Shmuley Boteach taunts Palestinian solidarity demonstrators in NY

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The very-well-connected Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, simultaneously a friend of rightwinger Sheldon Adelson and of Obama’s ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, taunts anti-occupation demonstrators in New York over the weekend. He breaks off shouting, “Down with Palestinian–” when he sees he’s being video’d. That seems to put him in a bad mood, before he asks police if the demonstrators have a permit and then thrusts his fists to the sky for Israel.

Adalah NY issued this statement about the video:

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach taunted a crowd of human rights protesters in front of the seemingly closed and emptied flagship Leviev diamond store on Madison Avenue. Leviev’s companies have built thousands of Israeli settlement homes and have been accused of abusing and torturing Angolan diamond miners.

Boteach stood in front of the empty Leviev store and began shouting. “Israel,” “Down with Hamas,” “Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East,” “Down with the Palestinians.” He suddenly stopped and complained that he was being videotaped. Police told Boteach to leave as he was drowned out by chants of, “How fancy, how pretty, Leviev out of New York City.” Boteach was accompanied by a young man wearing a scarf for the notoriously racist Beitar Jerusalem football team. Boteach has expressed his support for Hebron’s notoriously violent and racist settlers:…

Neighboring store owners told the protesters that the Leviev store had closed and the space had been sold, but it was impossible to confirm this. Human rights advocates have protested at Leviev’s store since 2007.

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Lol .. he seemed he did not know he was being filled, he ducks away. Palestinian Solidarity Demonstrators made it extra special singing Christmas Carrol’s and not allowing him to take over. Asking NY PD if they have a permit? The nerve on him. Have him drop the Rabbi out… Read more »

Boteach is a disgraceful human being. The fact he’s well connected shows how bad it is in the US. Those pro-justice protestors drowned out his petty squeaks without a fraction of the panting. There is an almost disbelief in his attitude; he just can’t handle it out outside his Zionist… Read more »

Did the Rabbi ask if he had a permission to stage a counter protest? Or is it given since he is what he is?

The Palestinian movement has some impact on Bot Ox .

Smiley is an anagram for slimey.

Rabbi Shmulie Boteach almost = “Bible, be thou charisma!”.

I kid you not.