards the prisoners in its own midst – evil deeds splashed across pages of MSMs oceans apart. Yet the stories of 1.5 million humans deserted to their fate to be ruled or not however it happens – those stories are but a whimper in off MSM twits and a blog or two far and apart. And even those stories get tangled over HRW reports that may or may not be as true as the ones they are bringing us from Syria.

    That’s how the stories will play out – day in and day out. While we, like a Greek chorus, be-moan a twit – or two. Quickly forgetting those few who quixoticly enough dared to board a boat just to prove the world did not completely forget. Except that the world did and does forget.

    And so the people of Gaza, the ones Israel and yes, jewish friends far and wide – condemned to live the life of the damned, the doomed people of Gaza may be poring over twittered scrolls, translated ten ways and one, wondering just what does a tweet or two – 140 characters at most – have to do with the fate carved out just for them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they see the hoopla and the song and dance as just a few more nails driven into the coffin into which they are expected to crawl. Quietly, without as much as a single tweet.

    • Cliff on October 9, 2012, 11:37 am

      My thoughts exactly. Look at the big picture folks.

      We are playing the Zionists game and losing by acknowledging their rigged identity political theater.

      We care about the physical. They care about ‘existential’ and imaginary threats and words.

      That is why they harp on the sheer number or rockets on S’Derot, since there aren’t many casualties. While in comparable time periods or less, Gazans have been bombarded with more shells and killed in far more numbers.

      Have we accepted the Israeli/Zionist standard here? That a Jewish life is worth more?

      It may be true in the real politik sense of things but we aren’t them. I’m not a tribalist and I thought most of MW and the key figures mentioned in the article weren’t either.

      • jack dresser on October 9, 2012, 12:54 pm

        The dreaded Qassam rockets have consistently killed about two Israelis per year. Meanwhile, Israel killed over 1400 Palestinians in Operation Cast Lead alone, and has killed 1472 Palestinian children while 126 Israeli children have been killed since Sept 2000, documented by B’Tselem (

    • ritzl on October 9, 2012, 1:05 pm

      Exactly Danaa.

      Rove/Cheney/Netanyahoo/Romney must all be positively beaming with their evil smirks at how easy it is to fracture lefty movements and focus.

      Screw the Palestinian Gandhi, where’s the P/I Abby Hoffman with his ruthless movement organizing and purposing.

      Focus, focus, focus…

      BTW, this fragility is not just a characteristic of fledgling P/I movements, its a debilitating flaw in the left generally in the US. We eat our own on a regular basis, largely served up, hot and juicy, by the right. And we absolutely refuse to find common cause with the populist right because some on the right are racists (and similarly, God knows, pi, what they think of us). The objectionable 10% are getting in the way of the 90%’s ability, and dire need, to unite to solve common/universal problems because the 90% let them, and in fact seem to thrive on doing so.

      I didn’t mean to stray, but I think it’s relevant to this Berlin incident.

      • Danaa on October 11, 2012, 2:27 am

        Actually, forget the palestinian Ghandi. That’s a strawmen concocted by the tormentors who failed to produced as much as a mini-Ghandi themselves (oK, there may have been a couple…).

        What I ask is where is the Palestinian Garibaldi? Now that would be something, eh?

        PS Garibaldi is one of my favorite “Tragic Heroes”. Have quite a collection of those, going back a few thousand years.

  8. AlGhorear on October 9, 2012, 12:29 am

    The caption for Phil’s post is unwarranted and assumes facts not in evidence. Is there no end to the libel of this 71 year activist dedicated to human rights and especially justice for Palestinians?

    I’ve “known” Greta for at least 6 years in the same sense that I know people (posters? imposters? ) here at Mondoweiss. Sure I could miss something, but in that time, I have never seen her post anything even remotely anti-Semitic. Linking to something racist for purposes of discussion just doesn’t count.

    I still can’t figure out whether Alex, Phil and others believe what they’re saying or just trying to be on what they think is the right side of the controversy. Remember guys, it’s not about who you are, it’s what you do. Period.

    • Walker on October 9, 2012, 11:15 am

      Yes, I think the original post should be amended to include Greta Berlin’s explanation that “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps” was intended to be an example of bad propaganda. See HHM’s post below.

    • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:09 am

      You can’t figure it out? Listen to your intuitive voice…you’re right.

  9. jon s on October 9, 2012, 1:57 am

    Blake, If you don’t think that tweet was Anti-Semitic, does that mean you agree with it ? Do you think “The Zionists ran the holocaust and the concentration camps”?
    Just wanted to know.

    • Eva Smagacz on October 9, 2012, 10:12 am

      jon s,

      You asked:

      “Blake, If you don’t think that tweet was Anti-Semitic, does that mean you agree with it ? Do you think “The Zionists ran the holocaust and the concentration camps”?
      Just wanted to know.”

      Internet is choc a block full of tweets that people think are not Anti-Semitic, and by any stretch of logic it does not imply that the same people agree with the tweets.

      Your question has a character assassination implication build into it a la ” Sir, when did you stop beating your wife”.

      It’s nasty and underhand.

  10. Eva Smagacz on October 9, 2012, 6:55 am

    The people belonging to her Facebook discussion group have now confirmed that group exists, and that they discuss the historical subjects including Zionist interactions with Nazis. Which fully confirms what Berlin was saying all along.

    The whole episode, and people jumping like fleas when subject of Zionist interaction with Nazis is touched, not to mention hysterical scramble with as much as a whiff of supposed Anti-Semitism is coming to light is a grave warning to pro-Palestinian activists.

    It says that real physical suffering of Palestinians is still worth less censure than psychological suffering of Zionists and/or Jews.

    Frankly, if I give a shit about my neighbour being beaten/maimed/killed then insults, from whatever quarter, however deep biting, will not stand in my way to help him.

    One tweet. ONE TWEET!!!!, one wrong button pressed. I find the whole brouhaha obscene. And serving no one else but those who are ethnically cleansing Palestine, and keeping Gazan in a world largest open prison.

    • Danaa on October 9, 2012, 1:16 pm

      Eva, my feelings exactly. This public excoriation of Greta is obscene.

      The sensitivity of Jews matters more than countless dead and tortured Palestinians.

      Just look at jon s post here. Sensitive is he, ain’t he? not so much to the persecuted and imprisoned Gazans…(next he will say – but they elected Hamas, surely).

      • AlGhorear on October 9, 2012, 4:27 pm

        “The whole episode, and people jumping like fleas when subject of Zionist interaction with Nazis is touched, not to mention hysterical scramble with as much as a whiff of supposed Anti-Semitism is coming to light is a grave warning to pro-Palestinian activists.” – Eva

        “Eva, my feelings exactly. This public excoriation of Greta is obscene.” -Danaa

        I fully agree. Obscene is the best word to describe the twitter slugfest yesterday with Ali, Benjamin, Max and Alex all ganging up on Greta and her supporters. The hasbarists must be enjoying watching our activist community destroy not just one of their own but possibly the whole Free Gaza movement. See e.g. Jeffrey Goldberg’s Bloomberg piece:// where he writes:

        “The Free Gaza group, the leading edge of the international campaign to delegitimize Israel and bring about its end as the national home of the Jewish people, has always argued that it isn’t anti-Semitic, and is merely trying to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. The group came to public attention in May 2010, when it organized a flotilla of ships to attempt to break the blockade. Israeli commandos boarded the ships and were set upon by passengers wielding pipes and knives. In a terrible overreaction, they responded by opening fire, killing nine. The incident has nearly destroyed Turkish-Israeli relations, and helped make the flotilla cause popular across the Middle East and Europe.

        Free Gaza is a hypocritical organization, of course. Egypt shares a border with the Gaza Strip, and is tightening its own blockade, but Free Gaza activists seem uninterested. They are also uninterested in the sins of Hamas, the terrorist organization that rules Gaza. The Israeli blockade was a response, in large part, to the unfortunate (and ongoing) Hamas practice of firing rockets into Israeli villages. But put aside Hamas’s crimes against Israelis; the Free Gaza website also makes no mention of a recent report from Human Rights Watch that found that Gaza’s Hamas-run criminal-justice system “reeks of injustice, routinely violates detainees’ rights, and grants impunity to abusive security services.”

        Nevertheless, it was at least semiplausible to argue that the Free Gaza movement, while scapegoating the Jewish state, didn’t traffic in overt anti-Semitic stereotypes.

        Then Berlin’s Twitter message was discovered last week.”

        Such a shame.

      • thetumta on October 10, 2012, 8:03 pm

        You see what they’ve done to us.

        Extremism and obsession are like a virus plague. An inter-generational obsessive psychological plague.Not to mention one of the most powerful military establishments on the planet, otherwise.

        Imagine Jim Jones with a state and 800 lbs. of American manufactured, weapons grade uranium(NUMEC) and the Dolphins to deliver it. Belize would be a Super-Power by now. Break out the grape Kool-Aid.

        Hej! Tumta

      • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:45 am

        “The sensitivity of Jews matters more than countless dead and tortured Palestinians.”

        Well it’s about time someone states the truth around here!!!

    • Keith on October 9, 2012, 7:54 pm

      EVA SMAGACZ- Yes, it is a strange world when victims are judged on their worthiness to oppose their victimizers. A strange etiquette by which the oppressed are held accountable for unseemly behavior, while the oppressor claims victim-hood.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky, “Year 501”)

    • jon s on October 10, 2012, 2:26 am

      Note that Blake hasn’t replied, not even with a simple yes or no.
      In your comment it looks like only the Palestinians endure “real physical suffering” while Zionists and Jews only endure “psychological suffering”. Believe me, both sides have suffered enough, physically and psychologically.
      The accusation of “ethnically cleansing ” is false, seeing that the Palestinian population is increasing. And so is your reference to Gaza.

      • Eva Smagacz on October 10, 2012, 6:25 pm

        Jon s,

        I think we are not using the same meaning of the words “ethnic cleansing”. In ethnic cleansing people’s numbers don’t shrink – they shrink in certain areas coveted by the war criminals who are doing the cleansing . In other areas their numbers increase.

        People are herded away because of their race/colour/ethnicity.

        So please do not argue that apples are not stolen because number of pears in the orchard stays the same.

      • jon s on October 11, 2012, 5:08 am

        Still, the Palestinian population is increasing in the West Bank, in Gaza, and in Israel itself. Israelis must be the most incompetent and inefficient “ethnic cleansers” in the world.

      • Woody Tanaka on October 11, 2012, 9:46 am

        jon s, so what? If the rate without zio interference would have been X%, but because of the criminals’ actions, the Palestinians’ rate is less than X%, that’s ethnic cleansing.

      • Eva Smagacz on October 11, 2012, 1:41 pm

        Jon s,

        Alas, the areas where Palestinians are residing are shrinking, while they, due to their ethnicity alone, are herded into ever more crowded “containment areas” from which they are prevented to re-inhabit the areas coveted by the war criminals who are doing the ethnic cleansing.

  11. Kathleen on October 9, 2012, 7:44 am

    Phil over at Monday Hardball there is a clip with Steve Clemons, David Corn and Chris Matthews discussing Romney’s foreign policy stances on Iran, the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Worth the watch “Romney attacks President on foreign policy”

  12. Kathleen on October 9, 2012, 8:45 am

    Good move by these individuals. Honorable. Stand against racism, hatred in all its twisted forms.

    • HHM on October 9, 2012, 9:42 am

      I find it curious how Greta managed to hide her “racism” and “hatred” so well for decades, working closely with hundreds of intelligent and accomplished people. Could something else be at play here?

      Remember, the Reut Institute calls for “sabotage and attack” of human rights activists like us. I think we should take a closer look and not be so quick to judge. Ask ourselves “who profits?” and connect the dots.

      • jack dresser on October 9, 2012, 2:33 pm

        Alongside Iran, Israel’s Reut Institute judges human rights activists to be the greatest threat to Israel today, and well-organized and well-funded international cadres of hasbara troops have been deployed in opposition. Discreditation is a time-tested strategy. Greta has explained to me that she didn’t watch the video but simply passed it along as an example of a propagandistic headline relevant to a discussion among a group of about three dozen friends.

        The video itself has earmarks of classic psy-ops: planting an easily discredited conspiracy theory to deflect attention from valid facts and to launch manufactured ad hominem attacks on opponents. The video begins with a well-known and well-documented thesis, that the Zionist movement collaborated with the Nazis. The details of this murky relationship have been described and explored by Jewish historian Lenni Brenner’s “Zionism in the Age of the Dictators” (available online as a printable pdf at the Third World Traveler website), and by Jewish author (and son of Holocaust survivors) Edwin Black’s “The Transfer Agreement”. The video then grotesquely simplifies, amplifies and falsifies a complex, convoluted and tragic historiography and proceeds directly into the land of paranoid fantasy.

        I am curious where this video originated and how it found its way into Greta’s social network page, to be quickly and opportunistically pounced upon by leaders of the Hasbara Brigade in Israel. Perhaps I am being too suspicious, but perhaps not.

    • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:47 am

      Oy, don’t tell me you’re swept up in this bullshit character assassination too?

  13. HHM on October 9, 2012, 8:50 am

    “I am sorry that in writing about a real problem, I used Greta Berlin as the example around which my thesis was built. With her new statement, I now understand that my reading of her earlier comments was absolutely inaccurate.” and “For me, however, as one of the writers who has positively slammed her in the past few days, Berlin’s fresh statement is enough: She has said unequivocally that her intent in sharing that deeply disturbing video was not to support its content.- Emily Hauser, American-Israeli writer, the Daily Beast

    • Walker on October 9, 2012, 11:12 am

      So it appears that Greta Berlin’s intended point was exactly the opposite of how it was interpreted by the former Free Gaza board members. Her purpose was to present “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps” as an example of example of propaganda to be avoided.

      IMO Ali Abuminah can be quick on the trigger with anti-antisemitism accusations.

      • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:50 am

        “Ali Abuminah can be quick on the trigger with anti-antisemitism accusations.”

        Don’t blame him for being trigger happy, blame the trigger-happy Zios who put him in the position of having to play along.

  14. pabelmont on October 9, 2012, 9:24 am

    This whole thing seems excessive. However.

    There is a message: people who want to make a political movement need allies and most people seem to believe (and I suppose correctly) that the allies the pro-Palestine movement particularly needs are Jews and other people trained (by years of sedulous propaganda) to knee-jerk against perceived (or merely asserted or merely fabricated) anti-Semitism.

    Presidential candidates know that sound-bytes are always taken out of context and so they are careful what they say. So should all politicians, movement leaders, etc. Just the way it seems to work these days.

    Is it anti-semitic to say that some Jews are (or were) mobsters? I doubt it, or else wikipedia is anti-Semitic. Well, in that case, is it anti-Semitic to say that some Jews cooperated with Nazis? Especially if they actually did? But even if they didn’t?

    Wow, the world is certainly topsy-turvy.

    • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:59 am

      What does it tell you when politicians go out of their way to grovel before “the J community”? What does it tell you when Palestinian activists and bloggers must rush to judgment to condemn and assasinate an activist’s character because they need the support of the J community to make their cause viable and therefore must sacrifice that activist to massage the bruised feelings of the J community?

      As long as the J community calls the shots on activism on behalf of Palestinians, Palestinians will never be free. The hubris of the J community will always be a monumental pain in the…will always be a monumental hurdle.

  15. Truegreta on October 9, 2012, 11:08 am

    There are already two ex-board members who have written to Greta expressing their dismay that they were forced into signing this statement. It’s high time we got back to the business of justice for Palestine instead of bickering with each other.

  16. MHughes976 on October 9, 2012, 12:42 pm

    The story seemed have become so garbled that sense could not be made of it. If Mondoweiss would offer Ms. Berlin an opportunity to say what she thinks about Zionist actions during the Nazi period perhaps we could clear things up and see whether any anti-Semitism is at work.
    By ‘anti-Semitism’ I would mean prejudice (or other, worse attitudes compounded with prejudice) against Jewish people. Some anti-Semitism goes no further than words and I agree with those who are saying that crimes of the word are less serious than crimes where someone gets killed, tortured, robbed or oppressed. It’s still true, though, that bad words can deserve some objection. It’s also possible that someone whose ways of thought and speech are very objectionable can say something true.

  17. Ya Bill on October 9, 2012, 12:52 pm

    Alright already! This whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. It is time to move on, get back to promoting Freedom, Equality and Equal rights for Palestinians. I hope to that you will buy or book “Freedom Sailors” which describes the inside story of the inception and maiden voyage of the Free Gaza Movement. It is co-authored by 25 of us, 2 of whom happen to be Jewish.

  18. ColinWright on October 9, 2012, 3:08 pm

    “…Although the tweet was deleted and Free Gaza II clarified that the posting was a mistake and pertinent context overlooked, we believe that the responses posted by Greta on behalf of Free Gaza II have been inadequate…”

    The Zionists must be rubbing their hands with glee. If this episode is representative, the Palestinians have got to find some more competent allies.

  19. Egbert on October 9, 2012, 4:03 pm

    I haven’t read the offending text. What did she do that was so anti-semitic? Got round the streets shouting ‘Death to Arabs’, or defacing mosques, or maybe invoking pogroms against Arabs. Oooops, it seems the above refers to the wrong kind of Semite, my bad.

  20. Truegreta on October 9, 2012, 6:09 pm

    Ali Abunimah is beginning to look as though he has a vendetta going, not because of a dumb mistake on Greta’s part, but because she endorsed Gilad Atzmon’s book. The Fatwa that Ali decreed over a book he never read has never ceased to amaze me.

    Many of Greta’s supporters are now standing up to be counted. It’s unfortunate that the old board members, many of them out of the loop and off the board for over a year, sought to condemn their friend and colleague. The other six members apparently don’t feel the same way.

    • Vicky on October 12, 2012, 4:53 am

      The comment profile for your account on Mondoweiss describes you as ‘Long-time advocate for justice for the Palestinians. Co-founder of The Free Gaza Movement’. Greta, why are you writing about yourself in the third person?

      You also described Ali Abunimah as issuing a ‘fatwa’ in the Free Gaza Twitter feed. If you really want to get back to the business of justice for Palestine, as you say in your comment above, I think you need to stop using FG Twitter to promote your own personal ideas and views. Your story about the tweet was very garbled and it kept changing, and I am grateful that Ali took the trouble to verify it. The fact that you co-founded FG doesn’t give you impunity on anything; we’re all accountable to each other.

  21. ColinWright on October 9, 2012, 6:15 pm

    The net effect of all this is to smear ‘Free Gaza’ as anti-semitic.

    It has not had that effect because of Greta’s tweet. There was nothing anti-semitic about that unless you buy into the identity between Judaism and Zionism in the first place.

    The smear came when everyone dutifully rushed to denounce the tweet. The Free Gaza folks managed to smear themselves.

    Good job, guys!

  22. akayani on October 9, 2012, 8:56 pm

    I don’t know why Ali thought reporting this was even useful. Calling for Dimona to be closed has had been labelled antisemitic. I’m so over the accusations that I’ve done what people do when political correctness goes mad, ignore it. “You can’t say that about people who are murderers and those who are supporting them by doing squat about it because they are Jewish and anything Jewish no matter how criminal is good.”

    Guess what? Shove it!

    As for Greta… of course she is ‘antisemitic’, she took a boat to Gaza, that’s pure ‘antisemitism’! Resistance of Jewish bullshit is the new definition of antisemitism. If Jews gave a shit about peace they would be on a ‘sinagrug’ strike until the current Israeli government is over thrown.

  23. gamal on October 9, 2012, 9:28 pm

    Has Greta committed some kind of blasphemy?

    perhaps one should check with the racist international criminals what is acceptable, all the moral “capital” of the holocaust has been spent on the murder and oppression of the Palestinians, and denigration of Arabs, i couldnt careless about it and all the associated issues, let white people sort out their own problems, after all even “supporters” of the Palestinians accept that they can not aspire to rights those at the pinnacle of the racial pyramid take for granted, having a view however ill founded about history is not racism, how can it be, it may be idiotic but so what, official “Jews” have accepted as allies the most deranged sectors of the western world, irredeemably racist and obscurantist, i dont think it makes sense to run after them, they have already sealed their own fate and it aint going to be pretty, I for one dont feel any need to accept the disney version of WW2 history or any other, all the victims of that conflagration should be mourned equally, the carnage wreaked on the MENA and India etc are rarely acknowledged, or the ongoing deaths in Egypt from the anti-Rommel mine fields unremarked at all, i have never seen the Holocaust deployed in any way other than to excuse or minimize on going crimes of the western powers or Israel, “Never Stop” rather than “Never Again”.

    the whole greatest crime in history meme is deeply anti-human, just recently the UK has slyly admitted some horrific crimes re: Mau Mau, but you know it wasnt the Holocaust, which we opposed so you know cut them some slack….. if you’ve a mind to. I feel the need to blaspheme any inhuman orthodoxy, are testes in short supply nowadays (excuse the implicit sexism, or not, who cares anymore, it is utterly ridiculous, a little Jewish self reflection wouldnt do any harm, the Holy War and its attendant myths are pretty threadbare now, the west has no moral authority at all, thank god its so well armed, eh!)

  24. Danaa on October 9, 2012, 11:32 pm

    Just a little something to read: from 972:

    I thought I put up a translation of the graffiti earlier but maybe the post disappeared – it was a bit harsh, I admit.

    Still, where is the outrage far and wide?

    People should understand that the Israelis – as a collective – have nothing but disdain for Christianity. Not because they are naturally bigoted (no one is born bigoted) but because that’s what they are taught, that’s the prevaling mind-frame, and the inferiority of Christianity is just something taken for granted. We already know how they feel about muslims and/or islam (just look at Pamela Geller and you’ll get a good idea of the common-place attitude in Israel, if not in the US). Not that anyone will care to produce an honest survey of Israelis true attitudes. Just as a sample, when Max Blumental produced his “Feeling the Hate” video, it was censored by YouTube, the Vimeo. Why was that?

    And where is Jeff Goldberg on this grafitti business?

    Where is, indeed, everybody – including some of those now piling on Greta Berlin? Well, there’s Larry Derfner who is trying to navigate a dreary moral landscape. More power to him. The rest of the good people on +972. A few others in israel . An assortment of sympathetic people abroad, jewish and not. Not enough to penetrate the MSM though, or even haaretz (except as a quick news item – come and gone – in a flash).

    This graffiti and others like it, the desecration of mosques, the firing of tear gas on olive pickers, the taking over of homes and the daily humiliation of people simply because they are not jewish – IS everyday occurrence in Israel. bad grafitti is something people shrug off – the work of hooligans they say as sip their well brewed latte. And the perpetrators are never caught because – well – there are other, more important things for the police to do.

    In the meantime, as attention is directed at the activists of FGM, perfectly good jews in israel will continue to go on their defamation campaigns and rampages. As the good jews of the USA are silent – almost catatonic, one might say.

  25. kalithea on October 10, 2012, 2:36 am

    What do Ron Paul and Greta Berlin have in common?: they scare Zionists of ALL stripes and get the same cold shoulder here. In other words, they must be torn down because they have an ulterior anti-Semitic agenda, IF you believe that trying to prove that Zionism is evil is anti-Semitic.

    Why don’t Palestinians stand a chance? It certainly isn’t because Conservative Zionists stand in their way; it’s because those so-called Liberal Zionists torpedo anyone who dares to portray Zionism as evil which anyone who is minimaly prescient knows it is. Sure, these “lib” Zios write volumes on the suffering of Palestinians, but don’t tell them Zionism is to blame; it’s really those nasty right-wing Zios they love to debate endlessly. Don’t touch Zionism; Zionism couldn’t possibly be the root of the evil happening in Israel. Long live Zionism!

    …As long as Liberal Zionists have their way, Palestinians will never be set free of the scourge inflicted on them by Z I O N I S M.

    Nice going. The plight of Palestinians is merely a business don’t you know?

  26. kalithea on October 10, 2012, 3:19 am

    What I like about this “incident” is that it exposes everyone’s priority in regards to the Palestinian cause and Zionism.

    Again, some are out to rescue Zionism, while others are out to rescue the Palestinians, and then others are out to make sure everyone sees the difference and how the former might make the latter impossible to achieve.

  27. manfromatlan on October 10, 2012, 12:35 pm

    All I can see is ‘former’ directors of the ‘Free Gaza Movement’ using ONE tweet to attack the new director of the FGM, who didn’t even post the offending tweet, then thought police demand she post proof when she says she dialogued about how inappropriate that might be.

    Ali Abunimah tries so hard to create a politically pure utopia, I suspect he could care less about Gaza, or palestine, than he does about being appreciated by his own personal audience.

    • ritzl on October 11, 2012, 10:30 pm

      The new director is being targeted now? Do you have a link?

  28. Woody Tanaka on October 10, 2012, 2:25 pm

    WTF? If you want to criticize israel or the zionist lobby, stand in line, but when you blame 11 million people simply because they’re Jews, that’s racist horseshit. Full stop.

    Go away.

    Mods, please frag akayani’s account.

    • ColinWright on October 10, 2012, 6:31 pm

      Woody Tanaka says:

      Mods, please frag akayani’s account.”

      Mm. I wouldn’t. At least not if ‘fragging akayani’s account’ means the post comes down.

      I’ll grant the anti-semitism is pretty obvious — but look at what akayani justifies it with. At least eight of those nine points relate to Israel’s behavior.

      It really serves to reinforce what others have argued: that Israel and Jewish support for Israel is inevitably going to produce a backlash. I’m not sure about that myself — but this post suggests they may be right.

      There’s your backlash. If akayani is a pre-existing anti-semite, then Israel serves to justify his position. If not that, then Israel made him an anti-semite.

      Obviously, there are other considerations — but I’d say there’s an argument for leaving the post up. There’s a moral to it.

      • ColinWright on October 10, 2012, 7:06 pm

        On the other hand, if Zionists were brighter, I’d suspect ‘akayani’ of being a provocateur. They certainly wouldn’t have any moral objection to such a tactic.

        …this is the problem with wrestling with a pig. You get all dirty, and the pig just enjoys it.

      • Woody Tanaka on October 11, 2012, 10:25 am

        Colin, it’s one thing to argue that israel’s acts might cause a backlash against innocent people. It’s another, in my mind, to permit racist garbage to remain on the site, especially given the lies by many on the other side that the movement for Palestian freedom and justice is nothing but antisemitism.

      • ColinWright on October 11, 2012, 1:56 pm

        Woody Tanaka: “Colin, it’s one thing to argue that israel’s acts might cause a backlash against innocent people. It’s another, in my mind, to permit racist garbage to remain on the site, especially given the lies by many on the other side that the movement for Palestian freedom and justice is nothing but antisemitism.”

        Well, move it to an exhibit hall, then. It’s certainly evidence to support the thesis that Israel’s crimes serve to generate antisemitism.

        Not that I get to decide in the first place, but it wouldn’t disturb me excessively if it did come down — it is disturbing. On the other hand, it is also significant.

    • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 8:38 pm

      Oh, get over yourself and get reading comprehension before you wag your accusatory finger.

      • Woody Tanaka on October 11, 2012, 10:24 am

        I have reading comprehension. The specifically blamed 11 million people in the world simply because they’re Jews. Garbage like that cries out for an accusatory finger. The only question is: why can’t YOU see that?

  29. yrn on October 10, 2012, 3:10 pm


    Were your 9 points Valid during 1930-1945……..
    If Not, why then were the Jews chased and killed……. did someone care to save Jews……
    Give me your 9 points at that time 1930-1945, that because of them “no one will care to save Jews…….”
    Find me reason as why did antisemitism rise in 1930-1945 ….. give me your 9 points for that……..

    • kalithea on October 10, 2012, 8:43 pm

      Why does the discussion ALWAYS have to degenerate to the perpetual VICTIM Jews??? The victims are Palestinians NOT Jews. Jews are doing just fine. so quit the faux drama!

      • ColinWright on October 11, 2012, 2:08 pm

        kalithea says: “Why does the discussion ALWAYS have to degenerate to the perpetual VICTIM Jews??? The victims are Palestinians NOT Jews. Jews are doing just fine. so quit the faux drama!”

        This is a point that people from all over the compass make in various ways. Eisner the editor of the Forward made it. Solzhenitsyn makes it in Two Hundred Years Together. I’ve made it. You just made it.

        Maybe it’s so. It is inescapable that most of the Jews here are not Holocaust victims shivering in the Warsaw ghetto of seventy years ago. They are American Jews — members of a secure, prosperous group subject to less bigotry than many and well-integrated into the structure of the most powerful nation on earth. A plaint of victimhood is necessarily ridiculous from at least that point of view.

  30. ColinWright on October 10, 2012, 5:17 pm

    “For some reason, Facebook connected our Free Gaza account to her personal Facebook account, and the link was posted. “

    That cross-link just happened. Something someone at Facebook did. Meanwhile, a search on Greta Berlin shows the Zionists staging a party.

    I’d give $5.00 to have an authoritative account of precisely how this link came about.

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