Wiesel lauds settlers for ‘strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem’ — and expelling Palestinians

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From Elisheva Goldberg’s Facebook page:

Remember when you read “Night” in middle school and you wondered how such agony could be turned into so much hope? With deep disappointment and sadness I’d like to bring your attention to an ad on Haaretz’s page 3, today. I’ll just remind you that Elad (the organ that placed this ad) Is systematically expelling Palestinians from their homes. Here’s what it says [in translation from the Hebrew]:

elad“As Sukkot begins, we are thrilled to bless the tens of new families joining us at this time in the Jewish settlement in the City of David. We salute the Zionist action in Jerusalem of those involved. Strengthening the Jewish presence in Jerusalem is a challenge that we all face and with this act of settlement you are raising our stature. Together with you we will receive the pilgrims, the holiday visitors. We value and cherish you.”

Signed: ELI WIESEL, Chairman of Elad Public Council and (unbelievably) Nobel Laureate.

h/t Amit Gvaryahu

More on the ethnic cleansing of Silwan by Elad at +972.

The U.S. has given lip service to opposing Jewish settlements like this. I’d remind you that Elie Wiesel has been embraced at the White House as a signal of Obama’s support for Israel, accompanied Obama to Buchenwald. He has said that he is writing a book with Obama.

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I think by now Wiesel has proven himself to be a fraud and holocaust ‘opportunist.’
Its a dirty gig but it no doubt pays well.

Wiesel has always been a transparent fraud, it seems to me. He so overacts his world weary saint who has seen it all act that I am shocked by how successfully he sells it

Always amazing when someone like Wiesel who devoted his life to holding racist murderers who committed genocide accountable… continues to expose his own racism. Sad

The Cenk Uygar analysis of the Maher, Harris, Affleck confrontation is amazing…You tube. Listening again

Sukkot is, among other things, or so I believe, a sort of thanksgiving, a celebration of the harvest. The booths are temporary structures which may be and sometimes are set up in agricultural settings. The Jews of Israel have a great harvest to celebrate, in these dark times of hatred, a harvest of thorns. BTW, my late wife, who grew up in Ramallah, Palestine (Mandate), told me that at harvest time the Palestinian farmers used… Read more »