Netanyahu may require DNA tests to prove immigrants have a Jewish ‘bloodline’

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Wow, Zionism just gets more disturbing. The Times of Israel

“Prime Minister’s Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove Jewish bloodline”

A number of people from the former Soviet Union wishing to immigrate to Israel could be subjected to DNA testing to prove their Jewishness, the Prime Minister’s Office said Sunday.

The policy was reported in Maariv on Monday, one day after the Israeli paper revealed that a 19-year-old woman from the former Soviet Union was required to take the test to qualify for a Birthright Israel trip. 

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that many Jews from the FSU who were born out-of-wedlock can be required to bring DNA confirmation of Jewish heritage in order to be allowed to immigrate as a Jew.

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Yay! Something to laugh about

The “chosen people”. As bad as Hitler.

How racist and frightening.

For the sake of equity and consistency, the DNA test should be applied as soon as possible to every single inhabitant of all territories under Israeli control. “Jews” thereby found to be genetically bogus can then be expelled (perhaps dumped over the open border with Syria in the Golan). Palestinians found to be genetically Jewish can be converted to Judaism, by force if necessary, and reclassified as Israeli Jews.

There was a French film of the 70s, called Monsieur Klein, which wasn’t that good but began with an unforgettable scene of Parisian doctors in WW2 years carrying out tests for Jewishness. There was and is no scientific basis for those tests and cannot be. The film scene was in its quiet way, with its perverted science and professionalism turned to heartless brutality, utterly horrific. So maybe these scenes will be enacted again.

Isn’t it cheaper to just measure their skulls?