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ADL rebukes Kerry, and — Ambassador Power embraces ADL

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(Photo: Charles Dharapak)

(Photo: Charles Dharapak)

The other day the Anti-Defamation League rebuked Secretary of State John Kerry for implying that Netanyahu is using “fear tactics” to muscle the United States to act against Iran. The ADL’s director said that it was inappropriate for Kerry to be criticizing Netanyahu publicly– even though Kerry never mentioned Netanyahu’s name. That’s a rule, Israel must never be criticized by the US government.

Well, today Samantha Power, who works in the State Department under Kerry, is putting her arms around…  the Anti Defamation League. Two tweets:

— Samantha Power (@AmbassadorPower) October 31, 2013
And this:

Yes and what about Islamophobia? Power is being justly criticized by Jamil Dakwar and Ali Abunimah. Dakwar says that the ADL’s dark side is spying on groups and stifling speech that is critical of Israel, and cites Jeff Blankford and Grant Smith’s work exposing the group. Abunimah says that Power is abasing herself by sucking up to an anti-Palestinian group. Remember that Power’s rabbi/ambassador to the Jewish community, rightwinger Shmuley Boteach, said nothing last week as Sheldon Adelson urged Obama to nuke Iran rather than talk to Iran. Power has been silent on that score too. That’s the nature of the Israel lobby. You have to be on its side, no matter what.

(Alas, she has not been silent on the Red Sox. This is going to be a long cold winter.)

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38 Responses

  1. Krauss on October 31, 2013, 3:50 pm

    Well to be fair, you’re trying to smudge what she wrote into somekind of endorsement to what Foxman said to Kerry. That isn’t what her tweets are about. (If you disagree, well, re-read the first two paragraphs and tell me how you’re not trying to set the case up that way).

    That being said, Ms. Power does sell out tremendously. It’s truly sad to see her grovel the way she has done. It used to be something you got angry about but now you just look down on her, pity her and hope that the next generation(those in their 20s) will not repeat what her generation has done. And there’s pretty good hope for that.

    Someone should just write a dedicated book about the ADL and/or Abe Foxman the same way Mother Theresa was exposed. (Although I hope the writer isn’t a sellout like Hitchens but someone who is a genuine liberal. Blumenthal? Maybe he has had enough about Jewish issues).

  2. Cliff on October 31, 2013, 4:17 pm

    ADL having a ‘dark side’ would imply it has a light side too.

    The ADL is a pro-Israel advocacy group. They could care less about combating bigotry and racism.

    Their concern is first and foremost maintaining Zionist hegemony.

    If some form of prejudice undermines their Zionist politics then they either ignore said prejudice or whitewash it.

    They are a propaganda organization and function to police the views of non-Jews in America through scare/fear/hate-mongering (against Arabs and Muslims).

  3. irmep on October 31, 2013, 4:23 pm

    ADL’s entire backstory, like AIPAC’s, is rather shaky.

    In it’s official history, ADL was born of B’nai B’rith’s (a Jewish fraternal organization’s) horror about the unjust conviction of Leo Frank and his lynching by an anti-semitic mob.

    The documentary record seems to reveal that Leo Frank murdered his employee Mary Phagen, tried to frame a worker at his factory, and at the time of the lynching was the beneficiary of behind-the-scenes manipulations of the judiciary that were on the verge of unwinding his case.

    If Frank was guilty, it raises the question, what is the true purpose of the ADL? Preserving the invulnerability of B’nai B’rith, similar groups and later the infallibility of Israel through espionage and covert action (some of it apparently in coordination with the FBI)? Certainly what it seems to fit the pattern of 100 years of strange ADL activities and incredible attempts to penetrate the FBI.

    • Xpat on November 1, 2013, 10:19 am

      “The documentary record seems to reveal that Leo Frank murdered his employee Mary Phagen, tried to frame a worker at his factory, and at the time of the lynching was the beneficiary of behind-the-scenes manipulations of the judiciary that were on the verge of unwinding his case.”

      Sometimes it feels like I’ve been living under a rock. The report, if true, is quite convincing and exposes the ADL’s founding myth as just that.

      Who is behind irmep? All they give is a PO Box address and no name.

      • Bumblebye on November 1, 2013, 11:07 am

        Isn’t he Grant Smith? Unless that’s a pseudonym.

      • jon s on November 1, 2013, 12:40 pm

        Unlike other posters here, “Irmep” is an organization, not an individual. I doubt that the MW moderators would post comments from a pro-Israel organization. And this one provides a link to the “American Mercury”, no less.

      • jon s on November 1, 2013, 12:55 pm

        Here’s an example of the wisdom of the American Mercury:

      • annie on November 1, 2013, 2:05 pm

        here is IRmep’s home page

        israel lobby archives here:

        center for policy and law enforcement here (recommended) :

        Grant Smith is a friend of the site, more here:

      • annie on November 1, 2013, 2:20 pm

        eee gads jon, your link reminds me of those silent holocaust nuts

        Certain Jewish communal and religious leaders have used this term to describe Jewish assimilation (cultural assimilation, religious assimilation) and interfaith marriage of Jews with gentiles.[2][3]
        Concerned Jewish people sometimes refer to assimilation (along with abortion within the Jewish community) as a type of “Holocaust”. This is because assimilation [1] is the leading cause for the shrinkage of almost all Jewish populations in Western countries. Since World War II, and it has been called the Silent Holocaust [2] (in comparison to the genocide against Jews during World War II) by communal leaders such as Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald of the National Jewish Outreach Program, perhaps the best-known popularizer of the phrase.

      • jon s on November 1, 2013, 3:50 pm

        Annie, So Irmep is Grant Smith, who is” a friend of the site” and provides a link to the American Mercury which promotes racist, neo-Nazi propaganda.
        As you say: eee gads…

      • annie on November 1, 2013, 4:05 pm

        jon, your link was a year old. it’s quite possible a person could easily read about the trial on that site and not even know about your url. i went to the home page and there’s the full closing statements by the lawyers (i didn’t read it, only so much time in my day), so perhaps if someone is interested in that trial it’s a good source. i’d never heard of the site before but perhaps i might of had i been googling around about this frank person or the adl. was there anything inaccurate about the trial reporting specifically?

      • Ecru on November 1, 2013, 5:37 pm

        Having just looked at the Mercury site I have to say I was appalled not only by the bigotry and misunderstanding of basic evolutionary theory but also with a despairing sense of deja-vu.

        Miscegenation is the genocide of our subspecies and will blend to extinction those family lines of ours that engage in this great evil.

        Sentiments such as this, that wouldn’t be out of place at a KKK rally let’s be honest, also seem to issue from supposed “leaders” of the Jewish community all too often. For example:-

      • jon s on November 1, 2013, 6:23 pm

        Annie, “This frank person”(in your words ), Leo Frank ,was lynched by a mob of Southern racists , in one of the worst anti-Semitic incidents in US history.
        See here:
        I would expect MW moderators to be more careful in posting comments which link to neo-Nazi websites.

      • Bruce Wolman on November 2, 2013, 9:50 am

        @Annie Robbins

        Well someone could spend time on the American Mercury site, but they would learn one cockamamie version of the Frank case, along with many other issues. Unlike you I did spend a whole day reading and researching through Frank trial materials and the lynching story after following the link, and it’s fairly clear the American Mercury is one nasty place to hang out and jon s and Ecru are accurate in their descriptions of it.

        If linking to the American Mercury does not violate MW’s stated comments policies, that says a lot about MW’s comment policies.

        As for the irmep handle being a pseudonym for Grant Smith, I seriously doubt that. It would certainly damage Smith’s reputation and put in question his reliability.

      • tree on November 3, 2013, 4:17 am

        Unlike you I did spend a whole day reading and researching through Frank trial materials and the lynching story after following the link…

        I did the same thing, and although I would agree that the American Mercury site has a particularly distasteful editorial opinion, quite similar in tone to a few of the bigoted right wing Zionist sites I’ve read, I found that the points listed in the particular article linked by irmep, rather than being “cockamamie”, are accurate and truthful points regarding the evidence in the case. I had read derivative accounts earlier that had essentially concluded that the murderer had to have been either Leo Frank or Jim Cooley. The further details, as laid out by irmep’s link, and as confirmed by my reading of the prosecutor’s summation and bits of the trial testimony, show that there was ample evidence that could have led the jurors to believe beyond a reasonable doubt that Leo Frank had committed the crime, without the need to resort to “anti-semitism” as a reason for the conviction. Even the lynching, as appalling as it was, does not necessarily prove anti-semitism on the part of the lynch mob. In the patriarchal South, its entirely likely that public anger over a convicted sexual murderer of a 13 year old white girl getting a commutation of a death sentence would lead to a lynching, something that was not at all uncommon in the South at the time. Sexual predators, especially a murderer of a young girl, as Frank appeared to have been, are often reviled even by prison populations, and more so by the public at large.

        Why is the only acceptable verdict on the case one that exonerates Frank and blames his conviction solely on anti-semitism? Its just as much a prejudicial viewpoint to claim that Frank could not have possibly been guilty and that anti-semitism alone led to the conviction and lynching of an innocent man. Given the truthful rendering of the evidence as laid out by the link, despite the site’s unsavory editorial viewpoint, I would be inclined to believe in Frank’s guilt. I find nothing “cockamamie” about it.

      • Bruce Wolman on November 3, 2013, 1:14 pm


        So what further sources than the articles referenced by the American Mercury did you research tree?

        I am not going to re-try the Frank case in MW comments. For those who want a concise counter-view of the Frank case to that of the distorted American Mercury version, there is this article by Professor Donald Wilkes, Jr. of the University of Georgia School of Law:

        Wrongly Accused, Falsely Convicted, Wantonly Murdered

        or one can turn to Steve Oney’s extensive book, “And the Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank,” among other materials and draw one’s own conclusions. Or Google further on.

        Frankly I am surprised that IRMEP points MW commenters to a “white identity” site to help make its case against the ADL. I would have thought IRMEP and American Mercury were strange bedfellows, but apparently not. Searching the IRMEP site, not a single reference to the Frank case appeared.

        Having re-read the MW Comment Policies, it seems there are no rules about links. So any source is legit.

      • tree on November 3, 2013, 2:48 pm


        I was vaguely familiar with the case prior to irmep’s link, and knew about the controversy between Jim Cooley’s retelling of the murder and Frank’s protestations of innocence. The points that irmep’s link made while strongly point to Frank being the murderer got my interest up and so I wanted to find corroboration for those statements, which I found from reading the summation statement of the prosecutor in the case, here:

        It is a long rambling speech, which in the beginning goes off on tangents about other cases, but if you read sufficiently into its length it confirms several details that incriminate Frank. These include the police detectives impressions that Frank was quite nervous on the morning that he was called to come to the factory after the discovery of the dead girl; that he initially claimed that he didn’t know if Mary Phagan worked at the factory unless he looked it up in his paybook, despite the fact that he had personally paid her the day before she was found dead, and had paid her every week for a year prior, and had commented to another person that he thought that a former employee who had originally been a suspect had known “Mary” well and had been intimate with her; that he initially looked at the time card in the presence of detectives and claimed that the night watchman who discovered the body had properly punched his time card every half hour and then a day or two later claimed that a few punches were missing and provided the card as evidence (which he had initially stored in his safe), implicating the night watchman; that the day before the murder Frank had asked the night watchman, Lee, to come to work at 4pm the day of the murder, but when Lee showed up he told him to go away for 2 hours and refused to let Lee sleep on the premises for those two hours when Lee suggested that as an alternative; that 20 former female employees of the factory testified that Frank was of “bad character”; that another female employee who came to get her pay testified that Frank was not in his office as he stated shortly after Mary Phagan had come to pick up her pay; that blood was found in the metal room, on the same floor and down the hall from Frank’s office, leading to the obvious conclusion that the murder had happened there; that while Frank testified that he went home to eat lunch at around 1pm, the husband of the Frank’s housemaid/cook claimed that Frank stayed for only 10 minutes and did not eat anything while he was there: and many more points, including a planted bloody shirt in the night watchman’s house, discovered after Frank had insisted that the police search Frank’s house for bloody clothes, and the police then likewise searched the nightwatchman’s house.

        There is also this much less detailed synopsis of the case taken from “American State Trials- Volume Ten” printed in 1918′

        I would tend to somewhat discount the retelling of the murder on your link precisely because it leaves out many of these points, and gives the impression that Frank testified under oath at his trial (thus subject to cross-examination) when in fact he merely submitted a statement which would not be cross-examined. It falsely claims that Monteen Stover arrived at the factory before Mary Phagan did when the evidence points to the opposite. And your link also makes the stupendously stupid claim that Conley must not have written the “death notes” in Frank’s office because they refer to the basement as “down here” rather than “down there”, when clearly the notes were meant to be found in the basement where the body was found as if written by the dying Phagan, and were intended to place blame elsewhere so to write “down there” would have been a ridiculously obvious blunder to make.

        I am not going to re-try the Frank case in MW comments.

        No, you are just going to smear the points of the link as “cockamamie” and hope that it sticks, rather than check those points to see if they are true or not. Even bigots can tell the truth, and the points in the link are accurate according to my research.

      • tree on November 3, 2013, 6:32 pm

        I also found this account from Albert Lindeman in “The Jew Accused”:

        Although Lindemann take it as an unquestionable given that Frank was innocent, despite failing to detail why he thought that Frank was so clearly not the murderer, he posits that anti-semitism had little to do with the course of the trial, despite that explanation being the accepted “truth” today.

      • ziusudra on November 4, 2013, 2:56 am

        Greetings Ecru,
        ……Miscegenation is the genocide of our subspecies & will blend to extinction those family lines of ours………

        Miscegenation is only the dividing/blending of a single malt.
        Mankind started out as a single malt in Africa 200K yrs ago.
        There is no value in remaining or blending further, we are all
        of the same DNA. Mankind is but a composite of 33 African
        women that survived to pass on their DNA.
        World Jewry believing in Judaism doesn’t give them the Genome
        of a separate species. There is only one race of Mankind.
        Mankind has many religions.

      • Sumud on November 1, 2013, 11:48 pm

        Eliot, Grant Smith of IRMEP is a regular guest on Scott Horton’s radio show as well (Scott Horton, formerly of Antiwar Radio), can be had via podcast…

  4. Woody Tanaka on October 31, 2013, 4:45 pm

    She’s a typical bought-and-paid-for lick spittle. Nothing new here.

    • amigo on November 1, 2013, 8:04 am

      “She’s a typical bought-and-paid-for lick spittle. Nothing new here.”Woody

      Your,e far too kind Woody.

  5. Justpassingby on October 31, 2013, 5:20 pm

    Powers is really as weak as she looks like. And she is a cult follower obviously.

  6. just on October 31, 2013, 9:49 pm

    I guess that the ADL was experiencing another “opposite day”.

    Tis Israel that is constantly using fear tactics and hasbara and lies about Iran– always trying to gin up support (that is not there, thank goodness) for a military “strike”, more punishing sanctions and unfounded hatred of Iran.

    How dare the ADL criticize the US government when it is the US government who has enabled the ugly Zionists and their killing and thieving agenda? How dare the ADL claim to be anything other than the Arab Defamation League? And how in the world does Power keep her job? Was she promoted because she is completely and entirely blind to the rampant Islamophobia & to the Occupation of Palestinians that she supports so blithely by NEVER speaking against it?

    How about Netanyahu and his Israel just once– once– be honest and admit that they never, ever want peace, justice, and freedom for the indigenous people of Palestine. The legitimate people of Palestine.. the Palestinian people.

  7. john_manyjars on November 1, 2013, 2:18 am

    The other day the Anti-Defamation League rebuked Secretary of State John Kerry for implying that Netanyahu is using “fear tactics” to muscle the United States to act against Iran.”

    Ah I see, Bibi’s idiot cartoon bomb poster board at the UN was supposed to be…FUNNY! Ho-kay then!

  8. Ecru on November 1, 2013, 4:22 am

    Fighting hate? She must be talking about some other ADL because the ADL I know of is a massive generator of hate.

  9. Shingo on November 1, 2013, 6:42 am

    Power is turning out to be not only an embarrassment, but a political and moral light weight.

    These tweets remind me of some sycophantic man crush of a boy band. Truly pathetic and shameful.

  10. amigo on November 1, 2013, 7:59 am

    “Similarly, the ADL supports the legal precedent that it is unconstitutional for the government to post the Ten Commandments in courthouses, schools, and other public places: “True religious liberty means freedom from having the government impose the religion of the majority on all citizens.”[wiki

    Gee, I wonder where foxman sits on Israel,s “Ministry of Religious Affairs”.

  11. traintosiberia on November 1, 2013, 5:22 pm

    ADL is trying to protect the illegal influences of Likudnik on US foreign policy by attacking the behavior of Kerry that is perfectly normal when meted out to other foreign leaders and to domestic opposition by US leaders. Is Natanhu saying something quietly behind ? No . He is not. Heis openly challenging US position. He is using or somehow managing to coordinate with Israeli supporters to flood the airwaves , radios, print media ,think tanks with his views . But ADL wants a quiet rebuttal ,quiet and friendly request to Nathahu – not to do that. It serves two purposes. —it can always be claimed by ADL that US governe,net ever publicly criticized , second any
    behind the scene arrangements with Israel can always be claimed that nothing sort of that existed . Any contrary claims or suggestions or possibility will be explained as conspiracy theory -.
    We have seen the result of quiet complaints by Biden and Patreus before regarding the results on US security from Israeli behaviors.
    Second why ADL is getting into this . This. Is not defamation against any person or country. Fox man is creating a very favorable space for Natahnhu by getting into this issue by association with his organization from which his power derives ( that is public accecptance of his position ) but also by suggesting the forces that are arrayed against Kerry that comes from the association he maintains off the book.
    If criticizing the undue influences on Iraq war by Israeli supporters and leaders could be declared a pack of evil lie by Fox,an in his book ,then why he allows the undue criticism of US foreign policy by Israel and by Isralei supporters and numerous think tanks that constantly support any position Israel takes even when 80 percent Ameticans want something different by trying to subdue the responses from the US government, by removing people or challenging nomination or scuttling the choosing of persons -like Hegel and Chass Frreman or attacking Cynthia McKinney or other who held views different from that of Israeli firsters?
    Sure he an always say that these are freedom of expression, these ate democratic process,these are exercise in debate . But then he has to maintain silence and hehad to accecptance the decision by the government after discussion, and not engage in sabotaging by talking about using the media or campaign donation, he has to allow the debate,he has to bring people with different and opposite views. But these checks and balances are patently absent in US. People have been repeatedly fired for holding views from media ,from academy and from government. Person like Dennis Ross and Krytol have succeeded in openly demanding and getting the persons they want in the government dealing with ME.

  12. irmep on November 1, 2013, 6:14 pm

    If it’s not abundantly obvious, if I link to *official court documents* on a website, it is a reflection of the value of the *the official court documents*, not the entire website.

    Similarly, none of my previous links to the Washington Post in any way endorse the website’s opinion page endorsements of U.S. attacks on Iran, Syria, Iraq, etc.

    …again, if that’s not abundantly obvious.

  13. traintosiberia on November 2, 2013, 7:00 am

    My understanding is that ADL cooperated with Mc Carthy ‘s FBI as a snitch on a lot of politicians,academics,scientist and even common folks .It repeated the same dubious arrangements again in and around 197s-80s with the intelligence agents .
    The first activity earned it the confidence of the deep state ,of the security apparatus, of the rogue elements within the government,and also allowed it access to a broad array of government agencies .
    Following Nixon’s impeachment and the discovery by the Church Commisson , it was difficult for CIA and FBI to carry on same activities as it was doing now and was impossible for them to spy on US citizen and maintain information and store data . These jobs were picked up by ADL . ADL establsihed itself as a reliable partner .

    Consistent with this development was the fact that various NGOS in the foreign countries like National Endowment for Democracy or similar organizations have their origins in the vacuum left by CIA .But they also have links to organizations working for Israel.

    “Alan Weinstein, one of the founders of the National Endowment for Democracy was notably quoted in 1991 as saying, “A lot of what we (NED) do was done 25 years ago covertly by the CIA.” [7] The National Endowment for Democracy receives its funding entirely through an annual allocation of funds from the United States Congress within the budget of the development assistance agency USAID, a branch of the US State Department. [8] Although the NED receives public funding from the US taxpayer, the activities of its four satellite institutes are not reported to Congress, making funding trails and their final recipients difficult to identify……

    NED President Carl Gershman was formerly a member of the Governing Council of the American Jewish Congress and Vice-Chairman of the Young People’s Socialist League, and in 1968, he was employed in the research department of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, considered the most prominent Jewish service organization in the world, committed to the security and continuity the State of Israel. [10] The Anti-Defamation League is a US-based human rights group committed to the “security of Israel and Jews worldwide,” and was implicated in 1993 by the District of Attorney of San Francisco for overseeing a vast surveillance operation monitoring American citizens who were opposed to Israel’s policies in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, prior to passing their personal information to the Israeli government in Tel Aviv. [11]
    7] Democracy promotion: America’s new regime change formula, Russia Today, November 23, 2010

    [10] Who is Who, Annual Conference on World Affairs, 1971

    11] The ADL Spying Case Is Over, But The Struggle Continues, Counterpunch, February 25, 2002

  14. traintosiberia on November 2, 2013, 7:07 am

    Role of ADL -spying on innocents Americans

    ‘Not only were critics of Israel under
    ADL’s surveillance,including thousands of Arab-Americans, but
    labor organizations such as the San Francisco Labor Council,
    ILWU Local 10, and the Oakland Educational Association, and
    civil rights groups such as the NAACP, Irish Northern Aid,
    International Indian Treaty Council and the Asian Law Caucus
    were also found in the “pinko” files of ADL’s undercover
    operative, Roy Bullock.

    Moreover, Bullock, who had worked, off
    the books, for the ADL for more than 25 years, admitted that
    he had been reporting on the activities of black South African
    exiles and American anti- apartheid activists for South African

    Bullock, pretending to be sympathetic
    to the Palestinian cause, came to the founding meeting of the
    Labor Committee of the Middle in 1987 at the home of plaintiff
    Steve Zeltzer, having met Zeltzer at meetings of the Free Moses
    Mayekiso Defense

    Committee, a South African labor solidarity
    committee in which he also infiltrated under false pretenses.

    Having been responsible for exposing
    Bullock as an ADL agent to the media, we joined together with
    other Bay Area activists in filing a suit against the ADL for
    violation of our privacy rights as provided in California law.

    Almost a decade later the suit has been
    settled with a significant cash payment by the ADL and, we wish
    to emphasize, without our signing any agreement for confidentiality
    which the ADL had previously demanded. Our efforts to expose
    the organization’s work in defending the policies of the Israeli
    government and stifling its opponents will continue, using new
    information gained in the pursuance of the suit.

    The ADL spent millions of dollars preventing
    this case from coming to trial through costly appeals and exploiting
    the judicial process but, at the end, it had to give up..

    During the course of the suit we learned

    Bullock, the ADL’s top “fact finder”
    had sold confidential information to a South African intelligence
    agent in San Francisco for $15,000.

    Ten days before he was assassinated in
    South Africa, Chris Hani, the man who would have succeeded Nelson
    Mandela as the country’s president, was trailed by Bullock on
    a trip through California who reported on it to the South African

    ADL agent Roy Bullock was discovered
    to have a floor plan of murdered Los Angeles Arab American leader
    Alex Odeh and a key to his office.

    The ADL supplied confidential information
    to foreign governments that it obtained from police and federal
    agencies in the US,

    Having infiltrated the American-Arab
    Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the ADL’s “fact finder”
    performed a COINTEL-type operation at the convention of the
    Holocaust-denying Journal of Historical Review when he put
    ADC’s literature on convention tables as a way of smearing the
    committee for “working with anti- Semites.”

    The ADL has organized to silence and
    eliminate all critical voices of Israel from academia and the
    media and has targeted professors , particularly those who are
    African American, and who are critical of Israel.

    That at least 51% of the activities of
    its San Francisco office were devoted to defending Israel.

    The ADL provided secret files to police
    agencies when these police agencies were prevented by law from
    collecting the files themselves,

    Many questions must still be answered
    about the activities of the ADL and it’s non-profit status as
    an “education organization”. The settlement offered
    by the ADL is recognition on its part that it could not afford
    to go to a trial in front of a jury and face the likelihood
    that more of its dirty secrets would be revealed.

    We call on all people to make sure that
    these practices on the part of the ADL are not allowed to continue
    and that the double standard that presently dominates this country
    on issues dealing with Israel be eliminated.’

  15. traintosiberia on November 2, 2013, 7:18 am

    This sums up everything one wants to know about ADL

    “Having infiltrated the American-Arab
    Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the ADL’s “fact finder”
    performed a COINTEL-type operation at the convention of the
    Holocaust-denying Journal of Historical Review when he put
    ADC’s literature on convention tables as a way of smearing the
    committee for “working with anti- Semites.”

    The ADL has organized to silence and
    eliminate all critical voices of Israel from academia and the
    media and has targeted professors , particularly those who are
    African American, and who are critical of Israel.”

    Deception ,smearing,taking advantage of conscience or innocence of honest folks ,creating fake situation to earn sympathy ,starting as partner in crime with the powerful , offering services to the secret rogue elements who just got busted by the government are not the sign of intelligence or of courage or of patriotism .They are the constituents body part of the Evil.

  16. traintosiberia on November 2, 2013, 7:22 am

    On August 5, 1940 the ADL confidentially supplied contact information (PDF file) of nearly 1,600 ADL members to the FBI to serve as informants and undercover sources. An FBI letter (PDF file) advised that “the Anti-Defamation League does not wish it to become generally known that they do employ private investigators.” The ADL told McClure Newspaper “a certain number of FBI men have been taken into the ADL for coaching on the finer points of investigation work that have been developed by the voluntary organization.” FBI directors also ordered field offices to liaise with ADL regional offices in 1968 and 1985.

    An ADL operative using illicit press credentials was arrested at a Madison Square Garden disrupting an anti-war rally in 1941. “The ADL had then brought ‘tremendous pressure to bear on Commissioner Seery and the Mayor’s Committee on Press Cards to drop the Forster incident the preceding night.” The effort to quash prosecution included offering payoffs and planting hostile news reports, according to the FBI report. (PDF file)

    A 1951 investigation of the Arab League and activities of Egypt and Saudi Arabia the ADL brought to the FBI quickly fell apart. FBI Director John Edgar Hoover wrote on November 23, 1951, “…material which the Anti-Defamation League has been channeling to this Bureau in the past is now believed by the officials of the League to be absolutely unreliable…”

    A 1957 FBI review of ADL reports noted the ADL campaign to free captured Soviet atomic spy Morton Sobell. ADL content, wrote a concerned special agent, consists “mainly restatements of the committee’s claims, reprints of book reviews of books sponsored by the committee, quotations from briefs being submitted to the courts by attorneys sired by the committee in support of their petition for a new trial, press releases announcing plans for new court actions…plans for meetings or dinners organized to raise funds.” Sobell admitted spying for the Soviet Union in 2008.

    In 1969, the FBI proposed investigating the ADL as an Israeli foreign agent after three ADL undercover operatives infiltrated and strategized the takeover of the Organization of Arab Students posing as news reporters. An in-depth report of the incident is available at FBI files reveal ADL spied on Arab Students. The FBI reported the “investigation conducted by ADL, using code name sources, pretexts such as local news reporters … recruiting of Jewish refugees from organizations such as HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aide Society) to infiltrate the OAS in NYC. Of course, there is no evidence to indicate this information is compiled on behalf of a foreign principal, however, it is felt incredible to assume it is not furnished to an official of the Government of Israel…”


    SOURCE Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy

    But ADL Says it works for its donors!!

  17. traintosiberia on November 2, 2013, 10:37 am

    So this is the genesis of ADL . It’s begining may or may not be conspicuous by the availablity of any history . It might have started as an organization with genuine interest of the Jewish people to fight for the genuine grievances. It may or may not have decided to brach out to address blacks,Latinos,Muslims with genuine love and sense of outrage ,but it is also possible that it picks up a fight with the sole aim of benefitting itself as does Israel does fighting for Darfur and collaborating with Hondurus, Nocaragua,Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya,or S Africa ,Shah of Iran and collaborates with repressive elements of US as ( does or has done a lot of countries ) to flesh out information ,bury any resistance . In some way ADL mirrors Israel. It is no surprise when it becomes anti semitism for leaders of Israel,it becomes same for ADL. No daylight.
    Susan Rice is another example who have converted on way to Damascus . T Blair, Clinton( Hilary who was already converted but had to be purified when it was found out she was kissing the wife of Arafat) Hegel shows the virtue and necessity of singing the national anthem of Israel. ADL wants us to believe that no pressure was felt by any of them. May be ADL e has a definition that varies between spaces and times.
    ADL also thinks that Americans have emotionally and intellectually embraced and internalized this concept. The ADL might pat itself on the back and may receive a pat from fellow travelers for creating that reality. But as Abu Rezek senator of S Dakota reported in counterpunch that the senators and congress hate this bitter pils every time they had to swallow.
    Long ago the same complaints were aired by Lyndon Johnson, Roosevelt Truman, Nixon,Bush 1 . Back then there was no Internet, there was collateral narrative,no sources other than US and the Zionist and there was no competing resistance group and there was massive support from the voters,a few rich people,and the from the Left there was transnational support. Israel has lost a wonderful opportunity . So has ADL . May be that was not a loss. Their aim was exactly that – to infiltrate,to usurp,to control,to lie,to spread falsehood and to be accepted as insider ,to belong to the top ruling class.

  18. Rusty Pipes on November 2, 2013, 8:46 pm

    Foxman says that Democracy in America (members of congress “merely” responding to constituents’ concerns) is bad for Israel and bad for the world:

    When President Obama announced he would attack Syria and then decided to obtain Congressional approval, he met a wall of resistance on both the Democratic left and the Republican right. Mistrust of government and entanglements overseas abounded. Members of Congress seemed merely to reflect the wishes of their constituencies. And when the President then turned to a Russian solution of ridding Syria of chemical weapons, a huge sigh of relief was heard throughout the nation. But what was also heard was questioning around the world whether America could be counted on — it was bad enough that the American people understandably wanted out, but where was the leadership in Washington to stand up?

    Make no mistake about it. If what we are seeing now is the beginning of a deep change in American foreign policy it will be bad for the Jews.

    Don’t believe for a second that there is an alternative to American leadership when it comes to Israel’s security, peace in the Middle East, safety and security for Jews in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

    Still, all in all, as I look to the Jewish future and the role of ADL on the occasion of our centennial, I am an optimist. Again, I am an optimist on Israel. I am an optimist on American Jews. And, despite the concerns I have expressed here, I remain an optimist about America, about the good sense of the American people, the track record over the last 70 years about its ability to overcome the obstacles to governance and to recognize that American leadership in the world is good for America, good for the world and good for the Jewish people.

  19. just on November 3, 2013, 1:29 pm

    And here is Kerry shooting us in the foot:

    “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday tried to reassure America’s Arab friends that the United States will not allow them to be attacked “from outside,” in an apparent warning to Iran.

    He specifically mentioned Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt as nations, alongside unspecified “others,” that the U.S. will defend. Those others likely would include Israel, the strongest U.S. ally in the region.”

    Like Iran has attacked anyone… Israel and the US have, of course.

    We are FOS hypocrites.

    • just on November 3, 2013, 1:35 pm

      Syria has complied with their promise wrt chemical weapons, must to the consternation of the lying warmongers.

      Gideon Levy writes an important column :

      “Is there any justification for Israel to bomb Syria six times in a year, as foreign media reports allege? The ones supposedly doing the bombing say there is. Is it wise to bomb Syria six times in a year? The mouthpieces for the bombers say it is. Why do we have to bomb Syria six times in a year? Perhaps because we can; perhaps because it’s effective; perhaps because no one really cares.

      As if Syria were a wounded bull in a Spanish arena, Israel jabs its spears into its torn body while claiming constantly, self-righteously, that it “does not interfere in the civil war.” Israel reportedly strikes Russian-made antiaircraft missiles in Syrian warehouses, claiming they are about to be delivered to Hezbollah, which is liable to deprive Israel of its open-skies policy – the open skies of Lebanon, that is, not of Israel.

      These frequent bombings are a success story: excellent intelligence, superb pilots, accurate hits. Syria says nothing, Israel says nothing, and its reporters wink “according to foreign sources,” until America exposes the supposed secret. It’s the bomb, all right. Without any public debate, without any questions being asked – that’s how it is with success stories.

      That’s also how it is with a warmonger state: bombing is its language. Israel decides which weapons are allowed to pass and, above all, which ones are not. That’s its right, because it’s the strongest. It does it in the Gaza Strip and in Latakia, Syria; in Sudan and the Mediterranean Sea – anywhere it can. Israel has the right to brutally violate the sovereignty of a neighboring hostile state, to fly in Lebanese airspace undeterred – and God have mercy on anyone who tries to stop it. God have mercy, too, on anyone who dares question its judgment.

      A public debate over the bombing policy will only come of the “certified success story” turns, heaven help us, into a failure – a plane shot down; a pilot taken prisoner; civilians killed; Syria retaliates; Russia wakes up; or, even worse, the United States begins to grumble. Only then will the questions begin. But by then it might be too late.

      Here, then, are the doubts. Are the targeted weapons always really bound for Hezbollah? Are antiaircraft systems – defensive weapons by nature – in fact illegitimate weapons? Will Syria continue to pursue a policy of restraint and containment? How far can Israel stretch the rope until it snaps, hitting it in the face? Will Russia stay silent forever in the face of the bombing of weapons of its manufacture, in the possession of its allies? Will America always remain quiet when Israel interferes in Syria, inciting the war there – especially at a time when President Bashar Assad keeps his word meticulously in getting rid of his chemical weapons, as a result of astute American diplomacy, and when there are hints that the terrible civil war in his country may finally be coming to an end. And what would happen if one of these questions were to upset the situation in which Israel continues its bombing as though nothing had changed.

      A few more heretical questions. Could there possibly be some sort of connection between the debates on the Israeli defense budget and the recent strike in Syria, which came at the height of the cabinet session discussing the issue? Is it possible that the bombardments in Syria were aimed, among other things, at maintaining the mission readiness of the squadrons ahead of the big bombing – the mother of all bombings, on Iran – which too many Israelis are still dreaming about and calling for? Were they meant to maintain the legitimacy of bombings and to prove their effectiveness, also in preparation for even greater things to come?

      It works on the West Bank. Sometimes one has the feeling that the big “arrest sweep” – an entire battalion besieging, in the dead of night, a home in which a single, small rock-thrower was hiding – is just a means for training the troops and ensuring their combat readiness.

      Strike after strike, it’s amazing to see not only official Israel but also the entire public domain remaining silent. Israelis hear of yet another bombardment carried out on their behalf, shrug their shoulders and perhaps even marvel at the deed, and continue on. The obedient military reporters read out loud from the press release they’ve been given but no one asks, Is all this really necessary? Is it possible that all this will end one day in blood, or at least in tears? ”

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