How the children looked being shot by sponge bullets

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Last week,police shot Muhammad Jamal Ubeid when he stood outside his home in Issawiyah in “East Jerusalem”. A sponge bullet for demonstration dispersal hit him under his eye.

Ubeid is 5 years old. This is how he looks.

Mohammad Jamal Ubeid
Muhammad Jamal Ubeid

A month earlier, on November 14th, the IDF shot Mayar Amran Twafic al-Natsheh in her head with a rubber-coated metal bullet, while she was riding in her grandfather’s car, together with her grandmother, her mother, and one of her brothers, in the Shufat refugee camp. She was severely hurt and her skull was fractured.

al-Natsheh is a 10 year old girl.

A day earlier in al-Issawiya, on November 13th, IDF shot Saleh Mahmoud in his face. A sponge bullet for demonstration dispersal hit him between his eyes.

Mahmoud is an 11 year old boy. He lost his eyesight. This is how he looks.

Saleh Mahmoud
Saleh Mahmoud

Two months earlier, on September 7th, Mohammed Sunukrut died after having been clinically dead for a week. Border Patrol shot him in the head with a sponge bullet for demonstration dispersal on August 31st in the Wadi Joz neighborhood in “East Jerusalem”.

Sunukrut was a 16 year old boy. He died of brain hemorrhage resulting from a broken skull caused by the impact of the bullet. This is how he looked.

Mohammed Sunukrut
Mohammed Sunukrut

Mohammed Sunukrut apparently hadn’t heard that sponge bullets are defined as non-lethal ammunition. He also must have not known that recently Jerusalem police has introduced a new and more lethal type of sponge bullets (black colored) after Border Patrol officers complained that the previously used type (blue colored) is not enough of a deterrent.

On November 11th the IDF shot Muhammad Jawabreh, 19 years old, while he was in his home in the al-Arob refugee camp, north-east of Hebron. Two hours earlier he took part in clashes at the entrance to the camp, and having been hurt in his leg he returned home. A B’tselem investigation revealed  that Jawabreh was standing on the second floor in his home and had some tea when a single bullet, shot by soldiers from a nearby roof, came in through a window and hit him in the chest. He died within a few minutes.

The shooting was without warning and without an apparent reason. Contrary to the account of the military, Jawabreh was not involved in the clashes while he was shot but was rather at his home. The soldiers who looked for weapons in his home found nothing. There is no way to describe this event other than as cold-blooded murder.

On the night of the same day, between the 11th and the 12th of November, Ahmad Hasunah, 20 years old, went outside his house in the village of Bitunya to take out the trash. Soldiers who awaited him behind the trash cans shot him without any warning. He was hit by 4 bullets in the waist and thighs and was gravely injured. Afterwards the soldiers went up to his house and confiscated the video equipment which stored the surveillance footage of the surroundings of the house, including apparently footage of the shooting. The IDF is playing it safe, not wanting a repeat of the previous embarrassment in Bitunya, when a Border Patrol officer murdered two young men and was implicated using surveillance footage. Lessons are drawn at the IDF.

The force operating in Bitunya (Zone A) was apparently looking for someone else; the house dwellers were asked about the whereabouts of someone named Samer, but there was no Samer. Half an hour later the soldiers arrested the resident of a nearby house and took him away. The IDF’s account, according to which Hasunah tried to escape, is entirely unsubstantiated. In any case it was not alleged that he put the soldiers at risk and the fact that he was not questioned following the shooting indicates that he was not a suspect.

Hasunah is hospitalized with a spine injury; it is not known whether he will be able to walk.

* * *

The Jews have coalitions to assemble, the Arabs have stray (or non-stray) bullets in the head. The criminals will not be prosecuted, many more children will become disabled. Israeli routine. Sorry for the interruption.

 This post first appeared on Idan Landau’s blog, in Hebrew. Fuel the Momentum

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Thank you for this horrifying article.

“Sponge bullet” sounds so harmless, like a Nerf ball thrown hard enough to sting, but these photos show that “sponge bullets” kill and maim.

Palestinian children killed, wounded, blinded, by Jewish Israelis intent on ethnic cleansing and land theft. I can’t even imagine the grief and despair that the Palestinians have been forced to endure every single day for so many decades.

Who knows what these “sponge bullet” things really are. Back in the day the IDF cavorted about doing their “plastic bullet” dance. The things contained a lot of zinc, not plastic, When fired with a heavy powder load they exploded on contact with bone, inducing a shattering effect on extremities as well as extensive organ damage if they hit rib or pelvis. You’d hear the IDF spokeshog kvelling that “We only used plastic bullets, which… Read more »

Rubber bullets were meant to be fired below waist level, to reduce the risk of lethal injury. If fired too low, rubber bullets would ricochet uncontrollably from the ground. The plastic bullet could be fired directly at targets. It was intended to be a projectile of similar effect on its target as the rubber bullet, but with less risk of ricochet and less risk of serious injury or death. For any future writing works you… Read more »

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