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Ultra-nationalist rabbis warn John Kerry of divine punishment for the peace process

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John Kerry

John Kerry

A group of Ultra-Nationalist rabbis wrote an open letter to John Kerry on Sunday comparing him to the Purim holiday villain Haman and accusing him of making “a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe.

The group, calling themselves Committee to Save the Land and People of Israel, wrote the letter over Kerry’s efforts over the negotiation process and warned if he doesn’t knock it off his fate will be divine punishment. They claimed to represent  “hundreds of other Rabbis in Israel and around the world.”

The letter has gotten a lot of press. Yesterday two of the largest Orthodox Jewish organizations in the US, the Rabbinical Council of America(RCA) and the Orthodox Union(OU) issued a joint statement saying the letter contained “extreme and offensive rhetoric” and didn’t represent them.

Here are portions of the rabbis’ letter from Jerusalem Post:

“Your incessant efforts to expropriate integral parts of ourHoly Land and hand them over to Abbas’s terrorist gang, amount to a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe! For G-d awarded the entire Land of Israel to our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, in order that they bequeath it, as an everlasting inheritance, to their descendants, the Jewish people, until the end of all time,” the letter reads.

….“If you continue on this destructive path, you will ensure your everlasting disgrace in Jewish history for bringing calamity upon the Jewish people,” continued the rabbis, comparing Kerry to Babylonian ruler Nebuchadnezzar II and Roman commander and future emperor Titus, the two enemies of the ancient Jewish kingdoms who destroyed the temples in Jerusalem and Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel along with them.

“By the power of our Holy Torah, we admonish you to cease immediately all efforts to achieve these disastrous agreements – in order to avoid severe heavenly punishment for everyone involved,” they threatened.

The letter was signed by Rabbi Wolpo, along with four other rabbis including Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the founder and chairman of the Temple Institute; Rabbi Yigal Pizam, the dean of a yeshiva and a leader of the Chabad community in the Haifa  neighborhood of Kiryat Shmuel; Rabbi Gedalya Axelrod, the emeritus head of the Haifa Rabbinic Court; and Rabbi Ben Tziyon Grossman from the town of Migdal Ha’emek.

Israel National News provided more detail

The letter closed with a reference to the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, in which the Book of Esther records Haman’s genocidal plots against the Jewish people were turned against him and he was “hung on the very same gallows he had prepared for Mordechai, the Jew.”

Employing the language of scripture, the rabbis warned “conspire a planand it will be frustrated; talk the talk and it will not be fulfilled, for G-d is with us” (Isaiah 9:5).

I peeked around the mainstream media to see if Kerry had responded to the rabbis’ open letter and found nothing. But check out what Adam noticed from the State Dept’s Daily Press Briefing yesterday:

QUESTION: Are you satisfied with the attempts by Prime Minister Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni, Justice Minister Livni and other Israeli officials to tamp down some of the invective rhetoric coming from other Israeli officials, which now – and spiritual leaders as well? I just saw something about a group of very Orthodox rabbis saying that the Secretary declared war on God, and using words like, well —

MS. PSAKI: Well, I spoke with the Secretary about this particular issue – not your exact question, but this morning – and where he stands at this point is he’s not going to spend a lot of time worrying about words people are using against him. His greatest concern about this is the impact they have or they could have on the process, that the words aren’t an attack on him, they’re actually an attack on the peace process itself. He knows that trying to create peace isn’t a favor – and this is something he conveyed this morning – isn’t a favor we’re doing, and it’s very much his view, for the Israelis and the Palestinians. It’s something that people in Israel and – the Israeli people and the Palestinians very much want. So while he has a tough skin and he’s been through a lot more difficult circumstances than having personal verbal attacks thrown at him, he is – he wants the focus to be on these tough issues.

QUESTION: Right, but considering – if, in fact, he does believe – and I’m sure he probably does – that these are not really – these are attacks more against the peace process —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — and he is the messenger of the —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — of that peace process, are you satisfied with the attempts that have been made, apparently been made, by the prime minister and the justice minister, to rein – and the president of Israel also to try to rein in this – I don’t even know what you call it —

MS. PSAKI: Sure.

QUESTION: — rein in this clearly inflammatory rhetoric?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we’ll see what happens over the coming days and weeks, Matt. I think the challenge here is that it’s hard to evaluate until you have a circumstance. Obviously, the events of the last weekend, I think I’ve spoken pretty extensively to those and the Secretary’s view on that. But we have a long way to go in this process, and I think his view is that some of this is a sign that the heat is on and we’re getting down to the difficult issues. So it’s hard for me to evaluate whether we’re satisfied or not. I think the question is whether his record and his words will continue to be mischaracterized.

QUESTION: Well, maybe satisfied is the wrong word to use —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — but are you – do you think that – are you seeing the rhetoric being toned down now or not?

MS. PSAKI: Obviously, the comments this weekend were more heated than the comments over the last couple of days, but there continue to be concerning comments made.


MS. PSAKI: And I think what would be a successful outcome would be for parties to focus their efforts on grappling with these tough issues and taking on these tough issues, and that’s what he thinks the focus should be on.

QUESTION: Did the Secretary watch —

QUESTION: Just – could I just ask —

MS. PSAKI: Let’s just do one at a time. Go ahead, Jo.

QUESTION: Can I just ask —

MS. PSAKI: Mm-hmm.

QUESTION: — you said that the Secretary believes that these aren’t an attack necessarily on him but attack on the peace process. Does he fear that it could – this invective could damage the peace process and the efforts to bridge the gaps? Could it drive the sides further apart?

MS. PSAKI: Well, that process it ongoing even at the same time. And I talked about this a little bit earlier this week, but even on Sunday, he was meeting with Justice Minister Livni and Yitzhak Molho while some of these comments were being made. And certainly his hope is that the focus will be on what the lasting peace will bring to the Israeli and Palestinian people. And that’s what people will talk about. So —

QUESTION: But you have an atmosphere which is already very tense. I mean, issues which haven’t been decided or agreed on for the last 60 years. If you’ve got this kind of poisonous atmosphere that’s being injected into the process, doesn’t that make his job more difficult?

MS. PSAKI: Well, any rhetoric is – any damaging rhetoric or rhetoric that is inaccurate and as critical as this is is never helpful. But I think the larger point here is this process is not about Secretary John Kerry. This process is about what the future for the Israeli and the Palestinian people and the prospects of peace and security and prosperity. And that’s what he thinks people need – should be – need to be reminded of, in addition to the fact that these kind of attacks are unacceptable, and they not only distort his record but they distract from the real issues at hand.

Haaretz explains in The cursing of Ariel Sharon, these kinds of warnings have been issued against politicians and journalists in the past:

Over the years it was used (or claimed to have been used after various figures met untimely deaths) against politicians and journalists who angered the ultra-Orthodox, and architects and archaeologists who were accused of having disturbed ancient graves. In the 1990s, it became the preserve of the most extreme fringe of the settler camp when the kabbalist texts were uttered against Yitzhak Rabin, for the sin of signing the Oslo Accords with the Palestine Liberation Organization. Some believers were quick to connect this with Rabin’s assassination a month later, while others accused those who participated in the curse of contributing to the incitement that drove Yigal Amir.

In other words, not routine, but not unusual either. The Times of Israel quotes from the joint statement issued by the Rabbinical Council of America and the Orthodox Union, Orthodox groups bash comparison of Kerry to Haman:

“These rabbis… seem to arrogate to themselves unusual insight into the desires of the Almighty,” the statement read.

“We, the leadership of the RCA and the OU, repudiate this letter and the rhetoric they have deployed. While the people of Israel and Jews around the world may properly possess serious concerns about proposals Secretary Kerry is putting forth, such concerns must only be expressed with civility and on the substance of the issues, not degenerating into personal venom and threats.”


Annie Robbins

Annie Robbins is a mom, a human rights activist, and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area and likes to garden. Follow her on Twitter @anniefofani

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43 Responses

  1. ckg on February 6, 2014, 1:30 pm

    The loonies over at WND are all over this story, with over 300 positive comments.

  2. W.Jones on February 6, 2014, 1:37 pm

    If the RCA and OU really wanted to repudiate the letter, why did they not debunk its claims? Because they felt it was a waste of time to do so? I would like to see Rabbis for Human Rights or JVP debunk the claims about the vindictive story of Purim. I believe they should have said something.

    I would say that a two state or even one state solution is much different than saying you want to kill people. Whatever solution is made can be done in increments or supervised thoroughly. In any case, the goal is not death, but life and justice.

  3. LanceThruster on February 6, 2014, 1:42 pm


    Voodoo diplomacy?

  4. American on February 6, 2014, 1:55 pm

    I saw this earlier today. Just the kind of thing that incites relig Israeli nut jobs.
    Kerry did respond btw, saying that he had been shot at with real bullets and these ‘words’ werent going to intimidate him.

    Kerry: I won’t be intimidated by Israeli attacks against me – Diplomacy and Defense Israel News | Haaretz –

  5. talknic on February 6, 2014, 1:56 pm

    Insanity seems to be popular when it comes to justifying Israeli belligerence

  6. DICKERSON3870 on February 6, 2014, 2:04 pm

    RE: “A group of Ultra-Nationalist rabbis wrote an open letter to John Kerry on Sunday comparing him to the Purim holiday villain Haman and accusing him of making ‘a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe’.” ~ Annie Robbins

    I AM REMINDED OF THIS. — “Rabbis warn Bush: Annapolis will bring destruction to US”, by Neta Sela, Ynet News, 11/06/07
    Group of right-wing rabbis writes open letter to US president demanding he cancel Annapolis summit or risk provoking ‘wrath of the almighty.’ Rabbis assert Katrina disaster a result of America’s support of 2005 disengagement, say California fires a warning

    [EXCERPT] A fringe group of prominent ultranationalist rabbis issued a harshly-worded letter to United States President George W. Bush earlier this week, warning him that the upcoming Annapolis peace conference would bring destruction upon America.
    The rabbis evoke their previous prediction in 2005, when they published an open letter to Bush in the New York Times, demanding the US rescind its support of the disengagement plan.
    “We wrote to President Bush, a man who believes in the Bible, to warn him against the terrible danger to which he is exposing his country by hosting such a conference,” said Rabbi Meir Druckman, one of signatories to the letter.
    “The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel. God punishes anyone who coerces Israel to give up its land,” he said.
    “There is no doubt the New Orleans flood from the Katrina hurricane was God’s punishment for evicting the settlements,” said Druckman , “with hundreds of thousands left homeless, hundreds killed or wounded and billions of dollars sent down the drain – can we really ignore God’s hand collecting an eye for an eye?”
    The disengagement from Gaza and the northern West Bank was completed August 23rd, 2005 – which was also the date Hurricane Katrina formed over the Bahamas.
    “Despite those consequences, yet again we find ourselves facing an initiative to expel Jews from Judea and Samaria and cede their cities to terror organizations. And once again the patrons of the event are President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.
    “This time the Almighty is warning the US in advance: if the plague of water was not enough now he shall send flames. While hundreds of thousands of families have already fled the terrible fires in California, and we ask you, will you really forge ahead with this malevolent plan?” added Druckman. . .

    SOURCE –,7340,L-3468489,00.html

    • RoHa on February 6, 2014, 8:44 pm

      “God punishes anyone who coerces Israel to give up its land,”

      Shouldn’t the punishment have hit Washington or Annapolis? God’s aim is terrible. He can’t even hit the target with a hurricane. He really needs to get new glasses and go back to smiting with the traditional thunderbolts.

      And why has he taken to

      • Citizen on February 7, 2014, 4:14 am

        @ RoHa
        That was an appeal to fundy Christianity (aka Christian Zionism), who believe the same thing; you can’t get to heaven unless you support Israel against any enemy.

      • LanceThruster on February 7, 2014, 12:27 pm

        This is the “beauty” of prophecy and Divine intervention. A sewer main could break 100 years down the line and some rabbi or cleric would go, “See? The hand of G_d!”

  7. lysias on February 6, 2014, 2:37 pm

    If bringing disaster upon the Jewish people is enough to cause divine punishment, these guys had better start worrying.

  8. Justpassingby on February 6, 2014, 4:45 pm

    Why are kerry taking this dirt? Does he like mud?

  9. ivri on February 6, 2014, 5:33 pm

    This is the moment to remember the Jewish roots of John Kerry – his grandfather, a Jewish immigrant to the US by the name of Kohn (a variant of Cohen) converted into Christianity and also changed his name (to Kerry). I am not sure those who said what they said know that, but then who knows?

    • James Canning on February 6, 2014, 7:54 pm

      Casper Weinberger used to take flak from fanatical Zionists too. His father’s family converted to Episcopalianism.

    • Daniel Rich on February 6, 2014, 11:50 pm

      @ ivri,
      Don’t forget Kerry’s wife, Teresa…

      Yup, an almost Pro-Palestinian angle right there…

      • Citizen on February 7, 2014, 4:22 am

        @ Daniel Rich
        How so, re Teresa Heniz?

      • Daniel Rich on February 7, 2014, 8:37 am

        @ Citizen,

        Maria Teresa Thierstein Simões Ferreira (born October 5, 1938), known as Teresa Heinz, is a Portuguese–born American businesswoman and philanthropist. She is the widow of former U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III (R-Pennsylvania), and the wife of current U.S. Secretary of State and former U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-Massachusetts).LINK

        It’s like being a fly on the wall when the Clintons have dinner with their sun-in-law and his family. So much food and so many things to talk about.


        Darn. The newspaper beat me…

        Please enjoy your weekend.

  10. Woody Tanaka on February 6, 2014, 5:35 pm

    Since the zios are always callling on Arabs to condemn statements by Islamists who use religious references, where is the condemnation by Netanyahoo and his band of criminals of these statements??

    This provocation — that the Jews were given the land by God — demonstrates that there is no partner for peace among the israelis. This pernitious idea must be officially repudiated and rejected by them utterly and completely if there is any hope for peace, ever.

    • Naftush on February 7, 2014, 6:55 am

      Very well. Start by repudiating this (culled from

      “Pharoah sought to scare them [the Jews] out of the land [of Israel]: but We [Allah] drowned him, together with all who were with him. Then We said to the Israelites: ‘Dwell in this land. When the promise of the hereafter comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you all together [in the Land of Israel in the End of Days]”.

      [Qur’an: Sura 17, “The Night Journey”, verse 103]

      • shachalnur on February 7, 2014, 7:39 am

        There are no issues between Torah Judaism and Islam,and there never where.

        The problem is mainly that the kind of Zionism that was defined in 1897 has nothing to do with Torah Judaism,and Zionism as it was defined then,was rejected by the large majority of (European) Jews,from the beginning.

        This is why the growing group of Ultra-Orthodox Jews are not only anti-Zionist but also anti-Israel in it’s current form.

        Secular anti-Zionists and Ultra-Orthodox have more in commen than one might expect,and I’m waiting for these two groups to unite in their opposition against the forces that hyjacked Judaism in 1897,and turned it into something undigestible for Jews and non-Jews alike.

      • eljay on February 7, 2014, 8:18 am

        >> Very well. Start by repudiating this (culled from link to

        What’s to repudiate? When newer made-up stuff (Islam) incorporates older made-up stuff (Judaism + Christianity) in order to lend validity and authority to the newer made-up stuff, it’s still just made-up stuff.

      • Woody Tanaka on February 7, 2014, 8:32 am

        “Very well. Start by repudiating this”

        It’s not mine to repudiate.

        But more importantly, the part you quoted isn’t a cause of the injustice to the Palestinians; the Chosen People/Promised Land myth is. That myth is what needs to be repudiated.

        And isn’t it just like a zio to demand of others what they’re not prepared to do themselves. And yet again, the refusal to repudiate this myth demonstrates that the Palestinians have no partner for true peace and justice.

  11. ritzl on February 6, 2014, 7:37 pm

    No zealot so dangerous as a religious zealot. They’re so unassailably binary.

    Probably more than a few true believers in the Israeli security details assigned to Kerry.

  12. James Canning on February 6, 2014, 7:51 pm

    John Kerry likely is amused at this nonsense by fanatical Zionists.

  13. seafoid on February 6, 2014, 9:17 pm

    “Ultra-nationalist rabbis warn John Kerry of divine punishment for the peace process”

    Speaking to the media later, God said that she was very troubled by the abuse of the brand by people who had no clue about what it represented. She said she remembered being in the US a number of years ago in a Notre Dame convent during a hot summer when the nuns would sit on the porch watching the local kids play in the street. The Holy spirit thought it would be lovely to add some music to the scene and music of course is very mysterious, as is the Holy Spirit. The song was beautiful and many people who were there remembered the evening long afterwards. That’s what I do best, said God.

  14. piotr on February 6, 2014, 10:27 pm

    It is interesting if the letter will be repudiated by the Rabbinates of Israel and by American Chabad (given that one of the signatories is an Israeli Chabad leader).

  15. Daniel Rich on February 6, 2014, 11:40 pm

    Q: “A declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe.”

    R: Is that the working title of Lucas’ new flick?

    • shachalnur on February 7, 2014, 8:17 am

      Welcome to the world of oneliners from Lala-land.

      Today’s harvest;

      Dovish(sic)Labor leader Herzog; “PA should recognize Israel as a Jewish State”.

      Lieberman(Likud -Beitenu); “Kerry is “a true friend” of Israel.

      US representative to EU,Victoria Nuland; “F*ck the EU!”

      And the day has only started.

    • seafoid on February 7, 2014, 8:30 am

      Straight outta Monty Python

  16. dbroncos on February 7, 2014, 12:07 am

    “a declaration of war against the Creator and Ruler of the universe.”

    Does this kind of wacko sentiment merit an enhanced, US law enforcement security detail during this year’s fawning love fest at the AIPAC conference?

  17. Taxi on February 7, 2014, 12:11 am

    American jewish jihadists accuse Kerry of insulting God.

    • piotr on February 7, 2014, 11:51 am

      For the sake of accuracy, these priests of the Holy war are from Israel. And actually they are relatively harmless, this was not even a curse but a warning. If the warning will not work, they would probably curse Kerry. They do not seem to have death squads at their disposal, although some individuals may heed them.

      Some people succumb to curses easier then others. Allegedly (according to Wikipedia) Stalin died shortly after being cursed by Rav Schneerson (the head of Lubavichers, spiritual icon of Chabad), just in time to avert a wide series of repressions related to so-called “doctors plot”. But much larger repressions and atrocities by Nazis were not averted, perhaps Hitler was immune to curses? Most recently, Ariel Sharon and Itzhaac Rabin were successfully cursed.

  18. Daniel Rich on February 7, 2014, 2:31 am

    Off topic: does anyone know what that deity does when it enjoys something?

    • seafoid on February 7, 2014, 8:31 am

      Sports results, listening to prayers, deciding which team deserves the win most

      • Daniel Rich on February 7, 2014, 9:49 am

        @ seafoid,

        The elderly Priest throws all the money out of the offering bags in the air and yells, “Lord, whatever you needeth, taketh it…, the rest will be mine…”

        Sports @ 11

  19. bilal a on February 7, 2014, 5:42 am

    It appears that this was a kind of ‘advanced’ preemptive genocidal threat against the children of ‘Judeopaths’ , of a type still justified today:

    Purim, Rationalist Judaism–Exploring the legacy of the rationalist medieval Torah

    There are several significant points to be noted here. One is that they were being given permission to attack those that might attack them. Contrary to Bleek’s description of the massacre being an act of revenge, it is presented instead as precautionary self-defense. Rabbi Mordechai Ventura notes that “these people that they killed in Shushan were haters of Israel, who would always tell the Jewish People that they were going to kill them and smite their young.”[4] In other words, while there was a reprieve from Haman’s plan, there was no guarantee that such a danger would not arise again. There was an ever-present danger of antisemites gaining permission to engage in wanton slaughter of Jews. Had Haman’s decree not been rescinded, there is no doubt that these antisemites would have gladly taken the opportunity to slaughter all the Jews! Since the Jews were given a unique chance to attack their enemies, it was appropriate to take the opportunity to kill those people who would undoubtedly take the opportunity to kill them if such an opportunity would ever arise.

    Furthermore, it may even be the case that this was the only way to actually rescind the decree – in 8:3 Achashverosh points that an edict sealed with the king’s signet ring may not be revoked. Thus, Haman’s decree could not be revoked, only circumvented – by authorizing the advance killing of those who would fulfill Haman’s decree.

    What about with regard to the women and children? There are several possibilities to be considered here. One is that we should not make the mistake of judging actions of millennia ago by the moral barometers of today. In times of old, women and children were always considered to be extensions of the husband. This was not some Jewish innovation; it was the standard model in the ancient world. And it was not only the perception of reality; it was reality, as women were far less independent. Killing your enemies did not mean the adult males; it always included their families. While this answer may not be emotionally satisfactory from a contemporary perspective, it cannot be ruled out…

    Jews and Amalekites (using the term Amalekite not in the technical sense of someone genetically descended from the tribe of Amalek, but instead in the sense of someone fundamentally identifying with a certain worldview of Judeopathy (pathological hatred of Jews) which is Alan Dershowitz’s preferred term for antisemitism.[5]) It is safe to assume that the families of these men who would have killed the Jews were themselves quite supportive of this ideology. And even those children too young to form an opinion, are part of the same social group. It is thus no different from the Torah’s instruction to wipe out the nations of Amalek and the Seven Nations of Canaan. Maharal uses the notion of “war between nations” to justify Shimon and Levi’s slaughter of the community of Shechem.[6] That justification is disputed by many, since Shechem was a single individual. But in this case, where we are talking about the family members of a group united in a single cause, there is more justification for seeing it as a war between two peoples.

    Paul Haupt argues that the permission to kill women and children was only applicable to those women and children that desired to attack the Jews.[7]

    • lysias on February 7, 2014, 1:58 pm

      This punishment (if it ever happened, which I very much doubt) was inflicted on the Persians, who freed the Jews from their Babylonian captivity, allowed religious freedom not only to the Jews in Palestine and elsewhere but to other religious minorities like the Greeks and Babylonians (we have an inscription in Greek from Darius proclaiming this policy, and the cylinder of Cyrus from Babylon in Akkadian proclaiming the same about Mesopotamia), and created an atmosphere where the Old Testament could be put together.

  20. Talkback on February 7, 2014, 8:08 am

    The correct translation is that Israel threatened to wipe US off the map and annihilate all Gentiles.

  21. amigo on February 7, 2014, 8:43 am

    where is clan mehane.Conveniently absent from this subject matter.Cannot condemn his fellow Jewish religious nutcases.

    They must be about their Fathers Business.

  22. Sycamores on February 7, 2014, 10:36 am

    Ultra-Nationalist rabbis accusation about Kerry’s declaration of war against the ruler of the universe is correct and i have the proof.

    to understand the Ultra-Nationalist rabbis accusation you must have a reasonable understanding of The Book

    i consulted my hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy and it would seem that the ruler of the universe is a solipsist, the ruler can not be sure of anything outside his own consciousness. upon further reading i could not find any references about israel or any claims to the lands of Palestine. i did find a ‘lord’ the name of the ruler’s cat which he wasn’t sure actually existed or was it a figment of his imagination.

    however there is the issue of the ‘Infinite Improbability Drive’ and then there’s the problem that earth was destroyed by Vogons to make way for a hyperspatial express route therefore all claims to any land is hypothetical. i’ll choose to ignore these hiccups by creating an unprobability field around them.

    so Ultra-Nationalist rabbis must have been studying the number 42 to come to their conculsions nothing else in the book made any sense.

    42 is the number from which all meaning “the meaning of life, the universe, and everything” could be derived.

    so i slap the number 42 to John Kerry in the search bar and used the babelfish translator: Result!

    42 years after Vietnam testimony, Kerry returns to Congress with Syria plea
    here it was Kerry’s declaration of war on Assad. is Assad a solipsist? well yes aren’t all leaders.
    could it be that Assad is the ruler of the universe? well according to the Ultra-Nationalist rabbis by Kerry attempt of declaring war on Syria, Assad is the ruler of the universe.

    and there we go Ultra-Nationalist rabbis are followers of the late Douglas Adams and the ruler of the universe is sitting on a hill in Syria.

    • Taxi on February 7, 2014, 2:01 pm

      LOL Sycamores,
      Douglas Adams woulda much enjoyed your post.

  23. puppies on February 7, 2014, 12:11 pm

    “MS. PSAKI: …an attack on the peace process itself. He knows that trying to create peace… It’s something that people in Israel and – the Israeli people and the Palestinians very much want.”

    The nerve! The Palestinians who “want” peace on the terms set by their butchers. A death sentence much desired by the sentenced.

    All those fake rabbis, protesting settlers, insulting ministers and sundry “opponents” to the death deal are managed and organized by Zionists United.
    The punch line is going to be, again, “look at the huuuuge sacrifices we’re making and the tragic risks we’re taking, while the big bad Palestinians are bringing it upon themselves by not lying down and committing suicide!”
    No one with an ounce of brains can believe that any of this noise. Also, it is not newsworthy.

  24. lysias on February 7, 2014, 1:55 pm

    Why does a god who punishes attempts to make peace deserve to be obeyed?

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