There are some things about Gaza that I still can’t wrap my head around

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Art is a great way to make the complex simple, the powerful foolish, and the truth undeniable. Your post has done all three.

I wish you could have waved it in Kerry’s face; he deserves to be confronted with the stench of his own foul droppings. It would be nice having a government that actually worked for our interests for a change, wouldn’t it?

(OT, I like the color of your hair.)

Wow, Katie. Thanks for your eloquent, beautiful, agonizing poetry + pictures.

RE: “Gaza Tested” SEE: Catalan Police in Israel: repression courses “Tested In Combat” [VIDEO, 05:40] – CATALAN POLICE TRAINING IN ISRAEL VIDEO February 16, 2014 “Public security” training in Israel for police from Catalonia – or how to wage war on your own civilian population to protect the investments of bankster criminals! SOURCE – ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. RE: “Tested In Combat” ~ from the above video on Catalan police training in Israel MY COMMENT… Read more »

Kay ~ I think Katie’s post and JLD’s comments illustrate why it’s so hard to break through the BS that the Zionists have created around our governmental policies, because so much of the evil that Israel is doing mirrors our own. There are profiteers on both sides of the Atlantic benefiting from this sick arrangement and those politicians who aren’t are afraid to rock the boat. It’s turned into the worst form of the military… Read more »

Weapons used to bombard people who have no weapons capable of replying are hardly ‘tested in combat’, are they? What’s been tested is the ruthlessness of the users plus the permissiveness of the bystanders and (as Katie says) fund-providers. Has Grumpy Cat found a vantage point in Kerry’s office?