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Newsweek: Extensive Israeli spying in the US kept quiet due to pressure from the lobby

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Jeff Stein has followed up on his Newsweek report from Tuesday on how Israel spies on the U.S. more than any other ally. Today he writes the reason this is not more widely known is because it is hushed up:

Beginning in the mid-1990s, well after Israel promised to stop spying in the U.S. in the wake of the Pollard affair, the FBI regularly felt compelled to summon Israeli diplomats in D.C. for a scolding, two former top counterintelligence officials told Newsweek. During the decade following 9/11, one said, the Israelis were summoned “dozens” of times and told to “cut the shit,” as one, a former top FBI official, put it. But as an “ally,” the Israelis almost always got off with only a warning.

But no matter how stern the FBI’s lecture – usually delivered personally to the embassy’s senior intelligence representative – the Israelis were unmoved, another former top intelligence official said. “You can’t embarrass an Israeli,” he said. “It’s just impossible to embarrass them. You catch them red-handed, and they shrug and say, ‘Okay now, anything else?’”

Always lurking, former intelligence officials say, was the powerful “Israeli lobby,” the network of Israel’s friends in Congress, industry and successive administrations, Republican and Democratic, ready to protest any perceived slight on the part of U.S. security officials. A former counterintelligence specialist told Newsweek he risked Israel’s wrath merely by providing routine security briefings to American officials, businessmen and scientists heading to Israel for meetings and conferences.

“We had to be very careful how we warned American officials,” he said. “We regularly got calls from members of Congress outraged by security warnings about going to Israel. And they had our budget. When … the director of the CIA gets a call from an outraged congressman–’What are these security briefings you’re giving? What are these high-level threat warnings about travel to Tel Aviv you’re giving? This is outrageous’ – he has to pay close attention. There was always this political delicacy that you had to be aware of.”

Stein’s earlier report received much attention from Israel’s supporters in the U.S. and the Israeli government itself. Avigdor Liberman called Stein’s reporting “malicious,” and another anonymous Israeli official was quoted as saying Tuesday’s piece “had the whiff of anti-Semitism in it.” Jeffrey Goldberg wouldn’t go quite that far but said it was “filled with dog-whistles,” meaning it used provocatively coded language aimed at Jews. Today’s article should be read, in part, as a response to those criticisms:

former U.S. intelligence operative intimately familiar with Israeli espionage rejected the anti-Semitism charge. “There is a small community of ex-CIA, FBI and military people who have worked this account who are absolutely cheering on [the Newsweek] story,” he said. “Not one of them is anti-Semitic. In fact, it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It has only to do with why [Israel] gets kid-glove treatment when, if it was Japan doing it or India doing it at this level, it would be outrageous.”

Stein also includes this zinger: “Such blanket accusations infuriate defenders of Israel, who detect that ‘whiff of anti-Semitism’ in them. Current and former U.S. intelligence officials who opposed Pollard’s early release were also accused of anti-Semitism.”

Similar to Tuesday’s piece, today’s includes some juicy nuggets revealing Israeli statecraft:

In the States, Israeli officials and businessmen are forever trying to lure attractive American targets to visit Israel. Representatives of Maf’at, an administrative body that yokes the Israel Defense Ministry to its military industries, give U.S. counterintelligence agencies great concern, one of the former U.S. intelligence officials said. “They were the ones that really caused us a lot of concern. Because they had a plausible reason to attend all these conferences and defense contracting facilities and whatnot. It was a great cover vehicle for industrial espionage,” he said. . . .

“Their goal,” he continued, “is to get contacts to come out of the U.S. and over there and then wine them, dine them, assess them, see what their weaknesses are. I mean, we had government officials going over there who were offered drugs, like, ‘Hey, do you want to go get some pot?’ What? These are U.S. government officials. The drugs, women coming to your hotel room – they throw everything at you. No matter how high the official.”

“No matter how high the official” – get it?!

More seriously, the piece ends by bringing it back to the visa waiver issue that prompted Stein’s earlier article. The Israeli request to join the U.S. visa waiver program has been held up in part by Israeli spying. Stein ends with this anecdote:

“I was in this briefing — there were several” on Israeli espionage by U.S. security officials in 2013, a former congressional aide told Newsweek. “The one I was in had senior staffers from foreign affairs, the full committee, the subcommittee … from judiciary, Republicans and Democrats, senior leadership staff. I don’t think there was anyone in there who didn’t work for a member that wasn’t ardently and publicly pro-Israel,” he said.

“And afterwards, we were saying, ‘No way. You’ve got to be fucking kidding.’” The evidence of Israeli spying was overwhelming, he said. Visa waivers was off the table.

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32 Responses

  1. Woody Tanaka on May 8, 2014, 2:07 pm

    I would say that this story opens an important matter of vital interest to the United States and its citizens; perhaps among the most vital of interests that the US has right now. What are the odds that the Congress and President will address the issue, let alone work to stop the spying??? None. Quisling and traitors, the whole lot of them.

    • Krauss on May 8, 2014, 3:49 pm

      As always with these stories, the more interesting part is the timing, not the substance.

      The substance has been known for decades, as the articles notes. But until now it has been an informal omertá on the subject.

      We can only speculate for the exact reason why it broke in this specific case, but there is the unquestionable overarching fact that Israel is slowly becomming a normal country in the American public discourse.

      Note that Israel tried the whole anti-Semitism strategy to be deployed against Newsweek, but it no longer bites. Everyone knows that Israel is guilty and everyone is tired of the smearing tactic. We have reached the point a lot of people warned about: where the attempts to smear people who talk frankly about Israel is no longer effective and if anything the attempted mudslinging helps build the case of the people who are targeted.

      They are only helping bringing more attention to the reports and they will fail in trying to bury it.

      Times have changed.

  2. mikeo on May 8, 2014, 2:13 pm

    This really does seem like a concerted effort from the intelligence community to brief against the Israelis now doesn’t it…

    Every rebuttal just draws more attention to the accusations.

    How inconvenient for Netanyahu. Especially with this sort of stuff on the horizon too:

    Rights groups urge Abbas to let ICC prosecute war crimes committed on Palestinian territories

    I wonder if the timing has anything to do with the recent “collapse” of the two-state solution or if it is purely coincidental?

    Netanyahu may live to regret his hubris in publicly embarrassing Obama and Kerry so frequently. While congress may belong to him the oft-mentioned animus towards Israel in the US intelligence community appears to be true…

    Many ways to skin a cat I suppose

    • annie on May 8, 2014, 2:32 pm

      I wonder if the timing has anything to do with the recent “collapse” of the two-state solution or if it is purely coincidental?

      it’s entirely predictable they would go to the UN. abbas&palestinians agreed to hold off going to the UN for nine months (during peace talks) in exchange for the prisoner release. so obviously the plan was to proceed 9 months ago and to resume moving forward w/alternate options. it was just delayed. the only thing that would have stopped it was israel making meaningful concessions wrt a 2ss which everyone knew they would not do. completely predictable.

      • mikeo on May 8, 2014, 2:52 pm

        I was wondering more whether the behind the scenes briefing against the Israeli’s was also timed to coincide with other developments:

        The Palestinian UN efforts
        NGO’s recommending the ICC
        Whatever the EU decides to do now
        BDS and divestment efforts on US campuses

        All these things together could create quite some momentum towards changing the consensus narrative…

      • Kay24 on May 8, 2014, 4:50 pm

        I agree the timing cannot be a coincidence. Signs are things are changing and changing fast… all it will takes is the controlled media to have courage, and run with all this, although we’d better not hold our breath. Fareed Zakaria GPS, how about it?

      • American on May 8, 2014, 7:37 pm

        I think this is more than a matter of timing….more than being released just because of the I/P effort.
        Israel and the lobby are being more and more (condemned) exposed to the public.
        This hasnt happened in decades..not since the late 40’s and early 50’s when the press wrote critically about Israel –before the I-People cabal had consolidated their control over the press and media.

        Someone(s) thinks Israel and their minions have gone too far in screwing the US and its more someones than just Obama, Kerry and those involved with I/P issue. And probably more someones than just the US Intel sector.
        The Intells are getting some back up against the Israelis in congress maybe by Obama ..but Obama is also getting some back up from some where.

  3. Bumblebye on May 8, 2014, 2:32 pm

    Reminds me of an anecdote a commenter posted in a thread nearly four years ago – so long I’ve forgotten who and if it was 1st person (think it was) – of a business (military?) trip to Israel. First they were plying him with girls, sent to his room,and to share his room, when that didn’t take they tried young men which also didn’t take, and so forth! Talk about trying to compromise someone quite blatantly.

    • Taxi on May 8, 2014, 11:40 pm

      Yeah I remember the story you refer to, Bumble – but like you, I don’t remember the name of the poster either. The ‘honey-trap’ yeah – so elementary.

  4. lysias on May 8, 2014, 2:42 pm

    Hey, leakers, how about leaking the names of the guiltiest members of Congress?

    • Ellen on May 8, 2014, 3:18 pm

      Of the Senate, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The deputy, Robert Corker and his aids are complete tools of AIPAC and Israel. Neither of them have any real qualifications for their position other than complete fidelity to Israel. Both get tons of dough and support from Israeli PACs.

      I was once in Corker’s office and with just the whisper of Israel his staff acted like Pavolovs dogs, immediately barking what a great and important “ally” Israel is to the security of the United States, blah blah.

      I almost had to ask them to calm down. It was so weird.

      • Kay24 on May 8, 2014, 4:27 pm

        Menendez is a slimy politician. You are right, he is one of Israel’s devoted tools, and is willing to go even against his own President and party, to do AIPAC’s bidding. He was instrumental in trying to sabotage Obama’s efforts at making some peaceful agreement with Iran, which Israel was dead set against, and he is under investigation for corruption and a grand jury investigation in Florida.

        Please note that the man linked to Menendez has “hosted” him in the Dominican Republic….should make anyone wonder what Menendez has been involved with, and it might shed some light on Menendez and his sleazy behavior.

      • Citizen on May 8, 2014, 5:02 pm

        @ Kay24
        Let’a nor forget Mark Kirk from Illinois. While he was knocked out in a hospital his office was fun by AIPAC staffers. Illinois voters have no clue.

  5. justicewillprevail on May 8, 2014, 3:05 pm

    Congressmen regularly professed their outrage at the security services for doing their job. Where is their outrage when it comes to the spying, theft and manipulation of American politics by israel? No wonder when you speak to many insiders that they privately express their revulsion at israeli arrogance and presumption of impunity, yet cannot as much as mention it publicly.

  6. Ellen on May 8, 2014, 3:10 pm

    This is the drip drip after giving the dog a very long leash.

    Netanyahoooo, Lieberman and their band of criminals are now in a corner. They can fight back, scream and unleash their AIPAC zombies, but as they do that more will be leaked out to Jack and Jane. With each protest, will come another new and concrete revelation. Soon, it will be with names instead of simply sources from the intelligence community recounting stories of spies in ventilation ducts in hotel rooms. But real harm done.

    And if they remain quiet and hope it goes away? It is still out of the bag.

    No matter what, stooges and traitors in Congress will be less willing to pick up the phone and threaten budget cuts if there are reports on Israeli spying. If they do, they are exposed as traitors and now discredit themselves.

    The visa waiver program was soooo important to Israel. It may be dead now as it should be. When Israel is a normal country without Apartheid and dependent parasitic relations with the US…good things could happen for Israel. But considering what runs that country, it could be a long way off.

    • mikeo on May 8, 2014, 3:26 pm

      This is the drip drip after giving the dog a very long leash.

      Netanyahoooo, Lieberman and their band of criminals are now in a corner. They can fight back, scream and unleash their AIPAC zombies, but as they do that more will be leaked out to Jack and Jane. With each protest, will come another new and concrete revelation. Soon, it will be with names instead of simply sources from the intelligence community recounting stories of spies in ventilation ducts in hotel rooms. But real harm done.

      This is exactly what I think.

      Obama has always seemed tight with the Intel community. It seems this is his way of playing the long game.

      Every rebuttal of spying, every denial of Apartheid just gives more oxygen, more publicity to the accusations. But the “Pro-Israel” community are no longer co-ordinated and they will fight each other to be seen to be shouting down any criticisms the loudest…

    • pabelmont on May 8, 2014, 6:35 pm

      The “drip, drip” is well said. And the newspaper says, and I quote, “LOBBY”: “Always lurking, former intelligence officials say, was the powerful “Israeli lobby,” “.

      That’s a part of the “drip, drip”.

      Did he mention the lobby is trying to get Pollard out? They did mention “early release”.

  7. Kay24 on May 8, 2014, 4:18 pm

    It is amazing how the truth is now leaking out. First it was blame rightly placed on Israel, for sabotaging the peace talks by refusing to release Palestinian prisoners as promised by them (shame on those who trusted them), and most shamefully for announcing more and more illegal settlements during peace talks. Now, our intelligence officials are finally coming out and speaking the truth about our “dear ally” who seems to be the biggest threat in the Middle East when it comes to our state secrets. We heard whispers of this, but now there is no doubt, our State Department and others, practically distrusts Israel quite strongly. Which brings me to our shameless Congress who keeps making those stinking phone calls, demanding that the diabolical Israel keeps getting the royal treatment, whatever crimes they commit against the US. Women, boys, dope, drinks, skinny dipping in the Dead Sea? It seems bunch of seedy and devious people operate over there.
    Perhaps our naive Congress and other leaders who visit the mother ship, gets blackmailed or otherwise persuaded, into being Israel’s devoted slave forever.
    Hence, “we control America and they know it”.

    • Citizen on May 8, 2014, 5:07 pm

      @ Kay24
      As per American political campaign system: follow the money. And the lack of mainstream media coverage. I bet only 1 in a thousand Americans ever heard of Sheldon Adelson, just for starters.

  8. DICKERSON3870 on May 8, 2014, 4:18 pm

    RE: “You can’t embarrass an Israeli,” he said. “It’s just impossible to embarrass them. You catch them red-handed, and they shrug and say, ‘Okay now, anything else?’” ~ a former top FBI official

    MY COMMENT: Not only are the Israelis not embarrassed by being caught red-handed, they are quite proud of having made the U.S. a “frayer”*.

    * FROM [frayer]:

    [EXCERPTS] There is one correct definition of the term frayer. It means “sucker” or “mark,” in the sense that somebody is a sucker if he goes along with the rules when nobody else is following them, or a mark if he’s a naive target for thieves. . .
    . . . In Israeli life and society, the worst thing anybody can ever be is a frayer, and most people will do anything and everything they can at all times to avoid being a frayer. The only way to be certain at any given moment that you are not a frayer is to make somebody else a frayer.

    SOURCE –

    * ALSO SEE: “It’s a Sin to Be a Sucker in Israel”, by Marjorie Miller, L.A. Times, 7/25/1997

    [EXCERPT] JERUSALEM — Why does an Israeli driver speed up when another car signals its intent to enter his traffic lane? Because he doesn’t want to be a freier–a sucker. . .
    . . . So does the fear of being a sucker bear upon peace negotiations?

    Israel’s bottom line in a peace accord with the Palestinians will be determined by “the sense that they are making decisions governing the existence of the Jewish state and future of the Jewish people,” said a U.S. diplomat in Israel. Not by the fear of being a sucker.
    And yet, peace negotiations are affected by the fact that neither Israelis nor Palestinians want to risk being a sucker by making concessions before the other side does.
    In negotiations, an American generally will put his cards on the table, expect the other side to do the same and assume that a happy compromise lives somewhere in the middle. But Israelis and Palestinians do not bargain in this way.
    “Both sides believe anything offered up first will be pocketed by the other side,” said the diplomat, who asked not to be identified.
    “Whenever things break down, this is usually the problem. They will hold out carrots but do not want to give one up until they are sure the other side will give.”
    Lucy Shahar, co-author of the book “Border Crossings: American Interactions With Israelis,” explained that, in the case of Israelis, this is because they do not share the American belief in win-win negotiations. “In his heart of hearts, an Israeli believes that is impossible,” Shahar said. “In the Middle East, usually someone loses badly. Nothing in the Israeli experience suggests that everyone wins here or in the diaspora.” . . .


    • Citizen on May 8, 2014, 5:11 pm

      Well, the Talmud is not exactly an exercise in honest dealing above the table board.

  9. DICKERSON3870 on May 8, 2014, 4:44 pm

    RE: “I mean, we had government officials going over there who were offered drugs, like, ‘Hey, do you want to go get some pot?’ What? These are U.S. government officials. The drugs, women coming to your hotel room – they throw everything at you. No matter how high the official.” ~ a former top FBI official

    ALSO NOTE: “Who paid the GOP bar tab in Galilee?”, By Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan,, 8/24/12

    [EXCERPT] A late night in Israel that had members of Congress diving into the Sea of Galilee — one naked, others partially clothed — began with confusion about who would cover the bar tab for House Republicans, spouses and aides.
    And it ended back in the United States, where the FBI questioned staff on the trip about the dinner, exactly who jumped into the water and whether anything inappropriate had happened as Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) removed his clothes, according to sources with direct knowledge of agents’ line of questioning.
    The trip has gotten national attention since a POLITICO story unveiled the FBI’s involvement, Yoder’s nudity and Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-Va.) rebuke of lawmakers who had lost “focus” of the trip.
    But more details are emerging from sources close to the events, painting a fuller picture of the American Israel Education Foundation’s trip that ended up become an embarrassing incident for House Republicans and the party’s leadership. AIEF is the nonprofit arm of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, long considered one of the most powerful advocacy groups in Washington. AIEF has sponsored hundreds of trips to Israel for lawmakers, aides and journalists since 2000, spending more than $7 million on those trips, public records show.
    The night — Aug. 18, 2011 — was the group’s first free evening the whole trip. Previous evenings included dinners with policy experts, Israeli politicians and the U.S. ambassador to Israel.
    Accompanying the GOP group for part of the trip was Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino mogul who has donated nearly $100 million to Republican candidates this election cycle. Adelson took them to Yad V’Shem, a famed Israeli Holocaust museum, for which he is a major donor, sources said. Adelson did not travel with the group to Galilee, participants said. An Adelson-affiliated charity donated $1.2 million to AIEF in 2006, but he is not currently a donor to the group, sources said.
    The stop in Tiberias, an ancient city on the Sea of Galilee, was a time for the 40-plus GOP lawmakers and staff to relax and blow off steam. A festive dinner at Decks, a waterside eatery, began around 9 p.m., sources on the trip said. After a few hours, dinner was over, and the Republicans repaired to the bar.
    After several hours of drinking, Rob Bassin, AIPAC’s national political director, paid the tab for the entire evening, which included several hundred dollars for drinks, in addition to the earlier meal. The GOP group racked up a tab of $340 to $500 on booze
    , ranging from vodka to wine, sources familiar with the trip said.
    Steve Stombres, Cantor’s chief of staff, objected, concerned about ethics rules that prohibited the organization from paying for anything more than dinner. Stombres’s concern was so sharp that he spent the next few days collecting money from lawmakers to pay back AIEF.
    Neither Bassin nor Stombres would comment for the record. . .


  10. bilal a on May 8, 2014, 6:38 pm

    Recalls Bond’s Blofeld No. 1 of SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), a private transnational intelligence organization founded by a Polish emigre who plays both sides.

    Bond’s Semitic Villains

    Neither MI6 nor KGB, transnational.

  11. RoHa on May 8, 2014, 7:25 pm

    I’m sure that politicians and the like need not worry when visiting Israel. The video cameras in the air-conditioning are just a security measure, and no-one will ever ask how old that girl/boy/sheep was.

  12. Taxi on May 8, 2014, 11:54 pm

    BDS America should have a campaign to educate decent citizens on the boycott of not just israeli goods, but aipac lackeys in congress and the senate.

    Time to boycott ALL political israel-firsters in our country. Time for BDS America to launch this campaign. Plenty of evidence to give Joe and Jane of israel-firster treason – time to start this campaign NOW: two years ahead of the presidential elections.

    The assured path to justice in Palestine is either through war, or the boycott of American politicians who support Apartheid israel.

    And if we don’t vote the i-firster b*stards out, then war will be a necessity.

    • American on May 9, 2014, 2:04 pm

      Taxi says…

      “The assured path to justice in Palestine is either through war, or the boycott of American politicians who support Apartheid israel.’>>>

      Amen. …..traitors, traitors traitors traitors…..loud and clear…say it, tell it.

      And start with this:

      Budget-strapped Israeli Military Banks on Future US Aid

      JERUSALEM — Budget-strapped Israel is pressing the United States to conclude a deal extending defense aid beyond 2017, when Washington’s current $3 billion annual payouts to its Middle East ally expire, officials said on Friday.

      They said a swift agreement on future U.S. grants would help Israel’s military draft a five-year austerity plan accommodating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conservative government.

      “It’s difficult to budget into 2018 and 2019 without knowing what funds will be available,” an Israeli defense official said.”

      The slogan of Israel should be ”Steal, Beg, Brag”…..their 3 main activities.

  13. Clif Brown on May 9, 2014, 1:58 am

    A breath of fresh air is felt with Stein’s work. As Tony sang in West Side Story – something’s coming, something good – and I feel elation. I went to the Newsweek article and submitted a comment (contact us link at page bottom there) to give them a hearty pat on the back and to ask for more of the same.

  14. mijj on May 9, 2014, 4:38 am

    > “had the whiff of anti-Semitism in it.”

    .. ah! .. a classic use of the magical “deflection” incantation. Do they teach this one at Hogwarts? I must remember to use it if caught in some evil enterprise. (.. that’s its purpose, right guys?)

  15. Kay24 on May 9, 2014, 9:58 am

    Here is more from an interview with James Morris by PressTV.
    The point about Wolf Blitzer not touching this, is so true.

  16. David Doppler on May 9, 2014, 11:32 am

    This is an interesting development, up there with Friedman’s article lambasting the settler movement (, Stewart’s skit roasting Adelson (, the interview in YNET of senior state department officials blaming Netanyahu’s Israel for the failed peace talks (,7340,L-4515821,00.html). But what does it signify in the context of the still-massive taboo-enforcement mechanisms in effect in the media? It’s red-meat to Mondoweiss readers. But what effect does it have on the broader public? Presumably, these each represent individual decisions by writers (or comedian) and their editors/producers to goad the bear, yet there is no echo chamber for these articles/skits: they do not come with any legs, except on the blog sites like this one where the narrow market segment concerned about this issue seeks its news. Search via Google any one of these pieces and search in vein for citations to it on NBC/CBS/WSJ/Wapo/HuffPo(whose link to Stewart’s skit deleted the Adelson segment)/AP/UPI/LATimes. Plus there is a measured pace to the whole that suggests an organized campaign being rolled out, step-by-step, in an effort to pressure Israel just enough to get it to change its course, without damaging the special relationship. And without damaging the mechanisms by which mass media coverage can be controlled by influential people who seek to use it for their own purposes on an ongoing basis.

    Walter Jones’s victory on Tuesday despite being targeted by the Neocon war mongery, also a story without legs in the MSM, is another interesting development in this story of waning influence by one faction within an influential group.

    But academia is this influential group’s greatest weakness. You can neither buy nor intimidate tens of thousands of tenured professors to turn them away from their dedication to seeking the truth. And mechanisms of controlling access to that truth inevitably become of particular interest to academics, as Walt & Mearsheimer showed years ago, now.

    To me, among other things, it signifies the importance of the echo chamber, that cryptic process by which certain stories grow legs, and others don’t.

  17. Desrtrat6 on May 9, 2014, 12:42 pm

    When I worked in the Intel Community a few years ago, we were always getting requests from higher-up to host Israeli terrorism folks for conferences and such. However, the request ALWAYS included a special briefing by our counter-intel office along with warnings about how the Israelis will likely try to engage us outside official capacities and that any and all should be reported to the CI folks. Additionally, unlike our Five-Eyes counterparts, who we almost always allowed in even our classified workspaces, any dealings with the Israelis had to be in unclassified locations for fear they would try to snoop around or even install some kind of surveillance device. This was only about three years ago when I left. It’s been going on for a while.

  18. irishmoses on May 10, 2014, 1:28 pm

    As of 1 pm EDT on Saturday, there is still no article or comment on the Israeli spying controversy in either the NYT or Washington Post. It is constant headline news in the Times of Israel with several new articles posted since yesterday.

    There is one article on the story in the LA Times by its Jerusalem correspondent:

    This is a huge story started and followed up by Newsweek, a major news magazine. Why is it getting no coverage by two of the US’ major newspapers? Is it because someone or some group does not want it to gain traction with the American public?

    How does one complain to the NYT or WP? Does either have an ombudsman?

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